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Should we establish new section of this forum; section under name- `Examples of EU crimes'

3 Oct 2017  #81

@Freely admitted, DIrk diggler! And yet that doesn't make it right. If all's fair in love and war, then why bother with pre-nups or conventions and treaties if rules are (allegedly) meant to be broken, huh?

@kaprys, often people project what they dislike most about themselves onto others who attitudes they feel they can't tolerate because they never even try to understand them:-) You once posted to me in private that when you were last in England, absolutely NOBODY had a problem with your English, furthermore, that I must therefore have a mental problem, not being able to understand some of your English.

As far as food for thought, your offerings would appear to have little nutritional value!
Dirk diggler
4 Oct 2017  #82

hen why bother with pre-nups or conventions and treaties if rules are (allegedly) meant to be broken, huh?

As one saying I've heard - 'The appearance of the law must be upheld, especially while it's being broken'

Not all treaties, contracts, etc are broken. Nonetheless, we see time and time again people, especially governments, breaking agreements. Recently I was discussed the fact that Ukraine was suppose to be helped if it was ever attacked since it gave up a significant nuclear stockpile. Well, as we know Ukraine was basically offered little to no military aid directly on the front lines. Governments and politicians especially break their promises in a far worse way than some a corp breaking some agreement or a consumer breaking a service agreement earlier than agreed too. As we see now, the EU is supposedly all pro-democracy and helping people yet they're clearly against the referendum in Catalonia and haven't criticized Spanish police for using excessive force.

So while yes, laws, treaties, agreements, contracts are constantly broken usually a person or corp at least go to court if they feel they've been wronged. It's more difficult when a government or government body breaks some agreement or treaty. Yet it happens all the time and depending who's doing it and the political climate determines the level of enforcement and punishment from breaking the treaty/law/rule/agreement/etc from sanctions, severe punishments, to a slap on the wrist, to basically no punishment at all or even condemnation.

Such is the world...
4 Oct 2017  #83

There's a difference between knowing English 'with the comfortable ease of a Brit' and being understood by native speakers of English. So you're making things up again, Lyzko ;) I have never claimed my English is native-like.

Still a number of native speakers of English have questioned your posts. But of course you decided not to refer to that part of my post. Yet another example of you decide to ignore things you find too uncomfortable to answer ;)

You poor little thing. I'm done with you. You have repeatedly proved you're fake and arrogant. And you're not even a man enough to admit your mistakes. Keep living in your own world of delusions ;)
4 Oct 2017  #84

I address any and all issues thrown my way, if they are worth responding to.
10 Oct 2017  #85

How To Recognize War Propaganda


How the US government and CIA fooled the American people into supporting going to war with Iraq in 1990 - Operation Desert Storm. It was based on a lie.

I am thinking of running ads whether on Craigslist Poland or elsewhere [5]America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN [27]

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