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johnny reb
2 Jan 2021  #63,361

Am I under arrest?
Cop: No.
Rich: Have a nice day.

They have the right to detain you if they have probable cause.
Like when they ask if they can search your car.
I always ask them what their probable cause is and that ends that b.s. right then and there.

johnny reb
2 Jan 2021  #63,362

And if there has been a crime committed and you are at the scene of the crime they have the right to detain you for questioning either at the scene of the crime or downtown.

Best just to say, yes sir, no sir and be on your way.

Dirk diggler
2 Jan 2021  #63,363

Similar voices were heard in Western countries after WW2 where displaced Polish refugees

Don't you dare compare Polish people to the turd worlders invading Europe. Polish people came to the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc. to work, pay taxes, and contribute to the society. We didn't come for the purpose of leeching as much off the welfare system as possible and teaching our kids to do the same - no instead the FOB Poles took low paying manual labor type jobs and save up to educate their kids so they have it better. We're not driving trucks into crowds, blowing ourselves up, or decapitating soldiers in the middle of the street yelling Chlawa Bogu. Nor did we cause the amount of rape cases to skyrocket right after we arrived or demand that the locals adapt to us instead of the other way around. Polish people were and remain a net benefit to every country we settled in. We're not committing a disproportionate amount of violent crime especially rape, bombings, massacres, etc. and leeching off the natives like the turd worlders do - in Germany alone tens of billions are spent EVERY YEAR to coddle the migrants. In Germany the budget to coddle migrants is literally larger than the education budget.

Do you want me to go against Jesus` teaching? Never.

There's a big difference between helping those in need who are grateful for it and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. And that's exactly what the migrants are doing - they're taking advantage of Europe's Christian generosity.

Dirk diggler
2 Jan 2021  #63,364

US has the adversarial legal system

It looks good on paper but the reality is that the way court systems are set up you basically have to take a plea bargain - basically a deal between the defense attorney and prosecutor. Even people who are genuinely innocent will take a plea just to end the process. The case of Kalief Browder is a perfect example of how ****** up the legal system is. The kid sat in jail for something like 3 years for allegedly stealing a backpack, which finally it ended up that he was in fact innocent. But because he refused to take a plea, thus saying he's guilty, so they kept him in jail constantly postponing his trial. The whole process and all the time he spent in solitary confinent messed with him so bad to the point where he later committed suicide shortly after getting out.

If even half the people, maybe even a quarter, who are facing charges demanded a trial - whether by jury or judge and refused plea bargaining it'd crash the entire court system. But the problem is that people will take pleas because they don't want to risk a trial - if say you're caught with a kilo of coke, you might get as low as a year or two in jail/prison in a plea bargain, but if you chance it and it goes to trial you could easily be facing 5-30 depending on your history the judge's mood during sentencing. So most people will take the plea, even if that kilo was truly not theirs and belonged to a friend or whatever, instead of risking it at trial (not to mention the cost for an attorney to go to trial is astronomical) and getting far more time.

What a lot of defense lawyers will do is ask for continuance after continuance delaying the case so that eventually the prosecutor relents, gives a better deal, and

Plea bargaining is also the reason why someone who committed a murder or rape can get less time than a guy who was growing weed at home.

2 Jan 2021  #63,365

Dirk and kondzior, thanks for making me feel better. God knows I needed it. Well stated.

Dirk diggler
2 Jan 2021  #63,366

Many Brits complained about all the Polish people who came in especially after EU accession. It was the usual complaints - taking the jobs for lesser pay, speaking in Polish, etc. etc.

Fast forward to the 2010's to today and the same ones who complained about us are now kissing our feet. Once the migrants from turd world countries especially Pakistan started flowing in they realized that the Polish immigrants aren't that bad afterall. You'll even see Polish flags mixed in with British ones during EDL gatherings and rallies when before they lead the charge against the Polish immigrants. When millions of Pakis and others came in that's when the problems really got crazy - it seems like every month they bust some pedophile ring and of course all of the suspects are Muslims - mostly Pakis.

johnny reb
2 Jan 2021  #63,367

You are 100% right Dirk.
If they really want you say because you have a rap sheet or you got smart with them, they will creatively stack three or four high court misdemeanors or a felony against you and let you pleas it down to what you actually did.

That usually means no time behind bars but if you fight the charges in court and lose that plea deal goes away and you go to jail plus pay the fine.

Like Dirk said, most people just plead guilty, pay the fine, do the probation and you are good to go.
That's why they call it, "Just-Us".

2 Jan 2021  #63,368

Fast forward to the 2010's to today and the same ones who complained about us are now kissing our feet

No they don't

2 Jan 2021  #63,369

" It does, sort of. You cannot be obliged to incriminate family members, for instance. In terms of your personal affairs, you don't *have* to cooperate, but if you don't, it can cause problems for you later in court if you then present evidence that hasn't been presented before. I was a witness in one case where the defendant tried to produce evidence during my testimony, and the judge ruled it to be inadmissible as the defendant hadn't presented it at the start of the hearing that day. What was nice - the judge actually asked me if I wanted to accept the evidence if it would help my testimony. The evidence was totally irrelevant and had nothing to do with me as a witness, so there was no sense in accepting it.

If you're interested, it's because the US has the adversarial legal system where the judge/jury are neutral and decide cases on the basis of the presented facts, whereas the Polish (and in general, the Roman/Napoleonic) system is inquisitorial, so the judge is obliged to find out everything that they can. IMO, the Anglosphere system is much better as it relies much more on the prosecution building a case.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inquisitorial_system explains it in more detail. In practice, there are major problems in Poland - the police are known for not giving people their right to a lawyer until they've been detained for quite a while, and the current practice is to write a lawyer's number on your arm or memorise it before attending demonstrations.

One thing I will say - the road police are very fair, and if you're pleasant and friendly towards them, they'll often use their discretion to give you a fine according to the lower level of the fine scale. I found a dog one night by the side of the road in the mountains, and by coincidence, they stopped me for a random check. When I asked them if they had any idea where to take the dog, they went and called their headquarters to find out for me."

are you retarded or brain dead?

2 Jan 2021  #63,370

dont listen to this dirk character or joker, He jas the benefit of white privileged wnd paid tons of thousands of dollars to lawyers to get him scott free of everything including duis. he didnt have to do with reality of the system or of being treated like a pollack even once in his life. If I wanted to I could get him some of it tho or a life sentence if they catch both dope and firearms in his house or even as he drives a car and they search it. I domt get down like that tho unless he keeps talkimg shet.

2 Jan 2021  #63,371

Looks like the britcuck mod censored my post lol

2 Jan 2021  #63,372

to provide logical counter-arguments

I do it all the time. Except moments when you mention Polish concentration camps on German orders:

instead of emotional rants?

Yes, can you stop those emotional rants about Germans making Poles build concentration camps? It is really much below your capabilities.

2 Jan 2021  #63,373

British Muslims have been born in the UK - so they are more British than you are American.

Just because a dog is born in a stable doesn't make it a horse.

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