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USA News and Poland - Part 6

24 Apr 2022  #151

From dailymail.com:

Pictured: Climate activist, 50, who died after lighting himself ablaze in front of the Supreme Court on Earth Day wrote '4/22/2022' and a fire emoji in a Facebook post from 2020

The article did not mention how much CO2 was created in the process.

24 Apr 2022  #152


He obviously had mental problems.

24 Apr 2022  #153

I like when nuts kill themselves solo. Can you imagine one of them as a jumbo jet pilot?

25 Apr 2022  #154

KH would be better for you and me if he should resign.

Did you hear her latest speech about Space?


Its worse than here talking in Europe! What a disaster she would be as Prez. How about a double impeachment:)

25 Apr 2022  #155

Did you hear her latest speech about Space?

A politician can survive many things but not ridicule. My equation still stands: how did they pull this off? I mean winning.

johnny reb
25 Apr 2022  #156

My equation still stands: how did they pull this off?

You haven't heard ?
51 people pulled it off, Rich.

25 Apr 2022  #157

51 people


25 Apr 2022  #158

I mean winning.

Big tech and the MSM suppressing and censoring any voice that doesnt follow their lefty woke agenda. Hunters laptop is a good example.

johnny reb
25 Apr 2022  #159


The media keeps burying the biden election scandal.
This is the best I could find to answer your ? Rich.

Thankfully, during one of the New York Post's multiple victory laptops in the past week, the paper named and shamed these 51 intel officials for their role in the big lie of killing this story which could've potentially derailed biden's entire 2020 candidacy:

This explains why biden stayed in hiding and refused to debate Trump ?

Here are the names and the story about those 51 people that threw the election.


The question now is when will president biden answer for his role in lying directly to the American people about the contents of his son's laptop and his own level of corruption ?

My guess is that he will die of natural causes before that would ever happen.

25 Apr 2022  #160

The scary thing is that low approvals do not necessarily mean defeats as the French elections proved just now. I have no doubt that the Dem scum is working 24/7 on how to bs enough idiots to win again in 2024. With blacks and women, we are fu*cked, since those two groups are immune to facts and common sense. Even government statistics don't work for them.

The hemorrhoid woman is wearing a white woman's wig. Did I mention that even blacks know we are superior?

25 Apr 2022  #161

The First Amendment has risen from the grave!!!

Twitter accepts Elon Musk's buyout deal

...and the leftists' heads are exploding!!! He should get a Nobel for something...after that pos Obongo got his.

Hey, PF leftist morons, how are you doing?

johnny reb
25 Apr 2022  #162

Does this mean that Donald J. Trump will get his account back ? :-)

25 Apr 2022  #163

Twitter accepts Elon Musk's buyout deal

Great news!!!!!

25 Apr 2022  #164

Let's hope it was the first brick that will make this whole woke stinking leftist fascism come crushing down.

27 Apr 2022  #165

Ive havent seen the lefties melting down this badly since Trump won!

They are the ones suppressing free speech and I guess they want to keep it that way. Well too bad! Hahahahaha!

johnny reb
27 Apr 2022  #166

I see this morning that the news media has finally picked this story up.
biden had $5.2 million in unexplained income, an analysis of the presidential financial records shows.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Any bets that it will be traced back to Russia and/or Ukraine ?

27 Apr 2022  #167

elon musk apparently shouldnt just be hailed for the twitter takeover that finally needed to be done guys:


27 Apr 2022  #168

As for Musks takeover of Twitter, this is British MSM take on it.


28 Apr 2022  #169

The Libtards are in full meltdown mode calling Musk a racist now. You know when they have lost the argument when they proclaim Racist!!!

Joy Reid Claims Elon Musk Buying Twitter Shows He 'Misses' Apartheid South Africa: 'He Wants That Back'


johnny reb
28 Apr 2022  #170

Many of the Liberals are closing their Twitter accounts in protest.
Mission accomplished. lol

28 Apr 2022  #171

Mission accomplished.

It will be when they blow their brains out. Musk should open a go-fund-me account if he ever needs money to fund the acquisition. He would collect a lot - if only as a show of support. I bought a bottle of Paul Masson ($11.25) to celebrate and I don't drink - except this time.

29 Apr 2022  #172

I started watching Tucker again. It's so depressing I can scream and I feel like running and hiding somewhere.
Today, I found out that now we have our own federal Ministry of Truth. God have mercy on this nation.

29 Apr 2022  #173

What a coincidence the new ministry of truth comes out the same week Musk takes over Twitter.

Orwells 1984 has arrived!

We better hope after the Reps win in November they grow some balls and put an end to this crap.

29 Apr 2022  #174

The greatness of America!


Even more American Greatness and $hit


29 Apr 2022  #175

I like you, C3, so take my advice...They don't watch videos, read links, or posts with RT in them. You would more likely see Satan drinking holy water. These are flag-waving, shallow, feel-good clowns so treat them accordingly.

29 Apr 2022  #176


Tucker: This the point where we have to draw the line

Fox News host gives take on the 'Ministry of Truth' leader on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

29 Apr 2022  #177

Orwells 1984 has arrived!

And I, poor idiot, thought that running here I was running away from the totalitarian scum...

29 Apr 2022  #178

Rich, you are not an idiot, you ran away from a totalitarian scum and enjoyed life in a new country, that may in some ways be oppressive and controlling, but not in the way Russia is.

Imagine how your life would be now, had you remained in Poland.
You.made the right choice.

29 Apr 2022  #179

that may in some ways be oppressive and controlling,

Actually, the US is heaven. Especially to those with big mouths like me. My main problem with the US is that it's too generous and too caring abroad while ignoring what's happening at home.

I rip into the US ruling scum for the same reason why we yell at our kids when they do stupid sh*it. Not because we hate them but because we love them and are willing to put our lives on the line to protect them. In return, we expect some respect and consideration for our willingness to make this ultimate sacrifice.

29 Apr 2022  #180


Nice post Rich!

I agree with every word and can apply most of it to my country too!

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