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16 Aug 2018  #33,151

But they don't want you, Crow.

You know nothing man. You are like a mad granny. Poles will join to Serbs. Its 1000% guaranteed.

*goes back...grabs some cevapcici and walks away munching*

looks what happening and himself starting to eat faster.

16 Aug 2018  #33,152


What a pathetic excuse for humanity you are.
Racist,bigot Serb......aren't they all?

16 Aug 2018  #33,153

Your comments just describe YOU as a bigot. Thank you.

Good news is that I can help you. Just continue to follow my posts.

16 Aug 2018  #33,154

No need to follow your posts Crow.
We all know your racist,bigoted,Nazi agenda......

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,155

Congratulations for emptying this board of posters BTW

Why do I sense sarcasm.
BTW, being as bad as I am, you and others should be ecstatic to get such an easy target and a chance to rip me to shreds in your holy indignation. So, what's the problem? If anything, you should feel elevated by comparison.

Let me give you the best example of the difference between scum like me and the touchy feely types. See, when a guy gets AIDS, you probably would want to spend oodles of money to keep him alive. I want him dead. Preferably today, so he will not be able to run around, f*** anything that walks, and infect dozens if not hundreds of innocent victims. So, who is the scum?

16 Aug 2018  #33,156

You again don`t understand. Exposing Britain is exposing Nazi thing. Nazi-Islam. Weimar Britain. Worse form of malevolence.


In search for genesis for hate on Poles.

16 Aug 2018  #33,157

@Rich Mazur

Your problem is that when people argue against you is that you think they are all left wing libtards...
Most of us argue against you because you have an ignorant American superiority complex.
You blindly support America and think the rest of the world is crap...
My personal poliical views have been described as slightly to the right of Genghis Khan...
But I still find it difficult to agree with your Americanized,narrow minded views.

16 Aug 2018  #33,158


And so what are you saying????
More drunken Serbian Bullsh1t?

16 Aug 2018  #33,159

In my part of the world is night now. Good night.

16 Aug 2018  #33,160

Goodnight Crow!
Dobra Noc.

Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,161

Most of us argue against you because you have an ignorant American superiority complex.

Because the US is, in fact, superior. Placing 'ignorant' and 'complex' in the same sentence makes no sense, but I know what you mean. Without that 'ignorant', I take the rest as a compliment.

You blindly support America and think the rest of the world is crap...

You are wrong. I am the harshest critic of the US here. So much so that I am putting at risk my friendly relationship with other American posters. The rest of the world pisses me off only when the rest of the world shows that fake concern about the US because of Trump and our unwillingness to be an ATM for the rest of the world. Other than that, all I wish for the rest of the world is to go to hell and mind its own damn business without NATO and other such lopsided bs.

16 Aug 2018  #33,162

my admiration for the woman.

You disrespected an artistic icon. An icon of the 20th century..
This tells us you are not 70 plus. You are some pus ridden kid. I don't give one personally, but disrespecting the Queen shows what a life time loser you really obviously are. Sad.


Rich Mazur
16 Aug 2018  #33,163

Queen who? The singer or Liz?

17 Aug 2018  #33,164


It;s not a song - it's a battle cry for the times when it was written - the 60's. And it's so true today. People forget it was first sung by Otis Redding,a legend in his own right. To quote him (at Monterey) Aretha just stole that song.

You don't have to like the music - but to diss with the cultural relevance of a axiomatic legend of the genre is to me a crime. Be ashamed. If you don't appreciate then simply don't post. (sorry - not directed at you Maf!!!)

17 Aug 2018  #33,165

remember every humiliation and penetration.

Yeah. people will (not) remember sad wankers like you who drag up old threads instead of having a life. Go **** yourself.

17 Aug 2018  #33,166

Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad and from all Slavic countries.

Poland is not isolated on the issue of Kosovo in the Visegrad group. 5 out 6 of its' members have acknowledged Kosovo's independence.

17 Aug 2018  #33,167

She may be an icon to many but never did like her music, still don't. Its terrible. But like all art its up to those who behold. Her success is unquestionable though so i won't question it. It's like bowie, prince whoever that died lately. Can't stand price, bowie has about 2 songs i can get through before kicking the speakers, both were just druggies who made music. In her case she seemed to be much more decent so she probably deserves more respect. Rip.

Rich Mazur
17 Aug 2018  #33,168

She may be an icon to many but never did like her music, still don't. Its terrible.

