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UK Ambassador Confirms Russia being set up by US/UK. 'Poisoning' a fabrication

25 Apr 2018  #151

i would have looked

Ok, willfull ignorance is a choice we must make. The guy in the picture is a newscaster from one of germany's main channels, so is the accompanying text.

BTW, the UN's OPCW has found no signs of chemical weapon use in Douma: plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=27537&SEO=un-agency-finds-no-chemical-weapons-at-us-attacked-syrian-facilities

26 Apr 2018  #152

Notice the typical Russian troll tactic of not actually providing credible sources.

Basically they sow confusion and disinformation; classic maskirovka.

It used to work but doesn't any more.

26 Apr 2018  #153

Especially when it's so obvious and poorly done as this one.

27 Apr 2018  #154

I was reading through some threads and this one came up:


Delph, was this you at one time or someone else. If it was you, why did it occur?

28 Apr 2018  #155

Ok, willfull ignorance is a choice we must make.

There is a separate layer of reality, very convenient for someone. And in the past, it was pretty easy, to change "common" reality as answer to something that appeared only in that "separate layer".

19 years ago. So called "Račak massacre". Belarussian experts determined that dead corpses was transported from other places and weared in civil clothes after death. No, it was declared propaganda and desinformation and some finnish experts under control of Kurt Volkner (heard that name?) decided that it was a massacre. Belgrad was bombed in "response", numerous fatalities, country id divided. Documents produced by "finnish experts" is still classified. Even if it turned out later that there was nothing about Serbian responsibility, Serbs is punished already, Kosovo is created and military bases put there. Done deal.

15 years ago. Famous Colin Powell test tube wit white powder. As a result, Iraq turned to mine field, 150000 to 600000 people dead, ISIS created. Proven that "proofs" was intentionally forged by US intelligence services and administration, nobody was sued, everything is fine. Done deal.

Recent times, before winter Olympics. Mr. Rodchenkov writes something that used as a base for a massive PR campaign against russian athletes. Now in CAS they trying to avoid to say the same under oath. Turned out that it was mostly lie. But harm already caused, many athletes skipped Olympics at peak of their form, few was forced to cease career. Done deal.

Weeks ago. Skripals that was "poisoned by absolutely deadly chemical weapon that can be done only in Russia". 150 diplomats expelled, a number of international cooperation programs is broken, new sanctions introduced. Massive propaganda campaign caused fear between western public, they started to think that some Russian will come to put some poison to their door handle. Skripals (suddenly) not died and quickly recovered, then was hidden from press and public. Turned out that same substance was patented in US, and can be produced by many labs around the world. But as always - Done deal.

Even later. Syria, Douma. Alleged chemical attack. Massive cruise missile attack from US/UK/FR. Nobody can find victims or traces of chemical use. Syria find witnesses and people who participated in video that was used as "proof" for massive rocket attack, they fly to Hague... And US together with "allies" simply refuse to participate in a meeting where witnesses present and can be questioned. But something is a bit different. US military saying that all cruise missiles hit targets, Russian military shows a couple of missiles that definitely DOES NOT hit target and a number of pieces that suffered damage from anti-air missiled, not explosion of own warhead. Syria get fresh S-300 systems, Israel panicked.

Something changed in relation of "alternate" and common reality?

30 Apr 2018  #156

Especially when it's so obvious and poorly done as this one.

Spectacularly badly done; this one has truly rebounded on them.

They're guilty, they're proven guilty, yet stil" they come out with outrageous (and diverse) lies.

30 Apr 2018  #157

they're proven guilty

Your "they're proven guilty", even repeated fcukillion times, does not add a single proof.

Well, maybe in another reality... Where some city on a hill still shine, and dollar is still a trouble-free money...

1 May 2018  #158

The Skripal incident coverage by the mainstream lugenpresse has been non-existent recently. The reason: a). the operation was manufactured as a lie. b). the operation has been caught in that lie. c). damage control (i.e. media silence) is in effect.

Where are these targeted russkies now? The always benevolent CIA has taken them under their wing and will safely re-assign them identities in some fly-over American state. In other words, they'll disappear into on ocean on the way. Maybe this will occur in silence stateside after the heat is down and they are forgotten. They've outlived their usefulness in the frame attempt of attacking Russia pre-emptively in any case.

