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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

20 Feb 2020  #121

Neo-nazis have to think very carefully before they do anything (and thinking doesn't seem to be their forte).

Indeed, and people today have the benefit of hindsight; they are wise to the Krauts' mentality and level of potential depravity.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #122

Just a question here....do you think "they" would stage an invention/invasion on behalf of the muslims in Germany?

What do you mean with your statement?

20 Feb 2020  #123

It's hard to imagine the Krauts being stupid enough to try anything after their last genocidal spree.

20 Feb 2020  #124

Maybe they go Poland then.

Actually, it's the other way around - every time a Polish parish decides to take in a couple of muslim families, they run to Germany in a matter of weeks. :)

You are catholic and must cater them.

Ordo caritatis, Weimi - we put the safety of our citizens first! Of course, we are willing to help where the help is needed: send money to Syria and other war-torn countries and help finance refugees in their camps in the first safe country they get to.

Taking in hordes of young, male, economic migrants, with completely different culture, language and religion, as well as complete and utter disregard for their hosts is not catholIC, it's idiotIC.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #125

It's hard to imagine the Krauts being stupid enough to try anything after their last genocidal spree.

That wasn't an answer to my question:

...do you think "they" would stage an invention/invasion on behalf of the muslims in Germany?

Who would that be?

20 Feb 2020  #126

my question

Doesn't deserve an answer.

If any country is under justified scrutiny regarding the rise of nationalism, it's the one that built gas chambers.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #127

Doesn't deserve an answer.

You have none, that's it!

And knowing about the general dislike/fear/hate against muslims in most western countries it's ridiculous posing here now as the great accusator against Germany.

I just take a look into my crystal ball and guess that even if the muslims in Germany would be treated like the Jews back then, there would be no invention from the outside, rather applause and approving nodding!

What a hypocrisy!

20 Feb 2020  #128


The topic of this thread, and the scene of a mass shooting today.

And the country with the dirtiest recent past in Europe...

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #129

Say's nothing about the future though....

When other countries don't even will let hapless refugees in because they are muslim...or ban them generally from traveling...I did not hear you speak up before, why is that?

20 Feb 2020  #130

don't even will let

Which countries?

johnny reb
20 Feb 2020  #131

Blame it all on jon as he was the one at the get go of the invasion of the Muzzies to the E.U. of how wonderful it was going to be to "enrich the culture" of Europe.

I think he was even on the front page of the newspaper with a big 'Welcome' sign at the train station if I remember correctly.

we create harsh conditions for muzzies, they run. Maybe they go Poland

Oh hell no, Germany has a much better welfare system than Poland.
Merkel put the bowl of milk out and now like a stray cat.......you now own him forever.
That and I heard they all want to breed German girls.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #132

Yeah....and how you get from that Welcome to muslim genocide is the whole reason for my questioning!

20 Feb 2020  #133

@johnny reb

Thats what i said, push and pull factors. The wind is changing in Germany, Merkel is on her way out. Could well be that in next 5 years there wont be a social system for muzzies. Then they move on like locusts do.

Poland will be their natural target, since the poles in this topic seem to love them so much and care so much.

P.s. the country with most dirty recent history in europe is UK and Poland, both participating in the dirty Iraq war.

20 Feb 2020  #134

That heinous crime in Hanau once again shows how radicalization works. Just with the jews, you create a fictional wnemy that threatens the German people, you justify killing them and then some lunatics will do it.

20 Feb 2020  #135


It was no crime. The guy was psychotic schizophrenic. **** happens.

20 Feb 2020  #136

You're as crazy as Hitler!

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #137

No really....this guy was crazy!

He dreamt of time travel to destroy Earth before life could start to exist to avoid all the human suffering....and such stuff...he wrote it all down.


Even Nazis would be embarassed by such a guy in their ranks!

20 Feb 2020  #138

@Bratwurst Boy

He also says He heared voices since 5 days old and that He is the alter ego of Jürgen Klinsmann. This man was ill on a very Basic level.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #139

And he never ever had a girlfriend....so I've read...

