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16 Aug 2018  #33,121

Elvis died today 41 years ago.

Aretha Franklin + RIP
1942 ~ 2018
R E S P E C T !!

16 Aug 2018  #33,122

The thing is Respect isn't even in my top ten favorite Aretha songs... she was that good. Amazing artist and the most important artist in one of the most important American musical forms of the 20th century - Soul music. A true musical genius and a giant creative talent.

16 Aug 2018  #33,123


Kexp Seattle playing Aretha Franklin music non stop all day. Now that's what a tribute to a legend should be.

One sad day:(

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,124

With all the resources why do they get so fat?

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,125

A quote: African Americans are slightly more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than whites. The reasons for this aren't clear, but it may be due in part to having higher rates of some other risk factors for pancreatic cancer, such as diabetes, smoking in men, and being overweight in women.

Being overweight is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Very overweight (obese) people are about 20% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

16 Aug 2018  #33,126

African Americans are slightly more likely

Another low for Rich. It's you who are scum. Congratulations for emptying this board of posters BTW:). I'm going back to the legacy of Aretha and her music. I prefer it to your view on the world.

Dirk diggler
16 Aug 2018  #33,127

@Rich Mazur

Its because all they eat is Cheetos and greasy ass food in the hoods. Ever wonder why there's no whole foods or vegetable markets in the ghettos? And even if they do open one up due to some liberals complaints about the lack of healthy food, it gets closed down very soon after anyway for lack of business. Even with EBT they'll buy junk food over healthy food. They'd rather have greasy unhealthy free food than healthy free food.

Also how often do you see joggers or bike riders in the hoods? Almost never they hang out on their porch and drink 40s, smoke blunts and eat spicy chicken wings. Now go to a suburb - tons of people jogging, riding bikes, etc and almost no people hanging out on the porch all day long.

Of course it's not everyone but it's a big cultural environmental thing.

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,128

Another low for Rich. It's you who are scum.

Me scum? My post was pure love for humanity and my admiration for the woman. Had she been lucky to meet me twenty years ago, should would have heard the truth about nutrition and staying fit. She very likely would be alive today. Instead, she was surrounded by a bunch ignorants like herself, telling her that they loved her just the way she was - fat, sick and killing herself. Now she is dead. With the friends like that....So, who is the scum in this case?

16 Aug 2018  #33,129

you, you are always the scum, never forget that

16 Aug 2018  #33,130

Turmoil around Serbia again. Eventually, era of yoke and partition ending and begins era of reclaim. Core of Sarmatia must be free.

16 Aug 2018  #33,131


There is that vulgar way, as it is case in certain countries. Yugoslavia was founding country of Non-Aligned countries movement. We had flow of migrants of all races and from all meridians. People came, studied, some stayed, some went back, some went in third countries. But we never had problems of anything `radical`. Path of Yugoslavia was path of real multiculturalism, where principle from Serbian constitution was promoted: ,, Even slave if come to land of Serbs, is slave no more.` Yugoslavia promoted freedom for all humankind and peaceful coexistence in diversity. EU, western Europe promote multiculturalism of colonial worlds, where people are gathered in any way and then merged in one forcible multi-culti soup. See, `intent` is key word.

That is why accursed foe destroyed Yugoslavia and partitioned Serbia.

Serbia will show the way to Central Europe.

Sabaton - Winged Hussars (Music Video)


By the God, how is this beautiful video, words and music.

16 Aug 2018  #33,132

That is why accursed foe destroyed Yugoslavia and partitioned Serbia.

I thought it was because the Serbs set up concentration camps, committed genocide, and massacred men, women and children and buried them in mass graves, all before NATO arrived?

In my school was a Croat kid who had fled to UK as a refugee because his family had been murdered by Serbs. He told me what he saw with his own eyes. Serbians killing his grandfather in front of him.

Serbia is a greasy stain on modern Europe, and missile strikes is the very least it deserved. There should be a nig fence built around it, to keep the mass-murdering and raping scumbags inside. You can stay in there too, dear Crow, away from decent civilised people.

16 Aug 2018  #33,133

Well, freedom have its price. One who refuse to pay, finish as ingredient in the multi-culti soup, prepared by the western Europe that promote colonial kind of multiculturalism where all have to become one and to serve one muster. Yugoslavia promoted multiculturalism of coexistence, where world have to survive in diversity.

I thought it was because the Serbs set up concentration camps, committed genocide, and massacred men, women and children

You are victim of anti-Serbian propaganda. Same info centers that wants to set up to Trump, demonized Serbs in mass media. That is why now USA and Serbia becoming allies again.

Bratwurst Boy
16 Aug 2018  #33,134

Serbia will show the way to Central Europe.

Nope, Serbia was the proof that there is no middle way...there was no special happy Yugoslavian way...it was all held brutally together by the iron fist of Tito, without freedom and definitely no wealth or chances, and it all fell apart like the rotting corpse it has already been for a long time the moment he died. All what followed was only the natural decomposition process...

16 Aug 2018  #33,135

People, take your pop-corns and just wait. Serbia is inevitable. Way will be shown and western Europe reprimand and greedy fingers cut off. Battle for Central Europe yet to come!

