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Stance of Poland in UNESCO on behalf of Serbia and Kosovo, no support for western European initiative.

11 Feb 2017  #201

Are you a muslim?

No, a realist. When an area is 90% something, then it should not be called something it isn't. History is not a stagnant but a dynamic process. In the early 18th century the 13 colonies belonged to Britain, but things changed and they became the USA. So too Kosovo long languished under the Serbian boot until finally it became independent and Albanian. Zato kažem: Kosovo je Albansko!
11 Feb 2017  #202

You fool. Kosovo Serbs are the largest ethnic minority group in Kosovo numbering around 150,000 people. By the end of 19th century they were the majority population. Kosovo was the cultural, diplomatic and religious core of the medieval Serbian state and only because of the US terrorists intervention things changed. Still 150000 Serbs in approx 350000 people Kosovo makes them way more than just your wyssane z palca 10%.

Most Poles know Kosovo je srce Srbije. You aren't Polish.
11 Feb 2017  #203


Serbia's finest military analyst Miroslav Lazanski of Polish origin about who created Mujahedins, Osama Bin Laden and ISIL.
11 Feb 2017  #204

11 Feb 2017  #205

Shhh. Some people that were born or were infants when they parents fled from Poland like cowards will disagree and feel offended. They know better than us Poles who live in Poland for decades. Lol
12 Feb 2017  #206

Poles and Serbians would soon side by side defend their lands. Sarmatian oath binds us!


Polish Bolesław's denarius with the inscription PRINCES POLONIE (999-1002)


Traditional and immemorial symbol of Serbians, here in use by Serbian army - OCILO is the name of symbol and literally means `from fathers`
12 Feb 2017  #207

Kosovo would be liberated. But, if God is upon us next is Lusatia! So that vermin pay and understand that Sarmatians coming back to retake all what was by force taken from them! So that vermin never again hurl its dirty and malformed fingers to grab what belong to children of the people.
12 Feb 2017  #208

Sarmatians coming back to retake all

Sounds like you belong to some off-the-wall cult or sect populated by hyper-obsessed Slavic whackos and loons. No Pole, Czech, Ukrainian, Croat or Slovenian is thinking in Sarmatian pan-Slavic terms. BTW the Sarmatians and Scythians grabbed and stole land from the people who were living there earlier. Slavs ain't no innocent lambs. Look at the territory land-hungry Muscovites conquered subjugating their inabitants to this day.
12 Feb 2017  #209

No Pole,

Another lie of yours.
12 Feb 2017  #210

Inward looking and opposite to actual Polish people who are looking all over the world. That about sums up Serbia and whacko Kremlin troll buddies That's why we need Yanks, so trolls can be quiet and tell their stories to some other sucker. Its just like blah blah serbia blah blah commie troll blah blah.
12 Feb 2017  #211

Serbs are the largest ethnic minority

If that's true that there's still 150,000 Serbs in Kosovo., they should be evacuated to mainland Serbia ASAP. The existence of ethnic fifth columns has been the downfall of the Balkans since time immemorial. Compact, nation states free of extensive minorities should be the ultimate goal of all ex-Yugoslav states. The term Balkanisation has always meant small antagonistic principalities, statelets and regions at one anotehs throat, making them the laughng stock of Europe.

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