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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

14 Feb 2020  #1

Its amazing to see whats going on here. The AfD election bombshell last week was the starting point and th results are amazing.

Merkels CDU is starting to openly revolt against Merkel. Her own health minister Spahn says, teh CDU must seek more distance from Merkel.

Merkel lost her sucessor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Merkel wanted her to be the next after her, build her up...but the AfD coup in my state Thüringen burned AKK away. She went there to dictate to her thuringian party "friends" what she wants...and got rejected. Her total lack in authority was shown in public so she stepped back.

Not without damaging Merkel further by saying, she want stay in office until a new chancellor candidate is ready. With that she want make sure that Merkel wont try a 5th term...

Meanwhile Merkel got the next strike.

She fired Christian Hirte, who was special envoy of eastern Germany and replaced him with a loyal Merkelist.

But the CDU in Thüringen openly revolts against her and now will make Hirte the new leader of CDU Thüringen. Thats a full blow against Merkel.

Meanwhile Merkels CDU is in freefall. The old party of Adenauer and Kohl collapsed to 12% in Thüringen.

It will be interesting to see how long Merkel can cling to power. Its so disgusting and with each day it gets worse. She is political dead but sticks to her office. She has no ideas, nothing. All she wants is the power. She has some minions still around her and it will be interesting how it develops.

Merkel rules sice 2015 and while she was good the first 8 years, her reign became more and more erratic and crazy.

The biggest problem we have in Germany is, that chancellor can be elected again and again.

I hope this ends soon. Right now it gets worse evry day. I cant imagine to endure this another 18 months and most peopel here agree with that.

cms neuf
14 Feb 2020  #2

It's Friday night - can't you go and discuss that in the troll factory cafeteria ?

14 Feb 2020  #3

@cms neuf

I have night shift, you trolls are good for entertaining

14 Feb 2020  #4

Yo, Weimarer!
Go ck out the wonderful remarks by your president on the Commemoration of the 75. Memorial of the Dresden Firebombing:

"To compare the dead of Dresden with the dead of Auschwitz is wrong...... those who think differently, we must defy them."

A rough paraphrase, but with this sentence, Frank-Walter Steinmeier can go down in history as a German to be proud of!

Bratwurst Boy
15 Feb 2020  #5

Not in East-Germany...

But he is definitely a president for West-Germany...who really think the goons from Antifa are a nice bunch of freedom fighters for democracy!

15 Feb 2020  #6


What up, Helmet? How're things?

Give us a full report on current German politics. You worried with what's going on?

15 Feb 2020  #7


Steinmeier is not my president, he is a disgusting ****. His words are empty bullshit. He cries about Auschwitz? Cant be. He greets the iranian terror regime and stands against Israel.

Btw i dont compare dead of Auschwitz with Dresden. Auschwitz i doesnt care for. Dresden i do care for.

Steinmeier is a Merkelist, a thing of the past.

cms neuf
15 Feb 2020  #8

For sure he is not your president

Bratwurst Boy
15 Feb 2020  #9

What up, Helmet? How're things?

ANTI!!!! :):):)

For Germany...I bind my helmet and duck...right now everybody who just only happens to stand beside a conservative is considered a right wing extremist/Nazi...it get's abit hysterical...especially in the media. The "Merkel-Republik" is nearing it's unruly end...confusion, mistrust and downright accusing screaming is poisoning the debates...the political compass of many including the traditional party landscape has been severely and probably lasting damaged and the future is uncertain.

15 Feb 2020  #10

Merkel is finished and what we see its the final collapse. They fear her end because all the merkelists will lose office so what we see now is simply panic.

What amuses me most is, that it was Höcke who blew Merkel up.

Höcke is the most far right in the far right AfD.

Thing is, he is smarter than all the leftist shitheads combined. The trap he build them in Erfurt was a masterpiece.

5th February will go into history. His coup in Erfurt triggered the selfdestruction of Merkels CDU. Now is not the time for action. Just lean back and enjoy the show

Now even the media hyenas start to attack Merkel. It has been a good week.

15 Feb 2020  #11

Steinmeier is a human being, an organism to which your ilk no longer belongs, Weimarer! He talks sense and shows that being a German and having a conscience CAN be one and the same.


15 Feb 2020  #12


Steinmeier is a Terror supporter who Sides with Ayatollah. I like how much disrespect he gets. First Bundespräsident who gets insulted on massive scale

15 Feb 2020  #13


That's what it looks like from afar. An unhinged Germany ain't good for anyone. Time you strap that helmet tight and enter into the political fray and save Germany--just leave all that climate change stuff alone. :)

15 Feb 2020  #14

Amen, AntV!

Weimi though can't hear you....his kind never will:-)

15 Feb 2020  #15


You are old and soon cold.

It was AfD that destroyed Merkels ability to cause more damage. And for that im proud.

Sometimes you need chaos to stop something bad. I think it will get worse first before it gets better. You need to crush all the leftist liberal ***** and bite them away from their sweet tax money jobs. They wont leave without a fight.