There has been some news on the incident, but Britishroyalty Buggering Children (BBC) won't touch it of course.


Fentanyl was likely the cause, not Porton Down's Novichok.

  • Before MI6 Rinsing

1 May 2018  #159

"they're proven guilty",

Yes, they are. However much you hate that.


The media is full of coverage of it, even today. It turns out that there are another 14 deaths of Russian dissidents that need investigating.

1 May 2018  #160

You are trying to say, that coroners was too busy to investigate all 14 cases at a right time?

1 May 2018  #161

That doesn't make much (or any) sense.

The Russians have inadvertently opened a real can of worms; their government's crimes (like the murder of Litvinienko and the attempted murder of the two Skripals) are getting more and more publicity.

Political assassinations by Russia are far from new; this time however they've done it in a completely cack-handed way, and the only weak responses they can make are ones like the whining by the Russian in post #160...

1 May 2018  #162

Velund, have you ever heard of "critical theory" before and how it works?

1 May 2018  #163

Frankfurter Schule works is interesting, but cannot agree with neomarxists totally.
But yes, western society is like a totalitarian sect, acting by spreading lies by mass media to get a "reasons" to do some things that would be impossible otherwise.

1 May 2018  #164

Velund and Slavictor are such obvious Russian trolls.
It's pathetic.
This is 2018.
Pathetic Russian lies don't work any more.
Russians think that the bigger and more stupid the lie,the more distracting it is.
Only works on the idiots.
Moderator's of this forum should look at banning some of these stupid,Russian trolls as they are just insulting to Poles and offer nothing in proper debate.

2 May 2018  #165

There is a separate layer of reality,

Well, Putin:
1. Orchestrated a number of terrors attack (bombs)against civilians in Moscow to blame it on Chechenia and use it as trampoline to power.
2. Using fabricated pretext attacked that country and subjugated it by force.
3. Attacked Georgia for reasons of his own.
4.Attacked Ukraine in more clandestine fashion.
5. ordered to kill on a foreign soil:
Alexander Litvinenko,
Igor Ponomarev,
Yuri Golubev,
Alexander Perepilichny,
Boris Berezovsky,
Mikhail Lesin.
So even if he didn't order it in this case. Who cares? An infamous gangster did go to the prison for his deed but for not paying taxes. Same difference.

2 May 2018  #166

I've been called this before with no basis in fact at all. I'm not here to prove myself to anybody. We're inconsequential to each others lives. My purpose here is to keep Poland for the Poles, the non-incinerated version strongly preferred.

It doesn't matter if I say I'm not Russian, that I've never been to Russia, don't speak Russian, don't have a Russian wife, have no connection to Russia or Russians in any way, you'd never believe it anyways. There are hardly even any Russians around here that I am aware of.

The difference perhaps is I didn't grow up with this hatred of Russia as many seem to have had here. I look to "leadership" (i.e. hood ornaments) and the interests that reside behind it as the cause of developed problems, not the general populace of a nation. Take a look at Chabad Lubavitch. What are these guys doing with a backstage pass to the Kremlin AND the White House? Selling cookies?

So give it a rest with this obvious Russian troll stuff.

2 May 2018  #167

If what you say is true,I can't understand why you don't feel the same way about Russia as most of us do.

Were your family not harmed by Ŗussia?

2 May 2018  #168

So ... you have no connection to Russia. What's your connection to Poland?
Why such a thread at Polish forums - with the UK, USA and Russia in the title?

2 May 2018  #169

Well, Putin:

1. Same level of proofs as for accusation of US administration in arranging 9/11 to get additional rights. I.e., zero.
2. Chechnya was never been a "country", even present sh*thole in Kosovo is much more "country" compared to Chechnya in 90's... And after kidnapping, financial robbery, currency counterfeiting and providing killers to criminal groups across all C.I.S. become main sources of income for "leaders" of checnya, it was only matter of time to get this territory back under control by force.

3. I thought question was closed at the end of 2008... Because shelling of peacekeepers base and civilian homes in Tchinvali is quite a reason to get some responce, especially when half of Ossetian people is living in Russia and people under georgian rockets was their close relatives.

4. Please, provide date of declaration of war between Ukraine and Russia. I think, it will be in a nearest future, if Poroshenko will be not calmed by their overseas masters.

