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29 Jul 2018  #33,091

A Liberal Arts degree is what these snowflakes go to college for now

Well, at least they have an education unlike our Trumpanzees (also known as the "Oxy Morons") who only have a red MAGA hat and a bunch of bananas. Ha ha ha.

Rich Mazur
29 Jul 2018  #33,092

...against all those Ph.D.'s from the East coast, brainiacs from the Valley and the deeps***s in the DC.

Now, THAT is funny!

Almost forgot about the billion Hill blew.

29 Jul 2018  #33,093

Not really the kind of music to enjoy a spliff, though. Getting drunk is more appropriate.

Yep liberal = marijuana user = loser = no control over faculties to make any kind of rational decision.

Stop taking drugs, the mist will clear and you will see the world for what is, and begin to take rational decisions.

johnny reb
29 Jul 2018  #33,094

And rational posts

29 Jul 2018  #33,095

least they have an education unlike our Trumpanzees (also known as the "Oxy Morons")

Tell us how intelligent is it to obtain a degree that has no practical use in todays business environment? Is there going to be a mad rush for millions of community organizer jobs? These Trumpanzies that you ridicule are getting engineering degrees and making a decent living. I wish you would pull your head out of your ass and stop parroting these hateful dem talking points. Name calling will not help you win another election, try Abolishing ICE LOLOL!

...against all those Ph.D.'s from the East coast, brainiacs from the Valley and the deeps***s in the DC

Hahahaha! Too Funny!!!

Rich Mazur
29 Jul 2018  #33,096

I just spent a whole bloody hour I will never get back looking for job that requires a degree in African Studies, Women's Studies, BLM Studies, Antifa Studies, Business Extortion Studies, Resistance Studies, and Community Scam Studies and found nothing except one: President of the United States of America. To attract as many applicants as possible, English and being born in the US are no longer required.

30 Jul 2018  #33,097

I want to get a degree in social justice, quit working, move to San Francisco and help illegals register to vote.

English and being born in the US are no longer required.

With an open border policy it wouldn't be PC enough to ask that our President speak English

I love DEMS!

Dirk diggler
30 Jul 2018  #33,098

Studies show that commies are more often than not well earning academics and intellectuals

Academia and intellectualism is overrated. And that's coming from an educated person currently in grad school. More.conservatives work in blue collar jobs than liberals that's why there's more educated people bookwise. But in terms of life and street smarts they are clueless!!! Except the welfare and disability leeches in the hood of course... they live off taxpaywr money and most in the hood work a cash job whether its landscaping working in restaurants to robbing and dealing.

We already had an intellectual type with zero street smarts with no understanding how his policies affecr the taxpayers ruling our country before Trump and look where it got us - triple the debt, longest recession, billions spent needlessly and even his goody two shoes vullsh1t was just an act as he not only refused to undo the laws like the patriot act or stop putting hundreds of people not even charged with a crime into gitno, the mofo expanded it. Just like the rest of the libtards whether it's an antifa basement dwellers or

I meet plenty of these tweed jacket wearing professor types all the time. They have all these fancy degree and 20 letters after their name yet these mofos don't even know how to do simple **** like change their oil or install a ceiling fan. These people are so ******* clueless its ridiculois. One even asked me if I could **** his wife while he watched. No bs man. I would've said sure but she was too ugly. But that's why I love working there - they're so easy to rip off lol.

Now you habe all these libtards getting degrees in gender studies and liberal arts. **** that id rather my kids learn welding even and at the end of the day well be the ones making the money while those mofos.are totally clueless and voting for people like Bernie thinking that some polish jew is going to cancel all their student debt which they're banking on since they're waiting tables and serving coffee as their liberal arts, art history or gender studies didn't get them jack **** in the real world.

Man I hope a civil war breaks out. The first thing I'll do is take a drive to some rich liberal suburb and make all 30k liberals in that town my ***** with nothing but a 380 and pair of balls. They want socialism and equality? Hell they can all live in prefab shacks and I'll put en to work.and I'll make sure in return they get their daily bowl of rice in return.

cms neuf
30 Jul 2018  #33,099

Who would have thought it ? All my time in education was wasted because I still cannot perform one of life's most basic tasks, installing a ceiling fan.

Dirk diggler
30 Jul 2018  #33,100

@cms neuf

You really don't know how to install a ceiling fan? That's pretty sad dude. There's certain skills every man should know to properly maintain their homes, cars, guns, etc.

Im just using that as one of many examples of how educated liberals may know everything about art or feminism or Karl Marx but are clueless on basic things in life. Whenever I see a man standing by the side of the road calling for help because he can't change his tire I lose even more hope for western men. Some of today's men can't even muster enough strength to start a lawnmower and what's even worse is that media like mtv tries to.make this a normal thing and even make the guy look like some cute bimbo.

Every man and woman ought to know certain specific tasks related to their gender.... otherwise imo they're not really a man or woman

Dirk diggler
30 Jul 2018  #33,101

I know we can't marry same sex in Poland .

Thank God.

