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Poland - Serbia etc. thread

16 Nov 2018  #61

Polish death camps is very insulting to Poles.
You Germans need to take "credit" for those camps more vociferously.

16 Nov 2018  #62

I saw the graves at Srebenica, and I visited several KZs.

Have you been to Vukovar? The memorial at Ovcara really hit home, maybe even more so than seeing the Sarajevo roses for the first time.

You Germans need to take "credit" for those camps more vociferously.

I really think they've done more than enough. Unless you think that Poles should also take credit for what they did elsewhere to civilians.

18 Nov 2018  #63

Serbian parliament adopted resolution by which ethnic Poles and Russians must be represented in Serbia`s parliament, no matter they didn`t have their demands and no matter they don`t have enough large electoral base. Law was changed to make this possible. In haste, elections were held among small Polish and Russian emigres in Serbia and Poles and Russians now have their voice in Serbia`s parliament.

After this, Serbian parliament created situation in which ALL Slavs have their ethnic representative in Serbia`s parliament. By some, Serbian parliament, getting capacities of some unofficial `Slavic congress`.

Serbia`s parliament is only political body in the world where representatives of ethnic Ruthenians talk to representatives of Ukrainian and other Slavic ethnicities.

I hope we got voices of Kashubs and Lusatians in Serbia`s parliament, too.

Serbia. Piedmont of entire Sarmatia.

18 Nov 2018  #64


Serbian delegation in Interpol attacked by Albanian in the middle of Interpol.

18 Nov 2018  #65

If I were to judge all Serbs by what Ive seen you post, well, you're just another waring fanatic that worships some satanic pagan God..

We all have our specifics. Our rights. Our religious variations, as Serbs have their specific Christian ways in which they managed to preserve memory to Svetovid in Christianiaze form. My dear, if you aren`t ready to accept little differences among Slavs, among those Slavs on Balkan-Baltic line, among Eastern Europeans on Baltic-Balkan line, then you must prepare yourself to accept little differences promoted by France and Germany.

BDW, it sound very primitive of you to degrade your own Slavic heritage and state how I `worships some satanic pagan God`. Svetovid wasn`t `satan`. He was supreme God to our common ancestors and no, I won`t forget it. Plus, I worship Christ and I like Christ exactly because He in His divine beauty tolerate Svetovid for me. And If not for Gavrilo Princip, who was true specimen of Serbian resisting spirit, Poland could wait for another 130 years or so to regain its independence. See, there was a reason why Adam Mickiewich insisted that Prince Czartorisky work with Serbs, to support them in any way and BDW, that is how Serbian Chetnik guerilla warfare doctrine was formed- it came to us from Poles.

Mickiewich was Catholic but he didn`t tell to Czartorisky to go to Vatican and kindly ask from Pope and from Vatican`s cardinals support for independence of Poland. Adam Mickiewich was very much aware that `holly sea` don`t give a sh** for Polish independence. Adam Mickiewich also was sure that France and Britain don`t give a sh** and also Adam Mickiewich didn`t trust to Russians. And YOU my dear ne-brate now imagine what was Mickiewich`s confidence in Serbs, how genuinely glorious was Mickiewich when he predicted that character of Serbs, with all what makes Serbs a Serbs and only that, can save Poland in that f*****g old wh*** Europe.

And YOU dare to tell me `worships some satanic pagan God`. And Ferdinand insulted Svetovid on day dedicated to Svetovid in Serbian Christian calendar and then Ferdinand died. Thanks to that and thanks to complete idiotiosm of western Europeans you Poles got free Poland.

One more thing. We Serbs started our Christian journey as majority Catholics but then Vatican`s greed forced our Imperial Nemanjic dynasty to give up from Rome and turn to Constantinople. Then, when Nemanjic`s learned how things in case with freedom stand quite similar in Constantinople as they stand in Rome, Nemanjic`s concluded how Romans are Romans after all. Finally, Nemanjic`s managed to win Serbian national Church within Orthodox Church and just then Serbs got their freedom and we Serbs then organized OUR Church as it suits us and that is how we managed to keep Svetovid within our Christianity. We did much more for our ancestors then even Irish managed.

You Poles also have to have YOUR national Church, national Polish Catholic Church. That is what I wish for Poles. So that is Poland free again.

We are NOT your brothers and sisters, far from it.

No problem, ne-brate.

Rich Mazur
18 Nov 2018  #66

My dear, if you aren`t ready...

"My dear" is patronizing and offensive. If you said to a wrong guy, face-to-face, you could get your teeth handed to you.

18 Nov 2018  #67

@ Crow

You are not my Brat,that is for sure.....you are a Serbo Russian trouble maker....and failing teribly.....just give it up mate.
All this serbian **** is just getting on our tits now...

19 Nov 2018  #68

Gavrilo was his name. I mean, that `trouble maker` that Adam Mickiewich expected to open path to Poland`s independence. Gavrilo. Racow Gavrilo

And as you all know, he wasn`t from Vatican or from Moscow or from London or Paris.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #69

Gavrilo was his name. I mean, that `trouble maker` that Adam Mickiewich expected to open path to Poland`s independence.

