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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades

23 Apr 2022  #8,941

We all believe those numbers. We also believe the ship was sunk by Ukraine missiles you POS traitor. Or maybe you want to continue the BS story of a fire? You are a waste of oxygen.

23 Apr 2022  #8,942

At least no one will talk about Polish rusophobia anymore. All those smartases, lecturing eastern Eurpeans and looking down on us. lol! Is not rusophbia is acually a knownlege on our part and on your part - ignorance.

23 Apr 2022  #8,943

must allow and facilitate the rapid and unimpeded passage of impartially distributed humanitarian aid to the population in need

You just derailed your argument with that "in need". In this case, Russia is supplying humanitarian aid. Hence, no "need".

I believe the people that were there, as should you.

People lie.

While the number of dead Ukrainian young men is rapidly increasing.

They were told to fight to the last man by their national hero, Z-hole, so they do. Their parents must be proud of them.

23 Apr 2022  #8,944

People lie.

Do tell....


23 Apr 2022  #8,945

I noticed that only Russians and Putin lie. Z and the Ukrainians never do. Can somebody here explain this statistical anomaly?

cms neuf
23 Apr 2022  #8,946

Yes - Ukraine is a democracy with a free press.

Russia is an oligarchy run by thieves with no free press who lie to protect their interests and pay saps like you to help them

23 Apr 2022  #8,947

Christo Grozev is Bulgarian. And is considered to be a person of integrity who cares a great deal about accuracy.

And now russia are setting up a network of workplace and neighbourhood informers, just as they had in the Stalin era.

23 Apr 2022  #8,948

I noticed that only Russians and Putin lie. Z and the Ukrainians never do

Silly infantile argumentation.

Zelenski (before the war) regular subjected himself to press conferences where the press went after him like a dog goes after a stinky dead animal.

When is the last time Putin appeared before the press?

When is the last time Russian subjects had any chance to publicly express dissatisfaction with the government?

People in all countries lie, that's part of the human condition, but some countries make it all but impossible to call leaders out on their lies.

23 Apr 2022  #8,949

When is the last time Putin appeared before the press?

Someone pointed out on Twitter today that since the invasion started he's appeared on TV many times but never in a room with a window...

And what's with the table-clutching? Is it to try and mitigate pain or to stop tremors?

23 Apr 2022  #8,950

And what's with the table-clutching? Is it to try and mitigate pain or to stop tremors?

Probably both, the high shoulder hunch is also a pain response... good!

23 Apr 2022  #8,951

I noticed that only Russians and Putin lie. Z and the Ukrainians never do.

I meant according to PF posters.

Yes - Ukraine is a democracy with a free press.

A democracy that needed a touch-up and an enhancement in 2014. After that enhancement, Ukraine was instantly an even more democratic democracy.

From dailymail.com: Putin hunts SAS in Ukraine: Russia launches formal probe into whether British elite troops 'specialising in sabotage and guerrilla warfare' are on the ground in Lviv

Hey, Vlad, when you find them, make them sit on their explosives and light the fuse to check if they are real. Let us know how it went.

23 Apr 2022  #8,952

: Putin hunts SAS in Ukraine

Good luck with that one Vlad! LOL!!!

when you find them

The Russians won't find them.

The SAS are the elite of the elite.
Even the USA has nothing to compare to them.

23 Apr 2022  #8,953

are on the ground in Lviv

He should be more worried in case they're closer to him than that.

23 Apr 2022  #8,954

He should be more worried

He should be.
The SAS always go in really early, always have done, always will.
And nobody ever knows what they are up.to.
Russians should be very worried.....

23 Apr 2022  #8,955


Not a Russian nickname he's Vova, not "Vlad"

As in this horrific example of child abuse...


23 Apr 2022  #8,956

You mean British cops are not enough to handle your criminals?

You are not making any sense now.
The SAS are not our Police force.

You can't prevent more SAS going in, because they are far too smart and too well trained.

Better than anything the USA has.
The only country that has an elite force like Britain is Israel.

23 Apr 2022  #8,957

Russia doing great right now for all of humanity and I am truly thankful. Great purification of global mafia and money printing manipulations.

Just imagine panic on Wall Street and London exchange. You have gold and you are in the game or you don`t have it and you are out. And you can`t just go loot the world and police the planet because world became Multi-Polar and you facing nuclear WW3 if you just try.

With my hand on heart, I thank you Russia. For all future generations.

24 Apr 2022  #8,958

With my hand on heart, I thank you Russia. For all future generations.

Amen. Couldn't say it any better.

