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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

18 Jul 2022  #121

Fun times


State coup, orchestrated by western intelligence services


Soros says he was "fed up" with Poroshenko, in the type of casual manner indicating that he was in fact puppeteering the leaders behind the scenes.

Part of the must-see, long running series on Soros in Ukraine:






18 Jul 2022  #122

I bet you're not usually a Soros fan - quite the opposite I would think. In this case you find him 'useful'. But I'm afraid that no amount of mud-slinging at Ukraine changes the fact that Russia has no right to be there, no right to invade them and unleash such violence upon them. Ukraine is an independent nation, not a Soviet puppet state. Their internal mess is their own mess for them to sort out themselves.

18 Jul 2022  #123

Those are the only statements that matter. Justifications are for people who need them because there are no real reasons for what they do. Russia is simply the bully who is not getting punched in the mouth by the little guy.

18 Jul 2022  #124

Russia has no right to be ther

russia has no vital interests in Ukraine... none.... Ukraine is a sovereign nation and nothing it has done is any business of russia's whatsoever

russia is a bandit colonial power that can't let go of its colonies, a nasty, violent theft-riddled culture that gives nothing of value to the world (beyond its own self-importance)

18 Jul 2022  #125

Yeah, but they dislike the situation that they prefer Western Europe&USA when left to their own devices and not "Mighty motherland of Russia"

It gives a valid argument to the opposition in Russia about Russias standing in the world (not a qualified rival for U.S.A)

Instead of performing reforms, take a deep look at the problems. Invasion of Ukraine...

It's as if Spain would start to deteriorate and suddenly invade Portugal. Everybody around be like: wtf?

And that's because in a life or death situation, material goods become meaningless. Which is why poorly ruled, poor countries prefer to keep a life or death mentally going as long as possible

johnny reb
18 Jul 2022  #126

Always follow the money.
This war is making a lot of people in the West a whole lot of moolah, including the Ukranian palace.
Plus it is weakening Russia's military at the same time.
Don't expect it to end anytime soon.

18 Jul 2022  #127

Russia now sending teachers to Ukraine to control what Ukraine people learn. LMFAO what a bunch of losers. They think that by teaching in school they can brainwash the children. They must have forgotten the internet exists.

18 Jul 2022  #128

This war is making a lot of people in the West a whole lot of moolah, including the Ukrainian palace.

So it's not about "democracy"? Boohoo...I am sad, shocked, and dismayed...

Russia now sending teachers to Ukraine

...to tell the kids what really happened in 2014 and that it was not about "democracy" but just another step in weakening and encircling Russia.

18 Jul 2022  #129

what really happened in 2014

you mean the soviet version.... for someone who supposedly fled communist poland you've got a major h@rd on for soviet style despots... what's up with that crap?

meanwhile russian tv has happy stories telling parents they can buy a new car if they just send their son to die in a Ukrainian ditch!


18 Jul 2022  #130

You really have zero intelligence. More proof the Russians and Nazi's killed all Polish intellectuals. Clearly you were spared because you could do no damage by thinking.

Yes. Russia is simply the Simpsons on steroids. Even Homer Simpson is smarter than Russian leadership. Has anyone ever heard of anyone other than Snowden the traitor and others like him actually wanting to emigrate to Russia?

18 Jul 2022  #131

you mean the soviet version....

In what way is the "Soviet" version worse than the Western "democratic" version? If you choose to answer, could you please go easy on personal yous. Editorial yous are fine.

You really have zero intelligence.

Between your 200 and my 0, it averages to a normal 100. As above, could you kindly fu*ck off with personal comments, please...

18 Jul 2022  #132

In what way is the "Soviet" version worse than the Western "democratic" version?

Puny Soviet version produces good mathematicians and engineers. Mighty Western democratic version gives gender studies specialists and experienced professional voters. ;)

18 Jul 2022  #133

Putin in cabinet meeting admits things are extremely difficult for Russia;

Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged Moscow faces "colossal" difficulties in accessing high-tech goods due to Western sanctions, but said it was impossible to cut off his country from the world economy.

"They are trying to set up barriers to restrain our development. Clearly, this is a huge challenge for our country," Putin told a cabinet meeting on Monday.

"Not only are we not going to give up or - as some of our 'well-wishers' predict - regress to a few decades ago," he said. "On the contrary, realizing the colossal amount of difficulties that we face, we will intensively and competently look for new solutions."

Would you please stop making completely false statements? Maybe then people would not want to point out how those false statements make other people look. Easy solution.

18 Jul 2022  #134

You really have zero intelligence.

That was a personal insult having nothing to do with...

Would you please stop making completely false statements?

Further, PF rules do not require statements to be certified as being truthful. For example, your claim that my IQ is zero is false, you knew it, and made it anyway. That's Abuse, Trolling, and Off-topic - a trifecta in one sentence.

Stick to the topic of this thread please

18 Jul 2022  #135

🇷🇺❌🏳️‍🌈Russian Parliament Introduces Bill to Completely Ban LGBTQ+ Imagery

The new bill has entered Russia's State Duma and would prohibit any depictions of LGBTQ+ imagery online, in media and in public

Its intention is to prevent children from being exposed to LGBTQ+ propaganda




18 Jul 2022  #136

In what way is the "Soviet" version worse than the Western "democratic" version?

soviet version = false

ukrainian version = true

true is better than false

18 Jul 2022  #137

Again the Russian and troll obsession with all things gay and LGBTQ. Funny how no one else brings this issue up except the Russian and trolls supporting Russia. If you're gay, just be gay, we do not care and do not want to know.

