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17 Mar 2019  #40,231

Oh look, Johnny is resorting to his files again ;)

I mean, what kind of person keeps such detailed information on posters on a forum? As I said, there has to be serious questions over your mental health. Perhaps you should be banned from this forum for your own sake, because it's certainly not healthy to sit on a forum in the middle of the night while desperately searching the internet for things that people have written.

(BTW, thanks for reminding me of how they paid me handsomely for those articles. Quite funny, given that it took me 10 minutes to write.)

johnny reb
17 Mar 2019  #40,232

It showed. lol
Off to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.
Mass starts at 10 a.m.
Since it's not far from your grungy little one man flat please come join us.
I will save you a seat.

17 Mar 2019  #40,233

Imagine being so deluded as to construct a whole fantasy in your head about attending mass in a faraway country of which you know nothing.

17 Mar 2019  #40,234


I'm trying to call you but this Orange network sucks the big one !

17 Mar 2019  #40,235

Hahaha, look at the lovers trying to call each other in the middle of the night!

17 Mar 2019  #40,236

It's 10;42am where I'm at punk ass klown

See you soon:):)

17 Mar 2019  #40,237

Aww, look at the tough guy talk.

Obviously still living out his fantasies of attacking people that insulted his feelings online.

Don't you have anyone to threaten on Reddit, loser? :D

17 Mar 2019  #40,238

What's reddit?
Stop making up fictitious stories about me, fool

17 Mar 2019  #40,239

Come on, don't play stupid. You're the muppet that was threatening posters on there with violence, because they mocked you. I remember it well, you even told people that you'd find them when you came to Poland :D

Shitonya Brits
17 Mar 2019  #40,240

Oh no. Unlike you, I achieved a very high and stable orbit in terms of obtaining advanced degrees and career status quite some time ago.

But as you know from personal experience many fail to launch. Like any relic these types stand proud but still stuck on their launch pads as they continue to age and rust away.

And like any museum piece or theme park attraction they mimic success by putting themselves in front of children who don't know any better until time goes on.

17 Mar 2019  #40,241

I achieved a very high and stable orbit

then why are you trolling on this thread with completely irrelevant and boring rants?

Shitonya Brits
17 Mar 2019  #40,242

I responded to remarks by other posters in this thread so I was not only completely on topic but did so in a public forum.

You are just upset that you spent your entitled life as one of these "professional students" and are not respected for it. Too bad.

Aren't you a Yank anyway? Aren't you supposed to believe in free speech?

But oh, that's right, you're one of these "baby boomers" so as far as you and your generation are concerned anyone can most certainly say whatever they like but only as long as it conforms exactly to your own personal narrative. And you, of course, believe you are free to say whatever you want at anytime and the more off the wall the more endearing you foolishly believe you are (even when no one else does).

Just like recently when out of nowhere you suddenly began talking about sex dolls in snide unwarranted trolling backtalk to another member when the topic was about Women's Rights in Poland.

Here it is: https://polishforums.com/life/women-fight-rights-manifa-events-84620/5/#msg1679998

Sex dolls may have a lot to do with you personally but it has nothing to do with Poland and Women's Rights. Still that didn't stop you did it? Nope. You are just another self-important two-faced boomer who despite your advanced age hasn't learned to know when to be quiet especially when being a total hypocrite and everyone knows it.

17 Mar 2019  #40,243

I responded

you are neither amusing nor even good at trolling (I can forgive a lot for either trait) you're just boring... go away

Shitonya Brits
17 Mar 2019  #40,244

You lost the argument boomer. Even your parting shot missed. :)

You have no credibility and your own statements on here have cemented this fact a long time ago!

Indeed, if YOU wanted to stay on topic and avoid YOUR own trolling on here then you would have set the example, remained silent, and not have interjected yourself into an exchange you were never a part of anyway.

17 Mar 2019  #40,245

I always knew you were a big hypocrite, but now a liar as well.
It this forum your entire life?
You are a totally pathetic and act like a little girl.

lul bul
17 Mar 2019  #40,246

JR man thx for the dinner last evening,for nice steak at Steakowania nice place how the fug you find that restaurant right near my place and please let me pay tonight,was real fun man.Joker you coming tonight again???

johnny reb
17 Mar 2019  #40,247

My pleasure big guy, hell for the six of us it wasn't even a $100.
At home it would have been three times that.

please let me pay tonight,

I had to do a bug out for England for some business but will be back in a day or two.
I am looking forward to doing that again.
Now I know the term, "Cheap high life in Poland".
That coal smell reminds me of the 50's in the U.S. however.

17 Mar 2019  #40,248

Your frustration and envy are blinding you like hell.

Pawian, he can't even get out of his parents basement, let alone fly halfway round the world to actually visit these places ;)

17 Mar 2019  #40,249

The curious thing is that he even thought about it. Could it be that there's some insecurities relating to toilet cleaning there?

cms neuf
17 Mar 2019  #40,250

You mean that place in Krucza ? How is it ? I walked past it often but never tried it. Been going to Butcher and wine for steak but the prices are scandalous - especially the wine

17 Mar 2019  #40,251

That is so amazing people can make such fools of themselves and they remain so cheeky about it. If I did/wrote/said sth like him/her, I would feel obliged to go to a desert island and live there for the rest of my life out of pure embarassment. :):)

17 Mar 2019  #40,252

But you know, when they have...limited contact with humanity, it's impossible for them to understand the error of their ways.

17 Mar 2019  #40,253

I remember! "Shitonya" was sacked from his toilet cleaning job a few years ago, and he's had an obsession with toilet cleaning ever since.

Word has it that he got the sack after getting stuck in a toilet cubicle.

lul bul
17 Mar 2019  #40,254

Yes on Krucza next to that vegan place.
Same prices maybe a bit cheaper and I am surprised at the Polish wine bottle prices close to 100 pln.They can even cut the steak of of your choice and lunch specials are 40 pln for 2 but no freaking mash potatoes and gravy just fried potatoes or french fries I hate them and there craft beers are good especially APA.

Dirk diggler
17 Mar 2019  #40,255

Democracy means a system run by Jews.

"If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal." Emma (((GOLDMAN)))

Bratwurst Boy
17 Mar 2019  #40,256

Democracy means a system run by Jews.

If so then I'm glad....I know the alternative and I didn't like it!

cms neuf
17 Mar 2019  #40,257

I used to do a shift from 11 to 7am - the last few hours were wild - cab drivers, barmen, cops, strippers plus some normal people going to work.

Like all nightshifts its a great way to save money - you are not spending in the evenings and spend less in daytime because you are asleep

Bratwurst Boy
17 Mar 2019  #40,258


I just got send a link to the original video by the Christchurch terrorist, uncut and horrifying...the one which just gets deleted elsewhere on the net.

Should I post the link?

cms neuf
17 Mar 2019  #40,259

No - nothing to with Poland. Whoever wants to see that can see it in many other places

Bratwurst Boy
17 Mar 2019  #40,260


What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious? [11]Voting for a political party which does not have a candidate running in your local area [12]

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