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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades

Bratwurst Boy
23 Apr 2022  #8,911

But I have to wonder why any country would sell arms to Russia at any point.

Well....that at least should stop now!

Bratwurst Boy
23 Apr 2022  #8,912

Oh boy!

Germany prepares ring exchange of heavy weapons for Ukraine


Can't we have it abit even more complicated please?

....The federal government is preparing a ring exchange for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. According to information from the German Press Agency on Thursday, the eastern NATO partner Slovenia is to hand over a large number of its T-72 main battle tanks to Ukraine and receive the Marder infantry fighting vehicle and the Fuchs wheeled armored vehicle from Germany in return.

The T-72 weapon system, which dates back to Soviet times, is already being used by the Ukrainian army and does not require extensive additional training. According to information from the dpa from government circles, Slovenia has also requested more modern equipment from Germany as compensation, including the German Leopard 2 battle tank, the Boxer wheeled tank and the Puma infantry fighting vehicle, which is being introduced in the Bundeswehr as the successor to the Marder, which has been in use for 50 years. ...

So....Slovenia gives up their weapons to Ukraine, Germany in turn replaces those with german weapons....oh boy!

23 Apr 2022  #8,913

Update on British national, Aiden Aslin. His mother has been allowed to speak to him and she also spoke to the Russians who are holding him.

"I told them that I expected them to treat him humanely and adhere to the terms of the Geneva Convention because he is a prisoner of war - a soldier in the Ukrainian army and has been for nearly four years. He is not a mercenary, not a spy, as they have claimed before."

She says he seems much better than before.

23 Apr 2022  #8,914

Update on British national, Aiden Aslin

That is very good news.

Hopefully he'll be exchanged soon, though of course the russians are not to be trusted.

Some more news on the attack on the Kherson command post. 50 orc officers killed. No figures yet for injuries or MiA.

23 Apr 2022  #8,915

of course the russians are not to be trusted.

How true. Aslin's mother asked him what would happen if he and Shaun Pinner were exchanged (the Russians want Medvedchuk in exchange) and he said that they'd be released into the community to find their own way home. What do you want to bet that they'd be 'accidentally' shot within a few hours, if not minutes of their release. I'd expect them to be handed over to somebody official from the Ukrainian side.

50 orc officers killed.

Happy days. The Russians are short of officers and though the ones they have are rubbish, it's still a satisfactory loss.

23 Apr 2022  #8,916

@johnny reb
Bundeswehr is a joke, the only weaponry that Germany has is money. They could buy that bridge, but I am affraid it is not for sale.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Apr 2022  #8,917


Would Europe allow us to build a new Wehrmacht???

Including a new Prussian War Academy for staff/officer training? :)
(It had been dissolved by the victors of WWII)

23 Apr 2022  #8,918

What do you want to bet that they'd be 'accidentally' shot within a few hours

This st his seems to be happening unfortunately. They even shoot civilians escaping cities after they'd agreed safe passage. Half war, half terrorism.

The Russians are short of officers and though the ones they have are rubbish

When they were attacking Grozhny, a significant part of the officer corps simply refused to take part. I wonder if that is happening now.

23 Apr 2022  #8,919


Former Russian president and current head of the National Security Council Dmitriy Medvedev also replied to the threat by writing in his Telegram channel that "One of the hard-nosed Ukrainian chiefs spoke of the need to strike at the Crimean Bridge. I hope he understands what will be the retaliatory target."

He does.

23 Apr 2022  #8,920


The alky who writes online while drunk.

He should have realised by now that Ukraine are afraid of nothing.

23 Apr 2022  #8,921

The target for Russia would be.....more civilians.

Yeah... we're going to commit barbaric war crimes.... like the ones we're already committing!

Though since novi-cuck is bringing this up so much.... I'm fairly convinced now that the bridge is history... dead bridge standing (for a bit). Ukrainians won't need it...

23 Apr 2022  #8,922

Agree. Medvedev was a terrible pretender of a president and he's even worse at public a$$ kissing Putin. Just another follower who is incapable of leading anything. Meanwhile, a new Russian survey says 68% of Russians in favor of the war. Clearly none of them have lost a son yet, and those numbers are down from about 80% last survey. Could be that Russia is waking up to security tags being on cheese packages not being a sign things are going well?

23 Apr 2022  #8,923

The alky who writes online while drunk.


The guy pulls the white stuff thick and frequent.

Used to it.

He even has a credit card to arrange the lines.

A drug addict as an idol of the "free world".

20 people could get a "fix" out of that pile.

As they say in the CIA: "He may be a junkie, but he is our junkie". I've never tried but I think when you sniff that you start to believe you're capable of driving the Russians out and across even Vladivostok. And that is more or less a permanent condition for him. While the number of dead Ukrainian young men is rapidly increasing.

23 Apr 2022  #8,924

Major burn in the NYT....

"Germany was willing to impose economic & social catastrophe on countries it claimed had been irresponsible in their borrowing,it has been unwilling to impose far smaller costs on itself despite the undeniable irresponsibility of its past energy policies."


23 Apr 2022  #8,925

More Russians dying every day. Many more than Ukrainian. More meat for the grinder. Fertilizer for Ukraine wheat. Close to 25,000 dead Russians now. Incompetent at war, complete masters at dying.

23 Apr 2022  #8,926

Consequences of the Russian artillery along the former well dug-in Ukrainian line... A land where Javelins do not matter.



23 Apr 2022  #8,927


Ukrainian authorities have cited the acceptance of humanitarian aid from Russia as one of the grounds to charge the mayor of a town in Kharkov Region with treason on Friday. Ivan Stolbovoy, the mayor of Balakleya, is accused of urging the city council to cooperate with Russian troops and announcing that they would be distributing food.

