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Bratwurst Boy
3 Dec 2018  #35,611

It will all end in blood and tears...I tell you!

3 Dec 2018  #35,612

It always does... the question is whose blood, how much and whose tears...

3 Dec 2018  #35,613

It will all end in blood and tears...I tell you!

You should change your moniker to Enoch Powell or Winston Churchill, since you mixed quotes you should be Enoch Churchill. lol

On a serious note- it might or might not ...

3 Dec 2018  #35,614

11 th country annulling its Kosovo recognition.

11th country rescinds Kosovo recognition; "Nothing to deny"

Dacic confirms, Pristina denies new recognition withdrawal

Solomon Islands ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Grenada, Dominica, Suriname, Liberia, Sao Tome and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Papua New Guinea and Lesotho

add Egypt to it and that is 11. Bets are here in Serbia that Czech Republic would be first European country to annul Kosovo recognition.

3 Dec 2018  #35,615

Serbia is among best world destinations for investments, by the World Bank.

Source please.

Man, they aren`t Balkans

They have the same problems though. Poverty, corruption and abysmal infrastructure (though the latter is changing thanks to the EU).

Bottom line, the Balkans are poor with a rather low capita per citizen. Some countries like Croatia are now benefitting from German investments, but the whole region is of no great economic significance to Western Europe.

3 Dec 2018  #35,616

I am not bothering to check every country, but since Wikipedia states that e.g. Guinea-Bissau has not withdrawn its' recognition, I'd take anything you write here as highly dubious.

And what makes you think that the Czech Republic will withdraw its' recognition. Czech PM Andrej Babiš has repeatedly stated his support for Kosovo. Your claims about Egypt seem to be pure fiction as well.

3 Dec 2018  #35,617


Lady beauty salon

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3 Dec 2018  #35,618

For a while though, Croatia was a fairly popular tourist destination for Germans, at least according to my sources, namely, German friends and acquaintances, who'd often spend their down time by traveling, usually winding up either in Croatia or Dalmatia.

Germany has been expanding her world markets at such speed, I'm constantly at wit's end to try and keep up:-)

3 Dec 2018  #35,619

Croatia was a fairly popular tourist destination for Germans

I think the Adriatic coast still is, it's gained in popularity among Polish tourists in recent years (I haven't been but would like to some day) I've only been to Zagreb which mostly seemed like a smaller, cleaner somewhat less interesting Budapest....

3 Dec 2018  #35,620

Source please.

Source is world bank. I told in my post. You want to check go seek, lazy man.

After all, I merely giving info to people. I don`t want to convince anybody in anything. It would be waste of time.

3 Dec 2018  #35,621

Then I guess I must be "so German" since my paternal grandparents were 100% German-born.
Mom's side, we're no longer certain.

Bratwurst Boy
3 Dec 2018  #35,622

Definitely! :)

3 Dec 2018  #35,623

Thank heavens! I'm so relieved:-)

3 Dec 2018  #35,624

You want to check go seek, lazy man.

I did, and I have not found anything supporting your claim. I guess you are lying again.

4 Dec 2018  #35,625

[Moved from]: These people got issues ok

If you guys want to talk about someone who has issues just go to Poland. These people got issues and I mean issues. From the way they always use god or jesus everytime they hit their arm or leg or bumb into anyone to the selfishness and low culture of always being right and first everywhere. Now if you wanna talk about any people who have issues its these people.

4 Dec 2018  #35,626

So tell us all about it. About your issues.

6 Dec 2018  #35,627

You are

sheesh no manners whatsoever.

6 Dec 2018  #35,628

Something tells me Rich is back in a new incarnation.... this time the fantasy is that he has Polish citizenship but that the big bad Poles are being meeeeaaaaan to him.


6 Dec 2018  #35,629

Serbia, 2nd best currency in the world, by Bloomberg >

BLOOMBERG: Serbian Dinar second-best performing currency in the world over the last 12 months

Serbia's 10-year notes still offer a yield of 5.88 percent, more than double the rate on Hungarian and Czech securities, Bloomberg says ............. one of few nations in eastern Europe that still offers a positive real yield on short-term investments.

Serbia, 1st position in Foreign Direct Investments in the world, by UK's Financial Times >

Net inflow of foreign direct investments in first four months of 2018 amounts to EUR 871 million

Last year, Serbia had a net inflow of FDI in the amount of EUR 2.4 billion and placed first on the list published by UK's Financial Times among 94 countries ranked by the global greenfield investment index.

And, sure, when you progress, there are people who would like to take you from 21st century and return you to 19th century > arms to terrorists >

Daily: CIA sending ship full of arms to Kosovo army

A ship with a container full of the latest weaponry for the needs of (a future) Kosovo army is on its way across the Atlantic to the port of Durres in Alabania.

6 Dec 2018  #35,630

Rich is back in a new incarnation

Maybe this time this clown would be able to give more info on his poor mother ...

6 Dec 2018  #35,631

Ja jestem Polakiem

Dobri pane, ja jestem Serbow, ja jestem 300% Polakiem

6 Dec 2018  #35,632

" Here's the map for those of you who don't know where Wimbledon is before Atch push, blah blah"

Spike, I am from London. Let me assure you that while Wimbledon may have the SW19 postcode it is not really 'London' as such. It is a far suburb that got sucked into greater London instead of Surrey.

What does Wimbledon have to do with Polish independence day anyway?

What point were you making? something about some areas of London being "whiter" than others?

Can I just tell you that I know people in London who find the amount of new immigrants with 'pale eyes' and different culture much much scarier than the old Commonwealth immigrants. Just saying.

