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Accountants in Wrocław wanted

3 Feb 2016  #1

Hi all

I need to file a tax return in Poland for 2015. Does anybody know any accountants in Wrocław they can recommend for personal taxes? I've asked friends here but not found anyone who uses an accountant yet.


3 Feb 2016  #2

You don't need an accountant to file a tax return here. It's a simple job and any Polish person can help you.

You can even complete the form online, print it out and take it straight to the tax office without fuss.

If you still want an accountant - let me know and I'll put you in touch with a trusted one in WRO.

3 Feb 2016  #3

Come on!!!!! Just look up names of accountants in your town and go to ANY of them! Basically you'll pay max 100 ZL. What is the problem then????? ;)

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