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Why AfD is the most important party in Germany

Bratwurst Boy
22 Mar 2019  #31

Love it or hate it, it's the future.

Well...I prefer the concept that we as humans have more than one option for how we shape our future! :)

22 Mar 2019  #32

A few options, yet always many external variables.

22 Mar 2019  #33

No it is not. Italy shows that it works.

Culling down migration by 98% within just 3 months.

You know what the future will bring? CRISPR/CAS. Virus that can destroy any target population which specific haplogroups. Genophages that can sterilize groups with certain haplogroups.

Nobody knows what future will bring. Maybe neo colonialism. Africa under quarantine.

22 Mar 2019  #34

within just 3 months.

That's a very naive comment...

You know what the future will bring? CRISPR/CAS.

Is that your Final Solution?

22 Mar 2019  #35

Reality is never naive.


They can only come, when they are brought.

When they are blocked, they cant enter. Since Italy follows a zero tolerance policy, migration numbers collapsed.

And no, CRISPR/CAS is not "my" final solution. CRISPR/CAS exists. Virus can be programmed to destroy cells with certain genetic markers. Evry technology that exists will be used some day.

I agree with you, that we must be active and create the future.

By standing for AfD, we shape the future, influence the future and take part in shaping it.

Without AfD Germany would look different now than it does.

Why you think in 2015 MErkel got soft with migrants and in 2019 she sits silent while those poor migrants are pushed back to Libya and end in places where tehy are never seen again?

How you explain Merkels silence now? How you explain in 2015 she could not stay silent to see "poor migrants" suffer in a train station in hungary. But in 2019 she stays silent when africans end in concentration camps in Libya, get tortured ect?

Because she fears the AfD.

Why you think Merkels has fallen and lost most of her influence? Because the AfD.

22 Mar 2019  #36

When they are blocked, they cant enter.

Good luck with that. Italy are finding it doesn't work very well.

Without AfD Germany would look different now than it does.


Why you think Merkels has fallen and lost most of her influence?

That would be one of the most successful and respected statespeople of our age...

22 Mar 2019  #37

People said the same thing, Weimarer, way back in Medaeval Germany! The Jews were said to have poisoned the local well, bringing disease etc.
In the 15th century, you had the infamous Rindfleisch Massacres in which scores of Jews were either killed by enraged locals or driven out of town, mostly

on the pure whim of anti-Semitic suspicion that was in the air, fomented by the Catholic Church.

Crime is up, eh? Folks maintained something none too different when the Turks first started coming to Germany. Apparently, you haven't mentioned Skinhead and Alt-Right crime against non-nationals. If a nation is functioning, it needn't resort to such tactics if things don't go right. It's not in the end, the migrants which are the root of the current problems, it's more the overreactions of Germans such as yourselves to these problems.

22 Mar 2019  #38


Italy finds it works very well.

Numbers of migrats went down to almost zero. They cant reach Italy, when Italy allows no ships to dock.


Migration to Italy via the Mediterranean, in recent years the biggest gateway to Europe for those fleeing war or poverty in Africa and Asia, has nearly ground to a halt, showing the effectiveness of controversial efforts by European authorities to stem the inflow.

In the first two months of this year, 262 seaborne migrants reached Italy, compared with 5,200 in the same period last year and more than 13,000 in 2017.

I´m happy about this Jonny.

262 in 2019. 5200 in 2018 and 13.000 in 2017.

What do you call a 99.3% collapse of numbers? :) Not working well?

Look, 99,3% less migrants since 2017 is good for me.

22 Mar 2019  #39

Italy finds it works very well.

They don't. Not only is it new (and potentially illegal), it's also hugely problematic.

And rather like putting bars on your storm porch and leaving the meatsafe unlocked...

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #40

Again, Jon...its exactly that kind of helplessness, that feeling of having lost all control, all say, which drives fearful people into the arms of populists.

You are again not helping with shoving that into their face and "mock" them with that! If that's what you are trying...

23 Mar 2019  #41


Illegal? Who cares? It works and thats what matters. Laws are paper.

Migrant arrival collapsed by 99.3%. Thats what matters. Their fate is irrelevant. If they are unhappy about their situation in libyan camps, they can complain to their local warlord.

Fact is, that no new migrants arrive at italian shores. The inflow is stopped. They are locked in Libya and thats ok for me.

Now next step is to get rid of those who made it before the far right took over.

Denmark shows good solutions for that as well. Internment on a remote island in the baltic, forced mass deportations and very bad conditions.

Migration is driven by push and pull factors. When you look at Eastern Germany or Italy, you see that push factors drive them out.

In eastern Germany is a climate of absolute consequent antipathy. The feeling adresses also those who support migrants. People who support them are outcasts and get mobbed by society. And result? Those they tried settle here in 2015 run away. Their supporters socially outcasts. In one city in Sachsen-Anhalt the mayor supported migrants. He got so isolated, that he now is at an end. Not just political but also business. People avoid his business, he has no contracts. His presence not welcome. His wife and children socially isolated as well they now leave the city.

23 Mar 2019  #42

And people wonder why Eastern Germany's future is looking so grim... Thanks to people like Weimarer.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #43

why Eastern Germany's future is looking so grim

First East Germany, then the rest...don't think you are on a happy island!

23 Mar 2019  #44

No, but at least we dont scare away investors highly qualified foreigners.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #45

Well, it isn't as if they had run to the East before the AfD either...

