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P.F. Administration Deleting and Re Writing Posts

21 Jan 2018  #41

Those are only words

Very loaded words.

more or less random turn of a phrase

Nothing random about that phrase.
21 Jan 2018  #42

if his original text had no vulgarity and hasn't been shorted, then it seems to make no sense to have edited it, other than just to take out his opinion at the end.

I didn't see the original post, and as I said earlier it's just my best guess. It's one of the two reasons why posts are edited. If that was the case, then his opinion may have been removed by accident with a mod assuming that all the unsourced text in his post was copy/pasted from the internet. I'm not sure how you know it hadn't been shortened? How can you know how many words it contained before it was edited, if indeed that was the case?
21 Jan 2018  #43

I agree we all can make a mistakes thats why we have bumpers on cars and rubbers on pencils (for my american friends eraser not condoms)
21 Jan 2018  #44

I could be wrong, but it's never a good idea to copy/paste too much from the internet, as posts will be cropped/edited accordingly.
21 Jan 2018  #45

your not wrong because we have been told enough times not to do it.
21 Jan 2018  #46

How can you know how many words it contained before it was edited

I don't know but I have seen what Johnny has said was his original text. I put it through word count and it had 102 words. The edit is basically the copy and pasted text modified in such a way that more detail is actually included from the original source, so even though his opinion is taken out of it [purposely or possibly by mistake, I don't know], overall it actually has more words that the original. If you put the edited text through a word count you will notice it has 107 words.

I am happy to post the original text here if you want to see it for yourself, but I don't want it to get Johnny in any more trouble. Like I said, I don't know for sure if it is the original text, but it's hard to figure out a reason why Johnny would lie about it. If he did have vulgarity in there and it was taken out, but everything else left in, I don't think he would be bothered. His anger is that he added his opinion and that appears to have been deleted and then the whole thread subsequently closed.
21 Jan 2018  #47

I have seen what Johnny has said was his original text

The problem is that what Johnny says more often than not, is not the truth. It was only recently he was bawling out admin about his 'deleted' posts which weren't deleted at all, but in the Polanda section, so I am rather skeptical when it comes to his version of the truth. Either way, people will believe what they want to believe. I only put my couple of pennies worth in, because I know from when I was a mod here, that mods do not routinely edit posts for no reason. No matter what, the post contained copy/paste material from the internet and staff are within their rights to edit it as the rules state.
21 Jan 2018  #48

Johnny says more often than not, is not the truth

I don't think that is totally fair, all of us here can at times be said by others that we are telling untruths. I think there is an element of confusion or crossed wires here that has led to to some heated comments on all sides, everyone just needs to take a deep breath.

No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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