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17 Oct 2017  #28,561

Nazi = National Socialist. It is technically a leftist ideology. It was a nationalistic form of socialism.

No it really wasn't. It is all explained in the link I gave you, based on the work of one of the most distinguished experts on Nazi Germany.


Please read it, this is one of the misconceptions you can easily refute by reading more about the subject. Hitler was not a socialist, he even killed those in his government who advocated something somewhat resembling socialism (although that was mostly motivated by eliminating possible obstacles).


Nobody would call Noth Korea a democracy just because they call themselves "democratic". The same counts for Nationalsocialism.

Hitler was helped into power by rich German industrials, and he rewarded them with contracts and made them very rich.

And when exactly is the next round of voting for the president of the EU? Jean Claude Junk is one such example of an unelected commissar.

He is actually the perfect example why you are wrong. During the last European election, Juncker and Schulz competed for the job of president as candidate of their respective parties, it was understood that the party who woul get the most votes would get the president. This was quite interesting, because after Juncker won, the heads of governments from other European countries could no longer choose their own candidate (as they used to before).


. If these migrants and all were supposed to 'enrich' European countries, why are the Germans, French, etc so upset at the V4, Austria, Bulgaria, etc for not taking in their share of the 'burden.'

Nobody talks about refugees "enriching" Europe. They are an economical burden for a significant time, which is why we require all member states to take care of them. They can turn into an asset once they are integrated, have learned the language and found the job, but that takes time.

You mean like NATO?

Even better. We might also get countries involved that have decided to stay out of Nato, but would agree to a European defence policy like e.g. Austria.

That happens all over the world. Selling military hardware, training forces, etc is a business and political decision - in some cases more business, in others more political.

Yes, but because military hardware becomes more and more expensive, it will be impossible for smaller nations to have a fully functional and sophisticated armies. Just look how expensive aircraft carriers have become. And frankly, there is no reason why ever small country needs an air force, when we could have a shared Air force.

Not with Iraq...

There are currently German soldiers in Iraq, but we thankfully never participated in the invasion of the Iraq, which was no Nato mission to begin with.

almost all of whom operate in the safety of northern Afghanistan hence have far less casualties than the Brits and Yanks there.

We still had a lot casualities. There are even now soldiers stationed there, risking their life for a war with no end in sight. How many Americans are currently dying for a war that another Nato member started?

Germany also gave a lot of hardware, including hundreds of millions of dollars of nuke capable submarines to Israel. T

Something I am very proud of.

nce Trump took office, money from the NATO countries, especially from Germany came pouring in.

And where exactly did this money "pour in"? You are aware that a higher German defence budget will not give the USA any additional money right? And it will also not mean much for the USA, because as explained above, the USA has devoted relatively little of its' ressources to Europe. All that has happened so far is that Trump decided that the USA needed to spend even more on defence.

Its like that cheap friend when you get a pizza for 3 people for $20 bucks plus a tip and your buddy only puts in a $5.

And then you are the only one who gets hungry and eats the pizza, but insist that the contribution of your friends were sufficient enough. All the while you are still eating mind you.

That's why Britain left.

The UK left because of a lot of lies (NHS bus) fed to them by an europhobic press. One of the most persistent ones was the one about German dominance, probably because the Brits like to compare everything to WWII.

Of course there's MEP from all over, but nonetheless the top figures tend to lean towards Germany and Merkel.

Merkel will no doubt go down as one of the most skilled diplomats in European history. She understands - perhaps better than any other politician before her - how important it is to forge alliances with other member states. German success is based on this, as evidenced by the Euro crisis. The lazy British press wrote that Germany dictated her will to Europe. The truth was that all Northern European countries were in agreement, and Merkel could use this for her policy. This is also why the Polish government will end up sidelined in Europe. You have influence in the EU if you are not interested in working together with others.
17 Oct 2017  #28,562

which is why we require all member states to take care of them. They can turn into an asset once they are integrated,

You have to be joking, which university brainwashed you, this new wave of migrants is only going to be a burden and the ultimate destroyer of national identity, the new wave do not wish to adapt to their new lives in Europe, they want European countries to adopt their culture and ideals.

