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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

21 May 2016  #2,441


When was the last time that a grenade exploded in Gdynia?

Meanwhile, lately a dozen of then were launched by your muslim brothers in Malmo

21 May 2016  #2,442

When was the last time that a grenade exploded in Gdynia?

There are plenty of criminal car driving lunatics aka terrorists in Gdynia. The result is worse than in your post - people die (on dual carriageway 2 kilometre straight stretches of 70 km speed limit Gydnia-Gdansk city trunk-road, 8 people died last year). Only in Poland could drivers be so moronic:)).

And why are Syrians so welcome in Malmo then? Poles are skilled themselves at causing danger to others. Have you ever heard of the uni-bomber?

Let me refresh your memory? He was Polish.
21 May 2016  #2,443

But those are the wars that i was talking about. :)

I just refuse to call thm Arab-Israeli was because theywere pure agression of all arab countries against Israel, which, God knows how, could resist when all arab countries united to destroy them.

After they being defeated, as a revenge, Hafez Al Assad expelled all Ashkenazi Poles from Syria (and Lebanon, which was, at that time, under syrian occupation).

So no lenartowicz, Abramowicz or etc exists anymore in Syria.


Do you know about Balfour Declaration‎ ?

There is nothing called Israel
Israel usurper entity

Israel was founded after the Balfour promised a national home

See historical information

Enough of nonsense
22 May 2016  #2,444

How can someone with Internet access and countless posts on a message board be so ignorant with what is occuring?

All of us tend to see what we wish to see.

Jon, however, is more than averagely proficient at ignoring the truth if he happens to find it in some way inconvenient.
22 May 2016  #2,445

Poland is defending it's sovereignty against, the brown shirt bullies of Europe. I'm sure that Junkers would prepare an EU invasion of Poland if he had is way.

Polish MPs adopt resolution on defending Poland's sovereignty - See more at:
22 May 2016  #2,446

Poland is defending it's sovereignty against, the brown shirt bullies of Europe.

Poland is defending nothing. If she doesn't want to accept European standards, leave the EU. Very simple.
22 May 2016  #2,447

Be careful what you wish for.

There are two separate issues:

The TK - PiS is totally, 100% completely in the wrong and has been from the beginning. They shame themselves and their supporters more every day it drags on.

As for "refugees" these are not "European standards" but a poorly thought out decision by a possibly mentally ill European leader who's trying desparately to save face with her home audience and bullying EU institutions into supporting her. PiS is completely right about this one issue. There's no reason for Poland to accept unvetted "refugees" from the middle East who will scamper back to Germany the first chance they get.
22 May 2016  #2,448

European standards

pardon. EU doesn`t have exclusive right to define European standards. EU is just part of Europe, still, it is usual that EU officials and some others speak of Europe when they mean EU.

As Sarmats and Thracians (ie Slavs), meaning native Europeans, we Serbians found such a statements insulting. If western Europe have money and proper level of tech development, it doesn`t give them right to grab what isn`t theirs to grab. In past, we Serbians were more developed then western Europe and we shall work and fight to be first again.
22 May 2016  #2,449

As for "refugees"

I don't really include them in European standards to be honest - it wasn't agreed on at EU level and plenty of countries are openly hostile.
22 May 2016  #2,450

"European standards, leave the EU. Very simple." Excuse me but the latest batch of migrants were invited in by Angela Merkel.

The migrants were brought in against the rule of the Dublin treaty , which just goes to prove that the ruling powerhouse EU countries like Germany can flout European laws and treaty,s at will without a vote from other member states.
22 May 2016  #2,451

The migrants were brought in

They were not " brought in" Dolno. They fled a war zone, where 500,000 have died. And as needs to repeated, the 1951 Convention says that refugees ( because that's what the huge majority of Syrians are) cannot be returned to a war zone

Or outside of the continent they landed in, more to the point.
And Poland refuses to contribute.

