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3 Mar 2019  #39,661


I will. Donaldus Magnus is a Son of Gold.OK? :):)

No No!!!!! You blasphemes heretic, speaking irreverently about Sun God::)))

3 Mar 2019  #39,662

You blasphemes heretic, speaking irreverently about Sun God:

Sun God doesn`t exclude Son of Gold and vice versa.

3 Mar 2019  #39,663

- TROLLING. You can examine your posts to find out more

I have examined his posts and I can't see what he has done mod, did you delete it?

Milo has more naughty tags than me, and I think he is nicer and not such a hot head as I am.

Can anyone shed light on what he did to get his trolly warning,

Hey did I use the word shed in the correct context?, should it be something else, it doesn't seem right.

Mod help with all the above pleeeeeease.

3 Mar 2019  #39,664

tag team

Its originally a wrestling term, but is used now when 2 or more ppl gang up on someone else.

denofgeek.com/us/other/wrestling/237830/the-26-greatest-tag-teams-in-wrestling-histor y

Ok mods,please tell me why i got yet another warning?

Im surprised. Usually brits dont get warnings, just Yanks and DelphiaDope, of course! lol

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