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6 Dec 2018  #35,611

Spot the title in Serbian news media regarding visit of Serbian PM Ana Brnabic to Poland >

/translation: MEETING WITH GREAT WORLD LEADERS Ana Brnabic travel to Katowice and have IMPORTANT BUSINESS!/

Brnabić je, uoči početka konferencije, razgovarala sa ..................... zamenikom ministra ekologije Poljske Mihaelom Kurtikom

/translation: Before meeting Brnabic talked to deputy of Polish minister of ecology Mihael Kurtik/


Beside ecological topics, article giving a hint of main task of Ana Brnabic in Poland and that is giving of a clear signal to Poland that Serbia believe that time has come for Poland`s-Serbia`s closer relations because of common future, shared problems and on the base of traditionally close historical and cultural ties. Timing for visit of Serbia`s charismatic PM and world recognized economic expert to Poland is also perfect. Both countries shows significant economic results and boost of military. Both countries are regional powers. And both countries feels pressure from western Europe (EU) on various topics.

It is indicative that both Poland`s president Duda and Poland`s PM Mateusz Morawiecki missed chance to personally talk to Serbia`s PM Ana Brnabic. By sending PM to Poland, Serbia wanted exactly that, to offer person of significant rank to talk to top Polish officials.
7 Dec 2018  #35,612

Rozumienic, I never raped anyone you dumb trash talking lying piece of crap. most of those so called gangstas have rapes who were in there not me. They just lied about it and were also in gangs or had street group mentality. Most u.s. soldiers in Vietnam raped. Those are rapists not me so don't make lies up on here. I was put in there for a very manly thing and actually doing your crap society a favour. For choking out using martial art move a piece of crap named Raphael Luciano. You can look at his youtube videos of how he has acted since the incident or google his name for his rap sheet and other assault convictions since that he never had to do any time for certainly not four years. so shut your stupid american lying mouth defending your own trash and hope if you ever get in a fight in Poland they act like cowards, call cops and the courts treat you way worse for being American. Than you can talk so now just shut your mouth.

Oh and I hope it is somebody just like this who attacks you first and uses his kids as a weapon in your own neighbourhood trying to drive you out while they move their 1 kid family and fat wife all on scams or welfare gypsy style and then cops believe them over you because there are more head son their side. Yea I would love to see how you come out of the ordeal being the coward you are.

I can do the time and have done the time unlike you. You: would cry and snitch and commit suicide in most likely scenario or just become a bytch and do what everyone says be ordered around.

And No I wasn't expecting symphony especially from Americans and cowards online. I was just telling a good story thats all. And No I don't regret the time or crime in fact Id fight as many Americans who are liars and snitches as I can.

7 Dec 2018  #35,613


Being a Migrant to Germany - a Visitor's Instruction

Migrants' humor has become a trend in Germany. Recently a virus video has gained the ground in the web. In the video a happy migrant is telling a popular joke about who's working in Germany: twitter.com/AmyMek/status/1066852614002917383 But that joke has turned into a sorrowful truth.


7 Dec 2018  #35,614

Dirk, is that you?

Homment is as a source even more worthless than toilet paper. The website is known for publishing fake documents against refugees and migrants.
cms neuf
7 Dec 2018  #35,615

I think a good rule would be that if a first post is not about Poland abd does not even mention Poland then it is junked.
7 Dec 2018  #35,616

I never raped anyone you dumb trash talking lying piece of crap.

so why did you get imprisoned and deported then? and since then writing disgusting stuff about f.u.cking underage girls?

You really don't sound well, and yes it sounds like you are fishing for pity.

I wouldn't be in prison like you in the first place as I am not a rapist. Or indeed any kind of criminal. Nor am I American...
7 Dec 2018  #35,617

yes it sounds like you are fishing for pity

He needs psychoanalysis but is resisting and is using the forum as an amateur analyst, pouring out his experiences to get them off his chest and hoping for constructive help (which isn't coming, no one here is remotely qualified to treat him - that's what professionals are for).
7 Dec 2018  #35,618

Didn't we have a member here who regularly posted about dating underage girls? Can't remember his name; maybe half a year ago or so.
7 Dec 2018  #35,619

it's the same person, Othery. You can tell by his 'style'.
7 Dec 2018  #35,620

it's the same person

The style is very distinctive, isn't it. There's certainly a natural distaste about the thing he was jailed for, however the penal system over there exists to punish crimes, not me or anyone else reading his stories online. Perhaps I'm old-fashioned in thinking that someone who's served a sentence has paid their debt to society.

