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Poland - Serbia etc. thread

7 Jan 2018  #1

There was movie today about Nikola Tesla. Truly, he was great. Centuries in front of his time. Giver of light and hope of free energy for all mankind.

But, as many times, again and again, I am fascinated by the fact that he, with the reason, refused to accept Nobel prize, at a time when himself was in great financial troubles. He had backbone. Marconi stolen his invention of radio, while Edison- school example of greedy Anglo, for selfish reasons gave pain to Tesla. Then, they wanted to buy him with the Nobel prize and Tesla refused. Didn`t want to share it with small-minded Edison. By that, punished Nobel prize for eternity, exposed its corruption, degraded it and literally destroyed it as credible institution. For greatest refused to accept Nobel prize.


Nikola Tesla, born in Smiljan- village of my ancestors, where in WWII people was by Croatian ustashe forced in houses and then houses were burned. While fire encircled houses tanks pushed the walls to add to the suffering of villagers. After the bloody orgie, even bases of houses were removed so that no trace of village remain

If there was no Serbian Tesla and his inventions and scientific theories, USA would never become real industrial super-power. Actually, there won`t be modern world without him. Indeed, by Smitsonian, one of 10 most important humans that ever walked the Earth.

One of interesting Tesla`s inventions is his `Musical coil`

Singing Tesla coil


"In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Played on Musical Tesla Coils
Rossini - William Tell Overture Finale on Musical Tesla Coils
Pachelbel - Canon in D Major on Singing Tesla Coils
Zeusaphone Z-85 Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor

Tesla and Serbian royalty

1 Aug 2018  #2

Official Britain made today final mistake. Remember this. On its own Britain decided to violate procedure in UN and prevent scheduled discussion on situation on Kosovo. British stance is how is Kosovo democratic state, how is situation there regular and fine. In reality, Kosovo is terrorist mafia state of extreme Muslims. State where clans of local Albanians stand in state on the brink of the Civil war among each others. State where native Slaveno-Christian Serbs live in conditions worse then apartheid.

This mistake of Britain to allow itself to impose its dictate within UN and with it supporting obvious wrong cause setting Britain in direct collision course with Poland. You will see reactions of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary now. More then half of the world would raise against Britain now. Its not just against Serbians now. Its against UN. Its against logic and reason. Its in favor to terrorists. Situation there isn`t alright. Situation is grave and morally dangerous in the middle of Europe and Britain support and sponsor it.

Just wait when first Polish soldier die on Kosovo from a hand of mad radical Muslim. Just wait. Not just Britain. Entire NATO is finished in the eyes of Poles.

And Polish troops there are in worse possible strategic position, act as force that separates Albanian fanatics in Macedonia and Serbia. Albanian fanatics supported by NATO.

So, remember this post of mine. I will remind you of this when madness prevail. Prevail thanks to Britain and alike. Good to islanders and sh** to continental Europeans. That`s the moto.

8 Aug 2018  #3

Ok, let's add some Croats, since people seem to think we don't have any scientists/inventors:

Roger Boskovich
- the first person to talk about fields, which heavily influenced Michael Faraday and others
- the first person to suggest that fields alternate between attractive and repulsive force as you move farther away from the center of an atom, these later became the electron orbitals we learn in today's chemistry classes (in other words Niels Bohr stole this idea from Boskovich)

- considered to have created a precursor to modern atomic theory, heavily influenced JJ Thomson, who called his own theory of the atom "purely Boskovichian"
- made contributions to astronomy, statistics, and geodesy

Faust Vrancic
- designed/invented most modern bridge types, including suspension, cable-stayed, truss, through-arch
- designed/invented what became today's cable cars, or aerial tramway
- designed/invented many types of windmills, including vertical axis windmills
- invented parachute

Andrija Mohorovicic
- discovered the Mohorovicic discontinuity, and so discovered that the Earth is a layered structure above a core
- created a method for determining the epicentre of Earthquakes

Ivan Vucetich - pioneered the use of fingerprinting (created the first method of recording the fingerprints of individuals on file, used these to identify people in criminal cases)

There are many more smaller inventions/discoveries from Croatia that are very useful and are still used today, such as electric speedometers, tungsten light bulbs, pens, etc.

Croatia has a long history of science/invention, and there's no way that Tesla didn't benefit as an inventor by being born there (including his parents and grandparents and great-grandparents), being raised there, and attending schools there. And contrary to popular belief, the area in which he grew up was not predominantly inhabited by Serbs, the Serbs were in fact a minority in that area and the surrounding areas.

Nobody denies the fact that he was ethnically a Serb, but the Serbs try to hide any evidence that he was born, raised, and educated in Croatia (such as calling his nationality Austrian, when in fact it was Croatian). Tesla's passport was issued by the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia-Dalmatia, then under Austrian Rule, but still relatively autonomous.

