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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 6

16 May 2023  #61

because of the fears of the country's leader who is not hesistant to pull from the manpower of over 100 million people country just to save his ass

16 May 2023  #62

When are the Russians going to take Bakhmut? When will they take Kiev? Kherson anyone? How about those "unstopable" missiles? LMFAO the only thing Russia does the best is dying! Happy gulag you dumb fvckers. lol

16 May 2023  #63

Cut ties with Poland? Go ahead. They are really already cut. No one GAF. Poland should kick out every Russian still in the country.

How about Bakhmut? It will be poetic to just rebuild on top of all the ground that Russia died for and never took. Hilarious when you think of the degree of stupidity it took to start this war.

16 May 2023  #64

How about Bakhmut?

Slowly but surely (tm)

16 May 2023  #65

Slowly but surely

will Ukrainians push Russians back. It is already happening.

16 May 2023  #66

Slowly but surely

All Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles are shot down by gift Patriot systems operated by Ukrainians.
Thank you and good night. :)::):):)

16 May 2023  #67

All Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles are shot down by gift Patriot systems operated by Ukrainians

Yeah, so much for those Russian hypersonic missiles that were too fast to shoot down...... We are laughing at Russian ineptitude now!

16 May 2023  #68

All Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles are shot down

And in one night there was shot down more "Daggers" that launched for whole previous week. ;) Ukrainian miracle, no more, no less. ;)

But who destroyed "Patriot" launchers then, after $150+M fireworks funded by overly rich US taxpayers? ;)

16 May 2023  #69


Oh give it up mate!
We know what is happening in Ukraine, you just get fed propaganda.
Russia is losing this war,even the Wagner Group are rebelling.

16 May 2023  #70

shot down more "Daggers" that launched for whole previous week

Prove it!

But who destroyed "Patriot" launchers

Firstly, not destroyed, but damaged. Secondly, not launchers but one launcher.

You reminded me of an old joke from communist times. Is it true they are giving away cars for free in the Red Square in Moscow? Firstly, not giving away, but stealing. And secondly, not cars, but bikes.

Communist-style propaganda is still alive in Russia. :):):)

16 May 2023  #71

Communist-style propaganda is still alive in Russia

And most Russians are dumb enough to believe it!

16 May 2023  #72

Prove it!

You are quoting proofless ukrainian propaganda, I'm quoting proofless notes from press reps of Russian General Staff. We are on par... ;)

But, still, if all missiles was shot down - what "damaged" Patriot? It is separate question.

17 May 2023  #73

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has refuted claims made by Ukrainian military officials about shooting down six Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles during overnight strikes on targets near the country's capital city of Kiev.

Ukraine routinely exaggerates the effectiveness of its anti-aircraft defenses, primarily 'intercepting' incoming Russian munitions only with public statements, Shoigu told RIA Novosti.

"I have already said that, and I will repeat it again. We have not launched as many 'Kinzhals' as they allegedly shoot down every time with their statements. Moreover, the number of these 'Ukrainian interceptions' - and who really mans the American [anti-aircraft] complexes there, is still a big question - is three times as high as what we actually launch," Shoigu stated.

The minister also said that Ukraine "always" misidentifies munitions used by Russia in its media statements. "That's why they miss them," he added, without providing any further information on the number of missiles used in the latest barrage.

And another note on Rybar channel...

Our sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the details of the destruction of the Patriot air defense system at Zhuliany airport .

In total, there were three launchers in the positional area.

One was destroyed, the second was seriously damaged, but survived. The third launcher escaped damage.

Two launchers stood side by side, and the third - behind the building. The Russian "Dagger" flew between the launchers, but closer to the first: there was a detonation of the fuel.

Pieces of the first launcher and pieces of soil / asphalt riddled the second.

