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European News and Poland Thread 2

7 Nov 2020  #1

Part 1: https://polanda.com/off-topic/poland-european-news-84693/

I did notice that massive amount of bicyclists in Europe and that a good thing, its the best way to get around the city.

Also, a pleasant surprise was while in York, UK. I seen many ppl that have dogs, lots of pet owners walking about everywhere you look. I didnt see many dogs in Poland, when I did they were locked up.

15 Nov 2020  #2

Too bad thread is replaced. It nicely developed.


The way of life make people fat in States. In western Europe way of life lead in mixing with Semites and they shall all become exotic being. In Slavic world way of life lead to normalcy. For example, in Czeska and Serbia people when go out to walk they carry books. Wherever they sit, they read.

15 Nov 2020  #3

The way of life make people fat in States

Thats a myth, probably created by some fat brit! loll. I see more fitness buffs than fat ppl in the USA. Sure, there are plenty of lardasses in every country.

The problem in the USA are the fat food stamp recipients. Ive seen many of them at the grocery story filling their shopping carts up with cakes, candies and all kinds of other crap. The hav a ban on buying beer and cigs with these cards, should ban the junk food as well.

26 Nov 2020  #4

The problem in the USA are the fat food stamp recipients.

For the benefit of the Euros, Joker meant fat black mamas, age 17 and up. Which, of course, is racism at its worst. No, I am not making it up.

johnny reb
27 Nov 2020  #5

The Europeans should be paying attention to what Biden's third term of the obama administration is about to do and the repercussions it will have on Europe.

A historic meeting between Israel's prime minister and Saudi Arabia's crown prince has sent a strong signal to allies and enemies alike that the two countries remain deeply committed to containing their common foe Iran.

Sniffer joe plans on rejoining the infamous nuclear deal that obama's administration so miserably failed at.
Iran lied over and over again while continuing to enrich war grade uranium and building deeper underground facilities to do it.
Why the Sniffer thinks giving them another chance to do it again to destabilize the Middle East by rebuilding terror organizations that Trump wiped out is insane.

Now that these people have well established connections throughout Europe it won't take them long to reorganize to raise some major hell in Europe.

And to think you are not allowed to own guns to protect your country and your families. :-/

27 Nov 2020  #6

Don't worry, we Europeans really hope that this will indeed play out like the third Obama adminastration.

Trump has greatly empowered the hardliners in Iran, let's hope Biden can somewhat salvage the situation.

27 Nov 2020  #7

let's hope Biden can somewhat salvage the situation.

...keep the American ATM stuffed and open.
I agree that Biden is a garbage collector and never once in his life had a job but still managed to be rich. Taking bribes is a no-effort activity as it is done in seconds.

we Europeans really hope

The vary fact that "we, Europeans" liked Obongo 1.0 and like Obongo 2.0 is enough proof that both are America-hating scumbags. Trump is not and that's the only reason why "we, Europans" don't like him.

29 Nov 2020  #8

Poland and Hungary demonstrate independance in protection of their vital Geo-strategic interests. Right now they find interest Serbia to strenghten and to have close ties with Serbs.

Yesterday arrived new continent of modern tanks from Russia to Serbia. Poland and Hungary refused demand of NATO command to prevent transport planes using their air space.

Just imagine how Germany is outraged with this situation. USA actually isnt that upset.

30 Nov 2020  #9

Russia to Serbia. Poland and Hungary refused demand of NATO command to prevent transport planes using their air space.

This is just something you made up, isn't it?

Bratwurst Boy
30 Nov 2020  #10

I really wish Crowie would support his news with some links....

30 Nov 2020  #11

I already gave links. Why repeat. Earlier links gave you info that Romania blocking transport planes but that Poland and Hungary allowed transports. Only correction I have is that this last contingent from Russia wasn`t import but it was a donation. Part of enormous donation that is behind imaginable. Serbia at this moment have most modern tanks in radius of 1000 km. Quantity? I presume, there won`t be limit. Those are not transports. That is the air-bridge and truly onoly the God knows what Russians sending to Serbs. Poland doing well for standing with Serbs.

>>>> youtube.com/watch?v=tme32YhRh6I

And, BDW, something HUGE is happening. Political analyzers in Serbia (and I assure you they are far better informed then your available media) bringing grim news for world and Europe for JUST next few years. JUST next few years, as far as 2024-2026.

@Bratwurst Boy

I will share only this with you. Wurste, stay in Berlin on the East of Germany. Turkey would radicalize and join with Arabs. They will together form Islamic Caliphate. European Muslims would rebel and join to that Caliphate. France, Spain, western Germany, Albania, Bosnia, south of Sweden, London... all will be sad stories.

AND that is only for starter of bad news.

30 Nov 2020  #12


Say that you don`t live in the western Germany and that you don`t have Muslim zone in neighborhood. Just tell me that.

Bratwurst Boy
30 Nov 2020  #13

all will be sad stories.

Then I will pack my bags and bunk with you Crowie....or with Torqi in Danzig....I haven't decided yet....

30 Nov 2020  #14

Say that you don`t ....have Muslim zone in the neighborhood. Just tell me that.

He won't because he has it - I mean the zone. He will also tell you that it's OK since Germans were asked to vote in a referendum - I forget the year - and overwhelmingly said, yes we want Muslims. Plus, it's good for the German economy and keeps the German welfare system humming.

30 Nov 2020  #15

To all. Prepare yourself for great changes. Seams that I was right about the Vatican and Constantinople, no matter Turks wont hold Constantinople for long. Power would be taken from Vatican and Constantinople once when Caliphate threat is dealt with. They cease to be centers of Christianity.

