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21 Oct 2017  #28,581

I'd nearly forgotten how much of a coward you are, not even brave enough to tell somebody to f*ck off in open forum,

hahahahahha Harold is barve because he says feck off to people in open forum hahahahahhaha I would like to quit this place but it's just too amusing to read sometimes
Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #28,582

Recent attack in Poland - crazy knife wielding polish man of 27 attacks shoppers in a busy mall. One person died of their injuries in the hospital, 7-9 others injured. Luckily the shoppers tackled him before he injured more people. In a total punk a$$ b!tch move, he would creep up on shoppers from behind and stab them, then run away and do the same to someone else.
21 Oct 2017  #28,583

He has a history of mental illness.
Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #28,584


Yea I read that. Well most sane people, documented history or not, don't stab innocent defenseless shoppers.

Even amongst criminals not too far back there was a sort of code of no civilians, no women, no children. No one cares anymore. There's very little honor and no sense of community. Especially in a place like big city USA.
21 Oct 2017  #28,585

He also stabbed himself in the back. I don't think we can expect paranoid schizophrenics to have a sense of honour.
johnny reb
21 Oct 2017  #28,586

I do not wish to involve myself with a angry, toxic person that also has a perspicacity for violence.

Does enjoying forcing anal sex on a woman and then boasting about it fall into that perspicacity violent category too ?
Dirk diggler
21 Oct 2017  #28,587


That's true.. But even still tho here and even other dangerous parts around the world u always hear of some **** like this in the news esp in the us. Thankfully poland generally doesn't have the same ridiculous levels of violence as many other places. Still tho it happens. Polisg cities can get dangerous late at night like on fridays and aaturdays when the clubs are let out and a lot of young polish and ukranian guys are coming out drunk and looking to fight
22 Oct 2017  #28,588

perhaps because you can't understand them, but some people do actually put their children first. I

fvck you Harry, you nasty cvnt, you overstepped the mark.
You know notthing about living in London or having children, because you couldnt make it in London, and you are shooting blanks.
22 Oct 2017  #28,589

fvck you Harry, you nasty cvnt

Thanks for reminding everybody what a charming individual you are, although I doubt anybody had forgotten.

you couldnt make it in London

I've never tried or wanted to; but I have made a comfortable life for myself in Poland, which is something more than a few people fail at.

you are shooting blanks

Personally I believe that all children should be wanted and that people should never change their mind about whether they want children after having children and therefore abandon the kids whenever it's inconvenient to be a parent. I know that not everybody shares my opinion, as can be seen by their actions.
22 Oct 2017  #28,590

I know that not everybody shares my opinion, as can be seen by their actions.
@ Harry

Harry I have not abandoned my children, thank you. What gave you that idea? Why are you trying to suggest that?
It must have really hurt being dumped off at boarding school, but don't take it out on me, thanks.
22 Oct 2017  #28,591

Harry I have not abandoned my children, thank you.

Right. They most likely were taken away from you.
22 Oct 2017  #28,592

why are you saying that? no , obviously they weren't . What the hell is wrong with you?

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