I think Eastern Germany needs a new gov, it could be made fit for the new digital age from scratch. Easier than most of the West since all the old powerful industries there still hold their grounds. But they are nearly non-existend in the East by now. The East is near empty, now with the Coal being phased out it is time for something groundbreaking new. For example staffing the East with the bestest Internet available...making it the most modern digitalized region in Germany, another Estonia if you so want...no need to go to your company when you can work at home...

The East needs the same kind of makeover West Germany enjoyed after WWII as most modern factories had been build upon the ruins of the bombed out ones, founding the Wirtschaftswunder...but I think with most of their politicians and bureaucrats being implemented from the West nothing specifically new and "East" will ever emerge.

The settlement of some west german leftover like a Bundesbehörde isn't gonna change a thing.

I dunno but how the East had been handled since the Wende just has proven to be not working...not only since 2015.

23 Mar 2019  #46

the East

Why don't you let it for the forest to reclaim it. In100 years a huge thriving woodlands with few pagans roaming them freely?

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #47

Well....that's MY dream (heh:), but not that of the other millions...

23 Mar 2019  #48

Well, it isn't as if they had run to the East before the AfD either..

No, but they did not actively avoid the East either. The company of my father is currently looking for highly qualified employees for their department in Saxony. And he told me that it had become much more difficult to convince skilled foreigners to move there. Because when you have the luxury of being able to pick your employment everywhere, you are not going to the city where a mob is practicing for the Reichskristallnacht.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #49

True too....

But they had the time since '89...now the AfD is collecting the scraps. It seems it has to become worse first before it can get better...

23 Mar 2019  #50

but they so cute :) ?

23 Mar 2019  #51

now the AfD is collecting the scraps

That, sadly, is straight from the political playbook of that particular tendency no matter where they are.

It seems it has to become worse first before it can get better...

It will in the end get better; but only if good people act.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Mar 2019  #52

And do what?

To force more immigrants down their throats against their will as "they will get used to it and then like them as we do?"

No, the only thing is an economical rebuilding, but for that it needs a plan and that is sadly lacking.

23 Mar 2019  #53


I am sometimes in Hamburg and Frankfurt for lessons. Those cities are s. I prefer my Erfurt here with our "grim future" than living in s caliphat of Frankfurt.

Face reality, people here dont want live in a where trucks smash in christmas markets.

And the good thing is, that people through all classes here fight it. East Germany stays the real Germany.

23 Mar 2019  #54

Those cities are sh


To force more immigrants down their throats against their will a

Rhetoric. The world is changing fast, and no sign of change slowing.

23 Mar 2019  #55

because those cities are dirty like Cairo or Mombasa. Extreme crime levels, terrorism, weak government and collapse of social structure is visible at evry place there. Women dont go out alone on the streets anymore. People get attacked with knifes and axe there even in trains. 1000 mass rapes in cologne and police stands by and watchs.

Just yesterday 400 savages attacked each other in Berlin. Police avoids those no go areas. Sharia law is done in those cities and even small childs get beheaded in train stations. Whenever i have to go there i try to stay as short as possible, I´m disgusted by the low standards there. The savage masses, weakness expressed by the Germans there and the primitive things you see there.

It feels a bit like in Mordor there.

I honestly feel way above them. I´m simply to good for them. My standards are higher than what they can fullfill.

The world indeed is changing fast. East germany changes fast to the far right.

Before 2015 eastern Germany was silent. This changed. It has awakened. The people here now see that they really can change something.

What we have now is a purification process. Since 2015 more people move to eastern Germany than leave. Most if not all are western Germans who dont want live in a caliphate.

We see, that we can block west Germany. The system as it is, gives the 5 east German states far more power and this power is used now.

We incapitated Merkel and reduced ehr to a lame duck. She basicly has disappeared from public. Her own party distancing itself from her.

Before 2015 MErkel decided the politics of Europe. The power of the AfD cut German influence in the EU almost down to zero.

The German government is castrated so much internally, it has no room left to act outside. The SPD is in dissolution and plays no role anymore. Merkels party is ripped apart.

The AfD sucessfully took out Germany as global player.

When Merkel steps a foot into eastern German towns she is pelted with eggs and tomato and called names i dont want repeat here.

MErkel is hated so much, her own party told her not to go to eastern germany before elections, because her presence is "not helpful".

Her muppet AKK desperatly tries to win sympathy here but is seen as disgusting "Mini-Merkel".

They try to copy the AfD to win back voters but it doesnt work. The people want see action, not words.

This is also not just based on politics. People now see their power over economy as well.

Siemens planned to close a turbine factoriy in Görlitz. Before 2015 people would have silently walked out. But not anymore. AfD made massive propaganda and stirred the people up. The Siemens Employee hunted the Siemens CEO out of town and threatened to burn evrything to the ground. Politicians and Siemens managers were so scared about what unfulded infront them, they gave a guarantee that the factory stays for next 3 decades and closed down a west german plant instead.

23 Mar 2019  #56

This guy is so dilusional.

23 Mar 2019  #57

Oh, we know that!

Even his German is nearly as primitive as his English:-)
I think he's an agent provocateur, or at worst, simply a bored troll with too much dead, 'scuse me free, time on his hands.


23 Mar 2019  #58

I think the last time Erfurt really made headlines was when a German kid commited a mass shooting in a school.

23 Mar 2019  #59

migrant behead one year old child Hamburg


400 migrants beat each other in Berlin


23 Mar 2019  #60

I think every German know to what kind of crimes people are capable of. We once set the bar for it.

Remember the German who raped and murdered two refugee children in Berlin? Would you accept him as the average German?

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