No chance in Poland thank god.
Dirk diggler
17 Oct 2017  #28,563

Tacitus]Nobody talks about refugees "enriching" Europe. They are an economical burden for a significant time, which is why we require all member states to take care of them. They can turn into an asset once they are integrated

That is big IF. Why should the EU require all member states to take care of them? Member states were never asked if they wanted immigration from the 3rd world. Merkel invited them in, they destroyed her political image due to the havoc that the UNVETTED migrants (again, most are decent people but a lot of them are causing a lot of problem) have caused and now she wants to divide them out so they aren't causing so many problems in 1 place... Just like a typical socialist - make everyone equally miserable, spread the misery around evenly. As far as integrating the Somalis who have been in Sweden and Germany since the 90s continue to be a burden. The run the guns, heroin, crack, kick-doors, etc and have ever since they got there. The Pakis who lived for years in England you constantly hear of them grooming girls for sex, abusing women, pimping out underage girls, etc. The people who caused massacres are overwhelmingly north Africans - Tunisians, Moroccans, Egyptians, etc. The Afghanis are notorious for abusing workers in the migrant centers. The Muslim and African youth hang out in front of subways and train stations to pick pocket people, grope women, start fights, sell drugs, etc. There are rows and rows of tents in the middle of the city where thes emigrants live - peeing and sh!tting in the open. They have no sense of appreciation for the countries who took them in and off who's welfare their living on.

Also, these people don't want to work. They just want to live off benefits. Like I said, as soon as Denmark cut its welfare payments to migrants thousands of them immediately left for Germany or Sweden. If they were working or intended on finding a job soon they wouldn't of left.

This is not our burden. Why should all the EU members take care of them? Poland never bombed Syria. We never colonized Africa or the Middle East. We have nothing to do with these people and their cultures aside from some business transactions every so often. EU got cucked because Saudis, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. -FAR WEALTHIER - refused to take them out of safety concerns. And those are their Muslim brothers.

As long as Merkel keeps giving out welfare handouts and there is no incentive for them to have a 9-5 job so they don't starve, they will continue to be an economic burden. As long as mosques, groups, and individuals are allowed to speak violent, supremacist radical Islam and aren't stopped and moniroted by the police, they will continue to be a safety burden.

As long as cops continue to arrest the same migrants 20 30 times for the same crimes - groping women, selling drugs, assaulting people near the subways - only to be released the next morning and never deported, they will continue to be a criminal burden.

As long as Europeans don't stand up to politicians telling CITIZENS that their daughters shouldn't wear skirts near refugee centers and migrant camps, that the crosses on churches offend Muslims, and other such nonsense, telling non-Muslim women they need to cover up and accosting them for wearing a skirt or heels, being extremely anti-semetic to Jewish CITIZENS, building sharia courts and establishing high crime, high poverty, majority Muslim areas that are a hotbed for terrorism, drugs, crime, violence, etc (aka SEZ in French, no-go zones to English speakers) they will continue to threaten Europeans and liberal European society.

Not to mention the radicals amongst them who behead soldiers, run crowds over with vans, shoot up concerts killing over 100 people, gang rape women, grope women like its nothing, try to push their culture on Europe saying no one can insult islam without being killed, they march with Sharia 4 Germany, Sharia 4 Belgium, etc signs, they have no RESPECT for their most gracious host nations. And yet despite all the generosity that Europe has shown these migrants they keep demanding more - they are now demanding that their medieval religious practices like sharia courts, separation of men and women, and for alcohol not to be sold in majority muslim areas. Muslims literally stabbed people because they bought alcohol during Ramadan. The only decent Muslim groups are the Kurds and Turks - they tend not to cause problems. You never hear of a terrorist killing 30 Europeans with a van and then they say he's a Kurd - no, they tend to all be from places like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan... Not even Iraq and Syria so much. The Pakistanis especially are keen on exploiting young girls. It took years for the Brit police to shut down a group of Pakis who were basically selling underage girls into sexual slavery, pimping them out, abusing them, etc. the sad thing is the social workers were too scared to do anything because they were scared they would be labeled racist... or that some crazy paki would then kill them for speaking out... that is being CUCKED (see earlier pages for more examples)... The imams preach in mosques on your very own soil saying how European men have lost their fertility and

This is how they treat their hosts and you want to HELP them let alone are saying Poland should help them??!?! Forget it!! We have seen what these migrants have done to Western Europe and PiS has said loud and clear - there is no punishment the EU can enact on Poland worse than forced immigration quotas. This is the ridiculous naivety of Europeans - especially Germans, French, Swedes, etc. These people literally rape, pillage, and plunder yet you insist on helping them. Well, Poland, the V4, Austria, Bulgaria, etc aren't interested in this nonsense so the EU has to respect our decisions.

