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12 Jan 2019  #36,361

I suspended one of them under at least 4 different usernames

For the simple reason that he mentioned the word "English Teacher",how fair was that?I am glad that you are no more a mod esp after watching the pic that circulated here.OOPS! where is Goofy????

12 Jan 2019  #36,362

Amanda, guesswho,

That BS. She was a legitimate person who posted here for a short time.

Trener_Zowia was a great guy with a sense of humor - it was fun to read his posts.

johnny reb
12 Jan 2019  #36,363

That BS. She was a legitimate person who posted here for a short time.

Thank you Ironside

It's sad that the people you listen to are no more than trolls who have been here for years under various different usernames

Well there sure are a lot of people disagreeing with your claims including one of the good Moderators here.
And "use to be" are the key words here Love.
I have been here for years and remember you posting about going out to dinner with your cohort tag team buddy in crime here.
Then a week or two later he posted private information about a member here that ONLY A MOD could possibly know.
When Wroclaw Boy brought it to our attention and called you out on it you lied then too.
Soon after you were no longer a Mod.
Now you are lying again about me posting under various names as you relentlessly keep doing over the years because you are still bitter.
That johnnyR guy that you claim was me......his ip: was confirmed to come out of Canada and I am no Canadian nor have I ever posted from Canada.

Then I was tagged by your cohorts to be Rich too which we all know now is not true don't we.
You guys are so full of bullsh!t and have egg all over your red faces that probably best you quit with your lies and bullying.

Nobody believes your lies anymore Pam.
You should count your blessings that I am not a Mod.

12 Jan 2019  #36,364

Really, Rich? Can't quite believe that since I'm sure you enjoyed Rambo and Schwarzenegger, neither of whom are paragons of mental aptitude:-)

12 Jan 2019  #36,365

For a "Newbie" like me all this is very intriguing and revealing.
I did not realize their were old feuds going on in this forum.
But I sure as hell know who is telling the truth now.

12 Jan 2019  #36,366

The mean-spirited direction in which the US has been going at nearly break-neck speed ever since the rise of Reagan, will doubtless crest within the foreseeable future, or America will simply self-destruct under the weight of her own outdated stubbornness.

Once more, folks, it wasn't the button-down Wall St. types of old who elected this buzzard in Oval Office, it was the Clyven Bundys and Duck Robertsons, the Easy Riders and Jane & Joe Sixpacks out there, disillusioned fallout from the '60s Era, who've helped to turn this country into a bleedin' laughing stock!!

America -Moral Guardian of Freedom & Democracy??! Who are you kidding!

12 Jan 2019  #36,367

s, it wasn't the button-down Wall St. types of old who elected this buzzard in Oval Office

No, it was the Obama crowd that oversaw the largest transfer of wealth from working people to financial elites in the nations's history....

and Trump has been trying to wind down unwinnable wars in the Middle East that serve no clear purpose (and the democrats are now the "We love losing American lives in the desert!" party

johnny reb
12 Jan 2019  #36,368

disillusioned fallout from the '60s Era

Well that is the era when Socialists took over the schools and the universities.
You are now seeing the results (three generations) of the useful idiots that were dumbed down by the Progressives.
Joe Six Pack has had enough of this crap so he elected Politically Incorrect Trump to save the country from being dumbed down any further by this Saul Alinski propaganda.

Funny how we see things so much different isn't it.

12 Jan 2019  #36,369

and there is nothing to be afraid of. So, what's up with that? Is this some form of mental disorder?

Would you call it a mental disorder if a member here called your wife on Christmas Eve and threaten her to the points she starts crying or if a member said your mother sucked him off or if a member bragged about showing his penis on Skype or if a member told you the reason he came to Poland was to groom little boys to be gay or have a member call your boss and tell him that you were posting on company time and then send your boss e-mails of some of your posts.

You tell me Rich, would you say such a person has an acute mental disorder and should not be allowed around children without supervision ?

12 Jan 2019  #36,370

Exactly, MoOli!

Trump's making people suffer by holding their paychecks hostage merely to prove at point, the point being that he, Trump's, an ideological buffoon.

12 Jan 2019  #36,371

Trump's making people suffer by holding their paychecks hostage

The dems can release those paychecks anytime they want....

