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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

7 May 2016  #2,261

While a migrant from a country that may not even be torn apart by war gets to relax in a swimming pool, my aunt and dozens others have to stress about making the rent payment

Melodrama. So you saw this scenario with your own eyes did you? The "dirty 'African' chancer" character doing the front crawl in an Olympic pool and laughing his socks off at capitalist Germany for giving him free sauerkraut and Berliner sausage? Was he supposed to pay for it with buttons?

In the meantime your aunt was suddenly cast out without severance pay?

I don't think so. You bang on about your (extensive) experience and travels. I am rather long in the tooth, and could tell a few stories myself, but nobody at all wants to hear them. But here goes. I worked at the Hilton in Dusseldorf in the early 80s and pay and conditions were very generous indeed by UK standards. If your aunt was ripped off it was because she wasn't working legally.

All this nonsense is aimed at - the Poles mustn't give these chancers any ground, for they are vermin and scum. The Nazis used the same language.

well shame on you

Well, another 20 will make 40:)
7 May 2016  #2,262

the Poles mustn't give these chancers any ground, for they are vermin and scum

they are vermin and scum - the majority of them (only 40 per cent of the so called refugees are from war torn countries)
7 May 2016  #2,263

he majority of them (only 40 per cent of the so called refugees are from war torn countries)

And you know this how?

And how can simple refugees, with all their hardships, be vermin and scum? I thought this referred to you, in middle "class" America?
7 May 2016  #2,264

And you know this how?

7 May 2016  #2,265

My aunt is not the only person that this happened to. The whole staff was let go from waiters to managers. I tend to believe what my aunt is saying as she has worked there for ten years and is a German citizen.

Here is a report on the exact same thing that happened to my aunt and other similar events:


beforeitsnews.com/politics/2015/10/migrants-stay-at-4-star-hotel-while-poor-germans-lose-their-homes-275110 4.html


This is exactly what happened with my aunt:

pamelageller.com/2015/10/germans-lose-their-jobs-at-four-star-hotel-maritim-it-will-now-house-muslim-migrants.ht ml
Hotel maritum is another hotel seized by the German government to give free housing for migrants. So yes, this video shows that people lost their jobs while migrants enjoy 4 star accomodatioms.

So please don't tell me that Germans aren't losing their homes, their jobs, and their tax dollars to house migrants when this is happening every single day. The German government cares more about accommodating migrants that aren't even citizens than the people whk are German citizens and pay their taxes, like my aunt.
johnny reb
7 May 2016  #2,266

but why should he care about Germany and other places he has never set a foot to?

Yap Yap Yap Yap........

I have Polish citizenship, I speak fluent Polish, I own property in Poland, I pay taxes to the Polish government, and I travel to Poland and all over Europe

Oops, I guess she inserted her foot in her mouth this time.
I tried to tell her to get some new material before someone humbled her.

the majority of them (only 40 per cent of the so called refugees are from war torn countries)

We have said this from the very beginning of this thread.
Poland would not have a problem taking in the Christian refugee's escaping war for their lives.
But like we've said all along here that 60% of them are young men (18-28) looking for an economic refuge.
7 May 2016  #2,267

So yes, people like your African character are living it up in hotels. However, he's not paying for it - the government is as shown by the reports and theyre paying big bucks. The taxpayers are paying to house people that have not contributed at all to the system.

You make a caricature of an African migrant living it up in a four star hotel - yet thats exactly what is happening on the taxpayers and governments dime.

Read the Japan times article to see how much this costs the country. Yet people like the Somalis for example demand more! They ought to go back to Somalia if they don't like the freebies they're being given while contributing nothing but poverty, litter, unemployment, crime, rape, terrorism and all the wonderful things that the migrants brought with them.

The funny thing is that the multi kulti teach people to accept the Muslims. Yet they don't realize that a significant minority of the Muslims hate the multi kulti liberal types that are protecting them. Let's see well gay rights for example work out in a majority Muslim society, which some western European countries will become it's just a matter of time.

You in the West let these migrant hordes in. Now you must deal with crosses removed from chuches, hisbah patrols, imams calling for jihad, ghettos full of crime, poverty, drugs and unenployment, terrorist acts and a bloated security apparatus that attempts to curtail them while disregarding the privacy of all citizens, the hotels and homes taken to house them, the billions spent on migrants instead of people who are tax paying citizens, and worst of all the rapidly changing demographics that will make the white Christian family a rare occurrence in the west.

I can speak for the majority of poles, true poles, not the westerners that live in our country but have no polish blood or even understand what it means to be a real patriotic pole, can say that we don't want this filth in our country. We want poland to remain the homogenous polish Roman Catholic country that it is and has been for a thousand years.
7 May 2016  #2,268


Oh sorry! Of course. My bad:))))
7 May 2016  #2,269

My bad:))))

Eurostat, the EU's official statistics agency said the same thing. All reports from the field (by people who could tell the difference) were saying the same thing. It's hardly just a daily mail thing.


