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8 Aug 2020  #58,771

From BLM hands? Now you are lying. hahaha

Where did I say "from the BLM hands"? All kinds of human debris are involved-worst fascist of all the Antifa, heavily involved crazies, common criminals, and more.

According to FBI statistics, 65 officers lost their lives in the line of duty in the first six months this year. So yeas over a hundred officers lost their life's in twelve months.

Who is lying now?

johnny reb
8 Aug 2020  #58,772

Have ya been over to the island this summer yet, Ptak ?

8 Aug 2020  #58,773

at night it gets violent, I admit, but during the day, protests are peaceful

Are you conscious? You say peaceful, but violent at night? Are you familiar with the word OXYMORON?

8 Aug 2020  #58,774

Have ya been over to the island this summer yet, Ptak ?

Not this year, not yet anyway. I am swamped, helping my daughter with the renovation of the cottage they bought last fall. Cottage needs a lot of work. Bought for a song, so repairs were numerous, but is emerging from on ugly cocoon as a charming butterfly-just a little south of Cadillac.

Lately, you were posting sparsely. I missed your timely sharp comments, but you are here now, and I have a favor to ask. Not too long ago you posted a very funny

answer, to one of the libtards who questioned your truthfulness, and you reply "You would not know the truth if it pees on your leg"LOL LOL LOL.

So with your permission, I would like to use it in my dialog with Pawian. I can't help, but I like the pink monkey, he is the only Polish poster with a real sense of humor. I suspect he lived for a long time in the USA; there is no other explanation. I understand Ziem , but his humor is different.

johnny reb
8 Aug 2020  #58,775

I would like to use it in my dialog

It's all yours Buddy.
Things up this way have been busier then ever.
The traffic is horrendous.
I can't wait for all these fudgies and cone suckers to go back home.
I am so glad school is opening back up to get rid of these people up here.
The economy up here is booming.

Lately, you were posting sparsely.

When things are running smooth I like to sit back and read the posts, when the trouble makers come I like to pee in their cornflakes.

When I get some time I am going to start a new thread that everyone should be able to contribute to.
I am off to my bed.......tomorrow my friend.

8 Aug 2020  #58,776

They are _vastly_ over-represented among the richest Americans

It only proves that many of them are clever and talented.
It does not support Dirk's fantasy of some sort of Jewish conspiracy.

Jews have a very high average IQ

They do, it is a shame that the same cannot be said about you.
Your obvious hatred of Jews can only be based in jealousy.
Because none of what you say makes any sense.

8 Aug 2020  #58,777

You might as well ask why some 'parties' in GB have Irish names ...

Which are those for example?

I was curious about the linguistic duality of the party names in Ireland since I know that English is predominnt on the island and I would have expected all party names to be in English (though Sinn Féin is not un unfamiliar name in Poland, too). Having said that, I firmly stand my point - Irish should be the first language in Ireland. People may be bilingual, but Irish rather than English should be the language of the home. Today, it is the other way round as people of Ireland have lost their Irish language sovereignty.

Gosh zeimo who would have thought that a simple civilised convo about names in these islands could trigger dorkie into.such a rage...

You know, Dorkie is a far right extremist. As all extremists, right-wing or left-wing alike, he will not miss a chance to remain silent.

Your obvious hatred of Jews can only be based in jealousy

Notice that they are not the sole subject of his hatred. If you add Muslims, Arabs, African Africans, American Africans, African Americans, all sorts of dark-skinned people, all rorts of turd-worlders, and last but not least, all sorts of gays, then you might get a broader picture (or did I miss anyone out from that list?). It is amusing to recall now how you had been enchanted with Dirk in the beginning phases of your presence on the PF. I am happy to conclude you can see the truth now.

8 Aug 2020  #58,778

From what I can make out..America is a Jewish country
I mean. ..1492...Columb us sailed the ocean blue. ..
Also in 1492 the Jews were kicked out of Spain...
Co incidence? I think not.

TheThe entire crew were Jews or crypto Jews

This is merely a theory I am not intending to be hateful.

