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15 Dec 2018  #36,361

,I believe coarseness is required to counter deliberate chamstwo

Now, that's a lie.

I informed ,Lovely Atch that her comments about Great Man, my president "DONALDUS MAGNUS" , were inappropriate.

No. You didn't. You said:

"Typical British Yorkie , yelping and jumping around Donaldus Magnus ankles ,sadly ,able to reach the sole of his shoes".

ANSWER: I am paraphrasing :Przelotnyptak is stupid, he didn't use apostrophe,

No. My answer was:

"I'm not British". That's all, not a single word more. And your response:

"Just Yelping Yorkie ,spreading unpleasant aroma around Donaldus Magnus ankles".

15 Dec 2018  #36,362

Demographic shifts certainly did play a major role in the vast changes on the European continent.


You're only half right about the American influence on Nazi Germany! Had their history been different, roughly from post-Thirty Years War and the failures of Christianity as taken up by Luther, Hitler wouldn't have so successfully been able to sell Henry Ford's "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" to the German people as efficiently as he did, being that the fertile soil for such racism wouldn't have already been irrigated for generations:-)

15 Dec 2018  #36,363

Henry Ford's

That particular trashy and malevolent hoax long predates Henry Ford.

Dirk diggler
15 Dec 2018  #36,364

Henry Ford didn't write the protocols. He had the Dearborn independent which printed a series called the international jew. Many of the things written back then about zionists 100 years ago remain even truer today. Just look at hollywood, international media, all the top people in the fed, half the Supreme court, etc.

Yet he was one of the first to hire blacks, paid far above the wages of competitors, and promoted a melting pot sort of culture where employees would go into literal sort of melting pot as an expression that despite all the different european backgrounds they're all Americans.

And ford are by far the best most reliable work trucks, except their diesels they suck

15 Dec 2018  #36,365

They're actually a work of fiction from the Nineteenth Century, subsequently propagated by racits. The original fake news.

15 Dec 2018  #36,366


Miroslav Lazanski - top Serbia`s political and military annalist of Polish origin

One very interesting and successful Polish life.


He writes on political and military matters, is a correspondent and commentator for the Belgrade daily Politika. ..... His paternal family is of Polish origin.

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miroslav_Lazanski

15 Dec 2018  #36,367

Oh, I know he didn't "write" them, he merely propagated their particular brand of centuries-old slander.

15 Dec 2018  #36,368

oh shut up

Were you not born with a sense of humor or did you have it surgically removed?

15 Dec 2018  #36,369


Do watch out for those apostrophes

I do occasionally ,cross my heart

Atch Now, that's a lie
Wake up girl This whole congregation Is an illusion, gigantic fraud ,full of magicians, tricksters ..Kubuki theater. ,all behind curtain of anonymity

Many decent ,authentic ,honest people ,for sure, without a doubt ,but truthfulness is not required.
This is not some Galactic Consul designed to save the planet, rather a bunch of bloviators and that's the fun:::)))

Love you anyway ,platonically of course XOXOXO

15 Dec 2018  #36,370

Is that a tricky question?

16 Dec 2018  #36,371

Do you mean a trick question? If it's tricky, you mean then that it's hard for you to answer, but it's not necessarily meant to stump you as some kind of joke:-)

16 Dec 2018  #36,372

are trying to say how superior

You are boring and rude. There is no point talking to boring and rude people.

16 Dec 2018  #36,373

Well youre the one who called me a pedo Polak or whatever term you used to try to discredit me before, so whose the rude one? I went to prison in usa for fighting literally not even attacking or assaulting someone so dont try adding into it or my history than what it was.

16 Dec 2018  #36,374

Im on the ground here unlike you so I know how they are and judge the culture based on how people are not history. I dont look at history or ideals or other nations to judge people by I see everyday around me.

16 Dec 2018  #36,375

I also see their women and how much gold digging there is going on and fakeness.

16 Dec 2018  #36,376

youre the one who called me a pedo Polak

No I said you're psychologically damaged and you need to see a professional therapist (preferably a psychoanalyst) to get fixed and healthy before you self-destruct. If you choose to ignore that advice then so be it.

16 Dec 2018  #36,377

Were you not born with a sense of humor or did you have it surgically removed?

Nie martw się, mój przyjacielu, forum jest zainfekowane przez dziwnego wirusa. Słowo humoru jest nie dozwolone lub tolerowane

I informed ,Lovely Atch that her comments about Great Man, my president "DONALDUS MAGNUS" , were inappropriate.
No. You didn't. You said:

"Typical British Yorkie , yelping and jumping around Donaldus Magnus ankles ,sadly not ,able to reach the sole of his shoes".

