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28 Aug 2018  #33,121


29 Aug 2018  #33,122

Brexit negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom have come towards the finish line, in fact, but there are still more questions than answers. Customs aspects will continue to be the stumbling block in relations between the EU and UK even after Brexit. Despite efforts of Theresa May and her Government to find a solution to the problem, all the few options presented by the UK Prime Minister have not found domestic support.

Copy and pasted

29 Aug 2018  #33,123

Brexit negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom have come towards the finish line, in fact,

Fake news. Rubbish. Trolling. Get thee behind me Satan! :D
29 Aug 2018  #33,124

Fake news. Rubbish.

Anything that comes out of change.org is a bunch of lefty rubbish.

According to experts


which will lead to a traffic collapse.

Nothing like a good traffic jam, bring it on!
29 Aug 2018  #33,125

It's all such a load of old cobblers. All that panicking and hysterical nonsense. No matter what kind of Brexit happens or doesn't happen, everything will just tootle along as usual more or less. And what difference does it make to any of us anyway? Nothing we can do about it.
29 Aug 2018  #33,126

Seems nobody's benefiting from Brexit, save Messrs. Johnson, Farage, and PM May, but certainly not Britain as a whole! England and Ireland were the main players who opted in, only Scotland voted "Nay.

Perhaps the Continent draws benefit from this, though even that is highly debatable at present.
29 Aug 2018  #33,127

a "citizen."

Paid in a hell of a lot more than you= plenty of opinion.
Just wanted to spell out the obvious - as you are too dumb to see it.
29 Aug 2018  #33,128

Poles and Serbs should continue from where they were interrupted when evil and greedy bishop Absolon toppled the Svetovid`s temple at Arkona. All is temporary, only Sarmatia is eternal.

But, do Poles have politicians capable to move on? Or Serbia?

Or we are all eternal slaves?
29 Aug 2018  #33,129

Yeah cause companies are not actually leaving, we are not all dumping brit shares, the pound hasn't been depressed since the day and so on so forth. Unicorns will deliver the food to the uk from next year, no need for trucks.
Rahul Udesh
30 Aug 2018  #33,130

30 Aug 2018  #33,131

Eternal slaves
johnny reb
30 Aug 2018  #33,132

everything will just tootle along as usual more or less. Nothing we can do about it.

Now those words are the words of some old age wisdom or as my grandfather use to say, "Never Panic."
Don't worry, pray.
30 Aug 2018  #33,133

He he. I somehow expected to get this answer. Yes, let us admit it.
johnny reb
30 Aug 2018  #33,134

Paid in a hell of a lot more than you= plenty of opinion.Just wanted to spell out the obvious -

Just how obvious ? Dare post any numbers ?
You x-pats here constantly talk about all the big taxes that you pay to Poland.
My bet is that it would be extremely embarrassing if there was any way to prove just what a minute amount you all "actually pay".

(minus the taxes you pay on your booze)

Part time teachers in Poland can't be liable for a whole lot of taxes.
My bet is that it isn't but a small drop in a big bucket.
No sermon please, just numbers.

Posted in Random Chat
30 Aug 2018  #33,135

Gretkowska is a nutjob - and a disgusting one - she used to be clever though
30 Aug 2018  #33,136

No matter what kind of Brexit happens or doesn't happen, everything will just tootle along as usual more or less. And what difference does it make to any of us anyway? Nothing we can do about it.
@ Atch

Really? Easy for you to say, not being directly involved. What will happen, say, when I am brown bread and my wife wants to stay in the UK? I suspect we both know the answer.....

It will depend on how much money she has in the bank. Was ever thus.....
30 Aug 2018  #33,137

Sweden, far from the 'Nordic Model' of '60's mythology, is indeed beset, to be sure burdened, by immigration issues aka Syrian migrants as well as Muslims living primarily in the capital, especially Gammla Stan, often refusing to integrate either linguistically or socially, former PM Lofgren's protestations quite aside for the moment!

Not surprising therefore that a country as traditional and historically conservative as Ukraine would attempt to successfully trounce such paultry liberal attempts at "integrations" as currently continue within Sweden.
30 Aug 2018  #33,138

My bet is that it would be extremely embarrassing

Factor in the 50 teachers who were employed 40 hours a week in the schools I was DOS and co-owner of in the late 90s, and the tax they paid, through my usual 16 hour days of graft, and yes thanks - I have contributed plenty - with how much in grants, rebates, funds, advisory help etc for the Polish government in return.....?

