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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 5

12 May 2023  #3,571

I see the whiskey in NY is flowing early. Only an absolutely drunk man would make that statement.

12 May 2023  #3,572

I am not drunk and will say that unless Russia drops the nice act, Russia will follow the US experience in Vietnam and lose.
Both countries violated the first rule of violence - from rapes to wars: Do it quickly with overwhelming force. Slow and nice is the stupidest way to be violent. It's also cruel.

To his credit, Hitler did it and spared a lot of lives in Western Europe. In return, Western Europe was wise to get the message.

cms neuf
12 May 2023  #3,573

Muscovy doesn't possess overwhelming force

Muscovy does nothing quickly - except theft and retreat

Stop comparing drunk Muscovite amateurs the US Army. It's like comparing your birch bark shoes to a pair of soft loafers

12 May 2023  #3,574

unless Russia drops the nice act

russia's version of 'nice'....


so they need to kill more disabled children?

you seriously are so stupid you don't think they would if they could? russian telegram was yowling with delight when Liza was killed....

Ukraine has better air defense so they couldn't bomb everything to crap like they usually do.... in other words.... THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE INVADED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!


You mean "greater udmurtia"....

12 May 2023  #3,575

Ukraine has better air defense

Hey, genius, better than what?

so they need to kill more disabled children?

How many disabled children did they kill?
And why would Russia waste its ammo on children - the ammo that they are running out of?

Try logic before going girlie.

12 May 2023  #3,576

And why would Russia waste its ammo on children - the ammo that they are running out of?

Because they don't know what the are doing.
Don't you see?
The Russian military is a disaster!!!!
Ukraine will win this war because Russians are so stupid,inept and disorganised.

cms neuf
12 May 2023  #3,577

Yeah - Udmurtia - "meadow people". Only problem is it sounds a bit too bucolic for these dipsomaniac losers

12 May 2023  #3,578

Hey, genius, better than what?

Better than other countries they've invaded... Galeev has written about it

How many disabled children did they kill?

Let's hear your numbers...

What is your acceptable number of dead disabled children?

What number of dead disabled children is too high for russian control over Ukraine?

Let's hear your numbers or shut up about how russia should kill more civilians.

12 May 2023  #3,579

On Russian TV propagandists are freely discussing the number of Ukrainians that have to be killed in order to cleanse Ukraine of any patriotic attitudes which support its independence from Russia. The suggested extermination numbers range from 50.000 to 2 million.

Reminds Nazi Germans who planned and then carried out the complete extermination of Jews in conquered Europe. Or, they planned and started the extermination of the Polish nation, killing 3 million ethnic Poles.

It is clear Ukrainians are fighting not only for independence but also for their sole survival. Russians would have to kill not 2 but 10 million Ukrainians to win the war. It is of course impossible and that is why Russia has already lost.

Down with imperial Russia!!! Long live 12 Russistans!!! Or more, I won`t mind. :):):)

12 May 2023  #3,580

Don't you see?
The Russian military is a disaster!!!!

Don't you watch Russian TV?
People are eating squirrels in restaurants and women prostitute themselves for a bag of peanuts, a piece of fat or some coals. Life has become an absolute nightmare and we only dream of migrating to Russia one day.

A partisan's ability to scale down their ambitions and scale up supposed opposition to claim victory over smaller objectives against ever greater cast of enemies is really amazing. Russians started this war saying it is against Ukraine's government with aim to change government and demilitarize and denazify ukraine. Now they are fighting whole of NATO in Bakhmut and claiming glorious victories.

The fact that Russia is even facing this much of an obstacle in a small town in Eastern Ukraine close to Russian border is embarassing in itself, a victory there shouldn't even have been the question. Yet we have Ruskies praising the greater glory of Imperial Soviet Republics of Russia for every street taken from Ukraine.

12 May 2023  #3,581

Novi will no longer have any excuse for staying in the democracy (brrrrr boo boo hiss hiss) of the US. russia is building a place for him and people like him....


