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USA News and Poland - Part 4

16 Nov 2020  #31

Didn't you watch that video of the Alaskan fishing boats telling the Russian Navy to F.O. ?

No, but I know that there is a lot of brave men, who use their natural freedom to choose their very own way to hell. Some of them enjoy some free adrenaline from cruise missiles buzzing overhead, I think it is not that bad...

16 Nov 2020  #32

Biden claims he will be the leader for "all Americans."

But his unoriginal motto "Build Back Better" signals something very different. Something completely alien and un-American.

"Build Back Better" has been the mantra of the globalist World Economic Forum which has a very different and very sinister vision for America's future and the rest of the world.

This is the living Orwellian nightmare just two terms of a Biden/Harris regime would deliver.

And they've been planning it for years.

johnny reb
16 Nov 2020  #33

she knew Dominion wasn't used in every state

Just the key States that would make a difference.

I think it is not that bad...

Nope, Russia just wants to know our response time as we do Russia's.
We never hear about how close our Navy and bomber jets get to the Russian coastline but I am sure we do our share of taunting too.

Cargo pants
16 Nov 2020  #34

I voted for Trump,but now I am getting tired of his bickering.Accept it and go on.

16 Nov 2020  #35

Cargo, you have impressed me now. There are some shreds of decency in you - why don`t you allow them to become your permanent trait????? Why don`t you join the circle of decent people for good?

Cargo pants
16 Nov 2020  #36

Because they stink:)But my opinion about his work is still the same.

16 Nov 2020  #37

The election process has a set schedule. The results are close and in dispute and have only been called by the leftist Trump-hating media who are in the tank for Dementia Joe and Commie Kamala.

For four years President Trump and his supporters have been under non-stop attack by the opposition (both Republican and Democrat).

So why should Trump concede now?

He knows what he is doing.

17 Nov 2020  #38

So why should Trump concede now?

Because he lost the election and so he can leave with a bit of dignity.

Vesko Vukovic
17 Nov 2020  #39

Because he lost the election

If this fraud is allowed to stand it basically means the end of democracy everywhere. We are moving into the Orwellian world that Eric Arthur Blair described and wrote about.

Vesko Vukovic
17 Nov 2020  #40


Chilling speech from Aldous Huxley


cms neuf
17 Nov 2020  #41

Growing up in a commie country I doubt you were allowed to read either of those.

If Orwell and Huxley were alive today they would not be on the side of Trump and Putin.

What fraud are you referring to by the way ?

17 Nov 2020  #42

the side of Trump and Putin.

It didn't make you any good if you are that stupid.

johnny reb
17 Nov 2020  #43

What fraud are you referring to by the way ?

It's been posted six times now so quit playing stupid.


Start there and continue with stuff like this.
Milwaukee elections chief, Claire Woodall-Vogg claims she lost her elections flash drive in the early morning on the fourth. She later "found" it. With that flash drive, you can manipulate the vote counts, but there is no evidence that happened, but at the same time Biden got 120,000 votes to virtually tie him with Trump.

Ya trackin' here neuf ?
Or how about right here in my backtyard.
In a December 2019 letter to Dominion Voting Systems, which has been mired in controversy after a human error involving its machines in Antrim County, Michigan, resulted in incorrect counts, in the 2020 election.

Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar and congressman Mark Pocan warned about reports of machines "switching votes," "undisclosed vulnerabilities," and "improbable" results that "threaten the integrity of our elections."

And walla, millions of Trumps votes were switched to Biden in key States by these machines of 'democracy through technology".
Read about the infamous Dominion machine connected to Crooked Hillary and then come back with your stupid question of, "what fraud ?"
Here more for you to google to answer your relentless stupid question.
Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called "glitch", now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling.

I could go on all day with the fraud that was committed in the 2020 election that stole the votes from Trump and gave them to Biden BUT guess what, tomorrow you would just post AGAIN and AGAIN, "what voter fraud."

if you are that stupid.

I am beginning to wonder just how dim.

What fraud are you referring to by the way ?

It will be more then enough to answer your relentless question.
Try this one too:


cms neuf
17 Nov 2020  #44

The lost flash drive ?

Sounds a bit like the lost laptop and Tucker Carlson"s lost package

Check the basement of the pizza place

johnny reb
17 Nov 2020  #45

Here is an interesting tid bid on the fraud.
The media has been in an overdrive projecting US Presidential candidate Joe Biden's connections to India.
But did you know that Joe Biden's great, great, great, great, great grandfather worked for the East India Company?
Not many are aware that after the so called dissolution of the British Empire, the company just went underground and resurfaced with new identities.
It is known by many names - Empire 2.0, the Deep State, the Hidden Hand, the New World Order etc.
Through these seemingly modern structures the Empire has been recently exposed rigging the 2020 US Elections through one of its Crown Agent companies, aptly named Dominion Voting Systems.

cms neuf
17 Nov 2020  #46

I thought it was disbanded in the 1850s after the Indian Mutiny ? If one of Bidens distant relatives was there he was probably a simple soldier in their private army

But I presume your post is a joke ?

johnny reb
17 Nov 2020  #47

Presume as you may but is no joke and please quit deflecting.
We are debating voter fraud that so we can put your idiot question of "what voter fraud ' to rest.

