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Dirk diggler
17 Dec 2018  #36,391

What are you talkimg about cms trrumps first year numbers were far higher than obamas. 2008 ended with -.3% and 2009 ended -2.8%. Not only are those numbers far apart, obama didnt grow the economy at all - it shrank. That should have made it easier to grow the economy in 09 10 etc but he still fell far short of trumps first two years. Not ONCE in 8 years did Obama get to 3% or more annual growth

buraeu of economy analysis (branch of u.s. department of commerce) is where I pulled my gdp numbers from. Dow and s&p numbers can be found by typing in s&p 500 5 year and a graph appears.

This shows highest number Obama hit was 17k in Dec 2014

Record high dow under trump

17 Dec 2018  #36,392

This is the same guy Jon who told me no ghettos or slums exist in Poland even though hes never been anywhere here. he thinks praga brezna street in the alleys at night is safe.

cms neuf
17 Dec 2018  #36,393

Bush was in charge in 2008 - not Obama

Here is one of many articles comparing their records in stock market growth. Of course it is far removed fron the real evonomy (if you used this as a measure then PiS would be the worst govt in Polish history when in fact many economic measures are at record highs in Poland)


Dirk diggler
18 Dec 2018  #36,394

Obama was elected in of 08. If we're counting 09 as his first year that means he accomplished -2.8% gdp decline.

The Washington compost is very anti trump. I can skew the figures too and make Obama look like the best president in growing the economy if I pick and choose what measures he did well in and offer irrelevant comparisons while not providing the same data for obama....And that's exactly what the compost writer did, who is a former CNN journo and 'commenter' and clearly not a financial professional, stock or commodity broker or someone who deals with the markets in any other way beside writing 'orange man economic policy bad, obama good' which any investor, hedge fund manager or even junior broker would laugh at.

First, he chose a specific 15 month period of the s&p, and even admits that Obama came in during a recession so that's why the stock prices grew - a collapse not seen since the great depression which he, then compares to trump. If a company loses half or a quarter of its market cap and gradually rebuilds obviously it'll have faster growth than

As far as the second chart he compares % change for other developed countries to us % change for 2017, which is only slightly lower. Seeing as countries considered by moody to be developed but poorer than us, like Poland for example have far higher growth rates than the us the chart means little. Poland has a far higher growth rate than the us, yet their economies are structured way differently. Same with china. A 5% increase in gdp in china is considered slow, in poland it's a strong number, in the us it's almost unheard of especially in the past decade. Yet trump accomplished 5% quarters. If the writer provided a chart with data for Obama's first year and compared it to other developed countries it'd look even worse because while us went way down many economies like polands grew.

To people with limited financial knowledge it would appear that Obama was better - basically because the first chart shows quick growth after a major recession and the 2nd chart is comparing us to other economies and he doesn't even offer a similar chart for Obama's first year.

To people who understand markets the writers argument is totally unconvincing. Not only has he picked only 2 measures, one of them not even given for Obama as a comparison despite the title of the article, but he's looking at only s&p growth for 15 months rather than considering gdp, dow, real estate, unemployment, trade balance, in addition to s&p. All those things improved under trump while under Obama all of them went down, except for stocks which yes did slowly recover.

18 Dec 2018  #36,395

Obama was elected in of 08. If we're counting 09 as his first year that means he accomplished -2.8% gdp decline.

You sir, should be ashamed of yourself. while, listing all of Obama's minor achievements,
You have forgotten, major, some would say signature achievement .
No president have ever visited fifty-six American states, with few more to go.
Well, maybe Houdini. nooo ,maybe not.

18 Dec 2018  #36,396

When Obama took office the Dow Jones was at 13,364

Alternative goober clown facts again. When Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the Dow Jones was at 7,949.09 and the economy was in a deep Republican recession (as usual). At the end of his term on January 20, 2017, the Dow Jones was at 19,732.40. Trump is not even coming close, and he just burned all 2018 gains with his big puckered mouth. MAGA! Ha ha ha. Drink some more Kool-Aid.

18 Dec 2018  #36,397

Obama was elected in of 08.

Donaldus Magnus, the last man standing ,while liberal politician preparing gallows
Fore every pale skin person, including said politicians.
More than once i hear calls for elimination of of white race ,on national TV of all places.No punishment, not even voice off protest

Steam roller is just around the corner

cms neuf
18 Dec 2018  #36,398

I cannot compete with your Ivy League background but I hope I am not limited in my financial education I hope - I have been doing it for a living for several decades. At the end of their terms then I expect Trump and Obama to have similar records for gdp growth, disposable income and job creation - we can return to this discussion in 2021 when Trump leaves office

18 Dec 2018  #36,399

A better place?

Dude, you just got played.

