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13 Jan 2019  #36,391

Oh, but you are able to decode my post! You simply don't wish to accept its truth:-)

13 Jan 2019  #36,392

Having to downshift constantly from small talk into even smaller talk, Dirk, is to me not having a conversation in "very good English", at best, it's having a somewhat strained conversation in makeshift "global" English. That's not the same thing.

13 Jan 2019  #36,393

You are now seeing the results (three generations) of the useful idiots that were dumbed down by the Progressives.

These new socialists should really read a history book once in awhile, but they're too stupid and ignorant to understand.

New Players ( the Dems)
Old Deal
Old failed Deal
Socialism and its adherence
Stalin 36 -million murdered
Mao 68 - million murdered
Hitler 16.4 - million murdered

Do the Math snowflakes, thats if you actually learned how or were you too busy taking social justice classes?? lol

Dirk diggler
13 Jan 2019  #36,394

And 1st place goes to (drum roll..) Muslims, with 270 million killed.

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2019  #36,395

You are entitled to your own opinions. You are not entitled to speak on my behalf.

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2019  #36,396

I agree, Frank.

13 Jan 2019  #36,397

I for one am glad to see less of Crow on here,he was driving me nuts.
Maybe The "American Strike" helped,I don't know.
But this forum is without question better with less of his inane and off subject rants.

13 Jan 2019  #36,398

I think Cow is as indispensable for this forum as Admin and Moderators.

cms neuf
13 Jan 2019  #36,399

I think tobacco might be even more deadly than Muslims and commies together.

13 Jan 2019  #36,400

Finally, Tom.

13 Jan 2019  #36,401

You're also entitled to your own opinions, not to your own facts:-)

13 Jan 2019  #36,402

Once I can decipher Crow's recalcitrant Serblish, cometimes, I actually agree with the dude.

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2019  #36,403

Old line, but still awesomely brilliant.

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2019  #36,404

But this forum is without question better with less of his inane and off subject rants.

Life is relative. Said Confucius. Or was it me?
Anyway, it's good to have the insane and the ugly around to appreciate our own wisdom and beauty.
How is that for being poetic and creative? Not bad?
I need some help here because my right arm and my back hurt already.

13 Jan 2019  #36,405

That's what quite a few people are speculating too. PiS were really desperate to push the "our judges" vs "your judges" line, and it stands to reason that a career criminal would easily believe that a "PO judge" was responsible for wrongly imprisoning him.

13 Jan 2019  #36,406

The mayor of Gdańsk is operated in emergency as his aorta would have been pierced.

13 Jan 2019  #36,407

The mayor of Gdańsk

Worthy of a thread on it's own I should have said. Hopefully he will make a full recovery, but this is a tragedy in other ways than the obvious. He is one of the good guys, the mayor of one of just three metropolitan centres that wanted to overule PIS and accept part of the original EU imposed refugee quota.

13 Jan 2019  #36,408

Worthy of a thread on it's own I should have said.


It's a very sad thing to happen.

This is what PiS have done to Poland.

Sad but true...

13 Jan 2019  #36,409

I can only hope for the best, but there's a very real chance that he won't survive this. The director of the hospital has said that they've got all the specialists on board and that they're fighting for his life. Duda has been informed that there's hope, but all in all, this is very, very serious.

Vesko Vukovic
13 Jan 2019  #36,410

Sad but true...

What is really sad is that some people will try to gain political points from this tragic event.

13 Jan 2019  #36,411

Not the time for this. Show some respect.

13 Jan 2019  #36,412

Someone certainly tried to make one and doubtless damaged his own 'cause'. The same has happened elsewhere, with Jo Cox in Britain, and that politician in Arizona. However much hatred there is, those who condone this must never be allowed to win.

13 Jan 2019  #36,413

Brudzinski is saying that internet posters who spread hate on this topic will be prosecuted.....

Rich Mazur
14 Jan 2019  #36,414

Let me get it straight: In Poland, certain emotions as defined by the Ministry of Approved Feelings are prohibited under the Polish criminal laws and those who feel the unapproved feelings will be prosecuted.

Did I get it right?

johnny reb
14 Jan 2019  #36,415

I must have missed that somehow Doug, could you provide your source for us.
While the rest of you are all "hoping" for his recover I will be praying for his recover and strength for his family.
This incident of an unstable persons actions reminds me of when we have a school shooting here in the U.S.
The internet immediately spreads hate against the law abiding gun owners.

Rich Mazur
14 Jan 2019  #36,416

It's enough.

Rich Mazur
14 Jan 2019  #36,417

To celebrate my Post 2000, I want to share this observation with the Euro slaves here.

I left the communist Poland as an adult in 1966 so I know it very well. Almost 30 years since that hideous system fell on its face, you are still behaving as if you suffered from a full-blown case of the Stockholm syndrome.

Specifically, what I find astounding is your desire to play lapdogs to your ruling elites. We had to do it in the communist Poland to survive. You lack that excuse and defend the indefensible almost gladly without any anger or even a slight disappointment that the fear of saying what a truly free man would like to say is your daily experience. Even at an American forum where freedom is celebrated every single day with every post, mods notwithstanding. Unbelievable.

14 Jan 2019  #36,418

this guy fighting for hes life and leftist already using this unprovoked attack by unstable criminal as political tool. owsiak to no surprise leading this festival of blame and hatred.no class..

leftist are has become immoral degenerates.

Rich Mazur
14 Jan 2019  #36,419

Leftists have become??? immoral degenerates???

cms neuf
14 Jan 2019  #36,420

I hope when the mods wake up they will restore this thread to what is about - WOSP and now this horrible incident. Not guns, not leftists, not thought crime.

For those in Poland I hope you will give generously to any WOSP collection boxes you see today.

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