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Rich Mazur
31 Jul 2018  #33,151

How was I ever disrespectful to women?
I do admit, however, that with so many women always looking for more places to inject fat it is harder and harder to be respectful.

Have you seen the 70-million-dollar-per-year Kim's butt lately? Do you think it's the guys who hand over this kind of cash over to a woman whose IQ is less than what my thermostat is set to?

31 Jul 2018  #33,152


These days, among other topics, Serbian media speak about Russia`s warnings to Germany over German meddling in Ukraine (that Germany instaled pro-German Nazi regime in Ukraine) and, also about Russia`s comments about EU`s (that EU using local Albanians to instigate turmoils in Macedonia because Macedonia shows interest in taking part in Turkish stream, energy project important to Russia, too) meddling in Macedonia.

Dirk diggler
1 Aug 2018  #33,153

Kim's butt

I loathe that family so much. They portray everything that is wrong with modern American society. And sadly people gobble it right up. If keeping with Kardashians were in Russia, putin would shut them down for promoting homosexual propaganda and corrupting the youth, fine tjem a ton of money and probably throw them in jail too. So many people are drawn into that nonsense and think the Kardashians are so cool and they should be just like them. Much of american society has gone into the toilet and the popularity of a show like keeping up with Kardashians are among the reasons why I'm moving to Poland. I'm sick of being around idiots who think Kim is like some goddess and that is the model American family even though it's comprised of gold diggers, crack heads, ****** who all love black cock and even trannies. What ever happened to portraying a normal family like even Brady bunch and aspiring to be like them? But no, it's better to emulate avarice, ignorance, elitism and all they portray...

Oh well atleast for upcoming Halloween I can put on a dress exposing my bulge, hairy legs and chest and wrap a sash around saying 'call me Caitlyn'

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,154

I like women simply because I have two daughters and four granddaughters who are smart, modest, and give me the kind of joy nothing else can. Thanks to them I will live longer to annoy people at the PF.

It's the big ass, big tits, no bra, no brains broads you see everywhere "flaunting" it on dailymail that make me wonder why we let them vote without prior psychological test.

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,155

What ever happened to portraying a normal family like even Brady bunch and aspiring to be like them?

Right on Dirk or even more of a normal all American family like 'All in the Family' with Archie & Edith Bunker.

Dirk diggler
1 Aug 2018  #33,156

Yea and the worst thing is that when a person emulates that now they're consisted backwards, xenophobic, mysoginist, etc. And forget about embracing Christian or European identity - that's racist, white supremacist, homophobic, etc.

All the things that were celebrated even just 20 30 years ago as the way to live and raise your family is now considered bad while all the things that were taboo, disgusting and generally scorned are now celebrated. I mean it's literally been swapped. 20 30 years ago a person changing genders would be considered sick in the head. Noe they're called brave, they're heros, they get medals and awards for chopping off their junk. Back then people were proud of their roots and heritage and passed it on to their kids. Noe that's backwards and promotes white supremacy. Now you're encouraged to teach your kids the opposite to hate European Christian heritage and traditions. Instead of celebrating western civilization for giving the world everything from democracy and suffrage to computers, planes, modern medicine basically almost every modern inventions now you're supposed to hate your own skin and consider your ancestors genocidal maniacs who enslaved blacks and wiped out Indians. I for one say **** that ****. I'm not going to apologize for western civilization and will teach my kids the same traditions customs etc that I was brought up. And if I'm called homophobic because I teach my kids Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, so be it. If i encourage my kids to explore their heritage and cherish their European roots and that's considered white supremacist so be it. Idc. No ones going to tell me what to think and to hate my own people because butthurt liberals can't think of anything better to do than call people different ists and criticise any isms their worldview and agenda doesn't agree with

1 Aug 2018  #33,157

Any Polish relevance here? Get to ****.

Arent you that limey wimp that called the FBI on other posters here? Did they laugh in your face? We all a good time laughing at your silly posts. LOL

Keep on crying, btw are you Polish at all or just British?

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,158

All the things that were celebrated even just 20 30 years ago

Yup, two three generations ago the Marxist George Soros spent billions to have the Progressive Liberals infiltrate our education systems.
It all went down hill from there.
These little limp wristed bastards that couldn't begin to take care of themselves want the laws changed in their favor that if you hurt their feelings you get arrested.

Their philosophy is that if they don't like it or don't want it then nobody else should be able to have it either.

Take guns for example, they don't like them or want them so they don't want anyone else to have them either.
They get offended because our kids pray in our schools since day one so they want to put an end those God given rights.
The little cream puff bastards have pushed it just about as far as they are going to, especially with Trump as President.
They can't support themselves and sit in their parents basements without a job until they are 40 years old because their employer expects them to be to work at 8 a.m.

Thy are total crop failures and useless to society.
Most don't even own a car to drive to work because they can't afford one.
They sit home just waiting for their parents to die so they can get their inheritance.
Their way has not and is not working so well so now they are demanding even more FREE from the government.
Their student debt has surpassed ALL credit card debt in America and they have no intentions of ever paying it back.
Most of them are receiving some kind of government assistance from food stamps to disability social security because they are depressed.
The American people are fed up with it and I see a civil war looming.
Time to cull out these un-American burden losers if thy want to insist on destroying America and it's values.

cms neuf
1 Aug 2018  #33,159

I thought you had strong religious views Johnny so i an surprised at your curse words and also at your suggestion to cull your fellow Americans

1 Aug 2018  #33,160

Except having to pay to use the toilet

Rich Mazur is himself one big toilet.