Trump's, an ideological buffoon.

What's buffoonish about trying to fulfill his number one campaign promise? And at present the US-Mexico border is an unsustainable, dysfunctional mess, the only two realistic options are

a) open borders (the democratic-big-business option)

b) getting control (and a wall will help that)

12 Jan 2019  #36,372

Option C:Use live bullets.

Rich Mazur
12 Jan 2019  #36,373

as far as Polish native instructors speaking "very good" English, I ...disagree!

I wrote "conversations". The exact quote:

The conversations will be a walk in the park since everybody speaks very good English in Poland today.

Conversations as opposed to public speaking. Conversations require a lot less. Everyone I know is at ease in one-on-one chats, but few would not freeze speaking in a large auditorium.

Rich Mazur
12 Jan 2019  #36,374

I am unable to decode your post.

Rich Mazur
12 Jan 2019  #36,375

b) getting control (and a wall will help that)

"Help" is too mild. A wall stops the invaders cold turkey.
I am shocked that so few mention the wall in Israel. Never been there, I am no Jewish, but their wall and the Mossad always make me smile. And, of course, how they shoot at the knees or the ankles at the border.

My advice to all is: If you are too stupid to figure out what to do, ask Israelis. Like making the cockpit doors unbreakable years before 9/11. We didn't because the airline lobby was against. Why is it that the Anglos always react after a terrific damage is done?

12 Jan 2019  #36,376


You are blatently ignoring questions on a thread that you accused people,incorrectly,of using
false aliases.......
Please answer the posts or forever be referred to as The Aussie Bullsh!iiter.... :-)

johnny reb
12 Jan 2019  #36,377

Option C:Use live bullets.

On who, the illegal invaders or the Disfunctional Opposition Party ?
Trump sure gets back at the media and Opposition Party by doing what they say he mustn't do or else. lol
Once they come to the conclusion that he is the President and not them it will sink in.
His number one #1 job is to protect the American people the way he sees fit and that is exactly what he is doing, his job.

Their way doesn't seem to be working to well in California yet they want such a cancer to spread to the rest of our country to destroy it too.

The Progressive Opposition Party that were given participation trophies all their lives, where everyone wins, suddenly have a rude awakening to the real world.
They are not use to being told NO, you aren't going to get Your way this time, and have a temper tantrum because they are not getting their way for the first time in their lives. Boo Hoo Hoo

Welcome to reality and the real world you brainwashed useful idiots.
Remember, these are the same people that promised to move to Canada if Trump won the election. lol

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2019  #36,378

Im not saying a Chinese colonization of Europe is a good thing, but imo it's preferable to a Muslim and African one.


13 Jan 2019  #36,379

The Aussie Bullsh!iiter.... :-)

Redfern dweller will be more RESPECTABLE and appropriate.(someone knows what I am talking about)

On who, the illegal invaders or the Disfunctional Opposition Party ?

Take a wild guess,both are eligible candidates/culprits.lol

13 Jan 2019  #36,380

No, it was the Obama crowd that oversaw the largest transfer of wealth from working people to financial elites in the nations's history....

This is a fact that you wont here from fake msm, lyzko or any person with TDS.

The Progressive Opposition Party that were given participation trophies all their lives,

Did you hear about the "new Green deal" what insanity! It would cost more that the entire US budget...lol

Trump's making people suffer

Here is the real manufactured story. Who's suffering? Its like a paid vacation and recent poll s indicate 70% of registered Dems agree Illegal Immigration is a crisis.

Why are all the Dems in Puerto Rico watching a play tonight? Trump is still in DC waiting for them to come and do their job!

I guess, the Dems want ppl to suffer, it will make good Sunday morning propaganda for the one sided msm

I haven't seen one video clip of Obongo, Shumer or Pelosi on the MSM from 2009, but if the shoe was on the other foot, you bet, it would played non stop 24/7!


Democrats, the party of Hypocrites!

Dirk diggler
13 Jan 2019  #36,381

Soyboy Democrat working at vape shop triggered by trump hat lolololol



Technically our system of government is a republic, not a democracy.