5. Did you present there while this orders was given? It was even not proven that death is in relation to someone from Russia, of course, not necessarily related to gov't. "Classified proofs" is a BS, as well as fake news circulating in a major western news outlets, so show me something more real and verifiable, if you will dare to accuse me in a lie.

2 May 2018  #170

I think you will find that you are wasting your time trolling on this forum.
You are a joke.
And Poles are laughing at you.

2 May 2018  #171

Do you mean Poles or some nervous polish diaspora guys that is ready to fight Russia till the last live Pole in Poland, but not ready to work for prosperity of Poland and pay taxes in Poland?

2 May 2018  #172

If you Russians are ever stupid enough to attack Poland your country will be obliterated.
You do not have the military muscle you think you have.
Like North korea,it's all propaganda.

2 May 2018  #173

Yeah... I know only one thing that is more pathetic than Plastic pole from US/UK trying to look more polish than Poles. This is Papier mache ukrainian from Canada that trying to learn Ukrainians how to hate Russians. ;)

Real Poles can count on due respect from Russians, as a neighbours that was here for centuries, and will be here for centuries (if will be smart enough to not allow anglos to inahabit their motherland with genetic trash from Middle East and Africa - and look like Poles is not stupid). But this respect is not for plastic/papier mache/some_shit guys that is not interested anymore in prosperity of their former motherland, and not yet accepted as equal by natives of a new country.

3 May 2018  #174


Poland does not live in a vacuum. Like any connected country, it is exposed to and receives influences from certain other parts of the globe. It should be aware of where it stands in the world and to do that we need to always look at the surroundings.

I have Polish lineage but I primarily pay attention to what drives the men of nations to do despicable acts; the people who fan the flames behind the scenes. We need to first look to the actual causes, the leaders and the vested interests, not the individual laymen. Wars are very rarely legitimate and almost always manufactured. The laymen are always sacrificed. Just imagine if a Pole and Russian united and eliminated the root cause of their woes.

If you are in business and are researching a target market, it's important to really get inside the head of your potential customer. To understand who they really are, their motivations and wants etc. It takes a very high degree of disciplined, unbiased objectivity to make these discoveries. Getting to know those in a foreign country isn't any different.

This knowledge makes the difference in a successful relationship.

I feel no guilt whatsoever for things I do not do. I can't possibly hold all Russians accountable for horrific past actions. It would make no sense to. Many soldiers of all stripes couldn't live with themselves after what they'd done in rageful fervor and took their own lives or were driven mad.

I hold accountable the small percentage of filthy criminal ideological fanatics (see picture)

  • You think I'll do what you want......... fcukhead?

3 May 2018  #175

I have nothing against Poles and Russians as friends in private lives but keep politics away from it. Period.

3 May 2018  #176


Agreed 100%.


As I have said,I don't know why you bother to post here.
Half the posters on this forum are what you call "Plastic Poles" and most of the rest aren't even Polish!(Like yourself).
The huge Polish diaspora was caused by Poles fleeing their homeland and the main cause of this?
Russia has NEVER shown any due respect to Poles and judging by your comments and attitude,nothing has changed.

3 May 2018  #177

the main cause of this?

Russia may be forced some Poles to emigrate in the past, but vast majority is followed the money. Without any ideology - just plain economical interests, going to the place where same amount of work can provide higher living standard. And now, they need to prove to yourself and to relatives that they is not traitors of their motherland - so they show how polish they are, and as a result do everything they can to put their motherland to a conflict with neighbours. From safe distance and without economical risks, directly related to that behavior.

I visit Poland time to time (not so often, though), and can say that Poles is much more sane and reasonable than most of "armchair warriors" from diaspora, that make most of negative background in Polish-Russian relations.

3 May 2018  #178

You become more pathetic with every post.
Except for Poles who left Poland since 2004 for economic reasons,the rest ALL left to escape Russian oppression!!
And ask yourself a question about the Polish economic emigrants from 2004.
Why did they not flock to Russia??

3 May 2018  #179

You become more pathetic with every post.

Pure comedy, isn't it. Or it would be if there weren't the mass graves, the destroyed lives, the misery.

It mirrors the established Russian technique "Deny, Distract, Blame". It fools nobody but themselves.

4 May 2018  #180

It's not meant to fool anybody but the eternally gullible and bovine Russian public.

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