Just spot title >

"Trump referred to Montenegrin PM as whiny punk b****"


16 Aug 2018  #33,136

You are victim of anti-Serbian propaganda.

Even Poland doesn't believe your pathetic version of events, and sides with NATO. Poland knows who is right. We all watched it, live on TV, with our own eyes. We saw the camps, the rotting bodies in graves, the rape houses. We saw the Serbs doing it, filmed by their own cameras, smiling at the lens. That's why we (NATO) bombed the f*ck out of you as righteous retribution.

16 Aug 2018  #33,137

Official Poland failed. Polish people never betrayed Serbians.

on video, on 0:38, you can see how Polish child cry beaten by Polish police because children support Serbians >


Velika je Poljska i jebaće mater svim izdajnicima!

Great is Poland and will f*** moth*** to all traitors!

16 Aug 2018  #33,138

Polish people never betrayed Serbians.

Wrong. Poles were a majority in favour of bombing you:

"During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in May 1999, a poll found 51% felt attacks to be justified, 26% opposed. Another poll found 53% in favour and 35% opposed"

Source and refs: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poland%E2%80%93Serbia_relations#cite_note-BuckleyCummings2001-19

270+ heroic Polish troops are still in Kosovo, defending it from murderous degenerate Serbs.

16 Aug 2018  #33,139

You are crazy man. Those were false polls. Even Polish venerable Pope Paul II himself supported Serbians.


16 Aug 2018  #33,140

Those were false polls.

If they were false, and if Polish people support Serbia, why is the current populist govt still standing with NATO and recognising Kosovo, and still stationing troops in Kosovo against Serbia? If you are right, then the current govt would be an ally of Serbia and would follow the will of its people and reject Kosovo and bring home its troops.

But it isn't. Because you are deluded. And even your Polish heroes are against Serbia and favour Kosovo.

Just accept it, You are all alone in the world, even your Slavic 'brothers' are against you, sent by Poland to defend Kosovo from you, pointing their guns at you, right now. Slavs taking up arms against Serbs, in defence of Kosovo. That is the reality on the ground. Accept it, and beg for forgiveness.

Bratwurst Boy
16 Aug 2018  #33,141


Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008 and Poland recognized it on 26 February 2008.[20]

Poland was the first Slavic country to do so.


16 Aug 2018  #33,142

current populist govt

Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad and from all Slavic countries. Working against Serbia is ultimate betrayal of Polish leadership. Betrayal of vital Polish interests. While Hungary and other Visegrad countries strengthen ties with Serbia to offer joint resistance to Germany and German satellites here, Duda strengthen ties with Germany and German regional puppets. Moron openly glorifies partition of Serbian lands.

Duda even fails to notice how USA changing its stance, from anti-Serbian to pro-Serbian. Duda lost compass and becoming problem to Poland.

Poland was the first Slavic country to do so.

Exactly. But, what is strange here? Poland isn`t free country.

16 Aug 2018  #33,143

Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad

Every single Polish government has recognised Kosovo and opposed Serbia. This a consistent position from all sides of Polish politics, and the voting public. You are alone. Poland's slavic guns are pointing at you. Your idea of slavic brotherhood between Serbia and Poland is a joke. Poland and Poles are closer to Germany than to Serbia. Statistical and historical fact.

Bratwurst Boy
16 Aug 2018  #33,144

Poland has chosen NATO and EU before Serbia, it's population was in their majority for the bombings, it didn't even need 10 days to recognize Kosovo...even today it sees Russia as an arch enemy to fear and fight, not as their natural slavic brother and leader as Serbs do...

But hey...what are facts...who needs them...they are totally overrated!

16 Aug 2018  #33,145

What are facts? What is truth? Serbians are Serbians, core of Sarmatia and last free Sarmats, last bearers of ancient and noble Sarmatian name, Racowie. Its just so unnatural for Poland to stay opposite to it. Poland is part of Central Europe prior to be part of EU or NATO. Poles are Sarmatian golden sons and they shall join us. We have need of them if we were to summon the dragon.


Bratwurst Boy
16 Aug 2018  #33,146


*wanders off*

16 Aug 2018  #33,147

But they don't want you, Crow. They've turned their backs and their guns on you since the Serbian atrocities. Get used to the reality. You might want it, you might think it's 'natural', you might think it's important for Serbia, but Poles disagree with all of that, and think you're a loser. They prefer NATO and support Kosovo, and have done since the beginning.

You are living in a dreamworld, ignoring the reality and the Polish guns in your face, defending the Kosovan flag on soil that you think is still Serbia. Polish troops would shoot you if you tried to take it back, that is why they are there.

Just get used to reality and stop dreaming.

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,148

Keep in mind that here I am at my best behavior. So, keep some of those labels in reserve when, like those stupid Trump-hating broads in DC, I turn really nasty.

16 Aug 2018  #33,149

looks after him and says: ,,You go and you didn`t even try pljeskavica and slivovica.``

Bratwurst Boy
16 Aug 2018  #33,150

*goes back...grabs some cevapcici and walks away munching*

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