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European News and Poland Thread 2

13 May 2023  #2,401

Wars are between countries

Wars also happen within countries.... the problems with Ulster never quite raised to the state of full civil war, but it was definitely severe internal unrest.

Interestingly in UIster itself protestant on catholic violence seems to have been more common but was almost never reported on in the US... which is.... weird.

13 May 2023  #2,402

Where exactly did Charlie fly his chopper? Over Belfast chasing IRA dudes or where the weather is better?

I am still trying to figure out how managed to get all that hardware we see on his chest so often.

Wars also happen within countries...

No. Police are not an army and chasing criminals is not a war.

13 May 2023  #2,403

Police are not an army

British troops were stationed in Northern Ireland for nearly forty years, the longest deployment of the British army in their history.

13 May 2023  #2,404

Why were they there? Who was the enemy? How many enemy troops did they kill?

13 May 2023  #2,405

Oh please, are you really that ignorant? Go away and read a book.

13 May 2023  #2,406

All of this happened next door and you don't know how to answer a couple of simple questions?

13 May 2023  #2,407

In the meantime...The guy's tiltes:

Duke of Cornwall
Duke of Rothesay
Earl of Carrick
Baron of Renfrew
Lord of the Isles
Prince and Great Steward of Scotland
Prince of Wales
Earl of Chester
Duke of Edinburgh
Earl of Merioneth
Baron Greenwich

At his age, and considering the effects of inbreeding, it is possible he wouldn't be able to recall half of them.

BTW, were these titles consecutive or concurrent? Like, Duke of Cornwell and or Rothesay. Did his authority change with each promotion?

What was his job description along the way, including now as King? This is fascinating...

13 May 2023  #2,408

the IRA

Quite. Plus the INLA, the RIRA etc and the UDA on the Protestant side. A lot going on in those years. I was a kid and the bomb scares seemed fun at first with all the running but even then you could see the panic in people's faces, especially after they bombed pub full of young people in Birmingham.

13 May 2023  #2,409

Yes, we had bomb scares in the Republic of Ireland as well and of course the bomb that went off in the centre of Dublin in 1974. One thing that unites all those on both sides of that conflict, including the British security forces, is the loss suffered by the families of those who died or were horribly injured. Regardless of what side you were on or who you were you have that common ground. Very sad.

13 May 2023  #2,410

you have that common ground

Yes. Appallingly sad, however the bright light here is that people sat down during the Peace Process and moved on and now have a cherished peace.

I was close to one bomb that exploded without prior warning however fortunately it was aimed at infrastructure rather than people and wasn't a large bomb like in Manchester etc. What I remember most was the echo then all the dust and gravel falling from the sky.

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