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Rich Mazur
17 Oct 2019  #48,481

No you were just a migrant that left his family and homeland for a better life in the US

Bullsh*it. Once I was out of Poland and safely in the Netherlands I could have gone anywhere in Europe. My brother did and benefitted from his decision greatly by seeing our parents and visiting Poland often. My decision was to go to the US. Period. No debate. And, as opposed to the Latino sewer, LEGALLY!.

As opposed to the Latino sewer, as soon as I arrived, I started the process of Americanization and continued until I was one of THEM, in spirit, language, customs, and loyalty. The only difference: they were born here and I was born somewhere else.

Which made me a better American because, while they were by an accident of birth, I am an American by choice, having left everything and everybody behind. No, I didn't bring two dozen uncles and ants to suck on the US taxpayers.

17 Oct 2019  #48,482

who doesn't get a thing done

But at least this one is not a warmongerer like the others , he is puling US troops out of harms way, why should America be the worlds peace keeper , enough American bloodshed for people that do not deserve it. enough US dollars wasted protecting libtard Europe.

17 Oct 2019  #48,483

he is puling US troops out of harms way

... and moves them to Saudi Arabia. Great stuff.

why should America be the worlds peace keeper

Good for business.

I started the process of Americanization until I was one of THEM

Dream on. You will never be one of "them". The extreme (political) views that your online character displays on a regular basis are considered completely un-American by most in this country.

17 Oct 2019  #48,484

As opposed to the Latino sewer, as soon as I arrived,

So you admit that latino's were there first!!!!, that makes you one hell of a racist hypocritical migrant Polak don't you agree.

I am just glad you did not stay in Poland and implant your defective racist DNA into any Polish women.

Rich Mazur
17 Oct 2019  #48,485

I don't remember what year it was, but I remember the event. The US track and field team came to Warsaw to compete na stadionie dziesieciolecia. I was there watching and silently rooting for the Americans. This is when I realized that I should not be in Poland. It would not be fair to them and me. So I went.

The Latino garbage comes here entitled with hate and contempt to reconquer "their" territory and to add to their ghettos where English is no longer needed. They wave their Mexican flags every time they can. I have nothing except for my Polish passport that I can wave.

When the Mexican soccer team comes to visit, these m-fers boo when the US anthem is playing. When I hear it, I get a lump in my throat. Another way to make me feel that way is by showing me the most beautiful flag ever - the flag of the United States.

You have to be one sick a-hole to compare me to that human waste which, btw, nobody needs. Even their own sh*itholes want them gone.

17 Oct 2019  #48,486

You have to be one sick a-hole to compare me to that human waste

Dude they were in America before you!!!, using you logic I could go to America and decide that Mazur is human waste.

I don't get your logic are you some kind of invading Nazi boy deciding what is good or bad in your target nation , from what I see the latinos owned their place in the US before you, stop moaning, can you prove to me that you are not as you say a " sick a-hole".

Maybe we can have a vote here on PF?

17 Oct 2019  #48,487

democrat that is why you always sound so butt hurt

Give me five Dolno! Just an observation, I agree he is always butt hurt, but for different reasons

17 Oct 2019  #48,488

he is always butt hurt,

From Australia , nuff said.

17 Oct 2019  #48,489

You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension.

Not really, I have problem with stopping my urges to vomit, after reading insane nonsense you put up on Random. You don't know Jack. :)) American you are not, not even close .Australian ? I don't think so, I like Australians.

You are so wrong Dolno. Indians, who hated Mexican with the passion owned that land ,ask any Pueblo today

17 Oct 2019  #48,490

Now get your head out of JR's behind and smell some fresh air.

Fresh air can be smelt when you are absent from this place, you pathetic Australian clown.

17 Oct 2019  #48,491

Indians, who hated Mexican

Yeah but they have more right to be there than some random Mazur migrant from eastern europe.

Fresh air can be smelt when you are absent

Wow I gonna so use that phrase, wonder what but hurt smells like, can't be fresh air can it?

17 Oct 2019  #48,492

who doesn't get a thing done except for hanging out on Twitter and going on crazy rants.

No mention of excrement from Udder is a minor miracle in itself, but he more than compensates for his mistake, because of the rest of his post is a product of an irrational mind, a pile of dogs droppings

You seem to have a problem with reading comprehensio

How very perceptive of you I not only cant comprehend your insanity, I do have a massive problem with your presence on this board

17 Oct 2019  #48,493

Ah, another American that's obsessed with PF, posters, rules, admins, etc.