17 May 2023  #74

Unfortunately for you, the lies are debunked. There are only two Patriot systems in Ukraine at this time, not threee. One was damaged and is being repaired. One still fully operational. For mental midget clarity, Patriot systems are not placed next to each other. In the mean time, Ukkraine took back more territory once held by Russia in Bakhmut. The Russians are still retreating and dropping like flies.

When is Russia going to take Bakhmut?

17 May 2023  #75

Careful about calling others mental midgets...read his comment again.

17 May 2023  #76

"Two launchers stood side by side, and the third - behind the building." Who ever made this statement is a mental midget. There are only two Patriot systems in Ukraine. They are never stationed next to each other. There is no "third" unit. Niether of the two units were destroyed, one was damaged. With the explosives on one unit, if it were destroyed, the secondary explosions would destroy any other unit close to it. So, anyone making the statement or citing it is a mental midget.

When is Russia going to take Bakhmut?

17 May 2023  #77

A single patriot system can have multiple launchers I know this and I'm not in the 101st Chairborne. Multiple newsarticles have clearly stated this .

Velund didnt say how many patriot systems there were in Ukraine. Again careful with the mental midget slurs they can come back to bite you

17 May 2023  #78

The launcher does not matter and can easily be replaced, it's the radar and command & control stations that are key, they are located separately and were not hit. so all good.

17 May 2023  #79

Ukraine has 16-20 Patriot launchers afaik. twitter.com/i/status/1658577472072429573

17 May 2023  #80

The normal Patriot system has six launchers with 4 missilies in each launcher. Ukkraine has two systems. 12 launch units. One damaged. These are the facts, and the way other people try to present the Russian facts, they write in such a way as to try to make it appear as though a Patriot system was destroyed because the omit the details. That is mental midgetry.

If you look at pictures online of the sytem, never do you see more than two launchers within eyesight distance of each other. I could not find any photo of more than two together anywhere. So the idea of one being behind a building where two others were located is likely just that, an idea, or imagination.

17 May 2023  #81

Clutching at straws...you didnt read Velund's comment correctly then doubled down...thats mental.

17 May 2023  #82

You're the one who with your far left hatred of the west, that leads you to dismiss the atrocities of russia, to prove your ideological obsession that west is the devil incarnate is the one that is clutching at straws. the commie version of novi lol

17 May 2023  #83

I hope your evidence free ramble makes you feel better. I was simply pointing out an error Polam made in his post which he compounded by hurling a slur.

If you are going to attack someone its best to do it with solid evidence not unicorns and wishful thinking.

17 May 2023  #84

Mental midgets are not only Russian. If that helps. Unicorns like the ones Russia winning in Ukraine? Or the wishful thinking that they would take Kiev?

When will Russia take Bakhmut? Anyone?

17 May 2023  #85

Mental midgets are not only Russian

You have made that crystal clear :)

17 May 2023  #86

We have not launched as many 'Kinzhals' as they allegedly shoot down every time with their statements.

This is understandable. There were many more Tiger tanks reported destroyed in WW2 than the entire production of these tanks. I guess it sounded better to say "our forces destroyed six Tigers" than "three Pzkpfw IV, two Marder III and a Panzer 38(t)". :) It's probably the same with those rockets.

17 May 2023  #87

US inspectors in Ukraine now saying that the Patriot system had minimal damage and wont even need to be removed to be repaired. The system is still operational and in use. Now which mental midget wants to keep saying Russia "destroyed" a Patriot system or Patriot launcher?

17 May 2023  #88

Stop clutching at straws its unbecoming. You need to be honest when posting

17 May 2023  #89

Ypou need to get a clue. Not only is it true, but it is the most recent reports. Now kindly go back to your socialist meeting and let the adults talk.

When will Russia take Bakhmut?

17 May 2023  #90

Just read what you wrote in response to Velund. It doesn't matter if the patriot was destroyed or not you claimed he said something he didn't then insulted him. Twisting what you said doesn't change the fact that you jumped in with both feet.

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