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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 6

cms neuf
13 May 2023  #1

I love that map showing Poland as "USSR's partners in the Warsaw Pact".

No wonder that as soon as we were free from the Orcs we decided to get protection from sober, well equipped armies instead of slouching ignorant drunks with two stroke 1950s tanks

If you don't like US military spending, write to your congressman.

13 May 2023  #2

into the territory of others

Russia's territory ends past its' borders.

USSR's partners in the Warsaw Pact".

Indeed. The main purpose of the Warsaw was after all the supression of Russia's European colonies. Is there a military "alliance" whose sole military actions comprised in the suppression of popular revolts in their member states? GDR, Hungary, Czechslovakia... .

13 May 2023  #3

Back on topic edition 138

4 Russian aircraft were downed within Russian territory today - 2 helicopters and 2 modern fighters. Amassing!!!. There are a few suppositions, one of them is that Ukrainians used Polish gift fighters and their air to air missiles.

Excellent! More!! Russians are watching a famous film titled Afghanistan Reloaded. :):):)

13 May 2023  #4


2 helicopters and 2 modern fighters.

It may even been 3 helicopters. Certainly a dark day for the Russian air force.

13 May 2023  #5

a dark day for the Russian air force

More! More!!!! :):):)
Down with Russian air force! Down them all!

14 May 2023  #6


Majority of Germans oppose NATO membership for Ukraine - poll
More than half of the population is also in favor of peace talks between Kiev and Moscow, a new survey has shown

More than half of Germans do not support the idea of Ukraine joining NATO, a YouGov poll commissioned by Germany's dpa news agency has shown. As many as 54% of the survey respondents opposed such a prospect, the news agency reported on Friday.

Only 27% of those polled said they would agree to offer Kiev the prospect of membership in the US-led military bloc.

Now we know where the Euro brains are. To remove any doubts, it's in Germany.

My best advice to Gerrmany: Send the US home. Start talking to Russia. End this damn war. Get that gas and oil flowing. Get out of NATO. You don't need this cold war fossil because you don't have an enemy. Make sure the lunatics in Poland don't spend your money on stealth bombers and other crap like this.

cms neuf
14 May 2023  #7

Gas and oil is flowing already dude - from the US, Canada and Norway. In Europe we don't want to buy it from drunk rapist hostage takers.

And the next step is that we end reliance on Arab dictators- will take a while but be worth it.

Bratwurst Boy
14 May 2023  #8

Get out of NATO.

Is leaving NATO even possible?....nobody ever has!

14 May 2023  #9

In Europe we don't want to buy it from drunk rapist hostage takers.

You are lying. The first rule of effective lying: Make sure you can't get caught in less than 20 seconds.

Now, look at this:


...my little Pinocchio and say: Oh, fu*ck, I didn't know THAT...

Yes, my dear, Poland is on the list as a buyer of both Russian oil and gas, too...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

But don't feel bad...Along with Poland, there are 11 other Euro countries that buy Russian oil and gas, with Germany leading the parade. I guess it's hard to run car factories on solar power...

Since the 12 Euro countries that buy Russian oil and gas fund Russia's war in Ukraine where little babies die in large numbers, that makes them war criminals.

14 May 2023  #10

Is leaving NATO even possible?.

BB, trust me when I say I like Germany and that I wish you Germans the very best. I feel sorry for you that you are in the clutches of US MIC and the globalist scum.

Now you have a one-per-century chance to lead Europe out of the mess you found yourself through no fault of your own.
Tell NATO to GFY and end this war. Make Germany number 1 in Europe again.

14 May 2023  #11

Gasoline prices are falling steadily and slowly in Poland. Heating bills, even with an extended cool spring have been low. The panic over how the EU will deal with heating was over blown by the media once again and there were no issues. There wont be any issues moving forward either. Russia has lost its biggest customer and wont be getting it back any time soon, if ever.

News reports now saying that Bakhmut is turning into a route for Ukraine and Russians are dying at rates like never before. The downing of four Russian aircraft in one day is one of the worst days Russia has had in a long time. Equipment and pilots lost before they could complete their bombing mission. All the while Ukraine continues to prepare for the big push. Where will the big push come from, thats the question. Once Crimea is cut off on its land bridge, it will be all over for little Vlad and he will either have to give up, or the Russian people will have to get him out. D and L would fall back to Ukraine quickly and easily if Crimea is lost.

I have to admit, I never thought I would see the day when little Vlad would fall. I always thought he would simply stay where he was and stay in power until he died of old age. Could not have imagined until 2014 that he would be dumb enough to get involved with a war over Ukraine. The ideology of this is just beyond moronic. Happy gulag you Putinazi fvckers!

14 May 2023  #12

To be honest, I thought he tried his best to be invited in to the EU/NATO despite warnings from Poland and others. To infiltrate and take away U.S.A influence completely and be a safe haven for those that are unhappy with France/Germany/U.K/U.S.A.

Instead he wanted a military tourist trip to Kiev... I mean... Wtf?