@Bratwurst Boy

Berlin is fine. By all political commentators, safe from war operations. But Germany as a whole would be chaos, western Germany, western Europe. Spain and Belgia would be no more.


Then they deluded him. He needs to relocate in time.

Commentators speak of so called Green transferzale. Turks ie Caliphate would once again penetrate into Europe via Balkans, Austria all to the Germany. Bulgaria would suffer greately. Greece would be no more. Caliphate would via Spain and Portugal move to the France and west Germany, to merge with regions held by rebeled Muslims. Caliphate would overrun Israel, too. Italy would be encircled.

Serbia would establish defansive line on its south around ancient city of Nish as center of defense and hold the line untill support from Slavic and Central European countries arrive considering western Europe in its own problems.

India and Pakistan would go nuclear war. China would be everywhere against Muslims and Caliphate.

30 Nov 2020  #16


The video you linked doesn't state at any point that there had been attempts to stop the delivery. Nor have I found any sources that this happened in the past.

don`t have Muslim zone in neighborhood

I live in a street presumably a couple a muslim households. Our local supermarket is run by a muslim, as is a restaurant. Perfectly nice people from what I observed.

30 Nov 2020  #17

Two Muslims - nice. A million Muslims - invasion and the beginning of the end of Germany and the rest of Western Europe.
If you have a problem with the above, try to extrapolate till, say, 50 years from now.
BTW, did your government ask you if you want them?
If so, when?

30 Nov 2020  #18

I gave such a links already. But will give you more, you Toma.

a couple a muslim households.

Well, hardly potential to separate and join global Caliphate. You are lucky, I suppose.


I think Germany entered twilight zone. They will all pray for Russia to decide to come in aid to Serbia and in the process drop few Sarmat 100 megaton nukes on Caliphate. Now is clear why Pope said he count only on Russia. He sow Merkel and Macron are mad.

Poland will be ready when this all start. I know will be ready.

30 Nov 2020  #19

Crow, I don't know Serbia other than from your posts and that it was bombed by that a-hole Clinton. Still, I just have this feeling that Serbia has more balls than all the Western "democracies" put together and is part of the last line of resistance right along with Poland, Hungary, and Russia, while the rest of Europe is being devoured by the terminal cancer of "tolerance" and wokeness the weasels cultivate and feed every day. And, like perfect morons, smile while at it.

30 Nov 2020  #20

This is the time Poland will find itself. I have no doubt Poland will arrive. Hungary, too.

But Poland should also use opportunity and invade rebel Caliphate in Sweden. This is maybe last chance Poland to save Sweden for Slavdom.

30 Nov 2020  #21

That would violate rule one of handling suicidal idiots: Let him jump.
If you interfere, he may drag you down with him. Translation: Let the Swedes enjoy the screams of their women being raped.

30 Nov 2020  #22

Will see. Poland will intervene in Sweden and in Serbia. Most probably in both cases supported by Hungary. Visegrad and Serbia (especially Hungary) have signed certain military accords regarding terrorism and Caliphate would be count as terrorism.

We must hold the line against Turks and Caliphate together until the Russians arrive and finish that madness.

Poles are no man if they fail to support Swedes and Serbs.

30 Nov 2020  #23

That would drag NATO into the conflict and NATO doesn't like opposing Muslim terrorists and refugees. Only Russia.

Poles are no man if they fail to support Swedes and Serbs.

You mean the Swedes who enjoy hearing women being raped and seeing whole towns morphing into brown hellholes? Those Swedes?

30 Nov 2020  #24

What NATO brate? The USA has its own problems. What is NATO without USA? When Caliphate happen NATO would collapse in an instant. We speak here of WW3 in less than 5 years. This armament coming to Serbia from Russia is for an armageddon ready event. This isn`t a joke.

Western Europe would be on its knees. Only Slavs (ie Sarmats) can save this continent.

You mean the Swedes who enjoy ...... Those Swedes?

They. Degeneric they are now but Sarmats will save them. It's our germanized people. As well as Eastern Germany. Brat Pilsudski wasn`t crazy when wanted to save Sweden. Northern Serbs won`t stay in the madness that is western Europe.

30 Nov 2020  #25

NATO may be the USA and vice versa, but even the US can't operate that fossil against the parasites like Germany, France, and Italy.

The ultimate irony would be Sweden protecting their own Muslim rapists and fight against the clean-up.

Your dream will never happen. Countries do not like playing cops. Only the US is that stupid and we are flat broke and unable to protect ourselves. Even from our own thugs and the "caravans".

30 Nov 2020  #26

I am optimistic regarding Swedes. Entire Scandinavia will be saved and turned to the right path. Germanic and Islamic yoke will be over.

30 Nov 2020  #27

I am optimistic regarding Swedes.

I am not and for a very simple reason. Refugees, like cancer, if not cut out and deported, will overwhelm the host. That is as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning. All you have to do is wait.

The white Western weasels are no longer capable of extracting that cancer and throwing it over the fence. "It's inhumane".

30 Nov 2020  #28

invasion and the beginning of the end of Germany

It is hilarious that you honestly seem to believe this nonsense. As is the irony that talk about exterminating people on a Polish forum.

I gave such a links already

No you didn't, at least none which supported your claim that anyone was trying to "block" arm imports.

1 Dec 2020  #29


There is a difference between extracting and exterminating.
Do you remember when you had a referendum if you want refugees?

1 Dec 2020  #30

Sure, the federal elections in 2017 were de facto a referendum on Merkel's refugee policies.

It ended with her being reelected and with the AfD - whose political program was exclusively based on the rejection of this refugee policy - receiving a bit more than 10% of the votes.

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