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Music I have never got bored of

24 Jan 2020  #151

Milo, How about some more classic British Rock!!!

Yeah, why not,
Coming up.....

These are for Joker, typically British Rock songs,....
Yeah, despite the name of the band, these guys were Brits....


This was an absolute British Rock classic that blew everyone away, even America....


Pete Frampton was briefly a member of Humble Pie, and I was fortunate
enougjh to see him play with them live at The Rainbow in London.


British Rock has always kicked well aboove it's weight....American Rock is great, but don't ignore the brilliant stuff from this side of the Atlantic....

Rovin Trower(Ex Procul Harem) and "Day of the Eagle"....


Some American stuff now... this is a band called Lions in the Street, I know nothig about them but this song is brilliant....


Another British band that are pretty good....


25 Jan 2020  #152

Nice post, Miloslaw. These songs bring back memories...

Procul Harem

It's Procol Harum ... :)

25 Jan 2020  #153


I liked your Grunge posts.And I loved The Stone Roses and Ian Brown's solo stuff too.
Can and Wishbone Ash were great too.

Can you imagine still being stuck in that early phase when the only bands that counted were Hard Rock bands?

I get that, but still love those bands.
But I listen to all sorts of music now, Funk,Soul,Jazz, Celtic,Reggae..... I used to hate Country Music as a young man, but modern Country is pretty good.

Your posts were excellent too, even more so as he is new to me.

25 Jan 2020  #154

still love those bands. But I listen to all sorts of music now

That's what I meant. I still love hard rock, but I'm interested in other music now, too.

26 Jan 2020  #155

Like most posters on this thread, i love guitars, especially electric ones.
Bur I love acoustic, spanish and classical too.
But after the guitar.keyboards do it for me.
I love the piano and electric keyboards too.
But the old Hammond organ still kills me with it's warm sound.....
So tonight I will post some keyboard influenced songs....
This one takes me back to my childhood and I still love it.
Georgie Fame and "Yeh, Yeh"


This is just such an absolute classic...... Booker T and the MG's with "Green Onions".


This is such a classic song, but this cover is pretty good.Brian Auger with "Inner City Blues"


One of my all time favourite songs is Steve Miller with "Fly like a Eagle", this live version is pretty good.


Billy Preston was another impressive keyboard player.
This is good.


26 Jan 2020  #156

Speaking of Brian Auger:

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity - Season of the Witch


60's girl with a beautiful voice.

28 Jan 2020  #157


A bit too hippy for me...... I have a few Ska posts tonight, just to mix it up a bit.
Most non Brits will probably not know what Ska was.
It was West Indian music, mainly Jamaican and imported to the UK and supported by mainly young, skinhead, supposedly racist white, right wing hooligans..... go figure..... life is not allways clear.....

This is still Chelsea Football clubs anthem.
Harry J Allstars and ""Liquidator".


I am curious as to how this stuff resonates with non Brits.
This is The Beat with "Mirror in the Bathroom".


Madness are probably one of the best examples of what a tolerant, accepting society like the British take from foreign cultures and makes it British.,..,one of Britains best loved bands, they took Jamaican music and made it cockney......


Last one from me.
Madness and "Our House".


29 Jan 2020  #158

Awesome, Milo. Haven't heard ska in years. Here's a different variety:

This Is Ska (Club Mix)


29 Jan 2020  #159

Most non Brits will p:)robably not know what Ska was.

Ska was huge with Irish teenagers back in the day but had an almost an entirely male following. Madness were very popular.The boys went the whole nine yards with the suits etc :)) The 'mammies' thought it was 'lovely' because the boys were all properly dressed with shirts and ties etc :D It was a repeat of the English 1960s scene where you were either a Mod or a Rocker though that's an over simplification for 60s London. Another band that was massive in Ireland was The Police. There was a veritable assault on the army surplus stores for the naval attire and a burgeoning of young 'bottle blonde' males:)

Speaking of reggae, what about Toots and the Maytals.

29 Jan 2020  #160

Ska was huge with Irish teenagers back in the day

I didn't know that and I suppose that The Police with their Reggae based Rock was almost a follow on from that.
I have never heard of any Irish Reggae or Ska bands so just googled it and found that there were some, not all very good but from what I quickly read Zebra were the first and Bionic Rats were quite popular.

29 Jan 2020  #161

Another band that was massive in Ireland was The Police

They were massive on the continent, too. Same time as the Dire Straits. These bands bring back some really great memories.

The Police- I Can't Stand Losing You


Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing


Good times...

31 Jan 2020  #162

Some blues:

Pacific Gas & Electric - Stormy Times


Rare Earth - (I Know) I'm Losing You


31 Jan 2020  #163

So this is my current situation...... big party at Miloslaw towers to celebrate Brexit.
Loads of people coming in, most I know, some I don't, going straight through from the front door, through the hall,through the kitchen and out to the marquee (large tent really) in the back garden.