First, it's Mickiewicz. Second, he was a terrorist. Third, if he opened "path to Poland's independence" by being a slimy terrorist, then terrorists are good and should be rewarded, not sent to prison or, better yet, executed, because we can't know in advance what wonderful things are coming as a result. Is this your sick logic?

19 Nov 2018  #70

I think that Rome and Constantinople don`t need to sc** with Poles and Serbs. Pe*** can come back to them as boomerang.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #71

Rome and its employees are too stupid to screw little boys well enough not to get caught. I don't worry about them screwing with Poland.

19 Nov 2018  #72

I am tired of western European anti-Serbian propaganda. As your virtual friend, I suggest you to open your mind for the option that you was victim of manipulations by your own government that targeted Serbs as they were obstacle to strategic aims of Germany, France and Britain that entered in deal with Islamic league and US administration of Bill Clinton. In another words, you was fed with lies about events in the region.

Now, you know how Serbian PM Ana Brnabic have great support of new US administration and especially of US president Trump, who, being blessed by our common Lord Jesus Christ restoring US-Serbian alliance. So you will understand how Ana Brnabic speaks truth >>>>


Its not Slobodan Milosevic. Its Ana Brnabic. So listen now. Just jump to video link that I gave at 22:55 and you will see about Srebrenica. I will later explain details to you, as a friend to friend.

Just as I would never make any attempts to downplay German crimes, I would never downplay other historical atrocities.

Me, too. Ask owner of this web site. One of first things I did when I came to this forum was to apologize to Poles for all German crimes on Poles throughout history. It was stated in title of the thread. Go, see in archives of the forum.

Naturally, as a Serbian, as a decent man, grow up in warm and honorable family, I feel shame because of German crimes on Poles, because you Germans originate from Serbs. Just 500 years ago or even less most of eastern Germany were still Serbs. You would maybe say that those were some other Serbs but, hey, who are we to judge. They were Serbs. That is all what is important. You can travel from one side of Serbia to another and Serbs from east differ from Serbs on the west of state, etc. We are all some Serbs.

Sure, those crimes on Poles were committed in germanized phase of those Serbs but, crimes are crimes. So I apologized. Good that you, too, feel shame.

19 Nov 2018  #73

I am tired of Serbian anti West European propaganda........

19 Nov 2018  #74

Lie. Which Serbian politician speaks propaganda about western Europe? Not that they are perfect but our politicians don`t spread any propaganda.

But go, show me the link or just tell me. Let us see that and let us give comment to it.

What propaganda?

19 Nov 2018  #75

Your propaganda.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #76

We are all some Serbs.

No. I am not. And I am not going to apologize for anyone, either. Including Adam and Eve. I read somewhere that those two were Russian KGB agents. No wonder the human race is so screwed up.

19 Nov 2018  #77

Your propaganda.

My propaganda? MY? But what exactly do you mean? Give me that

No. I am not.

If you say so. I certainly won`t force you.

Adam and Eve? Yes, I heard. First Serbs. Serpent was a first Pope.

19 Nov 2018  #78

All you ever talk about is Serbs and Serbia and seem to think your country and it's people are somehow Messianic for Slavs.....we don't care about Serbia and Serbs.....Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland are more important to me than Serbia.....and you will find very few Poles who have any interest in your vicious,violent and racist little country......as I have said before,concentrate on something you are good at.....sausages...

19 Nov 2018  #79

because you Germans originate from Serbs.

Yes, the Sarmatian Connection which you have supplied us with no evidence whatsoever. If you want to apologize for anything, apologize for the recent Serbian crimes.

Just jump to video link that I gave at 22:55 and you will see about Srebrenica.

I see how she gets cornered and has nothing to refute the claim that she attempts to rewrite history, except that she feels like it. In a way, she is similar to you I suppose.

20 Nov 2018  #80

I am tired of western European anti-Serbian propaganda

Lets take a vote on how many ppl here are sick and tired of your never ending, aggressive, propaganda about serbia?

All the posts on this thread are mostly you talking to yourself or other posters telling you to shut up! LOL

Rich Mazur
20 Nov 2018  #81

your never ending, aggressive, propaganda about serbia?

In all fairness to Crow, this thread is about Serbia. It's Serbia everywhere else that's a problem. And that god I never heard of until just now.

20 Nov 2018  #82

I see how she gets cornered and has nothing to refute the claim that she attempts to rewrite history, except that she feels like it.

No, she nicely said her opinion that by definition of genocide that was not genocide. But, she is not similar to me. With whom I deal here on this forum? With you? But Ana Brnabic deal with much more powerful players. She must be diplomatic. She must think of economy- field on which she professionally already outplayed most of her counterparts in the world. She must find words to tell truth in most benign way to those that openly pressing to destroy Serbia. Powers that moved to destroy Yugoslavia and Serbia are still strong and still don`t see any other way for themselves but to destroy Serbia. Ana Brnabic isn`t here to tell them to go to hell. Ana is here to tell them that there is the other way, that we can coexist.