As for 2014, it has been proven beyond any doubt that Russia invaded, and killed many civilians then, as they are doing now. Funny how Crimea is not some new so called republic isn't it? Why? Because it was Russia who invaded and they are claiming the territory for themselves. Now, lets see if these "teachers" actually teach those facts. Anything other than those truthful facts would be a lie and stupid.

You really need to seek help with all these conspiracy theories. 2014 was a Russian invasion of Crimea involving the Wagners, who now are getting liquidated rather quickly. Soros this and LGBTQ that, and spetznaz gay rights, all you Putin supporters and Russian trolls really need to get a grip on reality.

Focus on Putin being a war criminal. Focus on Russians killing children and deliberately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. These are facts.

18 Jul 2022  #138

via genralsvr (fyi)

putin is getting reports that conditions in areas in Luhansk under russian control are unliveable, no water, people are cooking in the street and washing in the lake and dairy products that are part of russian "humanitarian relief" is tained by staph. aureus... (see link below)

putin doesn't care and is ignoring the reports



18 Jul 2022  #139

I had a link to this story before.... but now it's with subtitles!

russian tv tempts parents by pointing out the goodies they can get by sending their sons to die in Ukraine!


horrible culture.... just.... awful.... how can human beings.... be like that?

Bratwurst Boy
18 Jul 2022  #140

Putin admits to "a colossal number of difficulties".


Actually, he wanted to demonstrate strength - but recent statements by Vladimir Putin suggest how deeply the sanctions affect Russia. Above all, the sluggish development of the digital economy is obviously causing problems. ...


"It is clear that this is a big challenge for our country, but we will not give up," Putin said on Monday, according to the Interfax agency. "While recognizing the colossal amount of difficulties that lie ahead, we will intensively and competently search for new solutions." It is not possible to isolate Russia from the rest of the world with a "giant fence". ...

Preparing his subjects for difficult times ahead?

At the same time, Putin criticized Western technology sanctions. "The almost total blocking of access to foreign high-tech products is being used deliberately against our country," he said on Monday.

Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that it is surviving the far-reaching punitive measures that the West imposed in response to the war of aggression against Ukraine and that it is even emerging from them stronger.....

18 Jul 2022  #141

tained by staph. aureus...

Looks like there is another "idea generator" in propaganda department. Previous one invented babies anally raped to death with teaspoon... New one is obsessed by microbiology...

18 Jul 2022  #142

A very good thread on current russian tactics...


19 Jul 2022  #143

Meanwhile, in the real world, Putin is heading to Iran to beg for drones to be sold to Russia because Russia does not have the technology to build their own. Remember the parts found in Russian drones like a soda bottle cap and an I3 processor from a home computer that is outdated? Yes, sanctions are working and day by day life becomes harder for all Russian war criminals. But of course Putin admitting how "colossal" the problems are becoming must be a misstatement or misquote somehow.

In other news, Russian trolls and Putin supporters are now theorizing that Ukraine has been conspiring with Poland and the United States to build a machine that will control the weather in Russia making it hotter than he11 directly over the Kremlin. The theory has it that they will hope to microwave Putin while inside the Kremlin walls. Giving credence to this theory, one Russian troll has been quoted as saying they will test the theory with bags of Popcorn conspicuously placed throughout the Kremlin while Putin is in Iran. RT will be following this test with live feeds online of the microwave popcorn bags in hope to show spontaneous popping from this theorized machine. M+P=C C being conspiracy theory

19 Jul 2022  #144

In the real world, morons go to Ukraine to kill but when they get caught, the idea of being killed looks a lot less appealing. Quoting:

A British man, who fought alongside the infamous Neo-Nazi 'Azov' regiment in Mariupol, has asked London for help in a video published by a Russian journalist over the weekend. Identified as John Harding, the man says he would otherwise "face the death penalty."

Good, idiot.

cms neuf
19 Jul 2022  #145

Well at least he has been fighting on the front lines unlike pathetic trolls like you fighting from their basement

Get in the queue for some oil for your two stroke "Lexus" LOL - its 9am. Rumour is there will be washing powder at 11am and sugar early afternoon

19 Jul 2022  #146

Anyone want to know the latest insane idea that's taken seriously in the open sewer known as russia?

a russian parliamentary commission has found that "secret experiments" in Ukraine have turned their soldiers into "cruel monsters"...


how does a country with so many smart people become so stupid?

what a worthless and inferior country!

19 Jul 2022  #147


You can't make this stuff up in a normal society. I am serious when I say that Russia as a nation is retarded. Retarded in growth, mental capacity to distinguish truth from lies, and how to develop a society that can live with the rest of the world. My only caveat to that is that I mean no disrespect to actual retards who may be above the Russian level.

19 Jul 2022  #148

russia celebrates the 8th anniversary of shooting down flight MH17 by accidentally shooting down another plane, this time its own!


the plane cost 36 million dollars but russia likes to celebrate things in style!

cms neuf
19 Jul 2022  #149

I notice yesterday during the House vote for ratification of Swedish and Finnish NATO membership

18 voted against, mostly Republicans.

Who are these ? Are they on Putin's payroll ? Interested to understand their opposition

19 Jul 2022  #150

@cms neuf
The US Republicans and Trump are nothing more than Putin puppets. If Trump would have won a second term, he and the Republicans were going to vote to withdraw from NATO. This was Trump and the Republican party's next big move.

Trump would have allowed Ukraine to go up in flames and would have done nothing to stop them from invading any other countries. Poland would have been completely F'd with Republicans in charge, and PiS couldn't have seen it coming.

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