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FYROM removes Alexander the Great

2 Mar 2018  #31

@Marino_Kat - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-fifth_Dynasty_of_Egypt

As for the black population at that time - I have no idea how big it was, I just wrote that there must have been some black people in Egypt, especially during that period. Do you have any source confirming that it was below 4%?

And why did you write that Americans claim Egyptians were black? Could you provide links with those claims?

You have antiquity for sure.

Slavs didn't create any great antique civilisation, just like majority of Europe didn't create any, except for ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the times of ancient Greece and Rome all the rest of Europe were "savage barbarians" and many of them: the Celts, the Germanic peoples, etc. were conquered and ruled over by the Roman Empire.

So I don't know why you're picking on Slavs of all people.

In the Asian steppes.

I've noticed that for you something "Asian" must be inferior. Do you realise that the Chinese who created one of the great ancient human civilisations are Asian? Also, unlike Greece, China is a very powerful country these days. And what about Japan? Also an Asian country. Furthermore, the Indian subcontinent was home to one of the world's earliest civilizations. That's also in Asia. So what's your problem with Asians? Are you a racist?

Beside that...your history is rather...pathetic.

Whose history is "pathetic"? Serbian history? Or Slavic?

Do you know that Slavs invaded Greece in the 7th century and there was some Slavic settlement in Greece at that time?

And as for "pathetic history", I'm afraid the glorious times of Greece ended long ago, when Greece was annexed by the Roman Empire. Did you have "any history" at all since then? I mean, "beside getting raped" by Romans, Slavs, the French, Venetians, Turks, the Nazis, Italians, Bulgarians?

2 Mar 2018  #32

Because you don't know it. You don't seem to be the most educated person ever.
All you do is bragging about things that happened millenia ago. Still I doubt you'd be able to give exact facts ad hoc.
Read the link you provided yourself. Like the whole article rather than just the title. Or is it too much for you?
Ancient Greeks also had ancestors in Eastern Europe and Siberia. I wonder if that's the reason why Alexander the Great has golden highlights in his hair in that ancient mosaic you linked to. ;)

2 Mar 2018  #33

Alexander the Great didn`t consider himself to be Greek, neither Greeks of that time thought of him like of Greek. Its the biggest travesty that Greeks now wants Alexander for themselves. He was Sarmatian/Thracian (ie Slavic). Its a fact. Greeks themselves are of Slavic origin, predominantly.


Same way as one can`t prevent progress, one can`t prevent scientific truth to become known worldwide. Even Jew Netanyahu, Israely PM speak publicly about Slavic antiquity. Only small-minded people refuse to accept obvious facts.

2 Mar 2018  #34


Mods, I've summarized all this stuff for Marino_Kat that you've deleted from two articles from Wiki, because I doubted he would bother to search/read anything by himself.

Here's the second article:


The 25th dynasty ruled egypt for not even 90 years and it was an era of collapse.

The 25th dynasty ruled Ancient Egypt for over a century and "the era of collapse" didn't start with the 25th dynasty but much earlier - with the 21st. The Nubian invasion was actually the result of Egypt's demise. Furthermore, Egypt wasn't the only civilisation that was deteriorating at that period since it was the time of the Late Bronze Age collapse.

Greeks themselves are of Slavic origin, predominantly.

Sure, Crow, I guess the whole world is of Slavic origin in your mind... lol

2 Mar 2018  #35

I never said that. Don`t fantasize. I am very specific in my comments.

2 Mar 2018  #36

That was irony on my part, Crow :) So what is your proof for the claim that "Greeks are predominantly of Slavic origin"?

2 Mar 2018  #37

Thracians were Slavs. Same as Sarmatians. Base Greek population was of Thracian origin. So, Slavic. Then later they mixed with Semitic peoples, Egyptians and Near East peoples. Hellenism isn`t ethnic thing. It was cultural movement. Even today in Macedonia (as one Macedonian himself explained to me when I was on tourist trip there), when Slavs there speak of Gypsies they say: `Edjipci` = Egyptians. Interesting, isn`t it.

Macedonians, Trojans, Spartans, etc they all were not Greeks. Those are known historical facts. They were Hellenized in some extent but not ethnic Greeks. Actually, they were in confrontation with ethnic Greeks states such is for example Athens.

2 Mar 2018  #38

Show me evidence thracians were slavs. I want linguistic, cultural and genetic data.

No slavic bullshitting.

Dude you cant imagine how much i laugh about your crap. Well propably you can. You are serbian. Whole world always laughs about you.

Primitives then, primitive now and primitive in future as well.

2 Mar 2018  #39

@Crow, as far as I know Thracians weren't Slavs. Sarmatians also weren't originally Slavs, they were just assimilated by Slavs.

when Slavs there speak of Gypsies they say: `Edjipci` = Egyptians. Interesting, isn`t it.

Well, it isn't factual since the Gypsies come from the northern Indian subcontinent, not from Egypt, so I'm not sure what this proves exactly...