Atch Ty uparty koziolku .You just don't get it. Words different, meaning same

Because of the peace ,consent and harmony prevailing in our humble family, I am sending you this bouquet of broken thorns :)

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,378

Donaldus maximus is good. I also like emperor trump, agent orange, great white hope, orange man bad (frequently used by ultra liberal NPCs), orange creamscile, God (jay Leno used), the fuhrer, king of trolling, teflon don and a ton more not so nice ones from butt hurt leftists.

The middle class really needed a guy like him. He's doing a better job with the economy than any president in my life time.

Dziwne, bo pisze poska bez censur.

17 Dec 2018  #36,379

a better job with the economy

Word is, that the financial sector (a part of the democratic rather than republican base) is going to crash the economy as close to 2020 as they can.

middle class really needed a guy like him

To not build a wall? To occupy a third of frickin' Syria on the sly?

The problem with electing an outsider is they can't get anything done and they get coopted by established players (like the neocons - aka 'the worst people ever' whose vision is 'invade the world, invite the world, in debt to the world'

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,380

Word is, that the financial sector (a part of the democratic rather than republican base) is going to crash the economy as close to 2020 as they can.

I believe it. Trump could cure cancer and give every American a million dollars and they'd still complain and obstruct. Even the fed purposely ****** with Trump. This is going to affect middle class and upper middle class the most.

To not build a wall? To occupy a third of frickin' Syria on the sly?

I don't agree with many things that Trump does or says. But the fact that the economy is doing better than it has for a decade, there's no more whiny bullshit about helping all the third world countries especially Africa via the UN or letting the US military turn into some sort of freak show by allowing trannies in. Plus he pulled out of the Paris accord, unemployment is way down, taxes have been brought down even lower income people are happy with that - I remember one interview who worked at Walmart and she like broke down in tears saying she can't believe, he did his best to prevent certain muslim countries' from emigrating here meaning he's taking national security very seriously, and dozens of other things he did very well or at least did his best till he was obstructed by democrats and cuckservative republicans.

Even the most anti-Trump democrats agree that the economy is doing very well. That is undeniable fact.

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,381

One of the people killed in the Strasbourg attack was a pole. Apparently he fought woth the attacker to prevent him from shooting more people. RIP


17 Dec 2018  #36,382

Yes - if the Polish president concentrated more on his job,. and less on febrile propoganda, the country would be a much better place.
I suggest he visits Gniew, for example, and sees how a percentage of the population still live in condemned slums, and does something about it - rather than babbling about an individual brave Pole (inferring that "we" Poles are naturally heroic)

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,383

A better place? Seriously dude? When you compare poland 10 years ago it's a night and day difference. Wages are way up, unemployment is lower than it ever had been and the government is collecting more tax revenue as a result. Also, unlike w europe, the Polish government actually protects it's people and puts citizens safety above some far left multi kulti agenda the EU pushes. If poland took in those thousands of third worlders and seeing how they come from countries where 30, 50, 60% of people want sharia and find suicide bombing as acceptable itd only be a matter of time before poland has Islamic terrorism. Not to mention all the money that'd be spend.

That's why the pis foreign affairs guy told macron off and told him to get his own house in order referring to the yellow vests and recent terror attack before criticizing poland.

That brave pole that the president is 'babbling' about just got killed, thanks to the liberal policies of merkel, macron, etc. Show some respect to someone who was just killed trying to prevent more people from getting shot. I wonder what you would've done in his shoes doug I really do.

You know damn well that if I moved from poland back to uk you'd be living in a far more dangerous place where you're far more likely to be robbed, stabbed, shot, etc by some allah akbaring loon.

17 Dec 2018  #36,384

He's doing a better job with the economy than any president in my life time.

So you were born on January 20, 2017? LOL!

the economy is doing very well

Had a look at your 401K lately, or followed the development on the international markets? You are deluding yourself.

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,385

He's far better than Obama bush and Clinton that's for sure.

Deluding myself? Facts dont have feelings, nor a political agenda and the facts show the following:

s&p 500 currently at 2600 (correction). Under Obama it hovered in the 1ks and at its peak was 2.1k Under trump it hit almost 3k - 33% higher higher than Obama's peak. Atm it's almost double of what it was most of Obama's term.

dow Jones during most of Obama's first 4 year term

Dow: at 24k, also at a correction. Under Obama it hit 17k 18k peaks. The dow is twice, almost 3x if we look at Aug 2009, as high as Obama's term. The dow was at 18k when trump was elected and reached 26k twice under trump.