This is a destruction of European culture and society. George Soros is calling for it to be ramped up - he wants 1 million migrants to be settled in Europe EVERY YEAR until the foreseeable future and for migrants to be given $30k upon arriving - $15k per year for 2 years so they can get an apartment, pay for some schooling, food, etc. Of course the $30k will come from the host country's budget which he says could be raised by selling bonds. This is his own writing. People like him and his minions want to destroy Christian European Western Civilization... well we're not going to let him. We will fight him and these ridiculous suicidal ideas - powerful people and groups from PiS, Obran, AfD, and even little guys like me are standing up and saying ENOUGH'S ENOUGH! We won't allow for the needs of citizens who have been here for generations to be taken advantage of just to help people who illegally came into Europe because Merkel invited them in without any sort of vetting. These people come on rafts at all hours with little or no ID and no one knows who the hell they are. Well that's why you guys in western Europe have the problems you do. Its been a few weeks since the last God awful terror attack - I am willing to bet the Muslims will have another one very soon because they spit on your European liberal ideas and values of tolerance. And yet you want us to help these people... sad..

This is how Poland views these migrants. Our media isn't scared of telling it like it is meanwhile police in Sweden and Germany were PROVEN to purposely lower rape statistics and crimes by migrants. These cops are protecting these people...

Well, no PC B.S. here:
How Polish TV Covers Islamic Attacks And Immigration In Europe

No chance in Poland thank god.

Amen! Poland and Poles would much rather be slightly poorer than ruin our perfect record of ZERO, that's right ZERO Islamic terror attacks. Meanwhile Western Europe can't go more than a month or two without a van driving through a crowd, a guy blowing sh!t up, people with AKs shooting at crowds, people stabbing 'kuffars' on buses and in front of even government buildsing. FTS!!!
17 Oct 2017  #28,564

Nowadays we're thinking of millions of possible immigrants but what really makes me wonder is what went wrong years ago.
Why children of immigrants who arrrived in Europe years ago get radicalised so often?
17 Oct 2017  #28,565

Why children of immigrants who arrrived in Europe years ago get radicalised so often?

The answer is as simple as what drew me to Poland, that is to return to my roots , to feel and see what my parents had when they lived in Poland, my wife and I made the move,, we cherish every day we have here.

Having lived amongst migrants in the UK I have seen many second generation (Mainly Pakistani Muslims) wishing to discover more about their religion and roots, where many of their parents left their homeland to escape the oppressive culture to begin a new life in a liberal country some of their children are not so comfortable in the western world and choose to look back toward their homeland and religion, no different to me really, apart from the fact my religion does not teach me to subjugate and kill those who do not follow my path.
18 Oct 2017  #28,566

you make one or a raft

Making a boat is quite an undertaking. A raft would be an option if you were traveling downstream. At this point in history, there were no towpaths for upstream travel, and towing a barge would require a lot of manpower. Another anachronism is thinking that rivers in 10th century Poland were anything like they are today. They were a lot wider, a lot shallower, with abundant sandbars for a raft to get hung up on, a lot longer because of meanders, and a lot slower. Think of Czerwone Bagno, and you get an idea of what the upper courses of the Odra and Warta were like in the tenth century.

On the other hand, Kievan Rus did have an excellent system of river travel at the time, thanks to the Vikings. The Vikings also traveled up as far as Poznan. As far as I can tell, that is about the furthest they got.
19 Oct 2017  #28,567

OMG. Boat offtopic and no Mod reacting..,..
19 Oct 2017  #28,568

no Mod reacting

johnny reb
19 Oct 2017  #28,569

Now Z, it's not nice to laugh at people.
Maybe he was suspended again when the Mods explained the warning system to us.
Let me enlighten the guy.
When someone only has ONE minor warning for posting Off-Topic like Dominic does the Mods are much more lenient then say someone like you that has multiple major warnings (TTAAAOAA) which is like thumbing your nose at the Mods to the point they have a very low tolerance level for you and aren't going to be so lenient with tagging you with another suspension.

Hopefully that explanation will answer your question to why the Mods did not react to that post about the boat and why they do react to your rude unpleasant posts.

Your cocky immature demeanor brings it on yourself.
19 Oct 2017  #28,570

Actually, IMHO, Dominic's comment wasn't off topic - perhaps not exactly about the reason why Poland uses the Latin alphabet but it was part of a longer discussion ....
G (undercover)
19 Oct 2017  #28,571

American soldiers didn't die in Combat Operations in Europe during the Cold War, but European soldiers died in Afghanistan on behalf of the USA... find it disrespectful to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan to marginalize their efforts.