@Marino_Kat, Crow may be silly and delusional and living in his Serbian nationalistic pan-Slavic bubble, but it's you who's behaving like a primitive here. Stop this nonsense already. Can't you see you bring shame to your people and your heritage by behaving like a prejudiced caveman?

I think majority of people on this forum don't treat what Crow is writing most of the time seriously and I would advise you to do the same and move on (or at least stop offending the whole Serbian nation or Slavs in general because of one silly guy).

2 Mar 2018  #40

I assure you people. There are more evidences that Sarmatians and Thracians were Slavs, then there are evidences that are Greeks that what they claim to be. Just go google. Don`t be small-minded. Don`t wait ``inquisitor`` to tell you what is truth. We live in the era of the internet. We are all in network

Well, it isn't factual since the Gypsies come from the northern Indian subcontinent, not from Egypt, so I'm not sure what this proves exactly...

It means that Macedonian collective memory remembered that darker race in the region didn`t come from India but from Egypt. There comes perception of Gypsies as Egyptians. By analogy, Macedonian collective or if you want linguistic memory remembered truth about origin of the Greeks. That Egyptians came and mixed with some native Slavs (ie Thracians) and then as result of mixing Greeks came to be.

2 Mar 2018  #41

@Crow, no, I'm not going to waste my time on googling for evidence that doesn't exist. The burden is on you to show evidence to prove your claims.

As for Gypsies being perceived as Egyptians - that's only a perception. Egypt was closer to Europe than India, so I guess Europeans might have been more familiar with Egypt and Egyptians at that time than with India and maybe assumed that someone dark-skinned must have come from Egypt.

The French old-fashioned word for Gypsies is "bohème" apparently - the French incorrectly thought they came from the Kingdom of Bohemia.

The words for the Romani people in French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek and Hungarian are also referring to their allegedly Egyptian origin. They migrated to the Middle East in great numbers around 1000 years ago, so I suppose it's possible that some of them moved from the Middle East to Europe at one point and hence this perception in Europe that they came from Egypt.

That Egyptians came and mixed with some native Slavs (ie Thracians) and then as result of mixing Greeks came to be.


2 Mar 2018  #42

@Crow, no, I'm not going to waste my time on googling for evidence that doesn't exist.

Why wouldn`t you? Don`t be lazy. You heard the Greek. He said he knows. Well, I also knows. Now its you turn to know.

2 Mar 2018  #43

Why wouldn`t you?

Because I'm not going to do your job for you, lazy bird.

2 Mar 2018  #44

I even don`t need links but I will give you one. I will just give you idea what to google.

Serbia always had two names in use. Srbija and Rashka. Sarmatia and Thracia.

`Sarmatian` is foreign given form to Serbian ethnic name. Here, local version of name is `Srbija`. In Lusatia, local original is `Serbya`. In what is now France something like `Sorbona`, in what is now Germany `Swabi`, etc, etc.

Srbija (Serbia) > Sarmatija (term that went thru Greek/Roman transcription). Form `Srbija` was closest to Greeks/Romans and they were unable to provenance it. Linguistic science and historical records confirmed obvious correlation between `Srbija` and `Sramatia`. Also, its already accepted fact that Sarmatian was back in past original name to all Slavs. Correlation between Thracian name and Sarmatian name also confirmed.

Raška (read Rashka) > Thracia / Th-racia (term that went thru Greek/Roman transcription)

About biggest tribe of Thracians >

The term "Triballians" appears frequently in Byzantine and other European works of the Middle Ages, referring exclusively to Serbs. Some of these authors clearly explain that "Triballian" is synonym to "Serbian".

You heard Israely PM Netanyahu. He knows what he speaks >

PM Netanyahu meets with Serbian PM Vučić in Jerusalem


PM Netanyahu:

It's an honor to welcome you to Israel, Prime Minister Vučić.
The friendship between the Jewish and Serbian peoples goes back to thousands of years, to the time of the Roman Republic.

also video > youtube.com/watch?v=PhxmLuXYNG4

Slavs are natives of Europe.

Nobody ever was welcomed in Israel the way Serbian PM Vucic was welcomed. It was meeting of representatives of two ancient civilizations.

Jews here gave honor not only to Serbians but to the all Slavs. We can think whatever we want of Jews and Israel but they are serious and they have access to oldest sources and written records of the humankind. So, I look forward to the day when would Jews and Slavs solve their problems. After all, I look forward to the day that western Europeans, too, stop to falsify Slavic history for political reasons. This goes for Greeks, too. Sad that they shows such a greed and possessiveness when it comes to ancient history that we share.

3 Mar 2018  #45

Ha ha you talk so much bullshit, it hurts.

Greeks did not mix with Egyptians, you know why? Because Egyptians never left Egypt. They were a reclusive culture. The only known expansions were from Pharaoh Thutmoses III who went to Syria and Queen Hatshepsut who went to Punt, which is today Somalia.

Egypt did not have a fleet.
So egyptians never reached Greece. What did happen was Greeks going to Egypt. First as soldiers for Ramses and later on setteled in northern Egypt. Then later on Egypt got hellenized under Alexander the Great.