I find his writing moderately interesting. He's obvioulsy a very troubled young person (who has done bad things) and if his writing helps him move forward , reduce his chance of reoffending and become a better person, that can only be good.
7 Dec 2018  #35,621

He's about forty, I believe, so old enough to get his act together - and he can write in a diary if he wants to get things off his chest. You're being far too tolerant Jon. I especially have no interest in reading his sexual fantasies. They are entirely inappropriate material for this forum.
7 Dec 2018  #35,622

Just give it some time, that Germany and France organize themselves.

Well, let me add on this one. How things stand Germany and France will need a lot of time to organize themselves. Just look what happening there.

Let us hope Poland use that time well and secure its position within Slavic world and in Europe.

Much as I love the country,it has to be said that they have brought all of this on themselves,through ignorance,idiocy and arrogance.

This is one of rare statements to which I absolutely agree with person under nick name Miloslaw.

Look what happening in France. School children on their knees and police in full armor arresting them >


source > video > b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2018&mm=12&dd=07&nav_category=78&nav_id=1479247

Since I came to this forum I told something is amiss in France when that state sponsored and still sponsor worse mujaheedines in their invasion on Slaveno-Christian Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and on Kosovo. This what happening now only shows how problem is deep. Ruling elite there is totally separated from the people and have solely its own projects on world meridians, while don`t give a sh** for ordinary people. Their own people is their first victim, actually.
7 Dec 2018  #35,623

Maybe true, though marginally less inappropriate than the racism and Islamophobia that's tolerated here daily.

I wonder what he's like in real life.
7 Dec 2018  #35,624

Ironside 47 | 9,240

yeah, some Greek who never was there made a map basing it on a hearsay of some unknown people who might be or not right.

Written by true Pole. Without unneeded , complicated side issues ,from Polish heart , to the point ,also important, not even a trace of
TO a Greek from that era any land northeast, was Germany

Atch 16 | 2,633

Oh I like that Lyzko, very good :))

What you like so much ,most normal people ,call '"bottom licking"::::)))
"That always seems to be beyond the grasp of Polish speakers."
Will you please learn some manners .if you do not know, this is Polish Forum, If you disapprove of Polish speakers Emerald Island always available

One iota of CLASS and you would have said "beyond your grasp Przelotny ptaku" and that would be perfectly OK

You prefer to be rude , arrogant and boorish CLASSLES

Promise is a promise ,so I write

Sorry Dear. Due to constrains of time I was unable to write sooner
When I finally remember, I was all ready at my destination- on the grounds of "Searchmount"
Sunny, bright day , snow covered runs ,cold induced ,"Snowdeviles" like miniature tornados ,dancing on the slopes
Whole mountain covered in diamond imitating ,ice crystals.
I am ready for neck braking descent, for turns on the edge of disaster and behind me , long "'Roostertail"

Eh!! Why am I wasting my time, closest you ever come to snow is occasional trip to nearby ice-crea
7 Dec 2018  #35,625

News from the region

12th country to annul Kosovo recognition

Madagascar revokes recognition of Kosovo

The (Democratic) Republic of Madagascar has informed the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it has revoked the decision to recognize Kosovo.

Haradinaj: Americans will defend Kosovo

"Serbia will not have the courage to send soldier in Kosovo, and even if that happens, Americans will defend us," says Ramush Haradinaj.

US ambassador on Kosovo: Forming Kosovo army is positive step

New US Ambassador in Pristina Philip Kosnett says the announced formation of an army in Kosovo, to be debated in the assembly on Dec. 14, is "a positive step."

8 Dec 2018  #35,626

At 49:20 I can hear no sirens whatsoever ...

They start a minute or so later (while they're interviewing the guy) but the necessary background starts at 49.20
8 Dec 2018  #35,627

this is Polish Forum, If you disapprove of Polish speakers

This isn't a Polish forum. It's an English language forum about Poland and all things related to it which is not quite the same thing. Also, to say that the inability to use articles is generally beyond the grasp of Polish speakers is not an insult, it's merely a truthful statement of fact.

You prefer to be rude , arrogant and boorish CLASSLES

Now, I can help you there. The term 'classless' doesn't mean what you think it does. It means without divisions or markers of social class, so for example a classless society or a classless accent when speaking, not indicating one's place on the socio-economic scale. What you wanted to say was 'a person with no class'.

Now stop being silly and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn:

"Poverty and shame to him that refuseth instruction but he that yieldeth to reproof shall be glorified". (Proverbs. xiii. 18.)