I am hiding in the kitchen as usual watching great videos posted by TheOther.... and building myself up for tonight whilst trying to ignore the constant disruption...... but I will have to go now...... the Brexit Party is calling me......

1 Feb 2020  #164

Have a drink or two for me... :)

2 Feb 2020  #165

I have just about recovered from my Brexit night party.....
There were only about 100 guests, half were european, mainly Polish, the other half were mainly asian, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan and a few West Indians and Africans.Age group was 25 to 62.

So a broad range of people.
The guys running the disco are old friends, so they know my musical tastes.
They ran videos for most of the songs too.
I told them to respect tbe age gap and the ethnic gap and to just keep it upbeat and optimistic.
There was no Polish music, but my Polish friends did not seem to mind.
They did a great job, here are just some of the tunes they played on Friday night.
Carly Simon and "Why".


This also went down very well.
Waldeck with "Shala lala la".


I think the video got people on this one, this is Quantic with "Time is the Enemy".


This went down a storm, The Future Sound of London with "Papua New Guinea"


Because there were many Asian guests and we Brits love our British Asians this was like a meld of Asian and British and was one of the highlights of the night.

Babylon Zoo with "Spaceman".


But this is the only song that got everybody up dancing, yeah, even me LOL!!!
Panjabi MC with "Mundian to bach ke".


3 Feb 2020  #166

Hmm ... what kind of "party" was that? Did you guys run out of steam in the end, or why are most of the songs mellow-yellow? Must've been the cold ones... :)

Here are a few pieces to wake you up again:

Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning


David Bowie - Suffragette City


4 Feb 2020  #167

Hmm ... what kind of "party" was that?

The kind where those who made a terrible choice of deciding to sleep over at his house, woke up the next morning with a slight pain to their lower back area.


4 Feb 2020  #168

who made a terrible choice of deciding to sleep over at his house

Nobody slept over.
Mate, I think you need to come out of that closet....
Honesty is the best policy... ;-)

4 Feb 2020  #169

David Bowie - Suffragette City

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is his best album. A classic!


I must have listened to this 1000`s of times over the years, lost track for sure.

Some of his stuff is really bizarre, but this is awesome:)

4 Feb 2020  #170

Great album indeed. The one song I love the most is

David Bowie - Starman


Need to watch "The Martian" again tonight... :)

4 Feb 2020  #171


No arguments from me, yeah some of his stuff was a bit weird, off the wall and maybe not up to his very high standards.

But overall, the guy was a musical genius.

5 Feb 2020  #172

Yeah, he went far too early. I saw David Bowie and Iggy Pop when he was living in Berlin. Very exciting times...

David Bowie - Station To Station


Iggy Pop - The Passenger


8 Feb 2020  #173

Preparing for incoming summer >>>

Zdravko Čolić - Šljive su rodile - (Official Video)




Madam Piano - Eternal love (Official Video)


Vesko Vukovic
8 Feb 2020  #174


"Ja urani jutros rano" - Kulin Ban


"Dawn from Kosovo" - Eschaton


"Zemlja Svetih Ratnika" - Vizant

8 Feb 2020  #175

@Vesko Vukovic
Guys, I did watch all your videos hoping for something nice, but frankly, they were dreadful......
I have two songs tonight but three videoes.... all will become clear soon.
James Brown may not have been a very nice guy, but he was probably the greatest soul/funk artist of all time.
This is not one of his better known songs.
Serbs, wake up, this is proper music.....
James Brown with "Papa don't take no mess"


Soul and funk is obviously black american music.
But it is not a music that is exclusive to black americans.
One of my all time favourite funk songs is Dr.John's "Right place, wrong time".
And although it is unsurpassed in my opinion, there have been good covers.
And this is a good one.


9 Feb 2020  #176

Not exactly fitting the topic but nevertheless nice classic (by the way, you can find translation there):

Vesko Vukovic
9 Feb 2020  #177


"Rasti rasti moj zeleni bore" - Istočnik


"Gusta mi magla padnala"

12 Feb 2020  #178

I liked the idea but not the song.
@Vesko Vukovic
I liked your first post but th the second one was awful......

Here is some proper music..... Robert Glasper doing a Jazz cover of "Smells like Teen Spirit".


Rich Mazur
12 Feb 2020  #179

Is jazz music that's not supposed to be played more than once? Not my kind.

12 Feb 2020  #180

Not my kind

Maybe not.
But Americans own so much good music.
Jazz,Blues,Cajun,Soul,Funk,Country and even Rock to a degree.....you Americans should be proud of all the great music you have given the world.

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