You can blame your fellow 'chosen few' in the Hollywood Hills for the gradual decay of morality and pushing the envelope further and further whether it's to do with violence, sexual taboos, objectifying women yet at the same time pushing feminism, degrading religion especially Christianity, pushing stereotypes including against Poles, mocking Christ but never Moses, making conservative rural and suburban whites the enemy, etc etc

cms neuf
13 Jan 2019  #36,382

Well that is obviously what people pay to watch, so why not save your anger for the people who buy tickets for that ?

Dirk diggler
13 Jan 2019  #36,383

That's because there is almost nothing else on TV and what is prevalent in the majority of western movies. The best movies on Netflix tend to be foreign ones actually especially action movies. I lose hope for the western world when I see some great documentary about ww1 or a video on the most interesting attractions in Budapest or Venice have a few thousand views but a rap song or about 'life hacks' like how to eat an apple has tens or even hundreds of millions views

cms neuf
13 Jan 2019  #36,384

But surely people with your obsessions can set up their own studios and make their own movies ?

In fact the Polish govt basically does this - using sponsorship from Orlen , PZU etc to fund films about Smolensk and Cursed Soldiers, those films generally do badly at the box office unless you count the school kids who get a morning off math to watch them.

13 Jan 2019  #36,385

I miss Crow, has anyone seen him.

Yes. I met him whilst walking the dog in the forest. Surprisingly nice chap....
But Johnny - you do realise that online persona are not necessarily a reflection of the actual person, don't you? Crow probably has to put the rubbish out and roast the Sunday goat - or whatever they eat in Belgrade. Whatever, it's nice to have a rest from his "Sarmatian" babble. And while we're at it - when he's not here, neither are his "brethren", which points to the fact that they are part of a group posting for Moscow interests.

And who are the Yanks here posting on behalf of? I thought traditionally you were in favour of all things Jewish, seeing as many American institutions were built on Jewish wealth?

13 Jan 2019  #36,386

I thought traditionally you were in favour of all things Jewish

weird trivia... Evangelicals have the highest opinion of Jews of any non-Jewish religious group in the US while Jews have the lowest opinion of Evangelicals...

13 Jan 2019  #36,387

or whatever they eat in Belgrade.

Novi Sad actually. Why the hell they would they eat goats? By the way aren't you spouse to an open minded, tolerant and whatnot fellow? What is that with hate towards Serbs? How that makes you different than the Nazis with their Jew-thingy? Take this opportunity to learn OK?

hought traditionally you were in favour of all things Jewish,

LOL! You don't have a clue. Well, you can be excused.

By the way, that is makes so hilarious If some PC American start his/her rant about alleged Polish anti-Semitic that or that .....I'm tempted to say hey a Jewish hat or that thingy that covers a bolding spot on the top of your head and have a stroll abound a city or your local Jews meeting hall. Do it like for a week for a sake of an experiment. Then you can repeat it in Poland. Came back and share your experience. Talking sh... based on heresy and gossip is just too creepy.

Although weirdly hilarious too.

13 Jan 2019  #36,388

fund films about Smolensk and Cursed Soldier

WTF? Are you talking about? There was one movie about Smolensk - don't know if that was found by Polish gov or not. Cursed Soldiers - there was no one of those getting founds from the gov. Hence they had just some pitiful money, and there were like what - two in total lately. One was crappy and the other was OK. Do their fail at the box office? let us check hmm for the year 2017 that movie was placed 11'venth. Considering the budged was pitiful, it did do so badly.

Where you talking out of your arse cms>?

johnny reb
13 Jan 2019  #36,389

Didn't you claim to be Jewish at one point and time here Doug ?
I thought ALL you British ex-pats here on the form living in Poland claimed to be Jews.

I thought traditionally you were in favour of all things Jewish,

Jews like Blacks or any other race that start whining and demanding that I walk on egg shells around them wears thin on me quickly.

If they don't do that and treat me as an equal then I get along perfectly well with Jews and Blacks.
So if I may ask, are you Jewish Doug ?

cms neuf
13 Jan 2019  #36,390

The cursed soldiers film was funded from the marketing budgets of state owned companies - PGNIG, PGE, PZU etc - take a look at one of the posters and you will see all their names on the bottom.

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