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About Polanda

Polanda is a place for everyone interested in Poland, Polish people, and culture. While we are on top of all things related to Poland, there are many discussions and classified ads that go beyond the "All Things Polish" theme.

All messages have been originally posted by PolishForums.com members and guests, but once administrators determined they no longer fit their focus (eg. they went off-topic or expired), they have been deleted and automatically archived here, on Polanda.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often are new messages added to Polanda?

There is no pre-defined, automatic schedule; in general, new messages are added every few weeks or as necessary.

Is there a way to associate Polanda poster's username with their real username on PolishForums?

Each post has the original PolishForums poster's username attributed so that it is easy for readers to find their PF profiles, if needed. When performing a search, it is possible to check both Polanda and PolishForums databases at the same time. To find posts associated with a particular username, enter it into the "Username" field, select "Database," and submit the form.

Most usernames are written in bold font, but there are some which are not bolded - what's the difference?

Bold username font indicates a registered PolishForums member; clear text means that the message was posted by a guest user (who doesn't have a profile and cannot be contacted by other people).

Why is the "Random Chat" topic so big? :)

It is to test web browsers for efficiency ;) But seriously, PolishForums has a sticky thread where all "off-topic" messages (ie. typically unrelated to Poland and Polish people or casual chats between members) are added. Whenever posts are archived on Polanda, all such off-topic messages from this thread are moved to Polanda's sister thread. As time goes by, they add up to thousands; however, it is still the most efficient way of keeping random or unrelated messages in a single-managed place.

Can I contact people who posted on Polanda?

Yes, if they posted as registered members, you can look up their usernames and contact them by visiting PolishForums.com, signing up for a free account, and using a private mail (PM) or a private contact form to send them a message.

I posted a classified ad and it's no longer valid or it contains my personal data. Can you delete it?

Yes, if you'd like to have your ad deleted, please email us the link to the post and we'll delete it.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to email us at info [at] polanda.com or you may also contact PolishForums administrators using their inquiry form.

What is your privacy and GDPR policy?

The only "personal" thing we store is the anonymous username and a reference to the original poster's public IP address. We don't store any emails, searched keywords, have no sign-up or login form, and don't use any cookies. The connection to Polanda is secured by a valid SSL encryption.