It was pathetically easy to drag you away from the Pole killed by a muslim terrorist into a p1ssing contest about Dtrump.

But I guess everybody got what they wanted.

You got to rant about a couple of your hobby horses and the others got to go back to not thinking about the Pole killed by a muslim terrorist (heroically, possibly helping prevent a Bataclan2...

And since this forums sucks so bad, no thread will be created dedicated to the Pole killed by a muslim terrorist....

Dirk diggler
18 Dec 2018  #36,400

I don't have an ivy league education and thank God I don't... seeing the videos of people from the web of Yale Harvard and the leftists accost ingredients professors for objective rational statements yeah no thanks. There's plenty of great colleges that have conservative campuses and don't have safe spaces or antifa trashing the place. Although I do admit, even my conservative leaning college has anti trump plastered on the boards and written in the student paper. I could've gone to the university run by Mormons in Utah, but it'd be exponentially harder to fraternize with the coeds.

But honestly cms you don't need a finance degree from.garvard to see how foolish the two charts are... the 2nd one doesn't even offer a comparison for Obama's term vs other developed countries, despite the title stating stocks grew more under obama than trump. Plus even if it did it means little as economies are all different. Just because botswana economy went up 10% due to the discovery of a new diamond field doesn't mean it's in a better situation than the us at 3% or poland at 5%. And even with the first chart the author concedes part of the reason for the stock growth under Obama was the recession.

Actually maf, I replied to przelotny describing donaldus maximus and offered a few of my own favorites, emperor trump agent orange God etc and stated that he is the best president in my lifetime THAT is what started the discussion. So no, i certainly didnt get played even though I'd never use such a lame term to describe the events. Getting played, atleast in my mind is more related to making a quick easy buck off ignorant people or when a good looking girl trick rolls the foolish out of town businessmen looking to cheat on their wife and end up missing a rolex and a wallet.

And who was the first person who even brought up the fact that there was a pole killed in Strasbourg ? That's right.... and what was the first response? Doug saying that the president was 'babbling' about a 'hero' and spreading propaganda

cms neuf
18 Dec 2018  #36,401

Why would a comparison of the Dow under Trump and Obama discuss Botswana ? Even by your standards that is bizarre. Of course other countries have different stock market performance - they have different laws, taxes, currency, liquidity etc.

Besides Obama was born in Kenya not in Botswana

18 Dec 2018  #36,402

what was the first response? Doug saying that the president was 'babbling' about a 'hero' and spreading propaganda

Well apparently it turns out the Polish hero killed by a muslim terrorist was gay (and the Italian killed was his partner).... so maybe you and doug can change positions! At least he never would have been able to marry the person of his choice under a PiS government!

18 Dec 2018  #36,403

the Italian killed was his partner

correction, apparently his partner was Turkish

Dirk diggler
18 Dec 2018  #36,404

He's still a fellow pole in my eyes. I don't care what people do in their bedroom. What I do care about and dislike are when gays constantly promote their way of life including to children. Now they're even pushing to have special bathrooms. Students and their parents get chastised and called homophobes because they don't want to undress in a locker room in front of someone who is suddenly a different gender. You have drag queens reading pro lgbt books at public libraries to six year olds who don't even understand sex let alone homosexuality. It's sickening.

That's why I agree with polish views. Gays can do what they want in their bedroom. But marraige is strictly man and woman according to constitution. They can do what they want in bed. The 99% that isn't gay isn't going to kowtow because they want to express their sexual preferences.

@cms neuf
Im not talking about the first chart, which compared s&p for 15 months under obama vs trump. The second chart is what i am referrinf to, which compares gdp growth of us under trump to other countries. There is no data/chart provided that would show us gdp growth to other countries during Obama's term, there's only the year 2017 and none for obama.

Nonetheless gdp growth of Botswanas, germany or any other countries to the us is pointless as they have way different economies, populations, industries, etc.

It's real simple. Ask any person who is either an investor, broker, trader, banker or anyone else that works on Wall Street whether the economy doing better under trump or Obama and they'll givr you the answer. Even the liberals say the economy is doing great., as much as they don't like admitting trump is kicking ass with the economy. If he has free reign and wasn't constantly obstructed it'd be even better. We'd even have a yuuuuge wall to prevent the tens of thousands of people coming in

18 Dec 2018  #36,405

The 99% that isn't gay

Where do you get these swinging assumptions from? I remember reading somewhere (Journal of Human Studies...) that 13 percent of humans are self-acknowledged homosexuals, or bisexual...

Dirk diggler
18 Dec 2018  #36,406

Idk doug, maybe I remembered reading somewhere.