The problem here on PF is that to these idiots - I meant children - the war started when the first Russian tank crossed the border earlier this year. All the facts up to this point are totally and 100% either irrelevant or don't exist. Like kids who cover their eyes and ears to pretend that the boogeyman is not in the room.

That's why debating them is impossible. When without a counterargument, they always have another personal insult or a dead baby - as if Russia invented dead babies and their crying moms.

I guess up until now, wars were nice like walking in the park on a sunny day because they were "democratic". Those bad Russians...

24 Apr 2022  #8,959

War is war you and your retarded brother Crow are really the two dumbest people here. No one GAF about your support of Russia. Both of you are traitors to democracy. Neither of you deserve to live in the society you live in.

Dead babies, and dead civilian parents. Raped women, little girls, and little boys. Mass graves, attempts to cover up crimes. Conscription of non educated, non trained mongoloids. Conscription of Ukraine's against their will to fight against their own country. Mass deportation of Ukraine people to Russia against their will.

Russia is no better than the Nazi's. They use similar tactics. The only thing missing is camps, and for all we know they have those in Russia. The lowest of the low only attract those who are just as low. Scum. Maybe you should place a big Z on your car window and see how the world responds to you.

I read everything here to gain an understanding of how people think. To get information even from some of the least intelligent in the world is still valuable to help form my opinions. As for an election, like Putin, I don't need one.

You feel insulted? Imagine how your stupidity insults those of us who actually appreciate democracy. You are insulting to every American simply by existing in the country and being a traitor. You insult every Pole by breathing and supporting Russia who oppressed Poland for decades.

So, when can your neighbors expect to see a big Z on your car window?

24 Apr 2022  #8,960

Looks like Edrogan is slowly getting the picture. Turkey closes its airspace to Russian planes heading to Syria.

""We have closed the airspace to Russian military aircraft, as well as civilian aircraft, bound for Syria. We announced this in March and the deadline expired in April," Cavusoglu noted that he informed his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, of the decision, which he then conveyed to Russian President Vladimir Putin." en.royanews.tv/news/35348/2022-04-23

24 Apr 2022  #8,961

Ukraine: Zelenski at a press conference in the Kyiv metro....


Russia: Putin fakes going to church....


Ukraine: Imperfect but open...

Russia: Closed and fake...

Choose your side.

24 Apr 2022  #8,962

You answered your own question.

Yes, I know. It was a rhetorical question :) I asked it to make a point.

Russia is supplying humanitarian aid.

No, it's not. A few stale loaves of bread thrown from the back of a truck to those who are mobile and desperate enough to leave their shelters does not count as 'humanitarian aid'. There is barely enough food, supplies and medicine for the Russian troops, and do you really believe they'll share what they have with the Ukrainians They have the mentality of the Gulag 'thieves' that Solzhenitsyn wrote of. They would kill each other for a crust of bread or a coat.

Hundreds of millions of euros and dollars in aid has been donated by ordinary people all over the world to help the Ukrainian people and the Russians are preventing it from being delivered. Thousands of experienced humanitarian workers are available, ready to help and the Russians won't let them do it, because the Russians have no respect for themselves, let alone others. They are sub-human creatures. They're not even on the level of animals.

24 Apr 2022  #8,963

Russian TV commentators (who don't say anything Pootin disapproves of...) descend to new levels of barbarity.


24 Apr 2022  #8,964




Slava Cocaine!


24 Apr 2022  #8,965

Even if he was the biggest drug addict he still shows great lidership. Unlike Putin may I add.
And how would that change what Russians are doing to Ukranians?

24 Apr 2022  #8,966

"What have you done, creature ?!", a resident of Mariupol addresses Zelensky.


Even if he was the biggest drug addict he still shows great lodership.

He should end up on the gallows due to high treason and the destruction of his own state.

24 Apr 2022  #8,967

The state is being destructed by the aggression of Russia.
Treason would be if he bailed or didn't lead the defense. Treason for defending his country? Interesting notion...

cms neuf
24 Apr 2022  #8,968

I think it's important that those Russian tv hosts never get Schengen visas again - whatever money they have in Switzerland or Monaco they can access remotely. Whatever villas they have in Spain or France they can pay to have the pool cleaned but they can't visit.

And the same should go even for low level trolls - Velund and Crno can holiday in Montenegro no problem but never in the EU

24 Apr 2022  #8,969

how would that change what Russians are doing to Ukranians?

Lenka, it's just typical childish deflection, like kids in school when they're caught doing something and they immediately start with 'but he/she was.......' When I was teaching I always used to respond 'Never mind what he did, I asked you what you were doing!'

24 Apr 2022  #8,970

After Visa and Mastercard, China's Unionpay suspends operations in Russia:


Bu.. bu.... but what about spesiul friendzhip????????

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