Sounds a bit like the lost laptop

No, it sounds like what the Americans believe but since you are claiming to live in Poland you believe the Marxist Media Mob instead.

More than a third of registered voters believe Donald Trump legitimately won the presidential election, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Less than half of all respondents - 49% - believe Joe Biden legitimately won the race, while 34% said they believe Trump won the election, and 16% said they are not sure who really won.

johnny reb
17 Nov 2020  #48

Now that the shoe is on the other foot old Plug Biden is getting as nervous as a ***** in church.
It was o.k. to investigate Trump and his family DAILY for FOUR YEARS non-stop but now Bite-me doesn't want to be investigated with the accuse it will divide the country even more. lmfao !

Well just what in the hell do you think the Democratic Party has done for four years you hypocrites !
It's called 'karma', joe.
The only difference is that Trump wasn't found guilty of anything which sure the hell will not hold true with the Biden Crime Family. HA !


cms neuf
17 Nov 2020  #49

So I see Crazy Rudy wants 20.000 bucks a day to work for No Tax Don. LOL when you send Don your cash to save democracy it will go straight into Rudy's pocket.

We all know how this will end. A fall out, Trump denying he ever spent more than 5 minutes in Rudy's company, a book deal (he'll even I would buy Crazy Rudy's book) and another lawyer being appointed who also quits after a few weeks.

I would say stop the circus but it's too much fun to watch

17 Nov 2020  #50

Looks like the Trump supporters are even more desperate than I'd suspected, otherwise they would have never fallen back on "whistleblowers" like this one:


17 Nov 2020  #51

Less than half of all respondents - 49% - believe Joe Biden legitimately won the race, ...

It's probably because 100% of "irregularities" were in Biden's favor - a statistical impossibility.

Cargo pants
17 Nov 2020  #52

16% said they are not sure who really won.

I think I am among them,as the days go by I suspect if there was really a mass voter fraud.Yes there was fraud but not that widespread.5.5Mil more votes then Trump,America is not that bad.I hate Biden & Kamala but thats what democracy is.Now I am getting to feel Trump is too egocentric.

johnny reb
17 Nov 2020  #53

I would say stop the circus

What happened to our debate on fraud ?

We are debating voter fraud that so we can put your idiot question of "what voter fraud ' to rest.

After I pointed out several voting frauds all I heard was crickets for six hours and then you come back with a deflection again.

It's probably

It's probably because Trump didn't cheat which makes it very statistically possible.

they would have never fallen back on

Who is 'they' ?

17 Nov 2020  #54

Funnily, the one genuine proven attempt at voters' fraud was done by a Trump supporter.


18 Nov 2020  #55

attempt at voters' fraud

He was arrested because, in the USA, laws are not enforced until the swamp wants them enforced. Then they are enforced. Were laws enforced in Portland?

They were enforced in the cities where the Trump supporters were setting police cars on fire and shopping after hours - with baseball bats instead of credit cards.

50-50 are mistakes. 95-5 is fraud.

cms neuf
18 Nov 2020  #56

Johnny I forgot the sound advice not to respond to your all day nonsense postings. So you can continue the debate with someone else who can be bothered.

johnny reb
18 Nov 2020  #57

I forgot the sound advice

Good man now take your wife and go out for a walk and get some fresh air.
Maybe buy a pair of cross-country skis or a bicycle and throw those stogies away.

So you can continue the debate

Ha, I took Jokers advice, "don't try to debate idiots as it is just a waste of time".
Off to my day trading and then out to the forest to dump some corn and apples by my deer blind.
Lots of fresh air and exercise plus I will be filling up my freezer with venison for the winter.
Constructive use of time and living healthy.
You won't be sorry for taking my sound advice as soon you will be feeling much better both physically and mentally. 👍

18 Nov 2020  #58

filling up my freezer with venison for the winter.

Do you need to poach to survive winter?

johnny reb
18 Nov 2020  #59

Poach ?
No, it is deer season here in Michigan.
I have a hunting license that allows me to harvest government beef just like 750,000 other hunters do.
Being a foreigner I understand your ignorance AGAIN.
Maybe you should just read this thread instead of trying to contribute to it with your nonsense.

18 Nov 2020  #60

harvest government beef

Yes, I know you must make the ends meet somehow.

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