According to Gallup in the us it's 3.8% and that's a country where the lgbt agenda is pushed extremely hard. You turn on the TV and flip the channels and within minutes you'll either land on a show with a gay couple, even kids cartoons now have gay characters, or a commercial with two dudes cuddling. It's nasty. Zero regard for children purposely trying to confuse them and try to get them to play for the pink team. In poland such things aren't on TV nearly to same extetnt, there's no drag queens reading pro lgbt books to kids in public libraries, there's no debating 3rd gender bathrooms, none of that...

18 Dec 2018  #36,407

Maybe it's a question of criteria..and the questions that were asked?

Dirk diggler
18 Dec 2018  #36,408

Idk doug, either way Idc if the dude was a green alien from another galaxy. He was literally sacrificed at the altar of multiculturalism by the high priest of political correctness. The perpetrator was a known 's card' extremist and tied to people who committed previous attacks. That's what happens when you let in hordes of people from a 3rd world country where an ideology that every religion is inferior and killing kuffars gets you 72 virgins in heaven. They not only don't vet people from these countries but won't deport people who are known jihadis, fighters, encourage terrorism, etc

Dirk diggler
20 Dec 2018  #36,409

PF is getting boring where my fellow polams and people who think the right way at???? Come back we meeeeesss yooouuuu

johnny reb
20 Dec 2018  #36,410

Has been deader then a popcorn fart here hasn't it.
We will all be back this Monday Dirk (for a Christmas present to the P.F. Google Rankings) as we all agreed to a 30 day self suspension in protest to the Mod that has been giving out bias & unearned suspensions to the Americans.

I would like to thank all who participated including the non-Americans who supported us.
A real shame you didn't care to join us in solidarity as you first claimed you would Dirk.

20 Dec 2018  #36,411

It depends on how loudly you fart:-)

Dirk diggler
20 Dec 2018  #36,412

I don't think PF cares about Google or Alexa rankings as this is a mostly non monetized site, most of which are by visitors and 1 2 rimes posters. There's no ads and that's the way most people like it. You can hire PF for research and such, but otherwise it doesn't appear that this site receives regular revenue for ads seeing as there are none, although it may sell data as I often have ads popping up for polish dentists and hairdressers in my locale. It could be or Google or another site as there is no cookie warning here.

Also it wasn't just Americans that were suspended. For some reason delph and a few others were suspended too and they didn't say anything bad. Yes I did say initially I would join as I was pressured by several people basically forced without being a choice whether i even wanted to or not. I changed my mind as I didn't appreciate several people telling me what to do, how to act, etc then chastised for making my own decision. My family got enough of that in the PRL and Obama's America. I applaud your efforts but I'm sry I wasn't to happy with the messages I received from several people. I hope that your protest achieves it's goal and suspensions are given out more objectively.

20 Dec 2018  #36,413

PF is getting boring

It takes a while to get the stench of the far right out of the forum fabric and return to normal. Give it some time.

Also it wasn't just Americans that were suspended.


as we all agreed to a 30 day self suspension

Next time try a 30 year self suspension. Much more effective. LOL!

20 Dec 2018  #36,414

It takes a while to get the stench of the far right out

Bleach helps. Otherwise burial in clean earth.

20 Dec 2018  #36,415

With a stake through the heart.

20 Dec 2018  #36,416

as we all agreed to a 30 day self suspension

A small price to pay to stand up for the first amendment just a shame that it does not apply to Europe.

Even nutter commies libtards and Nazis should have a right to free speech that's the price we pay for our own right to speak freely.

The moment you shut off the rights of people to speak, even if they are nutters you give them credence and a licence to take their extreme views further .

20 Dec 2018  #36,417

A small price to pay to stand up for the first amendment

First amendment? The man baby you are looking up to ran to the mods repeatedly and complained that people were writing "mean things" about him or "baiting" him - in the hopes that they would get a warning or even a suspension. Backfired on him when he got a time out in the process as well. Now he and his sock puppets are protesting. What a joke.

20 Dec 2018  #36,418

The man baby you are looking up

My comment was a general one , nothing to do with any particular individual.

Freedom of speech cannot be allowed to be shut down, although in Europe sadly it has.

Dark times will follow.... sorry they have begun...

20 Dec 2018  #36,419

although in Europe sadly it has

Who is taking away your freedom of speech, and how are "they" doing it? Are you living in Russia? Because that's the only country in Europe I can think of right now where it might be dangerous to voice your opinion.

20 Dec 2018  #36,420

Who is taking away your freedom of speech, and how are "they" doing it?

"The Communications Act 2003 defines illegal communication as "using public electronic communications network in order to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety". Breaking the law carries a six-month prison term or fine of up to £5,000."

whole story: independent.co.uk/news/uk/arrests-for-offensive-facebook-and-twitter-posts-soar-in-london-a7064246.html

There is no freedom of speech in the UK if you can be arrested for tweeting something that "annoys" another person...

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