And you know that makes you Scum. It's the heart of the matter.
22 May 2016  #2,452

Funny no that turkey has been bribed to stop the migrants no more Migrant boat people are arriving?

What about the genuine refugees who are in the camps?, don't you find it strange that no one is standing up for them, looks like the libtards have had a political bellyful of migration and are totally ignoring the genuine needy.

Does anyone else find it strange that Poland is being dragged through the European courts for sacking a few Judges, but Germany is not in trouble for breaching the Dublin treaty.

Tell me how many people have have been raped murdered or assaulted because of a few sacked Judges in Poland, now compare that to the crimes committed by the recent migrants to Europe. As far as I am concerned the risk of one rape or murder of a Polish citizen by an un-vetted migrant is too great a risk to take (What if it was a member of your family that gets raped or killed) .
22 May 2016  #2,453

risk of one rape or murder of a Polish citizen

I well remember that Urban criminal, who famously said in 1988 ( I was here) that the Peoples' Republic of Poland had no AIDS cases, because homosexuals were "regulated".

Poles are perfectly capable of raping and murdering, like any other nation, unfortunately.
22 May 2016  #2,454

"Poles are perfectly capable of raping and murdering," Very true but why should Poland add any more murderers and rapists to the pot.

Have you been to Austria lately I have , have you seen the border controls that are in place, takes an hour to get through, the place is awash with migrants begging and intimidating money from people.

The effect of this in Austria is the rise of the far right which is the last thing Europe needs.

The pistol-packing extremist set to be Austria's fuhrer: Politician could become first Far Right candidate to be elected head of state on the continent since WW2

Read more:
23 May 2016  #2,455

Poles are perfectly capable of raping and murdering, like any other nation,

Yes, the supply of indigenous numbskulls is quite large enough, no need to import a bunch from the middle east.

The effect of this in Austria is the rise of the far right which is the last thing Europe needs.

Unintended consequences defeat reflexive do-gooderism yet again!
24 May 2016  #2,456

I watched a documentary about Ukrainian migrants coming to Poland for work. Most appear to take jobs in agriculture, kitchens, construction, hotels, cafeterias, with a few women tricking - often not through their own volition.

The cameras followed some Ukranians and they all had a few things in common - wishing to assimilate, learning Polish, and working... None of them were shown marching down the street with Orthodoxy 4 Poland signs, none were complaining that they didn't get free housing, , or complaining about government benefits.

What a novel idea - emigrating to a country to make a better life for yourself and your family through hard work and not complaining that people aren't giving you free stuff while actually putting some effort to assimilate to the new society.

If only the Muslims and Africans (actually, the non-Muslim Africans seem to integrate better than the Muzzies) in western Europe would do the same... However, they do not... they form 'special zones' where poverty, extremism, sharia, unemployment, and crime reign supreme. Instead of getting off their prayer matts, they could go get a minimum wage job and they'd be making far more than they would in Pakistan or Syria or Kosovo or any of the other cess pools they came from. The Ukranian migrants in Poland would LOVE to trade places with these free loaders but they're happy just making a tiny Polish wage as it's still far more than they'd make in Ukraine.
15 Jul 2016  #2,457

< broken record > Another attack in Western European

Nice, France: 70+ dead, they were pedestrians celebrating French holiday and a large/tall truck drove into the crowd. They had weapons, shots were fired and Police killed the attackers
15 Jul 2016  #2,458

And was the driver a refugee? Or are you just a racist?
15 Jul 2016  #2,459

ISIS has claimed responsibility. Whether they actually planned this or these 2 lone wolves "taking the call to arms" we will not know for a few days. No point in waiting for all answers considering there might be another attack before such information surfaces.
15 Jul 2016  #2,460

Still no suggestion that there's any connection with the humanitarian crisis. And it's appalling of to try to make any sort of point about the deaths of so many people.

Why mention it in this thread at all? There isn't any connection to the thread.

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