17 Oct 2019  #48,494

Says the forums most prolific offender with more warnings and bans than anyone else on PF.

You got to admit your year long ban was a record.

Hi Delph how you doing long tine no speak.

17 Oct 2019  #48,495

You got to admit your year long ban was a record

Is this true Delph?
Did you get a year long ban and if so why?

17 Oct 2019  #48,496

https://polishforums.com/feedback/new-notorious-trolls-community-permanently-69119/ - this might explain it.

I don't know why, but it was probably well deserved. At one point, people got much lengthier suspensions than they do now, and you would see people getting bans for several months at a time. Was it for a year? I don't remember, but if Dolno says it was for a year, let's take his word for it.

Some interesting posters are in that thread that have long gone from PF - "szczecinianin" for instance, who had a habit of threatening people with harm, but who was living a pretty miserable existence in Szczecin. He had quite a few run-ins with people in Poland, and he also had problems with local politicians for some reason. I remember he would threaten people in the middle of the night online, and he even went to Warsaw to threaten one guy who had posted a negative opinion about his school online.

Some other stuff posted there isn't quite true - for instance, I never published any personal information of Roz, and I know nothing about her.

17 Oct 2019  #48,497


That is what I like about you Delph.
You are pretty honest.

17 Oct 2019  #48,498

You are pretty honest.

There's no point in lying about bad behaviour ;) If there's anything specific in that thread, ask me, I'll tell you what actually happened.

Ah, for instance, "peterweg" mentions the police being involved. That never happened, but one poster was making such outlandish claims. The guy making the claims was upset because he'd posted a lot of very personal information (for instance, a story about his wife got 'railed' by a black man), and he obviously didn't want his real identity known. He got into a fight with me, I posted his real name, I got banned for an extra month and he went beserk.

I still suspect the real reason he lost it was because he knew that he'd posted a lot of stuff that his family wouldn't approve of, including a lot of details about his in-laws and his wife's personal lives. He even accused me of looking at pictures of his wife's vagina, which was surreal to say the least. To this day, I have no idea what he was talking about, though I suppose he actually posted such a thing online.

17 Oct 2019  #48,499

Yeah but they have more right to be there than some random Mazur

I object, Dolno, the same rule would apply to me. I am an American citizen, residing in America legally, paying my taxes on regular bases and on time, obeying the law religiously, love this country immensely..

You guessed wrong, and Texas will turn blue sooner or later anyway.

Yeah! And you will die sooner or later. Where is the logic? What do you want to say?

17 Oct 2019  #48,500

I do too, przelotnyptak! That is why I detest Trump as I do, because when the spirit of criticism is being taken from right under our very noses, democracy itself is dead.

18 Oct 2019  #48,501

Ah, another American that's obsessed with PF, posters, rules, admins, etc.

Delp, please don't I of all the people don't run to administration with every minor problem don't even run to them with the vast problem either; frankly, I do not know how to do it, no interest whatsoever. I thin anybody snitching on others should be banned permanently, as subhuman lice, and rotten spy

Are you trembling in your boots, Delp?

That is what I like about you Delph.You are pretty honest.

I think he is a rotten denouncer, At least he is often threatening of using admin as a threat.t

johnny reb
18 Oct 2019  #48,502

Ah yes, where was I now before she suspended me for putting her in her place.
Oh yes, her lies.......
She accuses me of not being Polish even though I have explained to her over and over how it works here in the U.S.A. when someone asks you what Nationality you are weather she likes it or not.

Here are my posts explaining that to these thick headed Polocks.


Yet even after patiently explaining this to these Morons that think you have to speak Polish to be Polish rule.
Here in America OUR RULE over rides Polish rule in Poland.
This, according to her, was "pushing her buttons" and she went into her rage of stalking me, trolling me and baiting me as many members have already pointed out to the Mods to no avail.

This has gone on none stop over the years as I have plenty of her meltdowns attacking me in my archives. (She's obsessed with me.)

She then went on a redirect and had another meltdown saying that my grandparents could not have came from Slovak and been Polish.
I again patiently explained to her about the territorial evolution of Poland.
The Poles are the most numerous of the West Slavs and occupy what some believe to be the original homeland of the Slavic peoples.


This really steamed them but good when I asked her a YES or No question and instead of answering me she called me a liar again.