Hahaha, OMG, this is amazing! lol Could we also send there politicians from Konfederacja and their voters? ;D

Russians are so stupid,inept

Well, I wouldn't go too far with that. It's never a good idea to underestimate the enemy. For example, according to this Polish article (based on info from BBC and CNN) the efficiency of HIMARS is going down, because RuSSians learned how to deal with them:


In the light of this Storm Shadow missiles from the UK are very much needed and they may be the new "wonder weapon" for Ukraine (according to the article).

In English:

"Russia's jamming of US-provided rocket systems complicates Ukraine's war effort":


And a bit about the Ukrainian counter-offensive:

"It's one thing to be able to hold the Russians off where they are right now. It's another thing to drive them out," retired US Army Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson told CNN. "They're dug in, they've been there for a year."

12 May 2023  #3,582

The UK is leading the way in helping Ukraine.
Other countries need to buck up!



12 May 2023  #3,583

The Russian military is a disaster!!!!

What is the basis for this claim? Was the US military a disaster in V and A - both ending in a humiliating US loss - or are disasters only Russian because you don't like Russia?

I am just trying to see where things are on your disaster scale.

12 May 2023  #3,584

What is the basis for this claim?

Because the Russians are losing this war.
Comparing American wars to this is pointless.
These are two armies of supposedly similar capabilities but with Russians having a huge numbers advantage.
And yet the Ukrainians are winning.
What other explanation do you have for that?
Besides Russian incompetence?

12 May 2023  #3,585

Could we also send there politicians from Konfederacja and their voters? ;D


Calculation of how the allocation of seats in the upcoming elections in Poland will look like. Konfederacja will be decisive or will go for a large coalition, which in my opinion is more likely because Konfederacja wants to turn away from the EU/NATO/Ukraine and stop giving in to Brussels and Washington.

12 May 2023  #3,586

And yet the Ukrainians are winning.
What other explanation do you have for that?

I have no explanation for a lie. Ukrainians are not winning if you use the standard definition of "winning". I am not interested in private word definitions

The US army had a colossal advantage in V and A and lost. Now what? Was the US Army a disaster?

Instead of throwing around meaningless snappy words, how about explaining why Russia has not been able to "win" sooner? There are many reasons - none of them connect with dimwitted or stupid. If you do that, I will always come back with a question if the US Army was a disaster or dimwitted in V and A.

The answer to my own question is no. The fighting men, American or Russian, are not stupid or dimwitted. The morons are always at the top - safe, and farting in their easy chairs, waiting for their gold-plated retirement package. To them, war is a game - fun and profitable.

They make the decisions that kill good men for bad reasons.

12 May 2023  #3,587

Was the US Army a disaster?

Of course it was!!!

why Russia has not been able to "win"

For the same reasons as the Yanks.
Dimwitted and stupid.
The Yanks are no better than the Russians sometimes, they charge in there, all guns blazing and achieve...nothing.

The morons are always at the top

I can't disagree with that!

12 May 2023  #3,588

The Western scum has no bottom...Quoting:

Russia wins appeal against Paralympic suspension - committee
The decision adopted by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) last November has been reversed, Russian officials have announced

To the Western scum, banning paraplegic Russians because other Russians are at war with Ukraine makes perfect sense.

How about banning Russian K-graders from singing Christmas carols at the Vatican? Those evil kids probably pray for their daddies back home safely. Such prayers should be severely punished in NATO countries.

13 May 2023  #3,589

Do it quickly with overwhelming force.

Russia tried this and failed. Remember the invasion and trying to take Kiev? Yeah, well that fast and overwheling force got their a$$ kicked and they had to leave. Now you cling to the fact that the Russians took territory in the east of the country and they can't even take Bakhmut.

Russia is not equal to the US in military or any other way. The US lost in V because of bad policy, and in A because they stayed to long. Russia is doing both in U and is destroying its own country through sanctions. Continuing the fight is showing that little Vlad is not an intelligent man, he is driven by emotion and not thought. He is really more like a woman than a man, and his Peter the Great complex is going to be the end of Russia as we have known it.

