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19 Nov 2018  #35,611

If you finished your mockery phase

Actually I have not finished my mockery of you, it will continue as long as you continue your harebrained posting here

Bratwurst Boy
19 Nov 2018  #35,612

You can ignore him, you know....

19 Nov 2018  #35,613

I prefer to give him a taste of his own medicine.

19 Nov 2018  #35,614

Yuk! It reminds me of thinly sliced luncheon meat.

That's the Polish one...........try Italian.

19 Nov 2018  #35,615

My medicine? But how could you mafe? It would be as if old man attempt to jump on a young girl.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,616

It's like flossing teeth with barbed wire.

19 Nov 2018  #35,617

Its rather like when man cry and begging woman for sex.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,618

Seek help.

19 Nov 2018  #35,619

No, I never cry. It was not about me. BDW, I have great idea for new thread and expect your full cooperation. It is important.

See you. Take care in the meanwhile

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,620

The global warming prostitutes were so smart to switch to climate change just in time. From wusa9.com:

"Coldest Thanksgiving in years: when it will feel like the 10s, 20s Thanksgiving Day will be unseasonably cold across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic -- temperatures in some areas will drop 15° - 25° below average."

I guess when you are paid to lie - or is it lie to be paid? - you tend to be very creative. Un-settled science is a funny thing to watch and how un-settled lies can be. Like that gang rape, which wasn't.

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,621

No, I never cry. It was not about me. BDW, I have great idea for new thread and expect your full cooperation.

Me neither. Actually, only when I recall my happy days as a KGB troll in Moscow messing with the US elections.
BTW, according to Urban Dictionary, BDW stands for Big Disgusting Women. My guess is that you wanted to say, by the way, or BTW. Am I correct?

19 Nov 2018  #35,622

Amen, Maf ol' fella! That's hittin' him where he lives.

cms neuf
19 Nov 2018  #35,623

would also be quite weird to live in Chicago, home of one the largest Italian-American populations, for 50 years and never encounter mortadella. In fact the banning of Italian mortadella imports was in the news quite a bit a few years ago (after some health scare).

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,624

I lived in Chicago and the Chiago area for 51 years and never encountered an Italian mobster, either.
Mortadella, based on the ingredients, is for those who want a heart attack or cancer. No, thanks. That is why I never had it and will never have it. I am already taking in a lot of other things I shouldn't be eating.

19 Nov 2018  #35,625

why I never had it

Often in the PRL it was that or nuthin' with nic and nada on the side....

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,626

...after 10 am, it was nuthin'. The shelves were empty but for a couple of sausages nobody wanted. That was the closest to hunting we would get.

I took the above picture in a store attached to Hotel Pod Rozami in Jedlnia-Letnisko. It would make the 196x shoppers cry.

19 Nov 2018  #35,627

something called 'mortadela' was a staple of the PRL...

Polish Mortadella is disgusting.....

19 Nov 2018  #35,628

And the idea that someone spent 25 years of their life in the PRL without knowing about Mortadela is kind of ridiculous....

19 Nov 2018  #35,629

This might be worth watching;


19 Nov 2018  #35,630

.try Italian.

I did. In Bologna, home of Mortadella. I still think it's like luncheon meat. Haven't tried the Polish version and I don't think it's likely I'm going to either!

19 Nov 2018  #35,631

"I did. In Bologna, home of Mortadella."


Blimey,if you didn't like the real Italian stuff then steer well clear of it's very poor Polish imitation......even I find that disgusting.

19 Nov 2018  #35,632

Mortadella reminds me of this:-


Plus, it even says in the article, " If it resembles anything I've tasted before it would be Mortadella Sausage. "

Rich Mazur
19 Nov 2018  #35,633

..even I find that disgusting.

Just imagine what's in it.

19 Nov 2018  #35,634

Mortadella reminds me of this:

I do get where you are coming from,but that is an insult to real Mortadella,in fact,it's even an insult to Polish Mortadella.... :-)

Rich Mazur
20 Nov 2018  #35,635

Why are you that crazy Jokere?

He in known here as Joker, not Jokere. Do you suffer from dyslexia?

20 Nov 2018  #35,636

Please ignore me.

Rich Mazur
20 Nov 2018  #35,637

From dailymail:

"Obama suggests Trump is a confused, angry racist and has 'mommy issues' that are making him incapable of fixing the country's problems"

That reminds me about how when a kid farts in the classroom and is told to leave but the smell lingers on for all to suffer.

Is this a coincidence that the "first black" president is also the first slimiest pos ex-president without manners?

20 Nov 2018  #35,638

RiP to Jimenez then. I apologize to memory on him. Proof that there are good people among all humans.

Rest of your post is nonsense and please refrain yourself from provocations. Behave as gentleman. You heard venerable Admin. Stick to the topic.

20 Nov 2018  #35,639

You are the person that hi-jacked this thread with you serbian lies and then tell us to stick to the topic? Go F Yourself!

Rich Mazur
20 Nov 2018  #35,640

Go F Yourself!

I second the motion. Anybody in opposition?

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