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How would Poles and Poland react if its proved that NATO organized branch of ISIS army in the heart of Europe?

1 May 2017  #21

Its what happening to all Europeans NOW.

It isn't a 'branch of ISIS army", it isn't 'in the heart of Europe'.

Kosovo, like any sovereign state has a right to an army.
1 May 2017  #22

We Serbians would inform Poles so that Poles knows that NATO/EU attacking Slavic South side by side with Islamists

Kosovo, like any sovereign state has a right to an army.

Kosovo is illegal state. You heard Czech president Zeman, among others, that nicely described Kosovo as illegal narco Muslim mafia false state.

Plus, NATO and EU consider KLA (UCK) to be terrorist organization and now wants to create Kosovo army by transforming KLA (UCK) into Kosovo army. Its clear proof of NATO (and EU) collaboration with Islamic terrorists.

It isn't a 'branch of ISIS army", it isn't 'in the heart of Europe'.

Take your map and google. Serbia is Central European state and, as you know, Kosovo is part of Serbia by Serbian constitution and by many countries UN members. Kosovo isn`t member of UN. Plus, NATO/EU collaboration with Muslim terrorists in the region started in Bosnia what is also Central Europe (as entire former Yugoslavia). Right now, NATO and EU stimulate KLA (UCK) activity in Macedonia. Not to mention NATO/EU sponsoring of ISIS camps in Albania and on Kosovo from where Islamists attacks neighboring regions. Its public `secret`. Probably NATO/EU feel overconfidence and thinks that would their public have understanding for their collaboration with extreme Muslims/ISIS in cases when ISIS threatening Slavs.

Islamistat Shqiptar ne Kosove ISIS wirbt im Kosovo ARD Report

Kampi sekret në Siri, mbahen ish-luftëtarët e ISIS - Top Channel Albania - News - Lajme

It isn't a 'branch of ISIS army"

Spot this, too >>>

Albanian Mujahideen In Syria

Albanian Jihadist in Syria Wants to Cleanse Syria from Kuffar (Infidels) and Implement Sharia

ISIS recruitment, Jihad and Kosovo Albanians

direct involvement of the Kosovo government in the enlistment of 'Kosovar' Albanians in ISIS.

Kosovo, a breeding ground for jihad

ISIS graffiti on the monastery of Dechani

On the property of the monastery of Dechani several graffiti of UCK, AKS, ISIS, " The Caliphate is coming" as well as two inscriptions which look like Arabian script showed up

Kosovo: ISIS and UCK graffiti appear in Kosovska Mitrovica

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - ISIS and UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army - KLA) graffiti have appeared

ISIS and the Kosovar Albanians

The involvement of Albanians in ISIS has not escaped the attention of more influential global commentators. ...

SERBIA - STOLEN KOSOVO [MULTISUBS] - Banned Czech documentary by Václav Dvořák

1 May 2017  #23

Kosovo is illegal state.

No, it is recognised as an independent sovereign state, including by Poland.

Take your map and google

It still isn't a "branch of ISIS army".
1 May 2017  #24

Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, French representative in EU parliament, made scandal when criticized France and other EU countries for supporting mafia state of Kosovo, for French and EU`s crimes against Serbs and media lies about ethnic cleansing allegedly committed by Serbs on Albanians fabricated to satisfy German expansionism, while needed to justify NATO/EU anti-Serbian actions


Janus Korvin Mikke about NATO attacks on Serbian civilians, while stealing Kosovo from Serbia; in EU parliament >>>

JKM: Amerykańskie samoloty BOMBARDOWAŁY MIASTA CYWILNE odrywając KOSOWO!

French humanitarian worker on Kosovo Arnaud Gouillon believes that official France fail to extradite terrorist Haradinaj to Serbia, due to fear from radical Muslims who threatened with terrorist actions and violance if Haradinaj is extradited. So France now negotiate with terrorists and accept blackmails. Say that France didn`t fall. If fall is possible for something that already fell.

