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18 Aug 2017  #27,261

not sure if he is in the closet, it's certainly possible, but mostly what he is saying sounds like pure ignorance.
18 Aug 2017  #27,262

18 Aug 2017  #27,263

Its crazy how things turn out with a tiny bit of confidence and how the perspectives of the world can change what is real and what isnt. yesterday i went out a bit and ran into spanish people, who were here for vacation so basically tourists, but i ended up having a lot of fun with this older woman who was still pretty hot from spain as her boyfriend (I didnt know this at the time) watched or kind of just let it happen. we couldnt go to any hotel and she spared me from renting a new room and spending more. and we ended up having sex for most of the night either in a side alley off of nowy swiat where cops tried to stop us but at that time we were fukly clothed but they still said "ale sa lepsze miejsca na to co nie" and overwll she had to be in her mid 50s lol but im 33. anyway, she had blue painted nails which i found sexy some tats and really firm breasts (like potentially semi real) and just at first when i talked to her i thought she was too old but as i started thinking sbout it she has a nice body and the fact that her age might be a plus as she seemed hell of horny and attracted to me later checking me out as i sat across further sway from her. I only went to talk to her ehen other people sround her snd her crew left as if leaving her for me lol.

but I know this may sound weird and may not be true but part of the reason i went for it was she looked one of those bombshells that was just a bit over the top bascially one of those women id never have a chance with that eould hang out on saska kempa but only because of her age and horniness i totally had it. like its hard to describe, like i wanted to serve her or be the young supermodel or savior of her sexuality, its hard to describe but it also turned me on a woman so much older would check me out and find me attractive, like it was naughty at the same time.

anyway, we had sex right on the side of peoples apartments and some guy was closing his blindfolds across muktiple times to try getting us to leave. I have leave cute and everything as I think we made some patch of greenery as we really were doing it on some schrubs, but im lucky I didnt lose any credit cards or anything when I left and we werent fully naked (even though inwas trying to get her that way). she also wouldnt rim me but almost did or kind of did and she liked to be dominated a bit too and choked a bit. or she didnt mind at all even i slapped her lightly a couple of times to make sure she really gets it good and remembers me. but she was a bit horny or zboczona too as she stroked me so hard she could tell i was in pain and liked it and wouldnt let me stop her right away like she kept saying yes and stroking it harder and harder as my skin was almost red. and she also kept fingering hereelf to make sure she came as she was so close with me. overall it was pretty crazy guys.

and right now im in a coffee shop newr palac konstytucji and this chick around 45 with super hot and quite big breasts (polish i think) is checking me out in a similar way but is with a friend and i dont think i have it in me right now or drink under me to go for it. i would send you guys a pocture cause i know u wont believe me but i dont want to be a total dick.

this is the one checking me out right now or she did just as she sat looking st my eyes for like two seconds with a skile, the one on right:

just look at those racks, her feet look sexy too even though the image dont show i cna tell shes tan and for her age super fit. oh yea and all of this just happened after over three years od prison and constant misery and being alone in clsifornia in between my cases.
Dirk diggler
18 Aug 2017  #27,264

Excuse me according to morrocan authorities, the teens 'admired' the donkey
18 Aug 2017  #27,265

the teens 'admired' the donkey

lol well that's one way to contract rabies I suppose....
18 Aug 2017  #27,266

Maybe it was a local who gave the donkey rabies in the first place, poor donkey.
18 Aug 2017  #27,267

here is the recent pic of the last one she just left though but she is way hotter and was giving me the same looks and vibe i just cant ever make it happen sober or in a place like a coffee shop lol:

but if i had thats ame game i had last night today or right now, damm id be king.
18 Aug 2017  #27,268

according to morrocan authorities, the teens 'admired' the donkey

Seems as good a place for this (for information purposes only, do not try this .... anywhere)

18 Aug 2017  #27,269

here is the recent pic of the last one

it's a glass of water...
johnny reb
18 Aug 2017  #27,270

6am at the latest and you're already posting abuse on PF

Oh delph, stfu
Do I really need to defend myself of what time I post here or do I need YOUR permission for that too. lol

I actually have no memory or connotation of him _ever_ actually contributing to any topic about Poland, it's all personal attacks

Personal attacks and smart ass replies are what I get when I do try to talk about Poland and YOU are included in being guilty of it.