And since you want these refugees in Poland so bad, just how do you propose to keep them in Poland? Camps? Ankle bracelets? Border guards? Without a plan for keeping them in the country we're just talkinig about pointless empty gestures.
7 May 2016  #2,270

It is well known only a small percentage of the refugees are Syrians. I think the next shocking revelation was that it's overwhelmingly males [all this in 2015]. To me it does not really matter if they are from Syria or not. There are countless conflicts occurring in the Middle East and Africa. What makes Syrians better than others?

But I will admit based on reports the Syrians do seem to be one of the more grateful groups. Afghans the most backwards and North-Africans the most explosive. Without proper (if at all) deportations who cares if they are Syrians or not. Guy just murdered a woman in Austria a few days ago [she was returning late from work] had his asylum seeking application rejected almost 10 years ago. Arrested 8 or so times since, even including another violent episode a year ago. Are the living standards THAT good in Western Europe that people are just turning a blind eye to what is occurring? Yesterday it was this women, tomorrow it might be your daughter.
7 May 2016  #2,271

@Adrian; for last time since you have no personal experience with W. Europe! Most people you call "muslims" do NOT practice (like London's new mayor, for instance) or are even atheits. I can give you real figures re France where only 15% of ALLL combined religions do practice regularly so I don't know where you can see "muslims" everywhere. Yes, but how can you "see" since you have never been there???

As to Jews, ah sorry you know ONE so you can talk on behalf of the 600,000 French Jews ;). Yes, some do leave France but it is mostly due to Front national, a party whom you support and officially subsidized by Putin and furthermore more than 50% of said Jews do return to France within 2 years because conditions are harder in Israel and they cannot find suitable jobs whereas in France they are very well off. You know one, and on top of that half Russian, why does not she go back to Russia????

Of course, it is easy to manipulate naives of your kind whith no experience in life and who need to rely on YouTube and consorts. So they have interviewed a few far right extremist French (or other) Jews so it does make the whole REAILITY about Jews? The huge majority of French Jews are well connected in politics (many politicians are Jewish), in business, in media, banks...and are very comfortable.

Instead of relying on biased BS from a few extremists, get a picture of the whole situation! But in order to do so,, you'd need to see with your own eyes.

So you know ONE gril who supposedly s French/Russian Jew (so you are an expert!!!!) and how many "muslims" do you personally know? ZERO, I suppose but I know thanks to YouTube, you are such an expert!!!!


(My Polish mother-in-law was Jewish born)

(getting ready for work so keep your muslim, western, French bashing to yourself and to your fascist kind ! Yes, Poles like you are Europe's shame and fed up to feed you! ). I simply wish we stop giving money to Poland!

My goodness! so much hatred and BS especially when NO migrant/refugee wants to move to Poland! And please ignorants who have never lived in w. Europe but beieve you are "experts" because you have seen a few extremists YouTube and consorts, do leave us alone and also stop taking our money!

Well, getting ready for work!

Happy bashing to all fascists!

To finish, Adrian, how the hell can you (not you since you have never been there) "see" "muslims" everywhere, when very few practice their religion and although there are NO official statistics re matter (ethnic/religious statistics have been forbidden in France as per a law of 1978), there are only estimates and the worst estimates claim there some up to 6-8% of people of Arabic origin in France. On top of that, a lot of said Arabs do not practice their religion. Based thereupon, at most maybe 2 or 3% of thre French population practices islam, so for sure, "you see muslims everywhere" 'lol'

Be serious , learn languages so you can communicate with people and see places instead of listening to ONE extremist "French/Russian" Jew (I doubt that such a girl exists, othodox Jews don't sleep around before marriage and don't hang around people who are different), see WHOLE picture. .

Well, your gross propaganda does not work on people who know reality!

Pathetic to be so prejudiced like you and your consorts are like!

People in W. Europe are not obsessed by muslims the way you Polish fascists are 24/7/365

PS: what about Poland!

7 May 2016  #2,272

It is well known only a small percentage of the refugees are Syrians.

That is opinion, not fact. Are there, of are there not, hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Kurdish refugees now in Europe. A percentage of them will go home. Others cannot be forcibly returned for they have no home to return to

By- hence the term "refugee"
7 May 2016  #2,273

I do - dark, hairy, bearded, and burqa clad.

Nope I am not satisfied with your answer. It will not happen in Europe. European are many, 1000s of other nation couldn't change the whole Europe. But anyways, who invited them to Europe and why... This is the thing, which should be focused now. People come and people go this is how it is in Europe. But why Europeans didn't come to Asians countries, I didn't understand this, just like the way we do?

The US is responsible alone for this, first they had transferred millions of Africans to the US for slavery work.. Later opened her borders for South Americans, Mexicans etc. How many Muslims children are between these half of children under 5 years of age? The answer would be hardly 12-15%, whereas rest are Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, etc so it was the part of the US's policies so they invited.

We didn't invite them to the US. Politicians did... Besides top 10 Pakistani students get visa every semester to the US, because the US needs them, they are working in different areas. so the total 0.1% of the U.S population are Pakistanis. 0.9% of the U.S. population are Indian alone. and you mean that White are in minorities. I didn't understand it.. Chinese are 1.2% of the total U.S. population. So I don't think that the Whites children are in Minorities. These is studied by Wikipedia and not by me.

