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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 2

24 Apr 2022  #121

Don't worry, the orcs are losing badly.

22,000 Ivans cooked already, and more to go.

24 Apr 2022  #122

Detail on the fresco reminiscent of the Z symbol in the colors of the St. George ribbon


Kaliningrad, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Symbols are everywhere, God is with us!


Orthodoxy comes from the south,

Orthodoxy fulfills desires,

Orthodoxy is a national joy!

24 Apr 2022  #123


You can troll as much as to want, but this war is not.going well for the Russians.

Don't worry, the orcs are losing badly


24 Apr 2022  #124

A beautiful scene from liberated Melitopol:


Easter services were held in the churches of now liberated Melitopol

24 Apr 2022  #125



You are a complete nutcase!

24 Apr 2022  #126


"US imperialism is the greatest danger to world peace"

Raoul Hedebouw (PTB), MP.

24 Apr 2022  #127

"US imperialism is the greatest danger to world peace"

Because this is how the US military swamp makes money - by having a war anywhere. And the naive PF morons think it's for some lofty principle and - drum roll - "democracy"!

24 Apr 2022  #128

Polish PM, M, Moronowiecki in action...Quoting:

Photos placed on the mobile billboards by the Polish authorities juxtapose the devastation of Ukrainian cities against peaceful life in Europe. Every billboard also has a slogan reading "Stop Russia now!" A separate billboard says that "blood oil fuels Russia's genocide of Ukraine."

Her, Moronowiecki, who is stopping you? Between U and P, it should be a walk in the park. Just delete "Biden" from your speed dial, please.

As BB said, it's your war. Have fun. Bye.

24 Apr 2022  #129

Morawiecki is a EU puppet and a USA servant.

He clearly doesn't have the interests of Poland or the Polish people at heart.

24 Apr 2022  #130

You got his name misspelled.

johnny reb
24 Apr 2022  #131

Russia hasn't had an election in decades.
Putin is no more than a political prostitute.

24 Apr 2022  #132


The church left unscathed.

Beautiful. Every praise should go to the Russian young artillerymen on their supernaturally precise action.

24 Apr 2022  #133

Russia hasn't had an election in decades.

The irony...This coming from a guy whose own president said that the last elections were "stolen". You can't make this up...hahahahahaha...
From Wikipedia:

There have been three presidents, with Boris Yeltsin elected in 1991 and 1996, Vladimir Putin in 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2018 and Dmitry Medvedev in 2008.

How many times was Roosevelt elected?

25 Apr 2022  #134


Scott Ritter: 100,000 Ukrainians SURROUNDED By Russia In Donbas

You will never hear of a pro Putin rally as the majority of Americans cant stand Russians.

True American patriots (like the ones in the video posted above) are on the side of President Putin and Russia because they are now fighting against the same evil that President Trump fought against when he was in office. Those others have been brainwashed by CNN lies, propaganda and their misinformation campaign.

25 Apr 2022  #135

Actor systematically ruining Ukraine

25 Apr 2022  #136

Just to show you, PF Russia haters, how news should be reported...From rt.com:

Alleged Ukrainian fighter calls for heads of Donbass children to be 'cut off' in video
According to unverified reports, the man is a member of the Azov Battalion
A video on social media allegedly shows a member of Ukraine's Azov Battalion calling for the mass murder of Donbass civilians.

If true, this would be damning for Ukrainians and good for Russia. Yet, the professionals at RT used "alleged" twice and "unverified" because that's the journalistic standards decent journalists follow. And that is why, without shame and apologies, I read RT and don't touch propaganda outlets like BBC and CNN.

25 Apr 2022  #137

RT is decent media. I absolutely agree.

25 Apr 2022  #138

Not only what they write or publish but also the kind of comments that are outright vicious to Russia and Putin that they accept. No Jews fu*cking with their First Amendment rights there. And, that is the biggest irony ever, children...RT - no censors. Facebook and Twitter - soft fascism. CNN and AP - no comment allowed. Unbelievable...

25 Apr 2022  #139

RT is at this time a beacon of light in worlds informative ocean. A lighthouse

25 Apr 2022  #140

Crow, watch their heads explode when they get up tomorrow and read this. BTW, this is how these morons operate...They don't read RT but are damn sure RT is just so bad...because to a Russia-hating moron everything Russian is bad. Real bad.

johnny reb
25 Apr 2022  #141

everything Russian is bad. Real bad.

I concur ;-)

25 Apr 2022  #142

You see, children, Russia and Ukraine were once one country. A neutral and separate Ukraine was acceptable to Russia. A NATO Ukraine is not.

