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Random Chat

Rich Mazur
15 Jan 2019  #36,421

I did my finding way before you found out what jury nullification is just now.
I told you to get mods OK if you want to continue on this subject
15 Jan 2019  #36,422

I like disruption , satire, baiting, sarcasm as much as next guy , actually that's my preference, makes Random Chat interesting, all within boundaries of decency .

and there is nothing to be afraid of. So, what's up with that? Is this some form of mental disorder?
Would you call it a mental disorder if a member here called your wife on Christmas Eve and threaten her to the points she starts crying or if a member said your mother sucked him off or if a member bragged about showing his penis on Skype or if a member told you the reason he came to Poland was to groom little boys to be gay or have a member call your boss and tell him that you were posting on company time and then send your boss e-mails of some of your posts.
15 Jan 2019  #36,423

Are you familiar with Polish Message Board. Long time ago on AOL Mostly Chicago participants? Polish language
lol do you remember anyone with the screen name POLCIA? Who posted there and hung out in Polish chatrooms?or an INTF Superdisc as a host?

Oh yes! Hrabia, Markiz ...... Postings from one day on Polish Message Board and Random Chat would be closed for ever.

Talking of rough and vulgar ,I can imagine massive swoon in snowflakes community ,after reading just one page :))))))
15 Jan 2019  #36,424

Is the ban still on for pregnant and nursing mothers not to eat fish from Lake Michigan or has that ban been lifted ?
Help me out ,provide some contrast. Same rules applied in Europe,Baltyk for instance, no fish would be eaten at all

Beautiful State where you are never more then five miles away from a body of fresh water.

One mile from Cristal clear Grand River, at the depth of 10 feet clearly see gravel pebbles. Few miles before Grand Rapids proper
15 Jan 2019  #36,425

No special reason, just for fun, and Chicago as a place of your residence Read my post to Mo Oli # 742

BTW, time to learn how to use quotes to make your excellent posts even better and visually more appealing.

Pleas tell me how you do it . Clicking Italic or bold does not change anything at all :((
15 Jan 2019  #36,426

Postings from one day on Polish Message Board and Random Chat would be closed for ever.

lol chatroom scrollers,roompunters.Phishing screen name passwords,lol All that would get you arrested these days.Golden era of internet when you could freeze there computers with a click sitting thousands miles away.lol they put people in there buddylists and as they signed on they would punt them with there blue screen showing a fatal error to reboot.Signing on with girly screen names and collecting presents and phone card numbers lol
Rich Mazur
15 Jan 2019  #36,427

Pleas tell me how you do it

Click the post you want to quote. The poster's name will appear at the bottom.
Highlight the text you want to include in the quote. Now, it's all blue.
Right Click the highlighted text.
One of choices will be COPY. Left click COPY.
Click the poster screen name at the bottom.

That's it. The quote will appear in the window below. Then, add whatever text you want, and click POST MESSAGE.
And you are done.
16 Jan 2019  #36,428

Thanks for the information. I probably was not explaining my difficulty clearly.
I get similar results by cut and paste,
I look at your posts and see clear separation, between quotes and your own words
You use bold or Italic
My messages are rather chaotic. Quote or my words blend into one.
My feeble attempts are limited to double spacing or using capital letters.
In every other program , be it G mail or Google notes, all I have to do is click bold or Italic, mission accomplished. Not in Random Chat. I can click all day, to no avail. Same old print.

Clear and elegant posts may not be in my future :))

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