I had her so pssed off to think I could make her look so damn stupid she just couldn't control herself so she circled her wagons to attack me some more. lol

Finally I had enough and told her what she has needed to hear for a very long time here, years. (damn it felt so good too)

And when it did it became GLARENLY clear that she is a Mod. or has access to the Moderation here to give out warnings and have people suspended.

Of course she has denied this over and over and over it has just become to obvious of late that I now call her a liar and anyone that says otherwise a liar.

She is a Malignant Mod. and a liar and has J.R.D.S. (Johnny Reb Derangement Syndrome)
NOW with that said, let me ask the Mods here a question for everyone to see.......
If I can get suspended for "Not Using Your Ignore Function," then why aren't the people who attack MY posts afforded the same rule ?

18 Oct 2019  #48,503

He even accused me of looking at pictures of his wife's vagina

Heeee! You dirty dog, Delp. Vagina, you say?. How the hell you did get a picture like . that? .How did you conceal yourself n the Sh*ter, I suppose. That is hilarious :))

johnny reb
18 Oct 2019  #48,504

Why do you think the "Snitch" gets so nervous when I start posting some of his sht from my archives to keep him honest Ptak1 ?

Notice when I post some of his filthy posts that they immediately get deleted by the Mods ?
Then he does a redirect and posts how sick I am for keeping such archives on the Creeps here.
Unblock your Personal Message function Ptak1 and I will send you a few of his filthy sick doosies and some of his award winning lies.

18 Oct 2019  #48,505

Homeless in America is a direct result of dishonest Democrat politicians.

Sopt on! And its located right in The Others backyard in California, but he chooses to ignore it even after he steps in a pile of excrement. Can you imagine the stench in San Fran and LA? Phew! Its 100% Dems fault, they ruined CA and everything else they touch. Did you see the Dems clown car debate a few days ago? It was totally stupid, like little socialist sheep they mimmic the same canned talking points. Trump is going to win by a landslide, this is why these idiots only hope is this faux impeachment...Hahaha

You are pretty honest.

Boy, he has you eating right out of his grubby hands...lol

18 Oct 2019  #48,506

right under our very noses, democracy itself is dead.

I fear democracy is dead already. I do fear for reasons entirely different from yours.
I fear the lawlessness of the democrat Congress. I fear their blind ambitions, relentless pursuit in search for none existing crime, for secretly questioning the witnesses

You should know better; those are KBG tactics Think shifty Shift Schumer, Pelosi

johnny reb
18 Oct 2019  #48,507

While big bad JR is away, we would expect the little female bambies happily hopping around.

Naw, they are hiding waiting for their next attack. They are obsessed with me.

Did it ever cross your mind WE step in when WE see as*** making awful statements that WE deeply don't agree with? Just a thought

Step in with what? a personal insult?

Personal insults when refusing to use their Ignore Function to my posts Rich.
Here is a thought, when I do the same I get a suspension for not using my 'Ignore Function".
Why don't you get a suspension for doing what you just admitted to by not using YOUR Ignore Function ? lol

You girls do keep picking on him, I guess he blew a fuse.

Didn't blow a fuse dolno, just figured a suspension was worth putting her in her place once and for all and hopefully she got the message loud and clear.

Any bets ? lol

Cargo pants
18 Oct 2019  #48,508

Why don't you get a suspension for doing what you just admitted to by not using YOUR Ignore Function

just wait and watch,as the rantings go overboard and the PF falls, even the owners will HAVE to take steps but the results are imminent.Anyway that is my prediction here.

18 Oct 2019  #48,509

Naw, they are hiding waiting for their next attack. They are obsessed with me.

You talking Fenix .indestructible force of nature, you talking of scorn woman. Political correctness has given them a weapon, you or I or any man cannot conquer it is on full display on our own Forum. It is called the Va*ina defense. When manipulations crying, snitching, vulgarism, have no desired effect on you, Va*ina defense always works. Goes like this or very close to it: I got Va*ina, and you don't you dirty male pig. You continuously attack my virtue; you sex-crazed maniac, you deprived savage you spiteful, cruel creature. Have you got Va*gina, she asks? So there you are, guilty, you swine. ...But....but I have not posted anything in a month. It does not matter. Now I am taking my precious, immensely valuable, one of a kind Va*ina and go home!!!

Rich Mazur
18 Oct 2019  #48,510

Vagina will be worth at least one million extra votes next November.

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