He should be executed to send the message that starving to death is better.

23 Apr 2022  #8,928

While the number of dead Ukrainian young men is rapidly increasing

Not nearly as fast as the number of dead orc young, screaming as they burn to death in tanks. Their lives are in Putler's hands; he sent them there.

unwilling to impose far smaller costs on itself

To both land-based empires to differing degrees Poles, Ukrainians, Balts etc are either sources of profit, labour, women, a buffer zone or dispensable.They may both find considerable costs imposed upon them.

Some good news, in the strike on the Kherson orc command post, two orc generals were confirmed killed bringing it to a total of 9 (and probably more),

Some bad news. Katsap diplomats from the pariah state russia who were based in Poland have been caught intimidating Ukrainian refugees in Poland, trying to blackmail them over the fate of their families in Ukraine. Fortunately they have been expelled.


23 Apr 2022  #8,929

Its more than the US lost in 20 years in the middle east so yeah its something. Only going on 60 days bro.

23 Apr 2022  #8,930

starving to death is better.

Plenty of organisations such as the International Red Cross have all the necessary medicines, food and other supplies needed plus far more experience and skill than the invaders. Why don't the Russians let them help the people?? There are already humanitarian teams who have been working in Ukraine years - why don't the Russians cooperate with them?

23 Apr 2022  #8,931

why don't the Russians cooperate with them?

Because they don't have to. They bring food. Don't like it? Starve. Your call.

23 Apr 2022  #8,932

why don't the Russians cooperate with them?

Russians won't cooperate with them because then Ukrainians wouldn't have to take food from Russian soldiers and so Russians wouldn't be able to record propaganda videos (just like they tried to do it in Kherson and failed, because people protested against it).

And mayor Stolbovoy was accused of treason already at the beginning of April:


In another article I've read that he told the inhabitants to be loyal to both the Russian military and to the Russian Federation.

Because they don't have to.

They're obliged to do that under the international law:


"Under international humanitarian law, parties to a conflict must allow and facilitate the rapid and unimpeded passage of impartially distributed humanitarian aid to the population in need. The parties must consent to allow relief operations but may not refuse such consent on arbitrary grounds. They may take steps to control the content and delivery of humanitarian aid, such as to ensure that consignments do not include weapons. However, deliberately impeding relief supplies is prohibited."

Apparently Russia claims that there are no children in the Azovstal bunker - here's a video showing that there are both women and children down there:


Dear God... Can't anyone help them?? :((( Russians could show some mercy and human compassion at last and let the women and children evacuate wherever they want... Yes, I realise that's almost impossible to expect that from orcs... :(

23 Apr 2022  #8,933

They're obliged to do that under the international law:

Sue 'em.


"In the course of the struggle for the ship's survival, one serviceman was killed and another 27 crew members went missing. The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated from the cruiser to other ships of the Black Sea Fleet, in the area, and taken to Sevastopol," the ministry explained.

I am sure that 396 is a lie and that the PF war correspondents have the true numbers.

23 Apr 2022  #8,934

Why don't the Russians let them help the people??

You answered your own question... they're Russian. Opening evacuation corridors and then firing on them or specifically targeting medical facilities. Even bombing a theater with a sign indicating that children were sheltering inside is completely in character for them.

Conscripts are brutalized by the hazing process in the Russian army and normal human empathy is literally beaten out of them. No one should be surprised when they are re-enact that brutality on civilians.

23 Apr 2022  #8,935

then firing on them

Allegedly, my dear. Allegedly. You were not there.

23 Apr 2022  #8,936

Sue 'em.

Hopefully at least some of them will end up in the Hague. For now, Ukrainians are pretty good at killing them (take note: in killing soldiers, not civillians).

normal human empathy

Russian women seem to lack it too, judging by those intercepted phone calls. What a f*cked up nation... and right over our border... :(

23 Apr 2022  #8,937

Opening evacuation corridors and then firing on them or specifically targeting medical facilities.

And doing it in full view of observers.

Conscripts are brutalized by the hazing process in the Russian army

Basically a pyramid scam too. Thee new recruits have to give part of their wages (or money they've robbed) to the NCOs. The NCOs have to do the same to their CO and it goes right up to the Colonels.

They said hunger threatening the world. They say things will culminate in six months.

This has been brewing for a while and will be managed as best it can. Doesn't look good for russia or the poorer cpuntries in the Balkans...

23 Apr 2022  #8,938

In the light of madness in Europe after start of Russia-NATO war in Ukraine

Italy goes nazi in anti-Serbian frenzy. Italian Ambassador in Croatia Pierre-Francisco Sacco visited yesterday memorial of WW2 Jasenovac concentration camp and laid flowers commemorating Croatian peoples contribution to Europe. To remind auditorium of this forum. Jasenovac is death camp where more then 700.000 Serbs was killed in most brutal ways (ways behind imagination of most sick medieval torturer) in organization of Vatican, Germany and pro-Germanic Nazi state of Croatia. Such a mockery of Serbs from Italy does not surprise me. Its papal state after all. What new they gave to Serbs and Slavs? Really? What new? See, nothing new.

He laid flowers at the monument to the victims of Jasenovac and showed solidarity with the "CROATIAN PEOPLE"
> newsbeezer.com/serbiaeng/he-laid-flowers-at-the-monument-to-the-victims-of-jasenovac-and-showed-solidarity-with-the-croatian-people/

Message received. Italy is qualified for liberation from nazisms whatever that may mean on the example of Italy.

23 Apr 2022  #8,939

Allegedly. You were not there.

I believe the people that were there, as should you.

23 Apr 2022  #8,940

Yes. There are more than enough witnesses as well as satellite images.


Irrelevant. You have a thread to post drivel about that place.

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