So, yield to my reproofs old fruit and you'll be all the better for it :))
8 Dec 2018  #35,628

That's tellin' him, Atch ol' fella! Keep up the good work. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do itLOL
If they don't see the need to learn our grammar because they don't feel respect for the English language is important to them,

then they're beyond all help.
8 Dec 2018  #35,629

Hello Lyzko, how goes it? :) Do you like the quote from Proverbs? :)) That's a relic of my mother's schooldays. I have a book of hers here called The Ursuline Manual "arranged for the young ladies educated at the Ursuline Convents in Ireland". It's full of that kind of thing. There's also 'The Five Nevers of an Ursuline Girl :D which include never taking intoxicating liquor or failing to say three Hail Marys every day.
8 Dec 2018  #35,630

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Many scientists and thinkers believe that we live in a virtual reality simulation. Then it may explain many cases when people are misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. But in reality it could be some virtual reality tricks. I don't personally think someone will use real planes and helicopters and entire squads, it would be not too likely, but rather it could be some induced delusions.
8 Dec 2018  #35,631

Many scientists and thinkers believe that we live in a virtual reality simulation.

I don`t live in matrix. I am still stupid sure but I got idea of who I am and what is Europe and what is history of Europe and not only of Europe, for long in past. For shortness of human life, who would like to know more. I know I don`t care for more.

I live as Sarmatian and as Sarmatian I will die. What I was, I am still. IE Serbian. I f*** world of matrix.
8 Dec 2018  #35,632

Christianity is deeply connected with pre-Christian Slavic mythology and faith.

Interesting. How exactly?
8 Dec 2018  #35,633

You know why really Christ was killed? Delivered by Jews to Romans. He was killed the moment he said how is the `body temple of man`, `body is your temple`. In other words he said `you people don`t need temples, you have your bodies. Your bodies are temple of God and that is enough to God. If you build temples of stone, people with false ideas may come to those temples and try to convince you not to serve the God (to yourself) but to them.` That is what Christ said. And that is in the Bible. But that was scandal for globalists back in past, same as it is scandal to globalists now. That is why Christ was killed.

Christ was maybe some Sarmatian (Serbian) anti-globalist (as Israely Netanahu confirmed even older contacts between Jews and Serbs/Sarmats). Christ maybe as Sarmatian noble came to Jews and tried to tell them to stop to spread globalistic ideologies among Sarmats because that weakening them and strengthening Romans. Jews, who had relationship with both Romans and Sarmats then sold the Christ to Romans. Romans later manipulated and probably used fact of Christ being White and Sarmatian to even further sell globalistic ideology to Sarmats, with only one intention, to brake symbiotic relationship with Sarmats (which Romans had to tolerate because of great number and power of Sarmatians) and to finally subjugate them, assimilate and Romanize.

So, after all, Christ was maybe truly White. If he truly was Sarmatian it means that Sarmats initiated two world religions- Buddhism and Christianity. And they for sure even didn`t want that. It just happened that way.

Now, principle of `body is your temple` is main principle of old Slavic (ie Sarmatian) pre-Christian heritage where our ancients in their rural original refused to build stone temples and used to practice sharing the truth about God under the some old tree and under the sky, where only sky was above them.

Sarmatian connection knows.
8 Dec 2018  #35,634

Christianity is deeply connected with pre-Christian Slavic mythology and faith.

Interesting. How exactly? I think it's good if Serbs or Slavs would have some ideology which is capable to unite them, but desirably this ideology has to based on realistic expectations at it's core. What about scientific transhumanism?
8 Dec 2018  #35,635

Hey, guess what! Since I started this thread, they stopped!
8 Dec 2018  #35,636

Kids are arrested in school all the time in the USA, some under 10 years old. Many U.S. schools have resident full-time cops, long before the advent of drug induced mass shootings. Compulsory forced schooling can not be repaired, it must be completely destroyed and replaced with an educational endeavor which doesn't reduce highly individual children to homogenous human resources.

As for the future of France?

9 Dec 2018  #35,637

Only ONE Jew, Crow! Judas Iscariot was and is not representative of an entire peoples! Pontius Pilate had been gunning for Jesus for a long time, for leading insurrections against the Romans, don't tell me.
9 Dec 2018  #35,638

the racism and Islamophobia

hmm what racism? I never noticed.
As for Islam it is rightly scorned alongside communism, Nazism and progressivism. All totalitarian ideologies.
9 Dec 2018  #35,639

Compulsory forced schooling can not be repaired,

Education is compulsory but school isn't. You can home-school in the USA. Not the case in Poland. It's almost impossible to home-school in Poland. I suggest you worry about Poland's education system before you start getting worked up about the USA.
9 Dec 2018  #35,640

hmm what racism?

Don't be daft.

What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious? [11]Voting for a political party which does not have a candidate running in your local area [12]

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