Also, I believe he left everything to Serbia, and nothing to Croatia, after his death because he became aware of what was happening in Croatia around the early 1940s. I want to mention something, however. During the French revolution, French people killed other French people but it doesn't change the fact that both sides were French. Bringing up Croatia's actions during WW2 doesn't negate the fact that Tesla's nationality was Croatian.Tesla himself on more than one occasion called Croatia his homeland, and declared it as his country of origin upon entering New York.

I'm just posting this because someone up there said the following: "Whats the matter with Croats? they are Slavs too, Serbs share blood with them and they are just as Polish as Serbs. Lets have a few Croatian and Kosovo scientists, in the mix." This makes it sound like Croats gave us nothing, when really they gave a lot, and Tesla probably wouldn't be Tesla if he wasn't born there.

8 Aug 2018  #4

Roger Boskovich

Its Rudjer Boskovic, not Roger. And he is Serbian. Andrija Mohorovicic and Ivan Vucetic, too. Didn`t heard for Faust Vrancic but surname is obviously Serbian. I see on the net he was born in Sibenik, Dalmatia. There is the Vrana lake close. One of largest nests of my own Vrana clan was in the same region, prior to destruction by Croatian ustashe.

Croat trend to declare Serbs to be Croats is ugly thing. As I remember, Nikola Tesla was often target of Croato-centric propaganda. They have a nerve to label him as Croat and Croat ustashe killed 91 (!) members of Tesla`s family during WWII, in most bestial imaginable ways. They were killed just because they were Serbs.

I don`t mind for Croat wishes to separate from Serbs and for Croat delusion of their Germanic origin. Its even good that we separate. But, why steal Serbian heritage, land, culture, language, people,... and all that declare to be Croatian. Its even sick stance.

8 Aug 2018  #5

There's not a shred of evidence that Roger Boscovich was Serbian. It was claimed by a Serb in reaction to the fact that Croatia (rightfully) claimed Nikola Tesla. He was a Roman Catholic priest, his father was Roman Catholic, and his grandfather was named Matija. Do you know any Serbs named Matija? I sure don't.

There's not a shred of evidence that either Andrija Mohorovicic or Ivan Vucetic were Serbian either. I don't know where you got your information from.

You should hear about Faust Vrancic, since he designed most (if not all) of the bridges you will cross in your life.

I'd like to add something.

I assume most Croatian people can't stomach what happened during WW2. I personally have actively tried to avoid reading about it/hearing about it, but it seems like no matter where you go on the internet, Serbs will bombard you with detailed descriptions of what happened in order to justify claiming Tesla and others solely as their own.

Again, nobody denies Tesla was a Serb, but Croatia has a right to claim him too since he was a citizen of there and had a Croatian passport.

9 Aug 2018  #6

You mean, he had Austro-Hungarian passport and later got Yugoslavian passport in Belgrade. Had also USA passport.

Croatia at that time didn`t even exist as state. Later, we Serbians created Croatia. Say that we Serbs aren`t morons.

9 Aug 2018  #7

Again, nobody denies Tesla was a Serb, but Croatia has a right to claim him too since he was a citizen of there and had a Croatian passport

You Croats have no shame, you murdered 11 members of Tesla's family in concentration camps during WW2 (search for last name "Tesla" in the list of victims on jusp-jasenovac.hr/Default.aspx?sid=7618), you would probably murder Tesla himself if he didn't emigrate, and now you want to "claim him"?!

9 Aug 2018  #8

You Croats have no shame, you murdered 11 members

91 members of Tesla`s family in total killed by ustashe during WWII on territory of Serb Krajina (now in Croatia). Its data mentioned at UN. 11 only in Jasenovac death camp, run by Croat ustashe. Only Nazi camp in Europe that wasn`t run by Germans. Tesla was broken when voices of those massacres came to him in USA.

26 Oct 2018  #9

It is clear how is our world segmented on areas that receives different information. It is also clear that are we Serbians exposed to more diverse sources of information then the Poles. Much more. Therefore, Poles are more vulnerable to manipulations.

So, I hare offering protection to Poles. Protect Poles with information.

Let us have me as moderator of new section of this forum - `Information via Serbia`, where would I myself as moderator, within threads, present only info sources from Serbia and in that spirit encourage others to do so in that section of the forum. World news coming to Serbia and then its transferred to Poland and Poles via this venerable forum. This will greatly ruin plans of those who wants to isolate Poland and brainwash Poles.

What you say?

26 Oct 2018  #10

I am totally for this, Crow. I am sure you will be a very good moderator of such a section.

26 Oct 2018  #11

Yes. People in that section would be forced to use different sources of information for news and info they give.

