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30 Jan 2018  #30,461

A tiny force - 2-3 battalions at most

Don't forget India was under colonial rule no wonder some grasped at straws to gain freedom for their nation.
30 Jan 2018  #30,462

Hush Casual is Harry don't let on

Harry? Why would Harry take nick name Casual Observer? Casual?
30 Jan 2018  #30,463

Because we don't talk about casual shhhh, just keep it off topic so no one knows about it.
Dirk diggler
30 Jan 2018  #30,464


Because he's no longer 'paying taxes' or 'voting' presumably so he's just 'casually observing' today... But ya, it's definitely him... the use of phrases and words like 'et al' 'boy' etc gives it away. Once day he's just harry, a british expat, then he's a taxpaying voter, now more recently he's a casually observer and forestry phd. Yet, no matter what username and persona he uses, his title of Master Baiter remains unchallenged

a pressure cooker bomb on a bus

Zero injuries, zero deaths, zero (islamic) terror. That's because of wonderful politicians like Szydlo Kaczynski etc who actually care about the people and indeed the people support them - they have 2x-3x the support of 2nd place (aka last place in politics) PO
30 Jan 2018  #30,465

so he's just 'casually observing' today.

Yeah but I got this old video 8 converted to digital, he had a hard time in the UK looking after his old man, I think he came to Poland to escape.

30 Jan 2018  #30,466

whatever pops out of nowhere

Apparently its the trees at the side of the road that pop up and cause accidents so they are being chopped down in thousands where I am.
Dirk diggler
30 Jan 2018  #30,467

That's pretty ridiculous... a tree doesn't pop out of nowhere its a freaken stationary object..
30 Jan 2018  #30,468

I know but I have been told they kill people so they have to go, I am being serious now, no joke.
31 Jan 2018  #30,469

My German is superior to the English of any native German speaker whom I've encountered thus far, not to mention Pole, Italian, Austrian or other

Your German still sucks... :)

But it's still your modesty and objectivity that win our hearts.

Dirk diggler
31 Jan 2018  #30,470

I believe it. Its not thr first ridiculous thing ive heard from polish officials.

One of my favorites was a catch 22:

Me: i need to speak to the guy in charge, where is he?
Guard: upstairs, the managers name is bogdan
Me: okay what room is bogdan inm
Guard: 23, but you cant go up there
31 Jan 2018  #30,471

haria is indeed intolerant, but so is the Polish Catholic Church

Ah another progressive idiot spewing his ignorance.
31 Jan 2018  #30,472

Hey, true Polish patriot! Why

Did I address this commie bashing post to you? I don't recall it. I must have a good reason or if you just picking on my post addressed to somebody else, maybe I should've addressed tis post to you.

Now, you're not allowed to question you betters. Is that clear? Post-commies should realise it as soon as possible. Soviets from WSI should hang.

If you don't like it kiss a horse under his tail and to chase down aftertaste eat a pretzel.
31 Jan 2018  #30,473

My German is superior to the English of any native German speaker whom I've encountered thus far, not to mention Pole, Italian, Austrian or other

Stop lying, even my English is by far better than your lame German that was exposed many times before, you are only fluent in English and all the rest is your polyglot wannabe dream that will never come true.
+229 66412675
31 Jan 2018  #30,474

Apostle Paul Ndukwe of thé river of life délivrance ministres int'l Cotonou bénin ask can you send it to US un africain? Cotonou benin ?
31 Jan 2018  #30,475

I would say it is not Harry

I second that. The tone of the posts doesn't sound at all like Harry. CO sounds like he's openly enjoying himself whilst Harry sounds a lot more sour, though I'm sure he's also enjoying himself in his own way! CO is more humorous. I think he just finds Dirk a bit hilarious and is having fun winding him up.
31 Jan 2018  #30,476

America does seem to produce a disproportionately huge number of weird and nutty peopl

I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself...
31 Jan 2018  #30,477

We need an hysterical laughter emoticon in this place :D
Casual Observer
31 Jan 2018  #30,478

One person may use several IPs ...

One person can't be in two countries at once though. I don't hide my ISP, mods could see that.

And when have you ever heard harry express any interest or knowledge of the Three-toed Woodpecker population of Bialowieza Forest?
31 Jan 2018  #30,479

Ziemowit = drveni advokat.

(Someone who speaks on his own self-initiative on behalf of a present person that isn't mute)
31 Jan 2018  #30,480

Serbia considering mega project worth 12-17 billion euros of connecting Danube River with Aegean Sea via Morava and Vardar rivers and by canal >

Navigable canal connecting Danube with Mediterranean Sea, an Greece, Macedonian, and Serbian ambition


The Danube-Morava-Aegean Waterway

The Project to Construct the Danube-Morava-Vardar-Aegean Canal (Abstract)

What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious? [11]Voting for a political party which does not have a candidate running in your local area [12]

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