Tu jest Polska, nie Bruksela, tu sie pedalowania NIE POPIERA!!!

cms neuf
30 Jul 2018  #33,102

Nope. I don't think many Poles would - they are rarely seen here, perhaps in the odd restaurant. If people have a fan it is normally a stand up thing from Media Expert.

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,103

You really don't know how to install a ceiling fan? That's pretty sad dude.

I would forgive them for that. What is impossible to forgive and forget is that they don't know how to add and subtract. And that they are totally clueless how wealth is created.

cms neuf
30 Jul 2018  #33,104

I have some idea and it's certainty not created by being sat in a basement from morning till night abusing people.

Dirk diggler
30 Jul 2018  #33,105

I would say that the majority of polish men probably do. And with the huge amount of polonia working in construction and related, I'd say with certainty that at the very least majority of polonia men do. I think that every guy should know certain skills pertaining to maintaining your house and car. Sure I can hire someone to change my oil and often times do if I have something to do but nonetheless I know I can do it myself and that's probably the most important basic thing a man should know.

@Rich Mazur
Honestly in most cases it's as simple as following instructions. When I flip through the channels oftentimes there's some reality show where a man is clueless about basic simple things. This is especially true on the shows like fix it or flip it or other shows about like fixing up houses. It's the same with cars though. Some rich guy will own 10 cars and brag about how they're so fast yet he can't even install a custom intake. They freaken give you directions!!! I mean how stupid are some of these people. Oh and the worst is when some bimbo talks about how math is hard and she hates match. Math is following a set of instructions and applying it to a set of similar generic problems.

These tv shows glorify ineptitude and ignorance. Like it's portrayed as being cute when some 16 yesr old pops out 2 kids and thinks she'll give them a bright future yet she can't do remedial algebra. It's no different with guys. Like on the home improvement shows it often shows the male home owner trying to help out. They show him ******* up tasks as simple as painting a wall or trying to hammer a nail. He hits his hand and everyone laughs like a bunch of idiots. This is the dumbing down of the western world. It's considered cool and trendy to be stupid and ignorant of the most basic sh1t encountered in life. And no degree is going to teach you all that stuff

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,106

My nie chcemy Muslim refugees.

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,107

It's considered cool and trendy to be stupid and ignorant of the most basic sh1t encountered in life.

It showed up in my personal life when I realized how smart my 12-year-old granddaughter is. I told her that when she will start dating to take that IQ of hers down a notch or he will feel bad and drop you.

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,108

Just curious. Does Bruce still have his jewels where God placed them or have they been surgically detached?

30 Jul 2018  #33,109

Nie chciemy uchodzow muslimskich. (Tip - Unlike in Russian, you needn't always include the pronoun unless it's being emphasized)

For pity's sake, if you're going to write it, write it properly:-)

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,110

It should be uchodzcow.

30 Jul 2018  #33,111

Nie chciemy uchodzow muslimskich

you're both wrong...

Nie chcemy muzułmańskich uchodźców

or maybe more naturally

Nie chcemy uchodźców z krajów muzułmańskich....

Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,112

I feel sorry for koroh.

30 Jul 2018  #33,113

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Dirk diggler
30 Jul 2018  #33,114

The eurocrats days are numbered!!! 2019 is the year that Europeans, real Europeans, take back the European parliament and revive the Christian identity of the continent and bring back sovereignty and independence to each EU member. The will of the European people will be enforced! No more punishment for protecting borders, no more punishment for refusing to take in people we dont want, no more punishment for democratically electing nationalists and no more Brussels Paris and germany dictating ridiculous rules that every country must follow. 2019 is the year when 1Europe becomes for the Europeans again


30 Jul 2018  #33,115

The accession countries are welcome to leave the EU if they want to.

30 Jul 2018  #33,116

My nie chcemy Muslim refugees.

A my nie chcemy żadnych Mazurów. Niech spierdzielają do tej swojej zasranej Ameryki.

30 Jul 2018  #33,117

f life's most basic tasks, installing a ceiling fan.

I could talk you thought it. I understand the Europe voltage configuration is different than the US, but there should only be 3 wires and the green one is your ground.

If you have AC current then other 2 wires dont matter which way you connect them.

I seen its 50hz in Eurp and 60hz in the US, interesting...... to me anyway:)

30 Jul 2018  #33,118

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Rich Mazur
30 Jul 2018  #33,119

A my nie chcemy żadnych Mazurów. Niech spierdzielają do tej swojej zasranej Ameryki.

F*** you, you Polish piece of excrement.

johnny reb
30 Jul 2018  #33,120

Trumps lawyer Giuliani caused another meltdown for the Snowflakes today.
Giuliani rekindled the idea that collusion isn't even a crime.
Trump's defenders have occasionally noted that the word doesn't appear in the criminal code which is true.
Giuliani took it a step further when he suggested Trump would have had to pay for Russia to interfere on his behalf.
"I don't even know if that's a crime colluding with Russians," Giuliani said on CNN. "Hacking is the crime.
The president didn't hack. He didn't pay for the hacking."
Not Guilty !
Trump 2020 !

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