Couldn't agree more. Her immunity to criticism was being a woman, black, progressive, and an icon. Just like Obama. Once she achieved that status of the untouchable, no music critic who wanted to be employed would touch her.

17 Aug 2018  #33,169

Its terrible.

Blimey Wizard. Franklin had a hefty stab at every single genre known to man, including operetta classical, could hit any note at will in 3 octaves, so if you think her music was "terrible" then you don't listen to music.

johnny reb
17 Aug 2018  #33,170

could hit any note at will in 3 octaves,

Whitney Houston was even better and much easier on the ears.

17 Aug 2018  #33,171

Her voice was shot from all the booze and drugs.

Dirk diggler
17 Aug 2018  #33,172

Actually poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo. It's only because of geopolitical posturing that our government doesnt. Majority of poles will always support southern Slavs over Albanians.

17 Aug 2018  #33,173

poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo

No they don't.... 98% couldn't care less....

Dirk diggler
17 Aug 2018  #33,174

Rarely voluntarily.

They voluntarily hopped on a boat and illegally entered Europe. They are there entirely voluntarily.

Imagine you were stranded in...say Iran...

First off I don't see any reason why id find myself in Iran in the first place. But if I did id do everything to make it back to the us or Poland. Not demand the Iranians feed, clothe and shelter me.

not to mention that Ukrainians are not only allowed to work, but expected to.

And what's preventing the millions of migrants from also working? Remember when Merkel said that there were tons of doctors and engineers waiting to come over? Well I'm sure as he'll not seeing it. At this point most Europeans would settle for garbage collectors and street cleaners. Yet they can't even clean up after themselves. Just look at the state of Paris today...

Yeah...well...there are not many Mexicans in Europe...

I'm comparing Mexicans to Muslims as they are the us' s largest economic migrant group while Muslims and africans are Europe's largest. But atleast our Mexican migrants actually work while the migrants from middle East and Africa filling labor shortages are just a myth. They're not filling labor shortages - no instead they're more than happy getting 1500 eu a month because it's more money they could ever dream of making back home. Even in Iraq or Morocco which are far more developed than many of the sub saharans countries, $400 $500 a month is a good wage.

For people waiting in this limbo year after year after year it must be a disaster....

Then they should leave... But they won't because they get money and food and often housing while they wait. Many of them are bogus asylum seekers and use the long waits to fall between the cracks while their cases are heard. In the mean time some of them commit rapes, murders, terror attacks just as many bogus asylum seekers and other migrants have. Not European migrants though of course. You don't see ukranians or poles or belarussians or Romanians committing terror attacks and causing thousands of rapes.

I'm sure you would despise them as much as the Trump voters in the US do

Not at all. I think it's foolish what Trump is doing w the deportations. I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood, ran with a mostly Latino crew when I was younger and even lived in Mexico for almost a year. Half the workers at my company are Mexicans and they're 100x quicker than the polish dudes.

Bratwurst Boy
17 Aug 2018  #33,175

Your turn..

I am famous for my epic eye roll...

Rich Mazur
17 Aug 2018  #33,176

...and evasive moves.

johnny reb
17 Aug 2018  #33,177

They don't just shoot aggressive dogs - they'll shoot ANY dog running towards tjem even if it's a small dog being friendly and playful.

Here we go again.
San Bernardino, CA ............Once again, a cop's fear of a dog has put others in harm's way, and, once again, an innocent person was hurt.

This time, an 11 year old boy was struck by a police officer's bullet when the officer was attempting to kill his dog.
When the deputy knocked on the door, the 11 year old boy answered and like most dogs in the world do when they hear a knock at the door, his pup ran out.

Instead of doing what any postal worker, pizza delivery driver, or UPS driver would do by solving the situation without a gun, the cop pulled out his service weapon and attempted to kill the boy's dog.

Luckily, for the dog, the cop is a terrible shot, however, the boy was not so lucky.
While the bullet only grazed the pup's paw, it then hit the little boy on the outside of his left leg.
Both thee boy and the dog are recovering physically yet to be known about their mental statis for life.

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17 Aug 2018  #33,178

Are the American cops that stupid, JR?

Posted in Random

17 Aug 2018  #33,179

Very often.... yes. Yes they are. Polish people love to complain about the police, but they're pretty okay (now) compared with American police.

Rich Mazur
17 Aug 2018  #33,180

I have to give you credit for that "couldn't care less". Today, 98% of Americans say "could care less". I couldn't care less if they do it because they lazy or stupid, but it is annoying. That phrase is being botched daily just as much as 'supposed to', which became 'suppose to'.

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