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Brexit 2019 and Poland

14 Jan 2019  #1

It seems we frequently end up discussing Brexit in various threads, so I thought it might be an idea to have a place to chat about various aspects of it here in the hallowed halls of Off-Topic.

Latest from Tessie (otherwise known as Theresa May) is that Britain is more likely to remain in the EU than to leave without a deal.


14 Jan 2019  #2

Is 'Tessie' some kind of reference to 'Nessie' (otherwise known as Loch Ness Monster)?

Bratwurst Boy
14 Jan 2019  #3

I heard it the other way around in our media...that she sait that Britain will leave, even without a deal. Remaining is out of question!

johnny reb
15 Jan 2019  #4

Breaking News !
UK Parliament overwhelmingly rejects May's Brexit deal !

cms neuf
15 Jan 2019  #5

Probably will be another referendum - certainly Brexit will be delayed and that delay might become indefinite

15 Jan 2019  #6

The only British political leader who talks any modicum of sense is Vince Cable, and he suggests that Brexit is dead. I tend to agree with him. The arse licking politicians will keep playing the game right up until the end, but what May wanted to stop at all costs - freedom of movement - is going to impossible to prevent.

I think I will start attending church service because there is a God after all.
And dangerous clowns like the dieting in love Boris and old Govey need arresting and putting in the Tower, or at the very least sent off in exile to their country seats:) :)

15 Jan 2019  #7

Probably will be another referendum

I would like to see it go that way, but I feel a general election is coming first.
A crushing defeat for sure, 432 to 202.

15 Jan 2019  #8

Probably will be another referendum

OR a no deal Brexit,forcing the EU to better there offer.

cms neuf
15 Jan 2019  #9

Any new deal would have to go through 27 other parliaments - it might have some small concessions but it won't be a good deal. British MPs know that.

The Polish sejm will be one of the toughest by the way

15 Jan 2019  #10

Any new deal

There is no new deal. The EU have repeated that many times. Obviously you are not British cms neuf or you would know that.

a general election is coming first.

No. May will obviously win the vote tomorrow and the Tories will not give up power. Has any government? And Labour would also be campaigning on a manifesto to leave the EU, so the two parties are the same in that regard. Parliament will vote to block a No deal exit in any event.

So, no Brexit, Customs union (worse than anything) or another vote. Those are the three real options.

15 Jan 2019  #11

It's not in EU interests to offer the UK a better deal. They certainly don't want other countries following suit, and May was told in no uncertain terms that the deal would not change.

15 Jan 2019  #12

This thread will mainly attract left wing and/or anti British posters.
For the rest of you sensible and normal people,I advise you to avoid this toxic thread.

cms neuf
15 Jan 2019  #13

Bit weird Milo - this is probably the only thread that isnt about muslims or Trump and its generally civil discussion

15 Jan 2019  #14

So, what do you suggest ? We already know of course. Another no deal merchant. That is not going to happen, sorry - because we now know the poorer families would be worse off by 1500 quid a year.

15 Jan 2019  #15

/or anti British posters.

lol:)After if the Brexit happens will all the brits have to leave Poland or the EU?

johnny reb
16 Jan 2019  #16

I sure hope it fails so there is no hope of Trump making the U.K. our 51st State.

16 Jan 2019  #17

State like Puerto Rico?Honestly JR I would love that to happen.Better solution then being branded as Colonials.

cms neuf
16 Jan 2019  #18

Ok - so now it is a thread about Trump. I give it an hour before the muslim gang rapists arrive

Rich Mazur
16 Jan 2019  #19

It took only 15 minutes.
Brexit without dumping these m-fers somewhere near the South Pole is just a feel-good exercise in nothing.

16 Jan 2019  #20


Brexit is based on big fat lies. The U.K. was already able to control her borders before the vote. Brexit won't create an extra £350 million a week to spend on the NHS, as Johnson claimed. The E.U. isn't a dictatorship. The British voters got conned just like the Americans, and now they will pay the price. In the meantime, one of the loudmouths of the Brexit movement, Farage, will enjoy his pension from Brussels and (possibly) his German passport.

johnny reb
16 Jan 2019  #21

This thing is a lot more complicated then it first appeared.
Both sides hate a plan to keep open the Irish border, the so-called backstop, which could see Britain indefinitely follow European rules on trade.
Could someone explain this part of it to me in semi detail please.

cms neuf
16 Jan 2019  #22

Wait for Atch :) I think she is the one person not driven insane by this.

But the basic issue is that the people in Northern Ireland do not want to be treated any differently from the people in mainland Britain, however they also don't want to have a hard border between them and the republic, which would be necessary if you need to impose customs on EU goods.

Who would have thought that this might be more complicated than a yes no answer ?

16 Jan 2019  #23

Atch :) I think she is the one person not driven insane by this.

Thank God for the Irish. Otherwise we'd be out of the union in a flash and the xenophobes would have won.

16 Jan 2019  #24

I have always said the people of Northern Ireland should be told to separate from mainland Britain and left to fend for themselves. If they want to either join the Republic or stay independent or get drowned by the Irish Sea is entirely up to them.

16 Jan 2019  #25

That's the view of a lot of people in the (rest of the) UK about the place. The main reason that we still have the odd situation of having a bit of territory that nobody wants, that costs (a lot of) money to have and which geographically belongs somewhere else is democracy; the majority there vote for parties that favour remaining in the UK.

Not even the republic of Ireland wants the problem of having the north.

16 Jan 2019  #26

the people in Northern Ireland do not want to be treated any differently from the people in mainland Britain,

That's not quite correct. A section of the Unionist community don't want to be treated differently, namely the DUP and their supporters.

Could someone explain this part of it to me in semi detail please.

RTE made this short piece to explain Brexit to kids but apparently a lot of confused adults found it very useful.

johnny reb
16 Jan 2019  #27

Thanks Atch, very much appreciated.
All I really know for sure is that the British economy is going to take a major hit on this either way it goes.
This will help explain the rest I hope.

16 Jan 2019  #28



What's going to happen now? Will BREXIT still go off as planned come this March?

johnny reb
16 Jan 2019  #29

Merged European News Thread continued.

Rich I wanted to jump in here as a fellow American however I was laughing so hard I couldn't type.
Now that the the U.K. Government is in total chaos and falling apart with Brexit and the Muslims take over jon doesn't want to address that embarrassing issue so he does a deflection with Commie propaganda about the United States to shift the focus.

This thread is about the Europe, not America.
Of course the Russian fraudulently obtained fake made up dossier of lies written by a Russian spy, paid for by the Clinton Foundation, used to start the investigation on Trump's collusion that has turned up ZERO on any collusion in over two years won't be entertained by the Trump Derangement Syndrome Group.

They just keep repeating their false Commie propaganda over and over and over and like you have just proven Rich, they can't back any of their b.s. with facts or sources.

Now let's get back On Topic here and post about how the U.K.'s government has fallen apart.

Rich Mazur
16 Jan 2019  #30

This following is very applicable to the liberals in the UK so I am not going off the subject.
Liberals, with their childish obviousness of non-existing linear thought process, are like a scab you (editorial) can't stop picking or a roadkill you can't take your eyes off of. It's almost like seeing a lady with a beard and two heads in a circus while wondering, how she and they, being that stupid, manage to live past 18. But, luckily for us, they pop up on forums like this one to help us deal with the monotony of those dreary winter days.

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