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Random Chat

25 Jan 2007  #21

part of the posts has dissapeared .... hokus pokus ... :) but who was quick enough could read.
25 Jan 2007  #22

:( the fun parts are gone now... :( what a sad day lol
26 Jan 2007  #23

Chris please dont cry :) :) :) :)

by the way Im going to unplug myself in a while so have a fun one more time :)
did you create a mistery plan for the crime?
26 Jan 2007  #24

A mistery plan needs a mistery person in the plan :)

BTW: I sent you a msg :( are you avoiding me :(

Figures :)
26 Jan 2007  #25

BTW: I sent you a msg are you avoiding me

where did you send this message Chris?? I received nothing :(
26 Jan 2007  #26

In your profile.....

Username: forgetmenots
Registration: Jan 18, 07

Email: Click here to contact this Member via email <<<<<<<

^^^^^^^^^^^ RIGHT THERE ^^^^^^^^^^^

:P ok.. so how do I get ahold of you :|

Allow me to rephrase the last statement ”so how do I get ahold of you”


How can I contact you???

Now that better …. The holding part comes later HAHAH
27 Jan 2007  #27

Email: Click here to contact this Member via email <<<<<<<

obviously it doesnt work properly I checked my mail box and Ive got nothing.
thats fine.

drop me a line to *****@hotmail.com

Now that better …. The holding part comes later

Im happy that you are self-satisfied :)
27 Jan 2007  #28

self-satisfied?? I think I missed something, since when are we talking about ma******** …………… ohhh never mind :)

and BTW.. I added you to my msn :)

My contact is dj_chris_c@hotmail.com
2 Feb 2007  #29

Was that when you almost got runned over and your girlfriend made a happy face?
2 Feb 2007  #30

no...this was on New years eve
2 Feb 2007  #31

You pay at least 3X more than that with insurance in the US.
What were you doing?????
26 Feb 2007  #32

2 Mar 2007  #33

You can always learn the language for yourself for free. It is not very difficult.
2 Mar 2007  #34

It is not very difficult...

..it's blinkin impossible. :)
24 Apr 2007  #35

This thread is dead.

send it to the graveyard..
24 Apr 2007  #36

Your opinion about cheap and easy Polish Girls in UK?

OK. Tell me, what is your expirience about this matter?
25 Apr 2007  #37

I agree daffy!! sheese!!
25 Apr 2007  #38

Cheap + Easy=Cheesy? :)
25 Apr 2007  #39

yea, knew this topic smelled funny
26 Apr 2007  #40

you are in a way generalising Amathyst

Gus said that Polish men are known around the world

also a generalisation. and its the first time ive heard gus's 'world known' view

men are men. some are good some are morons

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