"Threats of war were made unless Haradinaj was released"


Had Ramush Haradinaj not been released last week, "there could have been incidents," Gouillon said , "as many, including Haradinaj, have made threats of war and pogroms."

Spot this development >>> American William Walker (friend of Ramush Haradinaj), former head of an OSCE mission in Kosovo who gave false reporting about Serbian ethnic cleansing of Albanians back in 1999 what was excuse for NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, now coming to Kosovo as main promoter of Greater Albania >>> He now openly shows who pays him and what is his aim >>> just to remind you, back then Polish parliament delegation (led by Ikonowicz and Sierakowska) on terrain conformed that Serbians aren`t responsible for Albanian escape from the area but atrocities of NATO bombing all over the region >>>

Ex-OSCE mission chief has plan for "Albanian unification"


The American, who spoke during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the founding of Ramush Haradinaj's party, noted that he has been coming to Kosovo often since 1999.

31 Oct 2017  #25


States started to annul and revoke their Kosovo recognition. When would Poland do it?

Opinions, please. Topic is very important to me considering that I`m an old Polisforums member from Serbia. Thank you for contributing to this thread.

South American country revokes recognition of Kosovo - FM

2 Nov 2017  #26

[Moved from]: Spain now forcing NATO and EU not to consider Kosovo as independant legal state

From the beginning of story of separation of Kosovo from Serbia, since 2008, Spain supported Serbian sovereignty and never recognized Kosovo. I will only remind that Kosovo Albanians represent national minority within Serbia and province that they separated by Serbian constitution never belonged to Albanians but was province of all people that live there. Also, Kosovo Albanians never organized democratic referendum/plebiscite (on the contrary to examples of Crimea and Catalonia or even Scotland) about separation but their leaders uni-laterally declared independence after initiated massive terrorist (!) attacks on state and when state of Serbia reacted, NATO and EU supported Albanian separatist movement attacking Serbia militarily back in 1999 in illegal war, no matter that leading Albanian separatist organization UCK was terrorist organization even in NATO official documents.

Development. NATO as organization obey to official position of Spain. From now on, Kosovo can`t talk to NATO and EU as sovereign state.

Spanish NATO ambassador to Haradinaj: Don't call yourself PM

The paper also said she addressed Kosovo officials only by their names, without mentioning their roles, "and taking care not to prejudice anything when it comes to Kosovo's status."

3 Nov 2017  #27

Nigeria and Uganda also refused to recognize Kosovo. They analyzed what to do after received call for recognition from separatists. Now they confirmed refusal and pledge to support sovereignty of Serbia.
17 Nov 2017  #28

[Moved from]:

Look what is EU today


EU`s Mogherini handshake with killer (literally and personally, not just by command responsibility) of Slaveno-Serbian-Christian children, PM Haradinai of so called Kosova Muslim mafia state, province militarily by NATO and EU taken from Serbia and then illegally separated from Serbia; Message of EU`s Mogherini is: ``kill Slavs, its good and desirable``

Czech Zeman is right when point on EU`s double standards. EU is criminal conglomerate. And what that monstrous EU want from Poland?

Message of EU`s Mogherini is: ``kill Slavs, its good and desirable``

``and of course will be rewarded``
17 Nov 2017  #29

"Others think like me, but are scared to say it" - Zeman


"On the one hand, you have Kosovo, where there was the United Nations' guarantee (of sovereignty of Serbia), but this guarantee was not secured, and on the other hand - Crimea, where the referendum was held. These are double standards...,"

And so, Anglo-Franco-Germanic governments that transported worse Arab mujaheedines into Europe, in that political court of theirs- Hague, sentenced Serbian general Ratko Mladic to jail, to life in prison. How he dared to fight mujaheedines so that only those who escaped to NATO bases in Bosnia survived. Really, how he dared.


Optimistic Slavic thread, for Slavs and for those who love Slavic way, for brother and friend, despi [6]Trump admits America has blood on it's hands. [67]

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