Well, I can agree with that but... so what... ? Countries from continental Europe lost 350 soldiers in Afghanistan. During 15 years. That's not even 2 a month on average. You can't expect Yanks to be eternally grateful for that, the scale was not significant enough, frankly they could have done it on their own.

It just shows you how nonsensical a firm adherence to the 2% target is.

A simple benchmark is never perfect.

Even without Trump, even without the 2% debate, I believe that it would have been only a matter of time until the USA were to reduce its' activities in Europe

They reduced it to nearly zero ! Just 2 combat brigades. Light infantry in DE and airborne in Italy. They are bringing back some but the scale is small and even that requires additional funds. It's a political thing. Taxpayers are generally not too happy about it and...

I don't think hardly anyone is more unhappy about the decrease of American investment in Europe than the German politicians.

...in this situation one doesn't have to "actively" push them out of Europe. You can achieve that simply by doing not much... "If they don't want to defend themselves, why should we spend extra money to do that for them ?" - that's how it looks like.

Aside from the fact that this would violate so many EU regulations that no sane government would try to attempt this

Come on ! It's been already happening since years. Just google up reactions of "Europe" when Poland decided to buy F-16s instead of something "European". "Further integration" will only make it more efficient.

So down the line, Europeans will have to learn how to defend themselves, and a proper European army would be the best way to do it.

Ideally an EU army would also include nuclear weapons (by France) and should be large enough to deter Russia from any agression.

You want to seriously tell me France would nuke Russia If they invaded Latvia ? France or Germany will never risk a war with Russia. Frankly no one will do that. The whole thing is... when you send 30k Yanks into the field, Russians will stay away. They won't attack for the same reason France won't go to war with Russia. No one wants to make the first step to trigger off the nuclear war. Therefore additional US forces are needed in Europe and lack of will to spend 2% together with plans of "EU army" are the best methods of NOT making that happen.
johnny reb
19 Oct 2017  #28,572

Actually, IMHO, Dominic's comment wasn't off topic -

He wasn't at all.
Seems we have a new trigger happy mod. that has been given more authority then she knows how to handle.

Hopefully that explanation will answer your question to why the Mods did not react to that post about the boat and why they do react to your rude unpleasant posts. Your cocky immature demeanor brings it on yourself.

It's the truth, no abuse what so ever to give me a fvcking warning for that you ding bat ! lol
Chill sister.
johnny reb
19 Oct 2017  #28,573

Johnny, I am truly amazed that not knowing Polish you can work out the meaning of a Polish word so easily and so precisely. Brawo Ty!

It was SOOOOO HARD to predict the meaning from context!

This is the cocky immature demeanor I was referring to Mod.
Guess you missed it or are you just on the rag today to give me an undeserved warning.
20 Oct 2017  #28,574

Probably time for another tablet Dirk.

Tranvestites and gays now added to the list of people you do not want in "your" Poland?
20 Oct 2017  #28,575

I have both graduate and undergraduate business degrees

Now that's weird because when you joined this forum last year

I have a Bachelor's degree


I'm debating whether to go the mundane route and do an MBA in the US

And only a few days ago you mentioned that you haven't finished the MBA yet. Are you a bit confused? I know I am :))
20 Oct 2017  #28,576

Now Atch, have you decided to show your index cards to the forum?
20 Oct 2017  #28,577

When it comes to making money as an entrpreneur these degrees don't help much. They are mostly either used to get into, e.g. a bank at entry level, or are taken part time by middle managers wishing to become higher middle managers. I used to help a Polish guy who was taking an MBA in English. Rocket science it ain't.
20 Oct 2017  #28,578

"Too many cucks and feminazis voting for limousine liberals and shampoo socialists." That's as far as I got. If I want to read posts relying on lazy stereotypes, I can go to Breitbart or Infowars.
20 Oct 2017  #28,579

That's as far as I got.

His messages are usually too long and that typically stops many people from reading them irrespectively of the views contained in them. In his last incarnation of Adrian (the one which was reported by Delph directly to Dirk's employer), his messages on the Holocaust question had been even longer and only Harry used to read the entire text, but as you probably know Harry has no life.
20 Oct 2017  #28,580

If I want to read posts relying on lazy stereotypes, I can go to Breitbart or Infowars.

Breitbart is quality compared to that....:D
'Feminazis' has got to be the laziest, dumbest, expression ever. Oh a woman wants equal rights/opportunities, lets compare her to a regime that killed about ten million people. brought Europe to its knees... war across the world ...lol.

The thing i bet men who use that expression think theyre being witty or something.

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