Not to mention the military tunnels across the US where children are tortured and murdered and the devil is worshipped....he knew everything! (But he liked Trump!)

20 Feb 2020  #140

@Bratwurst Boy

He had one. He said the CIA gave him a girl but took it away.

Its laughable to assume any political Background to this event

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #141

Na ja....to be fair...if it would had been a muslim murdering non-muslim Germans, people would also blame it on the religion and muslims generally....don't caring if it was maybe a sicko...

20 Feb 2020  #142

@Bratwurst Boy

Whenever a Muslim does it, Media says it was a Singular event of a mental ill person. You know that.

20 Feb 2020  #143

Few terrorists are all there to begin with. The man deliberately targeted foreign-looking people and made it clear that he hated them. Whether or not he also believed in time-travel is irrelevant. It is not like Nazis have particulary rational world view to begin. But it is obvious that someone like Weimarer is only one bad day away from turning into someone like him.

johnny reb
20 Feb 2020  #144

Media says it was a Singular event of a mental ill person.

I wish the American media was as honest instead of using the event to disarm law abiding citizens.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #145

Whether or not he also believed in time-travel is irrelevant.

It is relevant if this tragedy is used to blame it on the AfD again...(like the Lübcke murder)!

For me there is no difference to when an islamist terror attack is used to blame it on all muslims and Islam...

Suddenly nobody differentiates anymore!

20 Feb 2020  #146

like the Lübcke murder

Because that was complete coincidence. The AfD portrays him as an enemy of the people, and he gets killed by an AFD symphatizer. Yeah sure, they did not call for his murder, but this pattern is nothing new. Just look at the "Femmemorde" in the 1920s and 1930s.

People need to stop making excuses for the AfD. The AfD is painting an alternate reality, in which German politicians are working on "exchanging" Germans with foreigners, and those lies create a scenario in which people might believe that anything is justified to prevent it. Sure, Höcke and Gauland might not call for the murder of e.g. muslims, but they are encouraging those who buy into this illusion. Words always precede violence.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #147

The AfD portrays him as an enemy of the people

Yeah...and for Islam we are all unbelievers who need to be converted or killed...preached today in a mosque near you!

The Linke has people in their ranks who still adore the ex-GDR and want more of the same...

The Greens had pedophiles in their ranks...

The AfD has their nutters too...but you don't need to be a fan to get a bad feeling by all that hysteria!

20 Feb 2020  #148


This stops here and now. You can critisize me, we can have different worldviews. BUT i DONT allow you to insult me anylonger.

Is that clear? No, im not a terrorist in the waiting and im not like Hitler.

This ENDS here and now. You either find back to a normal way of communication or you will have the consequences. The internet is not a law free room and you breached a limit.

This is the red line i draw. Leftists like you believe tehy can do anything. NO. I denie you the right to insult me. I denie you the right to belittle me. If you are not able to make an argument against me, i advise you to **** off and leave me alone.

As for the topic...

It took Merkel one year to visit the victims of the islam terror attack in Berlin. The AfD is a rightful answer to failed politics. The AfD was a 3% party before 2015. Maybe Merkel and her crooks should make politics for the working people and stop their globalist agenda and they would win the voters back.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Feb 2020  #149

Merkel is gone soon!

Röttgen leads surprisingly in the polls I know off....

20 Feb 2020  #150

The AfD has their nutters too.

You are again making excuses for those who don't deserve them. Other parties may also have unpleasant sides, but they are not followed by murder. The AfD is deliberately inventing scenarios in which violence might be justified. That starts by calling our democratically elected governments dictators (after all: Sic semper tyrannis!) and ends with dehumanizing groups of people. And unlike other parties, those nutters comprise the leadership of the AfD.

This is nothing unprecedented. The 1920s saw an unpralled incitement of hatred by the right during the Weimar Republic, which led to several murders and terrorism attacks.

It is also hardly a coincidence that xenophobic attacks are at their peak in AfD strongholds. I mean lets' be honest here, after everything he has written, would you be surprised if Weimarer ended up throwing a molotov cocktail at a refugee center? If we judge him by his posts, he would not have any moral reservations against it.

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