That's like saying Russia and Poland were once one country. Just because Russia occupied Ukraine doesn't mean that they are one country.
They aren't. They have a separate history. Russia was occupied by the Mongolian Golden Horde for two hundred years, this didn't occur in Ukraine. This occupation changed the history and the mindset of the Russian people.

This invasion has nothing to do with NATO. According to Khrushchev's daughter it isn't even about Putin, it's about Russian Imperial Designs that have been ongoing for a thousand years.

...And as for America cutting and running from Viet Nam, Afghanistan, etal. In America you have a republic and a peaceful exchange of power and a different of opinion. Which means Republics change policy, Dictatorships don't.

25 Apr 2022  #143

Your arguments on NATO, and "substance over form" an accounting principle, are just another example of your complete lack of real knowledge. An accounting principle can not be used to evaluate any political positions simply because accounting and numbers do not adequately reflect political sentiment, or living persons actions or inaction. Accounting is raw numbers, and in this case of NATO, there are no raw numbers.

Which is it, NATO, a treaty brokered by France and Germany with their own politics and financial goals, Jews, or Nazi's? When the F will you and all the other scumbag trolls make up your minds on what the issues are? Stop moving the goal posts back and forth.

You claim that Z is wasting his time and should give up fighting against a much larger better equipped army Russia. WTF dont you take your own advice and give up fighting against a much larger, and better equipped army on PF? By definition, you are Z.

25 Apr 2022  #144

Crow, watch their heads explode

World change rapidly.

What western Europeans can`t understand is that domination of western Europe in European and world affairs actually represent very small fragment of time in history. Let`s say, taking Roman Empire (Western and Eastern) they dominated about 1500 years and then USA dominated two centuries. Less then 2000 years. Even then they shared control with others.

But, what is that for domination of Slavs (ie Sarmatians) since the end of Ice age (not to go deeper in past) to the rise of Rome, when Sarmatians ruled from Europe to the Eurasia and Near East, all to the Ind river for minimum 10.000 years. Then take Chinese. Its also old civilization. Then India. Etc.

Plus, take in account that western Europe and USA itself came to be as hybrid civilizations, new one, result of Semitic/Egyptian/Greek/Roman influence on native Sarmatians (ie Slavs).

So, I always say knowledge in history is very important. How else to understand? See, things now again coming back to normalcy where old civilizations dominate or to say, we have balance in Multi-Polar world.

25 Apr 2022  #145

a full and complete ban on capital letters in relation to all things russian on PF.

I refuse to allow the barbarians to cause me to abandon the rules of capitalisation :) Actually instead why don't we give them the capital 'B' for Barbarians which places them firmly in that tribe, merely than using the term as synonymous with a certain kind of behaviour.

25 Apr 2022  #146

And Russia is keeping the home fires burning.... all too literally....

Siberian fires rage unchecked (twice as big as last year) because the army (usually used to fight fires there) is getting a beatdown in Ukraine....


And in Bryansk (halfway between Kyiv and Moskva....) some really flammable places (said to be oil sotrage facilities... and maybe some other stuff) are on fire...


Puts me in an Easter mood...

"What a day, what a day For an auto-da-fe!
What a sunny springtime sky!
What a day, what a day For an auto-da-fe!
It's a lovely day for drinking wine and watching Russia fry!"

(with apologies to messrs Bernstein and whoever wrote the lyrics [six are listed including Bernstein himself])

Extra prize for anyone who recognizes the quote...

25 Apr 2022  #147

And in Bryansk (halfway between Kyiv and Moskva....) some really flammable places are on fire...

Transneft-Druzhba oil refinery and another at a military base with fuel tanks. Looks like those SAS trained saboteurs are doing a fine job.. :)

25 Apr 2022  #148

oil sotrage facilities... and maybe some other stuff) are on fire...

They should keep up the good work. More of the same. As a well-known politician with a russian first name and Turkish and german roots said the other day, there will be difficult times ahead since this current push is russia's literal last chance due to resources and manpower, however Ukraine will ultimately win.

Scott Ritter

The twice convicted sex offender.

Extra prize for anyone who recognizes the quote.

I prefer the book, to be candid.

25 Apr 2022  #149

I prefer the book, to be candid.

I prefer the operetta... but the story is easily assimilated to different formats...

25 Apr 2022  #150


How much of the $1B in weapons and resources to Ukraine ended up in Russian hands?

Col. Douglas Macgregor offers reaction and analysis on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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