I've been making more money off stocks in the 2 years trump has been in office

Also the GDP data - 3% 4% as high as 5% growth quarter to quarter. Obama could only dream of those kind of numbers. He never grew the economy more than 3% DESPITE negative growth when he started. Trump brought up gdp up over a TRILLION in just 2 years. It was 18.6 at end of 2016 and it peaked at 20 trillion in q1 2018. NEVER has us gdp hit 20 tril. 2nd quarter economy saw over 4% gdp and 3rd quarter 3.5%. Obama had NEGATIVE growth his first 2 years and peaked at 2.9% in 2015. Most of his 8 year term economy grew by 1%-2% those are horrible numbers considering a -2.8% in 2009.

There's plenty of more facts you can look up i.e. unemployment rate, household spending, real estate market, etc.

As much as the left hates trump, the numbers don't lie and anyone who is in business knows the economy has grown significantly under trump.

And don't even start with the wall. Trump has agreed to daca when the dems demanded it. It is not trump who is to blame for now wall it's the dems bc they refuse any proposal even when trump met their daca demands, a clear political move as now they don't care about dreamers one bit, they said no.

Most importantly, trump said publicly he is a nationalist. He actually cares about America. This wasn't a political goal of his. The dude could've retired or even ran the trump organization with a fraction of the stress that the presidents office has. He did this because he as a businessman saw where the country and economy was going and knew it needed to be fixed. Unfortunately dems, neo cuckservatives and loads of people who dont mind harming their own constituents merely because they don't like trump. It's pathetic.

17 Dec 2018  #36,386

I suggest he visits Gniew, for example, and sees how a percentage of the population still live in condemned slums

There's enough in Warsaw, minutes' walk from his residence. They aren't his core voters though....

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,387

The worst neighborhood in all of Poland has a FRACTION of the violent crimes that places like Malmo, Seine saint denis, tower hamlets and the other no go zones, which even merkel finally admitted exist.

The amount of women that were sexually assaulted in just ONE night, in just ONE city in germany roughly equals the amount of sexual assaults in all over poland the entire here.

The facts dont lie. Nation master shows that poland is far far safer and has far less violent crime than uk germany etc. The amount of rapes that I posted earlier with the nation master source show polands rapes and rape rate are a fraction of those in germany. Other violent crimes i.em murders in poland are also less frequent and a lower rate than w europe

But lemme guess... the roads are unsafe so that negates polands low murder rape etc stats as you pointed out earlier

johnny reb
17 Dec 2018  #36,388

He's far better than Obama bush and Clinton that's for sure.

Facts speak for themselves Dirk but the Left can't debate the facts.

Had a look at your 401K lately

Matter of fact we have and Thank You President Trump !
When Obama took office the Dow Jones was at 13,364 and eight years later it was at 17,400 resulting in a 4,000 point rise in Obama's eight years in office.

Meaning when Teflon Trump took office the Dow Jones was at 17,400 and now two years later with Trump in office the Dow is at 24,000 with a 7,000 point gain in just two years.

I suggest for all the Left Wing Socialists that can't stand that FACT to write President Trump a check of the difference of what their 401k was worth when Obozo left office two years ago and what it is worth today and mail that difference to President Trump and tell him how unappreciative they are for the excellent job he has done for their 401k in the last two years.

I apologize to my Conservative American friends for crossing the picket line of our Strike for unearned suspension on Americans but to listen to such nauseating ignorance becomes just unbearable to us that can Think which is the difference between Fox news and CNN news watchers.

Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,389

I don't watch fox news. Too much zionist ass kissing and hypocrisy. They're no different than the leftist stations only with a conservative twist. Although I'll make an occasional exception for tucker carlson. That guys show is funny and informative.

And that's just the stock market.... unemployment is low (even labor force participation remained the same meaning less people living off the dole and claiming bogus disability), real estate market is hot, way more people are spending money to fix their homes, everyone from a lowly Walmart greeter to an executive has more disposable income thanks to tax cuts. Tons of KPIs show economy is boomjng.

The one thing I did like about Obama is Obamacare but otherwise he was awful.

cms neuf
17 Dec 2018  #36,390

I didn't know you were in strike - what happened ?

Your numbers are incorrect - and badly

DJIA on Obama inauguration 7949; on leaving office 19742. It his last year in office average was always 16k plus.

The percentage rise in Obama's first year was roughly the same as in Trumps.

In the Trump years circa 60 percent of dollar gains are from five tech stocks that are very overvalued. Some of that is down to Trump allowing them to repatriate cash but lots of it is a valuation bubble.

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