That's right - a big ******* fat zero, along with suspicion and regular audits from the clowns down at Katowice ul. Zigury - with not a single zloty to pay in fines or due taxes at any time. If that's too difficult for you to grasp Johnny that means that we played our business 100 percent by the book.

Unlike our "connected" competitors.
Now - you know the square root of **** all about business and corruption here - so like my mother-in law thinking that she was an expert on such matters, you would do weel to shut your mouth.
30 Aug 2018  #33,139

No sermon please, just numbers.

You got the sermon :) :)
Of course it is small numbers. Wasn't the individual at the Gdansk shipyard gates a small number. And we know what happened. Dolno and his mate Adrian say that people from overseas shouldn't have a voice when they don't have citizenship - I was pointing out the error of their ways. I already suggested exactly why people like me, long term Polish residents, don't have citizenship. It was denied us when we first came here because we would have had to give up our British citizenship to take up Polish citizenship. Dual citizenship was not possible.

Who would have given up their British citizenship in such a case, where the Polish state failed to deliver for its own citizens, caring for no-one but it's state functioning?

Laughable. And that is a polite euphemism of what I really think..
johnny reb
30 Aug 2018  #33,140

You got the sermon :) :)

Boy we sure did.......even without the requested numbers.
How did I know this would happen. lol
I am looking for numbers of all the tax money you paid to Poland, not a testimony of why you were such a sucker for punishment to try and make a living in Poland when you could have stayed and worked in the U.K making much more and paying less tax.
30 Aug 2018  #33,141

Now something in me rebel. Why would we Sarmats be eternal slaves? Its not in our nature. We have high opinion of ourselves. Its a fact.
30 Aug 2018  #33,142

Why was this latest thread merged to an older mostly unrelated one?

Sloppy work mods, not a good job at all!
johnny reb
31 Aug 2018  #33,143

Random Chat for the Politically Incorrect
Rich Mazur
31 Aug 2018  #33,144

Thanks. Here is my contribution I didn't know where to plug in.
Quote: A woman on a United flight from Orange County, Calif. to Chicago claims the man seated next to her masturbated for "hours". "My bf was asleep in the window seat, I'm in the middle, and the man is in the aisle. I had no idea what to do, I couldn't get up bc I didn't want to go anywhere near him," she tweeted about the incident that gave her the "worst panic attack of [her] life."

Once, I was asked if I have any respect for women. Other than my family, no, I don't. They lie, the vote like they have no brains, and sit next to a guy who jerking off without a clue what to do. With her boyfriend right next to her. How about screaming, hey, a-hole quit that s*** before I get really angry, you moron! Instead, she would just sit there and do nothing.
31 Aug 2018  #33,145

Are you sure you arent Mr Korwin-Mikke in disguise?
31 Aug 2018  #33,146

Really? Easy for you to say, not being directly involved.

Doug, Brexit is a huge issue for Ireland, both north and south, not just the border question but the impact on our economy espeically if Britain leaves without a deal. I was just making the point that the post was spam. Firstly, the negotiations have not ended and secondly no amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth by the general public will make the slightest difference to the outcome. Also it's not in the interests of the EU to allow significant portions of trade to grind to a complete halt and parts of the continent to be thrown into chaos so something will be worked out even if it means extending the deadline. Because this is the first time a country has left, there's plenty of room for creativity and setting of precedents.

On the issue of your wife, the Brits, as bad as they can be at times still have a shred of decency and they don't generally introduce retrospective legislation that removes existing rights from people.
cms neuf
31 Aug 2018  #33,147

that decency is fast disappearing Atch - partly due to boorish and opportunist politicians and partly due to a cultural change since the 80s where people started to care only about themselves.

One of the results was the Windrush scandal - where what Doug describes is precisely what happened. People who had lived in the UK for 50 or 60 years and had kids and houses and jobs were suddenly deported to Jamaica and Barbados. This was done just so some officials could tick off targets for reducing immigration. The person in charge of that department was Theresa May - so it shows she would do anything to demonstrate she is tough on immigration.
31 Aug 2018  #33,148

Windrush happened because it was internal politics and they thought they could get away with it. Brexit is international politics and the eyes of the world are upon them. They'll be more careful. However, it might have been more accurate to say that the Brits like to appear to have a shred of decency.
31 Aug 2018  #33,149

Gretkowska is a nutjob - and a disgusting one

Are you an inept guy in depression, too?
31 Aug 2018  #33,150

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