Yes, the Sarmatian Connection which you have supplied us with no evidence whatsoever

No evidence?

Tell me, which people communicated with Jews thousands of years ago and Jews have written records about it? And Israelly PM point at that people? Which people? People that still exist? Were those germanics? No, we already concluded that half of Germany was Serbs 500 years ago. Who in Europe, beside Greeks, existed even prior to existence of Rome and communicated with the Jews? Sarmatians. Sarmatians were first.

>>> youtube.com/watch?v=ISHT-Tc7IPI


Greatest welcome by Israel to some foreign representative ever

20 Nov 2018  #83

No, we already concluded that half of Germany was Serbs 500 years ago.

No, you concluded it. And you are not convincing anyone by taking a quote out of context from a politician. You need to back up your claims by historians.

Sarmatians. Sarmatians were first.

Except there is no evidence for this. Nada, nothing that suggests Sarmatians had any higher civilization at Greek times.

But, she is not similar to me.

She is similar to you in your line of thinking. She wants something desperately to be true, supplies no convincing argument and ignores all evidence to the contrary.

Bratwurst Boy
20 Nov 2018  #84

No, we already concluded that half of Germany was Serbs 500 years ago.

Remember the thread with the map of the old Ptolemy? The map of Germania and the Sarmatians in the East? That was about nearly 2000 years ago...


What do you think happened to these Germanics?

Was Arminius a Serb?

20 Nov 2018  #85

So what. Germania was Roman invented province within Sarmatia on Sarmatian soil. Sarmatians were sole ethos with whom Rome bordered in Europe. Actually, they lived within Roman borders and outside of them. Naturally, considering that Romans imposed borders on Sarmatian realm.


Serbia acquired international support to prevent Kosovo to become part of Interpol, on initiative of western Europe.

Serbian FM Dacic today told to Austrian FM Kurc that by supporting secessionist Kosovo Albanians, Austria again made wrong choice. ``You should pick the winning side``, Dacic told to Kurc.

Also, Dacic criticized Austrian president Strahe that he lied to Serbs and that he don`t have control over his FM. ``Austria mistaking. One day, I will call Strahe and tell him- I told you``, said Dacic.

Dacic concluded his comment by saying how is shocked that he also learned that ``Austria financing building Muslim mosques in Belgrade, Capital of Serbia. Last time it was Saudis, now it is Austria.``.

[b]Dačić: Preko koga su hteli, tako su i prošli VIDEO

Bratwurst Boy
20 Nov 2018  #86

Germania was Roman invented province within Sarmatia on Sarmatian soil.

So....what was then Arminius? An invented Germanic?

20 Nov 2018  #87

Whites of Europe are all native Europeans. Nobody is first. Sarmats (ie Thracians) were first. In modern Serbs their name remained preserved and all Slavs preserved continuity with Sarmatian language and original culture. Indeed, Sarmats were Proto Slavs.

Now, you ask what about Germanics? See, in ancient Sarmatian Europe existed cities, villages and even nomadic peoples. Some cities were trade centers and were also inhabited by Semitic non-Europeans who traded with Sarmats (and mixed and influenced). Then, with time, in one or in some of those cities elite core society was formed. Elite that was ethnic Sarmatian but that elite had specific interests, with time language became more specific, etc. Then, with more time, that elite, with unique new culture of its city state, started to feel different from other common people. They wanted to spread its rule out of the cities. Then started hunt on villagers and nomads. Then other Sarmats started to feel different from those strange new culture from the city that wants to rule them, to impose new practices, to give up from old Gods. Later more strangers came, Jews, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, with all their influences and intrigues, etc. Rest is history

That is what happened with ancient Europe. We are all Sarmats and what happened in the past is that some city state cultures started to difer. Considering those city states were ruled by kind of elite we can say that many new nations were formed out of Sarmats due to social conflicts. Those were social wars. That is crucial. New culture that separated from main Sarmatian body is rather consequence and thing that with time fueled new separations.

20 Nov 2018  #88


News from Sarmatian Connection

Fresh News

** Pope changing. Right people now sit from the right side of the Pope.


** Trump is good.

** Putin is good.

** Erdogan giving a try to be good.

** One can hardly tell who is more crazy, Germany or Austria.

** France wants power.

** Britain gave up from Europe and Europe gave up from Britain.

** Poland wants new President.

** Hungary is beautiful.

** Jews are confusing.

** Those who were up in Europe will be down and those who were down will be up. Exactly as Bible predicted. Somewhat.

Rich Mazur
20 Nov 2018  #89

As I posted before, please, seek help. It's getting worse and we are concerned.

20 Nov 2018  #90

Ugly way to prevent somebody to speak. That`s what you doing. Are you aware that you ruining forum?

Does restoration of Novorossiya represent solution for conflict in what is now Ukraine? Polish opinions [30]By failing to actively support Serbians, Poland facing untold capitulation; I see danger for Poland. [3]

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