For example, somebody who post about dispute between China and USA must provide info with Serbian and also Chinese and USA source. Maximal protection of Poles. Or take British-Russian dispute. One must give Serbian, British and Russian source.

No sh** with me.

Bratwurst Boy
10 Nov 2018  #12

and I believe that his motives are pure and good.

Yeah....he is a cutie! :)

10 Nov 2018  #13

If only he would not defend mass murderers... .

10 Nov 2018  #14

By repeating lies about Serbs, you endangering Poland. Don`t you see that. Let Poles become aware how lies functioning.

Poland has already become new target of attempts for New World Order by definition of western Europe and part of USA magnates. Lies about Poland already grinding public image of Poland. Then, when ground is prepared, transformation will began.

Rich Mazur
10 Nov 2018  #15

If only he would not defend mass murderers... .

I would go easy with "mass murderers". Were the Allies mass murderers when they incinerated Dresden? Was the US a mass murderer when it dropped nukes and evaporated 200,000?

10 Nov 2018  #16

I know what he mean. He point firstly on general Ratko Mladic and EU/NATO lies in connection to him because of Srebrenica.

But he is truly noble and venerable man. True child of Slavia and Sarmatia. He saved those Serbs that remained after Arab and Bosnian mujaheeidne slaughter of more then 3000 local Christian Slaveno-Serbs. Slaughter that happened in UN protected zone! He then saved and evacuated all Muslim woman and children from the area in situation of complete chaos that occurred due to attempt of captured Muslim fighters to brake free, in situation when all kind of foreign secret services and military groups operated in the region with only one aim- to kill innocent and then to blame Christian Serbs. One day, our Muslims (Islamized Serbs), when awake from brainwash spins, they would praise Ratko Mladic as real hero who saved them.

News from massive military maneuvers in Serbia, that happening right now, involving 10.000 soldiers and 650 armored vehicles of which 100 are tanks >>


Kosovo is Serbia!

Freedom to Lusatia!

Bratwurst Boy
10 Nov 2018  #17

Were the Allies mass murderers when they incinerated Dresden? Was the US a mass murderer when it dropped nukes and evaporated 200,000?

Masses were murdered?

Of course nobody got convicted...and they belonged to the victor, that makes them heroes.

Serbia lost, as did Nazi-Germany...so...that makes them mass murderer.

If it had been the other way around the roles of heroes and villains would have changed too, me thinks...

(Of course, the little fact who actually STARTED said war to be lost or won is not that unimporant too!)

Rich Mazur
10 Nov 2018  #18

Most people are as shallow is dog p*ss on a sidewalk.
Example: Sneaky Japs attacked the good US. Simple and easy. The fact that the US was meddling in Asia, that Roosevelt needed a pretext to enter the war, that soon after the PH he called Churchill gloating, that it was beyond criminal to have the Pacific fleet at one place and asleep in December 1941, those are the facts that give the average Joe a headache. Same with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and on and on... The US - good, everybody else - bad. Life is simple.

10 Nov 2018  #19

But he is truly noble and venerable man

This is beyond disgusting. The man is a butcher who will hopefully rot in prison for the rest of his life. But I suppose all the evidence against him in Srebenica is fake.

He saved those Serbs that remained after Arab and Bosnian mujaheeidne slaughter of more then 3000 local Christian Slaveno-Serbs

Wait, this is actually worse.

Hitler was also such a nice guy. He saved the Jews in Camps that were otherwise slaughtered by the SU and Poland. That is what you are basically saying.

Bratwurst Boy
10 Nov 2018  #20

The US - good, everybody else - bad. Life is simple.

Yes, the "sneaky Japs" shouldn't had given the US the reason to attack back...so they will be for ever and always the RIGHTEOUS DEFENDER in the history books (no matter the murdered masses in consequence), and that's what counts. That's why they WON as the goodies and that's why they LOST the Vietnam war as the baddies....it doesn't matter so much what happened before.

That is one important lesson me thinks...NEVER EVER START a war, no matter the reason, you will always look bad. And that becomes important when it is judged if your soldiers are the heroes or the villains in the story, if you do the mass murder with the support or the condemnation of the world.

10 Nov 2018  #21

The Americans were no Saints. They just happened to fight two of the most evil Empires in history in a defensive war which makes it quite easy to portray them as the good guys.

johnny reb
10 Nov 2018  #22

Yes, the "sneaky Japs" shouldn't had given the US the reason to attack back...

You do understand that America was pre warned of the attack on Pearl Harbor yet they let it happen ?
Have you ever read about the Gulf of Tonkin lie that escalate America into war with Vietnam ?
I am sure you are aware of the lie about weapons of mass destruction in Irag to cause America to start that war for oil.

Where you aware that America was pre warned of 9/11 and yet they let that happen ?
Now let's get back ON - Topic !