1 Aug 2018  #33,161


Major projects in Serbia possible interesting to Poland`s citizens to invest - quite business thread

This should be one informative thread about projects in Serbia that could be interesting for investments. Please share info on other Polish social networks.

First, Belgrade Waterfront real estate, residential and business areal project, on Danube river, worth 3 mlrd US dollars > project goes by the plan and selling of real estates already started, with many people interested from round the Europe and world >


Apartments in these two buildings are currently top sale priority >


Its close to neighboring Belgrade tower >


First buyer is Serbian retired couple from New Zealand (Dusan and Vera Vasiljevic- land owners on New Zealand, Africa and South America), returners to Serbia >


1 Aug 2018  #33,162

He's just a sad, old fraud with so little going on in his life that he makes up silly fake stories and spends waaaaay too much time here.

And he doesn't even know when his mother died.... (maybe she disowned him? it wouldn't surprise me at alll)

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,163

I thought you had strong religious views Johnny so i an surprised at your curse words and also at your suggestion to cull your fellow Americans

The word bastard is not a curse word.
You will not burn in hell for calling someone a bastard to describe them.
Now taking the Lord Thy God's Holy Name in such a manner....... St.Peter may have words for you.
Thou shall not take the name of the Lord they God in vein.
Thou shall not kill my fellow Believers, all others are fair game.

1 Aug 2018  #33,164

[Moved from]: There's No Use In Crying Over Your Hair If You've Lost Your Head

Getting out of the cozy cocoon of isolationism, the United States suddenly discovered the effect of political diffusion. It's natural if you actively influence others, you cannot avoid the oncoming influence. In the late 30's of the last century, this influence became so obvious that US legislation banned direct lobbying by foreign governments.

100% copy/paste

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,165


How about some accreditation?

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,166

Rich Mazur is himself one big toilet.

You Polish mother f***** are still at it.

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,167

i an surprised at your curse words

Our generation gap may explain why you think the word bastard is a swear word.
See you being a millennial sub limitedly being taught Progressive Thinking the word was changed to "love child" which merely is sugar coating a turd.

When I grew up the word bastard meant an illegitimate child born out of wedlock.
The Progressives have tried to remove that stigma to make it acceptable for women to breed without being married.
So they had to change the word bastard from naughty to nice with the words love child.

You Polish mother f***** are still at it.

Geez Dick, how do you get away with such talk.
I for sure would have gotten a warning for Abuse if I were to post something like that.
I know I have got them for much less.
What is your secret to be so Abusive and get away with it ?

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,168

Geez Dick, how do you get away with such talk.

I don't know and I don't care. My mom told me when I was 8 to never let some lowlife a-hole attack you and have the last word.

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,169

My mom told me

So you admit to being a mama's boy.
Didn't she teach you the riddle of "sticks and stones break my bones but names can't hurt me ?"
Beautiful day out there that God has blessed us with to enjoy Dick.
Maybe take the day off here and go outside to get the stink blown off you and wash the car or mow the lawn for a change of pace while smiling.

Just saying...........

1 Aug 2018  #33,170

I am thinking here would i listen to mum or a made up diety? Or that's right, mum.

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,171

If that was true your mother would be a god herself.........which she is not.....well maybe in an unbelievers eyes since they walk by sight and not by faith.

I always shake my head when people walking by sight say something silly like, "I can't believe my kid could make such a stupid mistake to get pregnant or use drugs."

My come back is, "Really, when was the last time you took them to church ?"

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,172

So you admit to being a mama's boy.

At 8, Arnold was mama's boy.

johnny reb
1 Aug 2018  #33,173

Now who is Arnold ?
I thought your name was Dicky and you don't have a mother that has a birth certificate.

My mom told me when I was 8 to never let some lowlife a-hole attack you and have the last word.

You haven't caught on yet..... that is a brow beating wife's/woman's favorite tactic ? lol
You really want to continue to sound like a b!tchy woman ?
See a real man always gets the last words......."Yes Dear."
When I was 8 my mama told me to treat others the way I want to be treated and if they verbally attacked me to just walk away making me the bigger man.

That's according to the gospel of Mama Reb and she has a birth certificate.

At 8, Arnold was mama's boy.

(Arnold ? (pretend friend ?) Arnold ?)

1 Aug 2018  #33,174

you don't have a mother that has a birth certificate

No, he didn't have a mommy that loved him... she moved away and left no forwarding address.

cms neuf
1 Aug 2018  #33,175

Certainly not a millenial Johnny ! I know the literal meaning but all the same i wouldnt say it to my Mom or let my kids say that

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,176

(Arnold ? (pretend friend ?) Arnold ?)

This tells me that you have never been to a gym to pump iron.

1 Aug 2018  #33,177

This tells me

His mommy loved him? Unlike yours who disappeared so you don't even know what year she died.... how very, very, very, very, very saaaaad you are, you old fraud.

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,178

Unlike yours who disappeared so you don't even know what year she died..

Hey, mafkutasek, I didn't have a mother. My birth was a miracle that didn't involve a woman. Happy now?

1 Aug 2018  #33,179

I didn't have a mother.

which explains why you know nothing about her or have you given up your lame@ss attempt at pretending you're Polish?

you're an old, unloved, unrespected fraud who lies to get the attention you can't be being yourself (what does that tell you?)

Rich Mazur
1 Aug 2018  #33,180

mafkutasek, can you write a list of things I would have to admit, agree with, and confess to, so you and that moron, z-hole, will f*** off?

I will start. No, I am not Polish and my real name is R2D2. What's next?

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