You have strange obsessions.

As for saying 'Spike makes decent money so he lives in a white area' - well then you don't live in London, do you.

6 Dec 2018  #35,633

arms to terrorists

You mean arms to the legitimate government of Kosovo.

6 Dec 2018  #35,634

No, members of that army were by US documents seen as terrorists. It means that they killed many innocent civilians and state officials of Serbia. Then suddenly, US stance changed and same people started to be seen as freedom fighters. Go just google on Shquiptar (Albanian) UCK or KLA. Those same people formed then Kosovo police and now forming Kosovo army. Many are also ISIS veterans.

Also, Kosovo isn`t sovereign state no mater that US and some other countries recognized Kosovo. Kosovo isn`t member of UN and isn`t recognized by most of UN member states. Kosovo isn`t member of Interpol and UNESCO. Most importantly, there are ongoing negotiations in Brussels regarding status of Kosovo. Its dialogue between Belgrade and rogue government in Kosovo. If Kosovo is independent, Serbia wouldn`t be asked, don`t you agree? And Serbia is asked because Kosovo was by NATO (in military intervention) taken from Serbia and because of UN resolution 1244 (which resulted from signed truce between sides in conflict, NATO and Serbia) that see Kosovo as Serbian province under UN protectorate. By resolution 1244 Serbia do have right to have up to 1000 soldiers on Kosovo if local Serbs are threatened but, Serbia agreed to talk, instead to increase tensions.

As you see, some others (Albanians, NATO, ISIS and EU) don`t feel necessity to avoid tensions.

Vucic: I'm convinced there'll be no war

Source: B92 Thursday, December 6, 2018 | 11:17


"I also think that Jens Stoltenberg's message was good and I hope they will understand that in Pristina. .............. many people are trying to make them see reason, .............. important that the international community also understands who wants peace.

6 Dec 2018  #35,635

Spot the title in Serbian news media regarding visit of Serbian PM Ana Brnabic to Poland >

/translation: MEETING WITH GREAT WORLD LEADERS Ana Brnabic travel to Katowice and have IMPORTANT BUSINESS!/

Brnabić je, uoči početka konferencije, razgovarala sa ..................... zamenikom ministra ekologije Poljske Mihaelom Kurtikom

/translation: Before meeting Brnabic talked to deputy of Polish minister of ecology Mihael Kurtik/


Beside ecological topics, article giving a hint of main task of Ana Brnabic in Poland and that is giving of a clear signal to Poland that Serbia believe that time has come for Poland`s-Serbia`s closer relations because of common future, shared problems and on the base of traditionally close historical and cultural ties. Timing for visit of Serbia`s charismatic PM and world recognized economic expert to Poland is also perfect. Both countries shows significant economic results and boost of military. Both countries are regional powers. And both countries feels pressure from western Europe (EU) on various topics.

It is indicative that both Poland`s president Duda and Poland`s PM Mateusz Morawiecki missed chance to personally talk to Serbia`s PM Ana Brnabic. By sending PM to Poland, Serbia wanted exactly that, to offer person of significant rank to talk to top Polish officials.

7 Dec 2018  #35,636

Rozumienic, I never raped anyone you dumb trash talking lying piece of crap. most of those so called gangstas have rapes who were in there not me. They just lied about it and were also in gangs or had street group mentality. Most u.s. soldiers in Vietnam raped. Those are rapists not me so don't make lies up on here. I was put in there for a very manly thing and actually doing your crap society a favour. For choking out using martial art move a piece of crap named Raphael Luciano. You can look at his youtube videos of how he has acted since the incident or google his name for his rap sheet and other assault convictions since that he never had to do any time for certainly not four years. so shut your stupid american lying mouth defending your own trash and hope if you ever get in a fight in Poland they act like cowards, call cops and the courts treat you way worse for being American. Than you can talk so now just shut your mouth.

Oh and I hope it is somebody just like this who attacks you first and uses his kids as a weapon in your own neighbourhood trying to drive you out while they move their 1 kid family and fat wife all on scams or welfare gypsy style and then cops believe them over you because there are more head son their side. Yea I would love to see how you come out of the ordeal being the coward you are.

I can do the time and have done the time unlike you. You: would cry and snitch and commit suicide in most likely scenario or just become a bytch and do what everyone says be ordered around.

And No I wasn't expecting symphony especially from Americans and cowards online. I was just telling a good story thats all. And No I don't regret the time or crime in fact Id fight as many Americans who are liars and snitches as I can.


7 Dec 2018  #35,637


Being a Migrant to Germany - a Visitor's Instruction

Migrants' humor has become a trend in Germany. Recently a virus video has gained the ground in the web. In the video a happy migrant is telling a popular joke about who's working in Germany: twitter.com/AmyMek/status/1066852614002917383 But that joke has turned into a sorrowful truth.



7 Dec 2018  #35,638

Dirk, is that you?

Homment is as a source even more worthless than toilet paper. The website is known for publishing fake documents against refugees and migrants.

cms neuf
7 Dec 2018  #35,639

I think a good rule would be that if a first post is not about Poland abd does not even mention Poland then it is junked.

7 Dec 2018  #35,640

I never raped anyone you dumb trash talking lying piece of crap.

so why did you get imprisoned and deported then? and since then writing disgusting stuff about f.u.cking underage girls?

You really don't sound well, and yes it sounds like you are fishing for pity.

I wouldn't be in prison like you in the first place as I am not a rapist. Or indeed any kind of criminal. Nor am I American...

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