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22 Nov 2018  #35,671

You're damned right!

Bratwurst Boy
22 Nov 2018  #35,672

*sidles away*

22 Nov 2018  #35,673

...with his head between his legs and his tail in his mouth:-)

22 Nov 2018  #35,674

@Bratwurst Boy

Apologies if I misunderstood your meaning.

Bratwurst Boy
22 Nov 2018  #35,675

I must work harder on my English...

22 Nov 2018  #35,676

Me too :-)

22 Nov 2018  #35,677

MY POLISH SISTERS AND BROTHERS right in this moment down there on Kosovo we Serbs defend Poland, not only Serbia. That is what official Poland failed to tell you Poles. Failed to tell you, while doing dirty games behind back of Serbians.

But Poland is eternal, current official Poland is only temporary shame on the face of Polish people. We all had and have our traitors.

Racowie are bleeding Poles. Man, woman and children. Just wonted to tell you that. False friends and allies of official Poland sponsoring wile Muslim extremists to push Slavs. They desire to finish with us and then to finish with your Polish man, woman and children.

God protect Poland! God protect Serbia!

22 Nov 2018  #35,678

For ***** sake Mods - we were having some fun with this "populist" questionairre. But Crow's stupid rantings are slewing this thread. Do don't bother to respond on which is more on topic as to populism in Europe - which is what this thread is all about.

Of course you mods wouldn't know, because you obviously know **** all about the political situation in Europe today, apart from what you've read in the "Post". What the hells bells is the matter with you? SO - you want all comments to be pre-moderated? You are angry because we didn't prescreen a poster's comment?

Dirk diggler
22 Nov 2018  #35,679

subway in poland vs subways in germany france and uk...


which would you want to ride on?

22 Nov 2018  #35,680

I would just like to wish all our American friends on here a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

23 Nov 2018  #35,681

Hey, Thanks for the kind words!


23 Nov 2018  #35,682

@ Atch
I'm not British.

Just Yelping Yorkie ,spreading unpleasant aroma around Donaldus Magnus ankles

23 Nov 2018  #35,683

You forgot the apostrophe - if you have trouble with them, you could try 'around the ankles of............' and I think that despite his shortcomings, and they are indeed legion, he merits a full stop. Now if you were an animal I'd say you'd be 'a bear of very little brain and long words bother me'.

24 Nov 2018  #35,684

You forgot the apostrophe

I am devastated . You have discovered my deepest , darkest secret . I was just skulking in the corner, behind comma and apostrophe. lesser brain than yours could be deceived , but not you with your brilliant " , huge TEACHERS" brain . You showed whole Polish community what imbecile , ignorant , what brainless creature I really am

On the other hand some insist that you are hopples "UPIERDLIWIEC"
I am not certain of your Polish, therefore translation:UPIERDLIWIEC-Someone flatulencing instead using sensible sentencing

Now if you were an animal I'd say you'd be 'a bear of very little brain

It is obvious you think you are dealing with one of numerous eunuch's populating this pages . you imagine you are squeezing my balls, but what you are trying to squeeze is two perfect spheres of brass , so do not expect me to cover in the corner . Lets not run to mods crying for help. just bring it looking forward fore more childish insults

johnny reb
24 Nov 2018  #35,685

If anyone has a legitimate reason "why" please let me know.

24 Nov 2018  #35,686

Do stop whining.

24 Nov 2018  #35,687

"why" please let me know.

Oh fer Pete's sake, you're worse than a 12 year old mean girl.... get a life and stop obsessing about other people.

cms neuf
24 Nov 2018  #35,688

Johnny i dont know who you are talking about and if it was fair or not; but i will say that this place was much nicer without every thread being spammed about sharia law and rape gangs

johnny reb
24 Nov 2018  #35,689

I think a lot of your concern is that you are intimidated by his superior knowledge of the subject to the point you can't begin to debate him.

It is the biggest concern to the future of Europe/the world at present.
Do you read the headlines of the world newspapers concerning the matter ?
Today for example on Reuters front page. Iran's Rouhani calls for Muslims to unite against United States.
And you are an allie of the United States kids so if you would rather chat about some hypothetical what if's Germany pulled out of the E.U. or how to make pierogies

then don't open the door to him about what a lovely place the U.K., Germany and France is where this stuff is snowballing every day.

