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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

15 Jul 2016  #2,461

Hahah whatever you say buddy. Meanwhile, "The killers then emerged from the truck and shot people in restaurants. The truck was rigged with explosive so they could kill even more!"

Westeners make me so embarrassed to be European
15 Jul 2016  #2,462

No known connection to the current humanitarian crisis and tawdry to exploit people's deaths to try and make a point about an unrelated issue.
15 Jul 2016  #2,463

Western values

  • Western Europe
15 Jul 2016  #2,464

Still nothing to do with the thread, guest poster. Bad taste too.
15 Jul 2016  #2,465

Reality seems to be in bad taste.
15 Jul 2016  #2,466

The reality is that tonight's tragic events have nothing to do with the thread which is about Poland.
15 Jul 2016  #2,467

Every single attack over the past year+ has to do with Poland. We share a union with this impotent "leadership" in Brussels.

Western Europe is at best harboring Islamic terrorism and at worst a breeding ground. We should blindly follow their Multiculturalism masterplan?
15 Jul 2016  #2,468

That's neither true nor in the light of tonight's tragedy tasteful. And no, it's nothing to do with Poland.
15 Jul 2016  #2,469

It doesn't I agree. Should be deleted from thread.
15 Jul 2016  #2,470

What's the point in waiting? Same old story

a) 1st Generation disenfrenchised "European-Muslim"
b) Recent Asylum-seeker from X-Muslim nation
c) Received weapons/grenades during Migrant Crisis

Take your pick. They all lead to the same problem. Like I said above, information will trickle out until our focus already moved onto the next attack. Another round of applause to Brexit.

Meanwhile, Germany raided 60 homes a few days ago because of "hate speech" on social media
15 Jul 2016  #2,471


The problem is you trying to connect tonight's tragedy with this thread.

Germany raided 60 homes a few days ago because of "hate speech

Good they are tackling it.
15 Jul 2016  #2,472

Unconfirmed reports that he was a 31 year old from Nice with Tunisian origins

> Tackling hate speech
Using Nazi tactics to "prevent Nazis"
15 Jul 2016  #2,473

So nothing to to with Poland. Shame on you for attempting to take advantage of the tragedy.


Goodwin's Law...
15 Jul 2016  #2,474

Goodwin's Law...

Current day Deutschland applies

- arresting free speech
- arresting art [the Comedian jokes about Erdogan]
15 Jul 2016  #2,475


Still nothing to do with either the topic of the thread or the tragedy in Nice.

Shame on you for trying to exploit a tragedy in order to expound your tacky views.
15 Jul 2016  #2,476

Simple, it is no secret that there are Muslim Arabs and Africans that hate Europeans. Though this did not occur in Poland, that does not mean we should turn a blind eye to what is happening elsewhere. This is just as much a provocation as it is a tragedy, if today's actions were not considered a hate crime against French/white people, then I don't know what is.
15 Jul 2016  #2,477

The reality is that tonight's tragic events have nothing to do with the thread which is about Poland.

It is almost certain (99%) that the terrorist attack was carried out by muslims for islamist reasons (Islamism being the single most violent political ideology in the world today).

Firtually all the "refugees" that Poland would be obliged to accept are also muslims (and probably some with islamist leanings as no one has really vetted most of them or knows anything more about them than what they say themselves).

The actions of Islamist terrorists are entirely on point since the combined governments of Western Europe are strangely intent on sending more muslims (potentially with islamist values) to Poland than can be easily integrated (even if they wanted to be integrated).
15 Jul 2016  #2,478

It was carried out by a person. And has nothing to do with Poland...
15 Jul 2016  #2,479

That is a very weak assertion, it was carried out by a person similar to the ones that the EU wants to send to Poland - that makes it relevant.
15 Jul 2016  #2,480

It does appear that these attacks are carried out by migrants or the offspring of migrants. Acceptance random un-vetted migration needs to be reviewed, and may need to be extended to longer term scrutiny of siblings for any sign of radicalization, maybe a modified version of the British 1919 Aliens act would be appropriate.

The Polish government has the responsibility of keeping it's citizens safe from being murdered, this must take priority over any other considerations when it comes to migrants / refugees.

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