I just pray that Poland doesn't get sucked into this race-mixing, pro-Muslim, mutli-kulti garbage, and the destruction of the conservative Catholic family comprised of a husband and wife. We can only wait and see...

Don't do politics over 1000s of people, if you are sincere put your effort in finding a solution for Syrians, Refugees problem in Europe. I could also write a long sorry letter for Europeans "Ohh you poor nation of Europe, you had to see such a days, ohh poor nations" but would it help them? Try to find a solution, they don't need our sympathy.

The worst thing is, the politicians actually are shocked that the average citizen does not want Muslims there - like they're actually surprised that a small town of 1000 people wouldn't want 300 people coming in speaking a totally different language, with a totally different culture and different reliigion.

I do understand and I am with you. Even I would do it on behalves of other Germans. Why should we spend money on other nations, if they are in war. Yes because of sympathy we could provide them food and some play for living near border. thats it. But Dr. Merkel invited them inside your cities and warmly welcomed them. Pictures are posted in media, what do you think, even if I see such pictures, I would think Germans are very very kind heart people :)

But in fact no. Politicians are Kind heart not German Nation. So what did you do for Germans, if you are from Germany, you would start hating people coming around the world, may be someone raise his voice Islamophobia and you would believe them. But Brother there is no truth in it.

Try to find a solution, I like this thing in Germans. I still remember every time when I speak to my colleague German Engineer, he replied me back "let me find the solution" and he did. So you could too find a solution.
7 May 2016  #2,274

do leave us alone and also stop taking our money!

we won't stop taking your money - you owe us
7 May 2016  #2,275

We owe you 0! Roll up your sleeves and work instead of living on handouts! Have some pride if you can!

It is Saturday and am on the bus on my way to work because I am not lazy...
7 May 2016  #2,276

We owe you 0

you owe us - the bloody, destructive war and 50 years of communism were not our choice
7 May 2016  #2,277

50 years of communism were not our choice

The UK and US (though decisions made at Yalta) are largely responsible for the 45 lost years of the PRL . That is true.

Instead of a Marshall Plan Poland got Communism. There's no particular reason for Poland to trust western governments that betrayed them in the past.
7 May 2016  #2,278

Poles like you are Europe's shame and fed up to feed you! ). I simply wish we stop giving money to Poland!

Shut up, xenophobic psychopath.
7 May 2016  #2,279

A most amusing thread. Very entertaining. An informative line of thoughts. What seems to come through strongly =
# The Polish People want to feel at home in their home, which is their Poland. Polish Heirs to Polish History, Polish Nation, Polish Language and Culture and Tribe and Family and Polish Slavic, White European DNA. No other: Just them.

## The foreigners and half-casts and half-bakes, who will never feel at home in Poland, [no matter for how long they have infested the country, which is never their home], want to bring in anything in any number so as to be at ease amongst people like themselves, foreigners, who are out of their tree.

### It seems that there are few Polish People on PF.
There is absolutely no reason = NO REASON, [common-sense, logic, CRITICAL THINKING], why any country in EU should/must, via threat, take in any foreigners, especially young men of fighting age. Including IndiPaks, and such like, who get themselves excited watching white porn on the web and have confused wet dreams about blue haired and blonde eyed teeny wives all to their ugly selves.

@ InPolska - BUT, not of Polska. !Basta ya! !Y, vamos! www information is open to all, and search-engine-translator is free. Brainwashed Muslims, who don't head bang, are still brainwashed Muslims who bang Crusader heads. Especially Somalis who have an IQ of 60 +/-. Europeans, 100, +/-1.

> Muslim Immigration:
@ Pakistan Lahore = Why the invasion? There is no mystery to those who read Anglo/American History. The "Powers That Be" have never made it secret because, under their code of conduct, all planned events must be put before the 'animals', symbolically, [S]. If the 'animals' do not rebel then they "Consent to be ruled". Simply, it is all about power and control of Earths resources. The last one standing with the biggest chapatti is the winner. Agenda 21 = now, Agenda 2030. The Marxist, [S], Jesuit, [S], priest, [S], acting as Pope, [S], went to U$A, [S], and symbolically introduced 'Agenda 2030', and '4th World'. 12 black refusegees to Vatican City, [S]. No opposition = consent.

The only people who are clever enough to revolt are White Europeans. All other races are brainwashed to obey authority. That is why every White country is deliberately being destroyed from within by Mass Immigration of un-assimilable parasites. Only the White countries. Not Pakistan/India/Japan. The West does not need Hindi IT experts. The Whites invented IT.

>> Check out = Coudenhove-Kalegri Plan.
7 May 2016  #2,280

The problem is that a lot mix everything and its contrary. They don't make the difference between current migrants invited to Eu by Merkel and the millions who have settled I'm Europe for generations and for their main part are "normal" and respectful citizens.

I have NEVER said/written that I am in favor of current Merkelian mess but that Poland ad a member of the club has to play the game and also that western Europe is NOT as those who

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