Even the Guardian had a headlines last week that read; Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists.
This Progressive Political Correctness is destroying Europe and you want to live in denial.

get a life and stop obsessing about other people.

LOL - Take a look in the mirror and say that again real slow.

cms neuf
24 Nov 2018  #35,690

Yes you have a point - it is difficult to match up to Dirk's Ivy League education

johnny reb
24 Nov 2018  #35,691

So now you are starting a rumor that he has an Ivy League education after he has many times told you that he does not.

My point was made now wasn't it........you are intimidated by his knowledge to the point you have to lie because you can't begin to debate him.

I rest my case.

24 Nov 2018  #35,692

what imbecile , ignorant , what brainless creature

Hey that's my job here

24 Nov 2018  #35,693


lol, speaking of guns. have any of you guys heard of chopper amrk brandon reid? this dude was so badass they made a movie about him with eric bana playing him. apparently melbourne and australia is a pretty violent place with gun fights happening wuite a bit (i guess their roots or convict past never left them). There was even something there called the Melbourne gangland killings. its like usa except instead of black people its whites, people of various descends, greeks, albanians, etc. Chopper was a huge player there and became like a legend. he recently dies and revealed some unsolved murders he participated in laughing about it funny stuff:


here is a pretty amusing article about it:

that guy he shot twice and claims to have killed the sedond time (first was proven) was running a mail order bride business and was a biker gang leader lol. he drove him to the hospital cause he felt bad. he also killed a freaking turk named sammy the turk lol in the middle of a parking lots outside a shady nightclub called bonjagles lol.

24 Nov 2018  #35,694

lol here is chopper discussing the movie with eric bana while holding a kick under his face:

more info about the children of the melbourne gangland killings lol:

cms neuf
24 Nov 2018  #35,695

I am indeed intimidated by his knowledge - history, geography, math, economics and of course his logic and his precise grammar. No wonder he is as he claims among the eilte of the US education system

johnny reb
24 Nov 2018  #35,696

I am indeed intimidated by his knowledge -

All you have to do to not be jealous of him is just work a little harder in your studies and you can be elite in your knowledge too.

24 Nov 2018  #35,697

It is the biggest concern to the future of Europe/

Europe is doing fine, we don't need Americans to tell us what to do and what not to do.

America's influence is waning badly, hence why they're attempting to buy European governments.

24 Nov 2018  #35,698



I am working in hyderabad. My passport has been issued form UP. is it possible for me to get appoitnment date from mumbai as i am based in hyderabad due to my work? and as hyderabad area falls under mumbai embassy. please suggest

Bratwurst Boy
24 Nov 2018  #35,699

Hmmm....I will keep my eyes open for any info on that...

24 Nov 2018  #35,700

Yes, you keep your eyes on it. If things now escalate, word ``borders`` in entire Europe would sound like a good joke. It would be grab what you can in chaos that created western Europe and EU.

Maniacal mafia-muja regime on Kosovo introduced taxes on Serbian good up to 100% and all Kosovo Serbs depend on supplies from Serbia. That`s how started provocation. Then started burning Serbian goods on streets by Muslim Shquiptars, like Nazis were burning Jewish books. Then started night attacks by Shquiptar police on Serbian enclaves.

"100% tax to remain until Serbia recognizes Kosovo"

"People in Kosovo hostages to rogue policy, question for EU"

Kosovo: Serbs protests, columns of cars form, bells toll

This is especial shame. These Serbs were arrested while Polish troops were logistics to Shuquiptar muja-police. Why Poland need that is behind my comprehension- ah yes, I know, because Duda betrayed Poland. I think that EU and NATO planed to put Poland in this situation to involve Poland in direct conflict. That is how much EU/NATO love Poland (you know how goes those Anglo jokes about Poles) >>> KFOR "doesn't know" where arrested Serbs are now >

Vucic to Russian envoy: We've no reason to trust NATO

Russia to Pristina: Do not overestimate your powers

Serbia turns to China for help; "It's never been worse"

Army, security chiefs, president meet after Rosu incursion

Statement from president's meeting with security chiefs

Finally something from EU but KFOR still fails to protect local Serb civilians >

EU says Pristina is in violation of CEFTA

EU: Kosovo must reverse this act immediately

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