15 Feb 2020  #16

If I'm old and cold, that must make you infantile and combustible, right? For neither option do I have much use:-)
Perhaps Germany will never "normalize" as you or other Germans would wish, for that matter, as your neighbors already have.

Then again, Germany has a particular history which sets her apart from neighboring democracies in Europe.

15 Feb 2020  #17

Evry nation has a unique history. We lack the world spanning genocidal history of the UK for example and have a more positive image in the world.

cms neuf
16 Feb 2020  #18

Yes - or Russia for example has a lot of genocide to its name, which you never mention for some reason

16 Feb 2020  #19

@cms neuf
Russia is not europe. Lyzko said european democracies. Beside that i dont compare Germany with Russia, which is a Nigeria with snow.

cms neuf
16 Feb 2020  #20

Or like comparing liberal democracy with a gangster dictatorship

16 Feb 2020  #21

Lords of the Internet should have thought about German, Serbian and American equivalents of this forum.

johnny reb
16 Feb 2020  #22

You forgot Poland and the E.U. :-)

Rich Mazur
16 Feb 2020  #23

Or like comparing liberal democracy with a gangster dictatorship

In that comparison, liberal democracies lose big. In 100 years, neither the US nor the WE will be recognizable. The "gangster dictatorships" will be as they are now except stronger.

cms neuf
16 Feb 2020  #24

The only strong thing about Russia nowadays is Putin's personal security and the smell of sweat on your 200m deep metro in summer.

Shouldn't forget your recent military adventures - unable to beat Afghan tribesmen and Chechen nut jobs.

Rich Mazur
16 Feb 2020  #25

To our credit, we learned from this experience. The stupid Americans still die there. I guess too fu*cking dumb to read Wikipedia.

16 Feb 2020  #26

Correct, Weimarer, and nearly every nation comes to terms with it too, save for Turkey, particularly under this buzzard Erdogan!!

17 Feb 2020  #27

The irony behind this is of course, that all the AfD will achieve is a further sliding to the left in politics. Just like the fragmentation of the Left gave us 15 years of Merkel, will the fragmentation of the right give us years of a Green chancellor.

The "coup" of the AfD in Thuringia will likely end with new elections, which will see the Left party win. Instead of having far left minority government, the AfD just gave them another term as majority. The same counts for federal level. The Green party is surging in the polls, and since Erfurt some even predict a majority for them, together with the Green party and the Left party. So after Merkel, we might very well end up with a far left government. Which is nothing what I would wish for, but it will be hilarious to see the reactions of the AfD voters after that.

Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020  #28

So after Merkel, we might very well end up with a far left government.

Patriotic "far left" is better than the globalist mental disorder. China is "far left" and I have zero doubt that China is number one in the minds of China undemocratic rulers who see globalism as their conquest - not PC appeasement - because they are "left" AND patriots. Just like Hitler.

Bratwurst Boy
17 Feb 2020  #29

will the fragmentation of the right give us years of a Green chancellor.

I really doubt a green chancellor will make left politics....when green politicians had their say it was never left (if left means social). The Hartz 4 reforms had been made with the Greens....it had been with the Greens that Germany took part in the Balkan Wars...

Did you see the idea about higher prices for meat? That will hurt the people who have to count their cents most...as will all price hikes for climate and animal rights etc. Just think about the disaster with the prices for electricity! We have now "Stromarmut" in Germany...and Trittin promised it would only cost the price for a scoop of ice!

When the Linke comes into government with the support of the CDU in Thuringia and when the Greens will provide the next chancellor probably in a coalition with the CDU ...that would make the AfD the ONLY real opposition party....and I have a guess they will be hard leftist...national-socialist if you get what I mean!

One can see these fights about the direction already inside the AfD with the topic "pensions". When Höcke and Co are winning then the last residues of the anti-Euro, neoliberal AfD will be lost and it will become a leftist party...only for Germans of course.

And they will get many more votes from disappointed leftists...from the Linke, the SPD, even maybe from the Greens (for the social parts)...from the CDU, FDP, CSU (for the national parts)

They could become the new "Volkspartei"....


See? (Meuthen and Co aka the neoliberal "wing" are losing)


Many of the leftist commentators even agree....

17 Feb 2020  #30

I really doubt a green chancellor will make left politics.

I am not necessarily talking about economic policies here. I wouldn't be surprised if a Green chancellor were forced to e.g. increase the retirement age or implement other reforms, and then again, this would not really be ironic because AfDler would hardly be disappointed by that. But a far left government would probably implement a lot of identity politics and asylum policy changes that would make AfDler seeth.

guess they will be hard leftist..

That would be drastic change from their current position. I mean most of their economic plans (those which they bothered to formulate of course) are still rather neoliberal.

There is nothing about the AfD that is particulary leftwing. Maybe if you only apply the American formula that deems everything that relates to welfare as socialist, but that has never been a proper categorization for European politics, since even conservatives like Bismarck and later fascists like Hitler realized that having a welfare system keeps the worker on your side. And both are certainly as far from being left as you can be.

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