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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

21 Jul 2017  #3,761

Refugees aka migrants should be divided up only among the former colonial powers who had exploited and mistreated their ancestors for ages.

No. I wouldn't force my way into a millionaire's home just because I wanted and felt I deserved a better life for my family. We are all products of our environment but we should operate within the law if we want to change our future and not impose ourselves on a host that did not invite us.

Life is tough. Life is not fair. If you happened to be born in the middle east or Africa then deal with it. I wasn't born to a rich family but that doesn't mean I will resort to crime to have a life that I feel I deserve.

It won't end there. Migrants come to Europe. We allow them to stay. Then what ? They fail to get jobs because they're not qualified. Some may be employed by other migrants but probably on the black market. After a few years these migrants become disenchanted with life in a European country as they realise the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Then they expect and demand more from the host nation and become angry when they see more prosperous Europeans all around them.

Then you end up with a sizeable proportion of the population who hate Western ideals but still prefer the West to their home country. I wonder what happens when western countries eventually become reflections of Islamic countries in the middle east, countries that muslims were so eager to leave.

Prime candidates for radicalisation.....
21 Jul 2017  #3,762

So the logical conclusion from that was if you were born in an impoverished town in Galicia then you should deal with it, stay there and wait for an autocracy to fix itself - you would have no right to try your luck in Chicago, Dortmund or London.
22 Jul 2017  #3,763

If you were born in Galicia then you'd have a legal right to try your luck in Dortmund or London as you would be an EU national. As a Pole I don't think you would be able to fly into Chicago and expect to have the right to stay. Do you get what I am saying ??

Everyone has the right to make a better life for themselves but that does not mean you do so illegally which is what the migrants are doing. It seems that if one or two people break the law then it's a crime but if you get thousands of others to do it with you then it's a "political/humanitarian crisis".
22 Jul 2017  #3,764

Africa then deal with it.

Precisely what some people are doing.
Dirk diggler
22 Jul 2017  #3,765

There have been numerous attacks on Chinese people esp in France because the Muslims are jealous of them that they're successful. If you Google attacks on chinese, muslim attacks Chinese there's a variety of articles.

I can tell you from my visits to London is that there are tons of young muslim men just walking around aimlessly living off the dole. Many of them don't want to work and are totally fine with just receiving welfare.

Macron was asked by a journalist whether a sort of Marshall plan should be given to Africa. The modern equivalent of the Marshall plan for Europe would equal some 150 bil. The problem is this won't fix sub Saharan Africa. You'd have to invest probably like a trillion but then there's still the cultural and social issues of extremely high birth rates, low education levels, high levels of hiv aids, totally different culture, rampant theft and corruption, etc etc. I don't think any amount of money would change this unless the West basically pays a sort of welfare directly to Africans so that they don't come to Europe for it.

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