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America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN

johnny reb
21 Jul 2017  #21

Exactly as America has a lot more of Crooked Hillary's PROVEN corrupt connections with Russia and Middle Eastern countries and nothing illegal on Trump's connections.

It's basically insinuations,

So the same game is played in Poland to destroy a politicians credibility as in America.
21 Jul 2017  #22

Crooked Hillary's PROVEN corrupt connections with Russia

LOOK!!! A squirrel!
johnny reb
22 Jul 2017  #23

A Big Fat Squirrel at that !

America has a lot more of Crooked Hillary's PROVEN corrupt connections with Russia

Peter Schweizer's bestselling book "Clinton Cash", the New York Times in April 2015 reported on Clinton's $500,000 speech in Moscow and its possible ties to a deal in which the Russians gradually assumed control of the Uranium One mining company.

The newspaper reported "the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States."
Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.
Now what has Trump done to sell out America in such a way with Russia ?
johnny reb
22 Jul 2017  #24

The links between Trump and Russia are frightening.

Which credible links would those be ?

Aren't you even slightly afraid that the President of your country could be influenced by Russia?

Not anymore than when osama was president because such influence is nothing new.
Trump's CIA Director Mike Pompeo blasted Russia for interfering not only in the 2016 US Presidential election but "the one before that and the one before that".

This would imply that Russia helped install Barack Obama in the White House even after his anti - Russian foreign policy became well known.

So why try to blame what has been going on for decades on Trump ?
22 Jul 2017  #25

Which credible links would those be ?

CNN is fabricating some new links for the snowflakes as we speak...lol

So why try to blame what has been going on for decades on Trump ?

The Libs are nothing but sore losers and whining cry babies, they will lose again in 2018 and 2020

As you said before......... Im Loving it!
22 Jul 2017  #26

Which credible links would those be ?

None. Just buzz of the buzzers trying to make something out of nothing. It is only showing their true color - red. That is a commie infestation that is out there to get rid of the American values and change the place into totalitarian commie dumb. Like that affirmative action that see hiring Muslim Somalis with IQ of 69 as the police officers then they go around and shoot people for no reason.

Barack Obama

The some people that were praising Obama for his good relations with Russia which in fact resulted in him handing over more and more of playfield to Russia and China on the expected of the USA. Never occurred to them that he was The Manchurian Candidate. Now, they spin that lie about alleged Trump's Russian connection.

Anyone with a one brain cell can see that his foreign policy is anything but trailed for the benefit of Russia. He work for the benefit of the USA and that is clearly visible.

Those progressives do not care cause their are spoiled dyed in the wool and brainwashed a college losers. At last masses that support democrats, those who work behind the curtain are cynical, evil manipulators trying to put the world under their heel and rule it.

I just don't like those hacks on the news who are doing it for money most of the time, knowing damn well what they are doing.

Yes, in Poland those forces have the same ugly head and the source of money to pay for those demonstrations and protest ironically is the same man - Soros.

They could have their motto -
- Evil men of the world unite.
Luckily their mojo doesn't work in Poland. Only some soviets and few idiots buy into it.
23 Jul 2017  #27


A fortune for you or me but a mere pittance compared to the billions in "evaporated" VAT revenues the PO scamster regime failed to collect. Under Morawiecki, those same billilons are enriching the state budget, not the pockets of unprosecuted PO-era fraudsters.

Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes and propaganda`? [85]Let's debate American Politics [1,534]

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