8 Aug 2020  #58,779

I am happy to conclude you can see the truth now

You are right.
I was wrong about several of the posters on here at first and have changed my opinion of many of them, including you ;-)

Strangely enough this was only the guys, because I still have the same opinion of all the girls now as I did at first.
Does this prove that women are more honest and straightforward than men?

johnny reb
8 Aug 2020  #58,780

Out of coffee cream so I had to put a scoop of ice cream in my coffee this morning.
I think I may be onto something here. :-)

8 Aug 2020  #58,781

Does this prove that women are more honest and straightforward than men?

Women are generally the better part of mankind. Of course, there are a few exceptions like the Right Honorable Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the milk snatcher ...

8 Aug 2020  #58,782

I would have expected all party names to be in English

it'a reasonable question. I never thought about how it might seem odd to a foreigner. Basically, FF, FG and SF were formed during the last stages of the struggle for Irish independence and the early years of the Irisih Free State. Naming themselves in Irish was symbolic of that independence and reclaiming of the Gaelic heritage. Also there was a big effort underway to revive the Irish language. But Ireland is an English speaking country and the use of names in the English language is therefore the norm. Hope that explains better :)

8 Aug 2020  #58,783

Hope that explains better :)

Thanks for this explanation to my question asked in the ever-recurring context of the Irish language in Ireland. I think I should one day sail to Ireland myself. Strangely enough, I have never thought of this until now ...

If you can recommend a good site for learning the basics of the Irish language, I'm sure I'd take a look into it before I set off. It would be quite an experience to stick my nose into a Celtic language one day.

8 Aug 2020  #58,784

The best way to learn Irish is to start by talking, don't worry about the grammar. There are a few different dialects and the words can be pronounced quite differently depending on who is teaching you. Donegal Irish is the hardest to understand if you don't know the dialect but they will understand you even if you're speaking a different dialect ;) I would recommend dipping a toe in the water with this guy, Liam O Maonlai. He's actually not a teacher, but a singer and musician. He speaks really nice Irish though and it's 'standard' Irish, such as it is, not too heavy on dialect. The nice thing about these lessons is that the written text accompanies them. It's helpful because Irish is not a phonetic language and when you see it written down it's really impossible without a knowledge of the spoken language, to guess how the words are pronounced. So with these lessons you can listen, speak and read at the same time.


Dirk diggler
8 Aug 2020  #58,785

No matter how you slice it, jews are grossly overrepresented in media, politics, law, and finance. That is a fact and is indisputable.

Your obvious hatred of Jews can only be based in jealousy.

I'm not jealous at all. I thank God everyday that I was born in Poland as a blue eyed white skinned male. I won the lottery in that regard. I just don't want them to **** up and control Poland like they do the jewnited snakes of americanos. Thankfully, the third reich eliminated over 90% of that problem for us. Plus, Poles are keenly aware of the Jewish problem and we understand the problems that they'd bring if they were given control of the country. It's a shame that so many Poles including my own family members died too, but at least as a result me and my future generations can enjoy a country where the government, media, finance, and legal systems are totally controlled by Poles, not jews. If those 3 million or whatever jews survived today that number would be 6 million, 9 million and Poland wouldn't be Poland today. It'd be another cucked country with kebab and ninja galore like the United Kaliphate complete with gender neutral police uniforms, thought crime divisions patrolling the internet going after inconvenient facts instead of going after paki rape squads, and of course fag marriage and adoption. You don't have any of that crap in Poland. That's because Poles rule Poland - not jews and their leftist multikulti pawns. The EU hates us for running the country the way Poles want it but they can't do anything about it.

8 Aug 2020  #58,786

No matter how you slice it, jews are grossly overrepresented in media, politics, law, and finance. That is a fact and is indisputable.

Yes, of course. But nobody gave it to them for free. How about giving up this fruitless jealosy and trying to keep up with Jews on your own? Who forbids you?

That what has always nagged me about it - various haters want to forcefully get rid of Jews instead of competing with them.

8 Aug 2020  #58,787

instead of competing with them.

For instance, I don't want to get rid of you forcefully; on the contrary, I want you to stay and compete, not take your "cacki" and go home.

Some kumpel you are. Besides, I want all of your "cacki"

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