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johnny reb
9 Dec 2018  #35,671

Darkness fears Christianity.
Poland will always be a Christian culture.
France may already be lost.

9 Dec 2018  #35,672

Betsy DeVos is a mere Trump-appointee figure head, who doesn't know squat about education! She's smart enough though to have purchased her current job:-)

Join the club!

9 Dec 2018  #35,673

I'll gladly take more boring times, thank you.

9 Dec 2018  #35,674

Thought you might no surprise there.

9 Dec 2018  #35,675

Don't be daft.

hey it is a genuine question.

I see you agree with my assessment of Islam.

Many scientists and thinkers believe that we live in a virtual reality simulation.

Me too
hash tag me too, can I name them? The Wachowski brothers -right? the Matrix eh?

It is all clear to me now. You take all your knowledge about the world and issues from movies. good on you man! Keep a good work of entertaining us.

9 Dec 2018  #35,676

She's smart enough though to have purchased her current job...

She's a bimbo. Trump loves the uneducated, as we all know.

9 Dec 2018  #35,677

She's a bimbo.

I see there is still a glass ceiling for women in the 21st century.

9 Dec 2018  #35,678

My apologies to the bimbos of this world for comparing them to Betsy... :)

9 Dec 2018  #35,679


Something I've lived close to for years. The people are neither better nor worse than Christians, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists or anybody else.

I see you agree

No you don't...

9 Dec 2018  #35,680

Something I've lived close to for years

Amazing so have I, just goes to show how different an experience two people can have living in a very similar place.

9 Dec 2018  #35,681

I suppose it depends how positive and sociable somebody is.

9 Dec 2018  #35,682

I guess you must be right jon.

9 Dec 2018  #35,683

Something I've lived close to for years. The people

Who is talking about people?

9 Dec 2018  #35,684


Kinda important...

johnny reb
9 Dec 2018  #35,685

Been quiet here, real quiet and boring,

Guess which Mod. ran this place into the ground.

things should warm up again.

Not anytime real soon dolno.
Do have a Merry Christmas all.

9 Dec 2018  #35,686

And a happy New Year!

9 Dec 2018  #35,687

what is hutzpah?

Opus Dei! Watch out for bald monks.

Do they must be bald?

Is that must, like Muslim woman must do, down there, you know... down, bald?

10 Dec 2018  #35,688

what is hutzpah?

in Polish it's hucpa... (from yiddish originally, it's a combination of nerve and shamelessness)

10 Dec 2018  #35,689

the mod must have decided it was the hunting season and went for a mass cull

And as usual, no reason was given for that ...

even threw in delph as a token to balance things up

Hmm, "a token to balance things up", you said? That means that whoever the culprit is, the "balance" is something that matters the most.

10 Dec 2018  #35,690

Be glad you're not banned for of-topic trolling.

Dobri brate, don`t you see what happening in thread, in the world after all? I am absolutely on topic.

in Polish it's hucpa... (from yiddish originally, it's a combination of nerve and shamelessness)

that? But he told me to shut my beak. I didn`t told him that.

10 Dec 2018  #35,691

Your chutzpah is your totally unfounded belief that every single thread here has to contain your mad Serbian ranting about issues that are completely irrelevant to Poland.

10 Dec 2018  #35,692

Not truth, not truth. People, if traces suggests that our Christ Savior was white Sarmatian, why would somebody insist that he was Jew or Arab? With all due respect on Jews, which I truly respect. Truly. Much more then Arabs, you know.

Sure, it is the other question that when we are already at Sarmatians, we are always at Serbians and at Poles and at Slavs in general. Would you now blame me for mentioning Serbs then? Would you? Its just digression, development of the thread. After all I`m not from Madagascar or God forbid from France, Britain or Germany, so I look on things from my Serbian angle.

10 Dec 2018  #35,693

if traces suggests that our Christ Savior was white Sarmatian, why would somebody insist that he was Jew or Arab?

Your remark, dobri brate, has just made me wonder if our Admin is white Sarmatian or is he perhaps anyone else ?

10 Dec 2018  #35,694

Whoever Moderators are I believe them to be freedom-loving people. In context of this forum and Poland, that means- more freedom, more safety for Poland. Hide truth and you giving space and time to corrupt politicians to sell out Poland, to manipulate with people, etc.

I doing my best to help. I show respect to Poles and at the same time I f*** every single Polish complex, weakness and taboo.

10 Dec 2018  #35,695

I doing my best to

spam every single thread. Bugger off you pest!

10 Dec 2018  #35,696

Crow, dobri brate, do not allow Ironside spit on you and tell bad things about you!

10 Dec 2018  #35,697

We all know that, TheOther!

Every little person feels threatened by their betters, more or less accepting and comfortable among their equals, viciously superior and unjustifiably "elitist" before their "inferiors" aka those forced to work for them, witness that Guatemalan maid in Bedminister, according to her, verbally abused regularly by Donny Boy:-)

10 Dec 2018  #35,698


Prior to the mid-'60's when this country, the US, suffered a complete nervous breakdown and cellular collapse of our cultural along with much of our moral fibre,

true, there was still plenty of repression to go around, in school, at work, and of course, at home as well.

On the other hand, mass shootings, spontaneous hot-headed rants and violent acting out on a dime back in the '50's, at the height of the New Deal, didn't exist, NOT because it wasn't reported (my own dad being a reliable eye-wtiness), as some clever leftists these days would have us believe, but BECAUE IT SIMPLY DIDN'T HAPPEN!!

Yes, I'll take a little bit more repression. In fact, it was probably just another way of saying some needed restraint in our lives, not giving vent to every emotion every second of the day.

Trump has unleashed this lack of self control, hence we're all suffering.

10 Dec 2018  #35,699

Not to get off topic, but it IS difficult for me at times to wade through the ballast of Crow's fractured English verbiageLOL
Name calling however doesn't cut it for me either. That's not the way PF'ers roll.

Dirk diggler
10 Dec 2018  #35,700

Poland will never elect a granny ******* homo.... neither will they import hordes of turd worlders till they're outbred in their own country and Polish becomes the 2nd most spoken language after Arabic...

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