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Ukraine Crisis... Poland... and the way i see it

1 Sep 2016  #3,661

i think you overdosed your morning tea ,english boy.
1 Sep 2016  #3,662

to prove that Ukrainians aren`t Slavs

I never said or even vaguely suggested that. Thanks for the vocabulary. I knew some of it already. But other than satisfying one's intellectual curiosity or serving as a sourdce of scholarly research, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON TODAY'S GEOPOLITICS, BORDERS OR ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION AND NEVER WILL. Slavs or no better or worse than any other ethnogroup. And Serbia is not the centre of the universe but an obscure little country off in the always turbulent and fragmented Balkans. So let's not lose our sense of proportions.
1 Sep 2016  #3,663

i think you overdosed your morning tea ,english boy.

See my previous post, Russian

and you dare to giving advice to the Ukrainians?

My grandmother was born in Kiev
2 Sep 2016  #3,664

My grandmother was born in Kiev

banderist genes are strong with this one.just out of curiosity,do you guys keep an axe in your bedrooms to keep with your tradition?
3 Sep 2016  #3,665

banderist genes are strong with this one.just out of curiosity,do you guys keep an axe in your bedrooms to keep with your tradition?

Its the language you Russians understand isn't it? Besides murdering, stealing and selling bits of the ground they are standing on, what Nazi Russia acheievd since 1991?

Oh, I forgot.. lying

"The communists and Germany jointly invaded Poland, sparking off the Second World War. That is, communism and Nazism closely collaborated, yet for some reason they blame Bandera who was in a German concentration camp for declaring Ukrainian independence".

Russia's Supreme Court has now agreed that this paragraph constitutes "the public denial...


Russsia and its Nazi allies invaded Poland. Please repeate after me, "Russia and Hitlers Nazi Germany were allies in the war against Poland".

Shove your Bander-crap up your Nazi A***.
7 Sep 2016  #3,666

Very good move of Ukraine that telling much to those who are able to understand. To elaborate ...

If we put this decision of Ukraine in political context, we understand that Serbia has greater influence on Ukraine then Germany and western Europe as a whole. It is so because exactly due to Germanic and western European interests Kosovo separated from Serbia. Ignoring this, Ukraine puts itself on Serbian side or to say Ukraine remain on Serbian side (Ukraine never recognized independence of Kosovo). Also meaning, banderists falling down. Then, this all directly means that is Ukraine led by leadership that is ready to accept reality and Serbian mediation in Ukraine-Russia`s dispute (one day maybe even dispute in Ukraine-Poland`s border dispute). Furthermore, it means that after settling border dispute with Russia, Ukraine wants closer ties with Serbia and countries that tend to form Intermarium.

Ukraine decides against hosting Kosovo teams

Source: B92, Tanjug Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | 10:31

Ukraine's basketball and football teams will play their EuroBasket and World Cup qualifiers against Kosovo at neutral venues outside Ukraine.

Putin`s comment:

Yes, we are the largest nuclear power. But do you really think we are going to use nuclear weapons to take over the Baltics? Nonsense," Putin said.

From the article that gave citation of Putin`s comment for Bloomberg. Article is from Serbian source, meaning trustworthy: "West can honor will of people in Kosovo, but not in Crimea"

Tanjug Thursday, September 8, 2016 | 15:21

johnny reb
17 Jan 2017  #3,667

Ukraine has filed a case at the UN's top court accusing Russia of sponsoring "terrorism" and demanding Moscow pay damages for the shelling of civilians and the downing of flight MH17, the court said today.
19 Jan 2017  #3,668

Ukraine question is internal Slavic question. Or should be. Considering that Ukrainian nation decided to form its own ethnic state for the first time in history, peaceful dialogue had to occur, to determine what belongs to newly created Ukrainian nation, what of territories belong to Ruthenian nation, what belongs to Poland and what to Russia. Plus, Serbia had to be asked because Serbians also had two historical lands in what is now Ukraine. So, compensation of some kind to Serbia, too.

That if we live in normal world. But, we don`t live in normal world.
20 Jan 2017  #3,669

Hopefully trump will sell nazi ukraine to nazi russia and they can live happily ever after.
20 Jan 2017  #3,670

Pardon. Our Slavic Russia isn`t Nazi. Neither the most of Ukrainians.

You Brits (English) starting to lose nerves, I see. You sense end of English yoke over Slavs and some other Europeans, don`t you. Well, cry
20 Jan 2017  #3,671

Sorry i mean fascist my mistake.
20 Jan 2017  #3,672

Serbia had to be asked because Serbians also had two historical lands in what is now Ukraine.

Sure you do.
20 Jan 2017  #3,673

Serbia had to be asked because they just bought 2 chicken farms off a Uki on a 5 year economic plan and consultation was required to ensure economic stability. A crack russian commando team was sent in to free the poultry which always identified itself as russian anyway so it was a liberation of sorts. Unfortubately one chicken was raped in the process and several were eaten but all in all a success comrades.
22 Jan 2017  #3,674

Sure you do.

Its not funny, you know. Whats wrong with nice asking? You don`t believe in nice manners?

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