For example when I ask a legitimate question in the "electric car" thread and got these condescending remarks for replies.

Poland has a golden opportunity to cash in on some of these opportunities yet sits idle.

A little local knowledge goes quite a long way.

These things are well known to anyone that spends any time in Poland.

These two bi-polar ex-pats with obvious mental issues living in Poland hate the Polish and Americans and bait people by annoyingly non stop replying to each and every post to try to get people to defend themselves.

That is their game.
Therefore the best way to defend yourself is to throw their short comings right back into their face to make them defend themselves.
That is when they start making nasty remarks and telling lies about the person that beat them at their own game.
With that said I really can't recall you ever contributing much of anything about Poland besides your judgmental mouth of others.
Dirk diggler
18 Aug 2017  #27,271

It could be different abroad but in the us generally family members relatives family friends are more often than not the suspects of kidnappings of young children.

Speaking of which, a man who is responsible for killing at least 3 people in Satanist rituals including a 1 year old back in the early 80s in Chicago is being paroled soon (or already has been). He ratted out the others in his group and copd a plea hence his parole. For some reason I don't think he'll be alive long once he gets out. People esp criminals hate child molestors and child killers.

Although I did read a salon.com article a few months ago who's title read 'im a pedophile not a monster' basically it explained how a guy has an attraction to young children (don't recall if he specified sex) but stated he never acted or would ever consider acting on it. The site which is very left leaning congratulated him for not acting on his desires which I guess is a good thing but its still very very disturbing. Can a person like this be 'cured' and no longer like children? I personally don't think so. You can't convert a gay guy to be straight. I doubt any amount of meds therapy electro shock whatever would make me not feel attracted to the fairer sex. Idk jurys out on that one....

I don't think you can really classify peados into one category like gay or straight. It does seem to be mostly men though. Therrs those who prefer young boys those who prefer young women...then there's the guys who travel to Brazil or Thailand specifically to pick up underage sex workers.. Although you do hear on the news every few months of some high school teacher which oftentimes is rather attractive sleeping with some 17 year old student. Idk to me I've always wanted to hook up with a sexy teacher.

What does seem strange though is that more and more often you hear of very wealthy powerful males in politics finance etc having relationships with awfully young children. They also seem to glorify pain suffering torture etc of victims. For example john podesta has a statue hanging in his house of a man with his head towards the floor but legs going backward almost like a scorpion which is the same pose dahmer would photograph his victims in after he was done torturing raping and killing them.
18 Aug 2017  #27,272

look to the right of the glass of water the one sitting with those big racks looks real shy but friendly.
18 Aug 2017  #27,273

here is also a redent vid of warsaw ive created:

in the video above those girls say hi or czesc to me if you notice, ive only noticed this right now when viewing the vid but it must have happened.
18 Aug 2017  #27,274

Sorry have I missed something? Is this now a soft porn site?? What is this thread doing in News???
18 Aug 2017  #27,275

look to the right of the glass of water the one sitting with those big racks looks real shy but friendly.

no i dont think i will, thanks. 'Racks' indeed. You seem to be some kind of perverted voyeur.
18 Aug 2017  #27,276

youre getting funnier every day, keep at it, i guess...
johnny reb
18 Aug 2017  #27,277

Sorry have I missed something?

Yes, not everyone marches to your beat.

Is this now a soft porn site??

Complain to Minnie about it and see if you can get him suspended.

Posted in Random
18 Aug 2017  #27,278

I already did
18 Aug 2017  #27,279

Therefore the best way to defend yourself is to throw their short comings right back into their face to make them defend themselves.

Remind us who was recently suspended for making vulgar and disgusting remarks to a female poster.

PF really is your life, isn't it?
johnny reb
18 Aug 2017  #27,280

Remind us who was recently suspended for making vulgar and disgusting remarks to a female poster.

That would be you.
Here, let me refresh your memory.

Poor Roz. So bitter and angry that someone actually got himself locked up to get away from her,

Anything else you would like me to defend myself with today ass hole.

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