14 May 2023  #13

in other news: Lukashenko had to be taken to hospital, shortly after his visit to Moscow Victory parade (he left Moscow abruptly after the parade) - it reminds me of Bolesław Bierut of the old who went to Moscow on some invitation from the Soviet commarades after the death of Stalin and returned in a coffin himself

14 May 2023  #14

Yes, it could be a russian plan, instead of Ukraine they will occupy Belarus.

Bratwurst Boy
14 May 2023  #15

Here it is said it's just the flu.....

14 May 2023  #16

Lukashenko had to be taken to hospital

Good news.

There were online rumours about poisoning however the real reason is probably more prosaic.

14 May 2023  #17

Belarus will become part of Russia only if Lukashenko makes it happen. If he dies without making it happen, the opposition will rush to power very quickly and little Vlad will lose his biggest ally. Killing Lukashenko would be a huge mistake for little Vlad. Then again, little Vlad has prooven to be an idiot so who knows.

14 May 2023  #18

Ukrainian soldiers surrender to Russian forces in the Bakhmut area 🔥



It seems that the counterattack will be delayed for another month due to the extremely warm weather in Ternopol.



NATO dopes its Ukro phalanges and makes them step up by one notch, and then the Russians step up by three.


A few more like this, and the Kiev regime can close up shop.

14 May 2023  #19


More shots from the best angle with explosions in Khmelnitsky.






Millions of Western dollars up in flames ��

Sounds like Jiffy pop popcorn over the ole cottage wood stove at the end.
Ain't it great watching your great grandchildren's future stolen tax dollars being vaporized?

"][" ][][ ][][ "][_,
Fvck yeah... get em Putin. Now send one to Chicago, Washington D.C. amd other nig*er infested areas. Please...

14 May 2023  #20

Incredible. It took a few seconds for the shock wave to hit the guy recording the second video. Probably equivalent to a tactical nuke in explosive power. Wonder if there were any depleted uranium munitions there? If there were, that entire city will be heavily irradiated and anywhere else the wind blows it. Hopefully it lands on London.

14 May 2023  #21

Unfortunately for you "brain storm" the explosion has already been confirmed as the storage center for the engines of former USSR ICBM's. Not anything military. Its ok, we all understand your mancrush on little Vlad. If you want to meet him, he can be found at the Turkish bath with Medvedev every evening.

In the real news, the Russians have ordered the evacuation of the city of Enerhodar, near Zaporizhzhia because Ukraine is about to wipe out the Russians there and retake the nuclear plant. Russia trying to defend such a long front line is the best example of stupidity that can be found. They wont be able to hold the line and when Ukraine breaks through, theres going to be a lot of dog food left in their path. Russia is of course still taking volunteers from Serbia who want to join the dog food production line.

14 May 2023  #22

xtremely warm weather in Ternopol.

supposed pictures of a supposed massive explosion in Ternopil (spelling....) are fake and actaully from Iran.... cope more Ivan.

14 May 2023  #23

Swiss parliament passed the bill which will make deliveries of Swiss weapons to Ukraine possible...


... this effectively end Switzerland's neutrality. I wonder how many other international successes will Putin have before this war ends.

14 May 2023  #24

Little Vlad has pi$$ed off everyone other than camel riders and goat fvckers. A master at international diplomacy obviously. Next on the Stalin repeat playlist will be more conscriptions. Russia has never quit a war until they have lost at least a half million men. With any luck, Ukraine can speed the process during the counter offensive. A little more than half way to 500K now and long range Storm Shadow missiles should enhance the dying process of Russians. Bravo retards!

cms neuf
14 May 2023  #25

I think the Swiss thought it would be a short war and they could soon go back to hiding the assets of Udmurtian thieves.

Unfortunately for them the end of Credit Suisse has come at the same time as the Ukrainian success on the battle field.

14 May 2023  #26

Now send one to Chicago, Washington D.C.

I have no problems with London, Washington, and asylum refugee centers. Chicago is too close.

enhance the dying process of Russians.

What do you think the West would do if Russia dropped a kilo on Ukraine in the middle of nowhere as a final warning?

You all have concluded that Putin is mad and doesn't take his meds.

14 May 2023  #27

Putin is an idiot, but even he wont go down in histowy as the guy who nuked Ukraine. He would then also be the guy who lost the entire Black Sea fleet and his own people violently deposed. Putin isnt crazy, just stupid.

14 May 2023  #28

ussia dropped a kilo on Ukraine

Supposedly (Zeihan) putain has been informed that if he uses a nuke in Ukraine then NATO is going to go directly after.... not the russian army, but vova himself (they know where he is at all times).

Shortly after that message was delivered he stopped with the nuclear threats every three minutes (occasionally kept up by others but nowhere near as often as before)

14 May 2023  #29

And Putin self identifies as a Chicago hoe when Medvedev is bending him over. Ukraine will be fine, hoes dont have the balls to use nukes. Medvedev on the other hand is simply retarded and cant be trusted once he has his first drink of the day.

14 May 2023  #30

Anyways, how's the situation in Bakhmut going? :)

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