So while Egyptians got Greek DNA, they themself had no make up in Greeks.

Now for your bullshit about being mixed with Semitics, wrong again. Our DNA can be traced back to minoan and mycanean times. And it is estimated our roots are in the Hittiti empire, aegean and anatolian people and indo european.

What amuses me most is how much you cling on Netamyahu. I know your shithole country does not get much diplomatic relations, beside war crime courts. So this event must be big news for you.

Netanyahu says jews know serbians since thousands of years? Thats cute. You know we Greeks know sudanese also since thousands of years. They were primitives then. They are primitives now. Just like you.

But we know Slavs only since 600 after Christ.

3 Mar 2018  #46

It is very good that Poles and other Slavs here can see how this function. Very good lesson. European non-Slavs, western Europeans, Albanians (Shquiptars), Italians, Greeks, Germans, no matter are they Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, they are all united when it comes to Slavs. They all agree how are we Slavs newcomers. They easily found place for us. They have tactics for all of us. They lie, they falsify, they stealing, they humiliate, they assimilate, they killing. No, not just their magnates, their entire populations are united in this.

But, its not important whatever they say, what they want. Most important is that we Slavs (ie Thracians/Sarmatians/etc) know what we want.


So, there goes my message to Russians and Poles and to all other Slavs.... Be strong, be wise, be sure, be united. United, at least in wish to survive as Slavs and coordinate in that sense. In that at least. And don`t brake Slavic formation!

3 Mar 2018  #47

Ha ha as i said, you re suoer funny. You are not Thracian. Btw we Greeks saw Thracians as primitive savages as well. But slavs came later, 600 after christ.

And to come to the topic, FYROM follows our demands. :)

3 Mar 2018  #48

Slavs (ie Thracians/Sarmatians) of antiquity had rural and urban centers and were stretched on inter-continental level. Their urban centers were regular target for destruction by Greek and Roman monstrosities, while rural population was regularly taken into slavery. Slavs were negated in every opportunity and their civilization exposed to ruination.

But, errors would be corrected. Monstrosities stooped.

3 Mar 2018  #49

Well at least you claim loser ancestors now ha ha ha

3 Mar 2018  #50


See Poles, this is some twisted Orthodox Greek. But, same way we now could facing some crazy Catholic Italian. They for each others, Greeks and Italians, use to say: ``Una faca, una rasa.`` They are united in their hate on Slavs and underestimation of everything Slavic. They are united in their sense of their superiority.

That is exactly why I talk to you about Serbian concept of Orthodox Christianity that keeps memory on Svetovid. Catholic Poles, too, no mater Catholicism themselves can keep live memory on Svetovid. Why not celebrate SLAVA, ancestors, same as Serbians? Why not celebrate Jesus and Svetovid? Both of them. Why not? Non-Slavs would anyway desire to burn you alive. You can be 100% Catholic or 100% Orthodox they won`t like you because you are Slavs. Anyway, this is just an idea in technical sense. You yourself can found way to keep memory on Svetovid alive. Something in your unique style, if you wish, if you don`t feel that concept of SLAVA satisfy your taste.

3 Mar 2018  #51

The only one who wanted to burn people was serbia. Thats why Milosevic died in The Hague.

That said you should accept your place and stop talk rubbish.

3 Mar 2018  #52

Your fabricated tales won`t bring you anything.

3 Mar 2018  #53

Well, we are a respected nation on the world stage. We have awesome history and ancestors and our history fills hollywood movies.

What do you have? :D

I mean beside starting World War I and doing genocide?

johnny reb
3 Mar 2018  #54

we are a respected nation on the world stage.

You think pretty high of yourself don't you while living on someone else's dime.
Greece's debt mountain is due to reach 180% of GDP in 2015, the highest in the 19-member Eurozone.

3 Mar 2018  #55

And? Its paper money. On the other side Greece has the highest private property in all of Europe.

Property. Real things. Houses, land and all that.

There is a saying, when you have small debt and cant pay it back, you have a problem. When you have billions of debt, the bank has a problem. .

johnny reb
3 Mar 2018  #56

Unfortunately the bank is other peoples money.
There is a saying in America when people spend other people's money and go in debt and can't pay it back and continue to be supported by the people that they ripped off is call, "Sucking hind tit" !

3 Mar 2018  #57

I never belonged to naive part of my people. Some said how are Greeks better then Italians. I said, well, just give them chance. And look creature that started this thread. See, I was right.

But, penis is hard for Greeks, too. They also can sit and found peace there.

3 Mar 2018  #58

I'm a human being. I know Serbians have problems with that concept. Calling someone a creature shows what level you have.

3 Mar 2018  #59

Exactly. We are all human beings and all human beings have same rights. You Greeks have right on your history but, we Slavs, too, have right on our history. What you know of yourself, we know of ourselves. So, don`t pretend to be above Slavs. If you insist to be above, you would finish low.

3 Mar 2018  #60

1. I dont care about your history. Its absolute irrelevant to us, since the first contact we had were in 600 after Christ.

2. What is above doesnt matter. Just dont start anger with us or you lose big time. As always.

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