13 May 2023  #3,590

The US army had a colossal advantage in V and A and lost

Exactly. Just like Russians are losing now in Ukraine and earlier in Afghanistan. They can`t cope with the resistance of patriotic citizens. But Russians are in a much worse situation than Americans. Did you ever hear of Americans sending their 70 year old tanks to the battlefield??? hahahaha

13 May 2023  #3,591

banning paraplegic ...ussians are at war with Ukraine makes perfect sense

yes it does.

russia should not be fooled into thinking other countries think of russia in terms of anything but revulsion and disgust

ussia is not equal to the US in military or any other way

so true... was speaking with someone the other day who has some sympathy for some parts of russian arts (a dead idea now) the upshot was that russians absolutely crave respect from the west but don't have the first idea of how to achieve that.... and party it's because their own culture is so messed up that they can't distinguish 'respect' and 'fear'....

13 May 2023  #3,592


Great Depression 2.0 Incoming

Bratwurst Boy
13 May 2023  #3,593

Has the ukrainian attack started at last?

Russians concede retreat near Bakhmut: situation is getting worse "by the hour".


According to Russian information, the Ukrainian armed forces attacked along a 100-kilometer-wide front line in the east of the country. The fighting was therefore concentrated in the area around Soledar near the town of Bakhmut, which had been fought over for weeks.

According to "n-tv", the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, admitted that the Russian units would withdraw northwest of Bakhmut. This was done "in order to increase defense capability," argued Konashenkov.

The head of the Wagner mercenary unit, Yevgeny Prigozhin, found harsh words about Konashenkov's statements: "Unfortunately, what Konashenkov said is not called regrouping, but flight."

The beginning of the end?

Bratwurst Boy
13 May 2023  #3,594

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 13 May 2023



Over the last four days, elements of Russia's 72nd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (72 SMRB) likely withdrew in bad order from their positions on the southern flank of the Bakhmut operation. Ukrainian forces regained at least a kilometre of territory.

The area has some tactical significance because it was a Russian bridgehead on the western side of the Donets-Donbas Canal, which marks the front line through parts of the sector.

72 SMRB is an element of Russia's 3rd Army Corps, a formation created in Autumn 2023 and dogged with allegations of poor morale and limited combat effectiveness.

Its deployment to such a demanding and operationally important sector highlights Russia's severe shortage of credible combat units.

cms neuf
13 May 2023  #3,595

Pope is now sidling up to the Ukrainian cause.

I expect a few countries now to be backpedalling on their tacit acceptance of the Udmurtians invasion - Brazil, South Africa, India, Serbia and the rest of them.

13 May 2023  #3,596

Lots of video out there now on the Russians literally running away from Bakhmut and getting slaughtered while running. I have a feeling this is going to become a fairly common event. Little Vlads panties are now in a bunch over the UK sending Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine. Poor little fella. He must be lonely with only Medvedev to talk strategy with. Medvedev strategy is of course only planning troop movements after the second bottle of vodka is done for the day.

13 May 2023  #3,597

yes it does.

Poland trading with Russia is OK but guys in wheelchairs are not?

13 May 2023  #3,598

The US lost in V because of bad policy

My bet is that Russia made a list of untouchable targets just as the US did in V. A terrible mistake. Second problem: measured and proportional response. I still remember that stupid phase from the V days.

13 May 2023  #3,599

i will do the job of bratwurst and fagticus ie germany finaly stepping up.

Germany to send Ukraine €2.7 billion military aid package
Germany's Defense Ministry has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, which will include 20 additional Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 30 Leopard 1 tanks and four IRIS-T-SLM air defense systems.

sounds like they are on board, none of these acounting and timewasting tricks seen from six-twelve months ago..
Now how will they deal with the polen new fuhrer tho? ;) reddit.com/r/poland/comments/13fiyy2/new_american_secret_weapon/

13 May 2023  #3,600

I love numbers a lot more than adjectives and poetry. Unpoeticly speaking...

In all of 2022, exports from Poland to Russia amounted to almost €4.7 billion. It was 40 percent less than a year earlier. Poland ranked third among EU suppliers to the Russian market. The country was overtaken by Germany, whose sales to Russia amounted to €14.1 billion

So Poland sells things to Russia. Russia uses what Poland sells to feed its army. Russian army kills Ukrainian babies. Moronowski is a war criminal.

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