Bratwurst Boy
10 Nov 2018  #23

You do understand that America was pre warned of the attack on Pearl Harbor yet they let it happen ?

Where you aware that America was pre warned of 9/11 and yet they let that happen ?

I doubt that!

But if it had been so that just proves that the US knew about the one rule.

Bratwurst Boy
10 Nov 2018  #24

....okay...back to the topic:

Had the serbian dominated army not killed civilians first in what is now Slovenia and Croatia, starting the Balkan War, hence gaining the widespread condemnation of Europe and the world, there wouldn't had been a war criminal trial and a convicted serbian mass murderer years later.

That fact makes it near impossible for Teflon-Crowie to justify and repair Serbias image in the world's eye..the Serbs just ignored the one rule.

10 Nov 2018  #25

All wrong. I know man, its not easy to you to accept morbidity of western Europe and EU. You surely can accept Clinton`s madness but when your brain encounter fact that EU leading establishment was able to invent complete lie in case with events in former Yugoslavia and in case with Serbia and Serbs, you are blocked in thinking. Reality of EU is too horrorous to you. Your brain begins to melt when you think how EU (read- Germany, France and Britain) made pact with Clinton and Saudis about destruction of Yugoslavia and splinting the regions of former Yugoslavia on German and Islamic zones. But that is why they installed Nazi regime in Croatia, Nazi-Islamic regime in Bosnia-Herzegovina and mafia-cartel caliphate on Kosovo as ISIS European outpost. Its a wast project with final aim of destruction of Slavic South.

To it, Serbs were and are only obstacle. That is why they were victim of media war against them and target of open military expeditions.

But what you and many here can`t comprehend is, if that what I rapporting here is truth, if Serbs are right, if EU did it THAT to Serbs, what then EU planing for Poland and Poles.

Rich Mazur
10 Nov 2018  #26

if EU did it THAT to Serbs,

Let's stipulate it. Why did Serbs give NATO a reason to intervene?

10 Nov 2018  #27

NATO and EU invented reasons.

Serbs didn`t start hostilities neither in Bosnia, in Krajina (now Croatia), on Kosovo. Others started. Others were Nazis, Nazi-Islamic Muslims, mujaheedines. Mind blowing things. And even EU officially took part in initial conflict by violating Yugoslavian air-space with helicopter that was shot down by Yugoslavian federal mig. Pilot was Muslim loyal to federal army.

Serbs didn`t do anything what other sides involved in conflict didn`t do but actually Serbs were in defensive position. Other sides committed crimes motivated with existing genocidal programs. Serbs never had any genocidal program. That for Bosnia and Krajina. On Kosovo, Albanian terrorists attacked police and army. When NATO intervened it turned in Albanian rebellion against Serbia. All what Serbia did, would be done by any sovereign state. No more, no less.

It was just decided that Serbs must be bad guys.

EU is pure evil, if you ask me. Some evil conglomerate and frankly, I am terrified with fact that EU was capable for such a blatant attack on one country that was/is member of UN. I am clear what was with Clinton and USA. I am clear about NATO agenda but I comprehended EU as one, not perfect, but serious political organization. Today I know that Goebbels was little baby to what is now EU. EU is run by France, Germany and Britain (was) and they moved with intention to absolutely annihilate Yugoslavia, Serbia and Serbs from map of Europe. Yes, EU moved and committed genocide. I really have problems to find words to describe what I feel for EU. `Monster` should be proper. Monstrous creation. All those lies, evil, ruins, death. For what? For western European domination in Europe.

Rich Mazur
11 Nov 2018  #28

When NATO was bombing Serbia, did Serbia go to the UN complaining? Did Russia help Serbia during those days?
I really don't know so I would appreciate your views on this subject before I start googling.

15 Nov 2018  #29

Good news from ancestral land of Polish Jadwiga (that has noble Serbian Nemanjic Imperial ancestry; of Kotromanic family branch in Bosnia)



Thanks to stance of Serbs, particularly leader of Bosnian Serbs Milorad Dodik, Bosnian Orthodox and Catholic Christians organized, formed political coalition and prevented Muslims to impose sharia law on them but offering correct partnership to Muslims >


Guess what? Pro-German Croatia is against Orthodox-Catholic coalition in Bosnia.

Rich Mazur
15 Nov 2018  #30

That is why we Serbs as neutral, represent strongest military factor in the region.

If by region you mean what was Yugoslavia. Serbia vs Poland comparison is not even close. Just watch this:
On average, Serbia is one fifth of Poland in the categories that matter.

Does restoration of Novorossiya represent solution for conflict in what is now Ukraine? Polish opinions [30]By failing to actively support Serbians, Poland facing untold capitulation; I see danger for Poland. [3]

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